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Environnement: Diversified Landscapes


Around the world, there are many different kinds of landscapes. First, there are mountains and green landscapes as in the first picture in Alsace, in France. Then, there are coastal landscapes as in the second picture in Berck sur Mer in France. And there are urban landscapes as in the third picture in MontrĂŠal in Canada. There are many diversified landscapes that must be preserved.

How can you preserve them?

Don’t throw your rubbish in the countryside. Use dustbins available. Don’t waste water. Recycle. Use cars as little as possible. Use public transports whenever possible. - And many others little things ….. -

Why must be preserve them?

- To ensure a healthy Earth for the future generations. - To protect the Earth so that it should remain as it is now. Justine & Justine  ********************************

How to preserve nature? There are simple steps to keep our nature as beautiful as it is on this photo. For instance, we try and save energy. We can stop and wasting energy. We are fortunate to have a


beautiful nature but we spoil it because people do not pay attention. That is why we should raise the awareness for sustainable development. We must take care of our planet. Look at this beautiful place that can be found close to home, do you believe it will always remain the same? We think we should all make an effort to protect the beautiful nature that surrounds us. ClĂŠa and Louna ********************************

Photos taken close to a highway in Saint-Martin-Boulogne


The Earth: a global dustbin Nowadays, more and more people pollute our planet by throwing waste everywhere. As you can see on these photos, people don’t respect the environment any more: they spoil the nature of their own free will. How can we make people aware of that horror? According to statistics, there will be terrible consequences such as: climate warming, some animals’ extinction, many health problems. Do you want this? No, you don’t? So, YOU have to care about our environment, YOU must save the planet and YOU must be careful about what you do ! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS DEGRADATION, SO CHANGE IT, NOW !

Article by Delaforge Désirée and Lenel Marie




Visible or not visible, that is the question. What is the similarity between these two pictures? These pictures show the beauty of nature. On the first photo, a beautiful sky with many clouds, and on the second one, a little flower surrounded by grass. But we can’t think pollution hides behind the beautiful sky, and nature is polluted.

Pollution is not always visible. That’s not because you don’t see a thing that this thing doesn’t exist. If we want to save this nature, we have to stop polluting. Eva and Alice.

*************************************************** The Environment and Pollution

Pollution is one of the biggest and most topical issues of our time. Our environment is damaged by us. Too many people throw a lot of waste nywhere, they don't care about the environment so it spoils nature for our future. If we continue to damage our nature, it is going to disappear. And if we don't change things, the issue will not be settled.



Now, we can recycle waste! So we don’t need to throw waste in nature because waste can be recycled. Recycling means that we can reuse our waste in a different way with a new use. If everybody used this solution, there would be less waste in the environment. The environment would not be polluted any more.

We have the power to change things, the power to solve environmental issues. We must care about the environment because our future is at stake, our children's future is in danger, the Earth is in danger! It's not just about vegetation or animals, it's also about us, about the future of our species! So don't forget: WE are the future! If we want to, we can change things! Audrey and Delphine ********************************

Wind Power


In this picture, we can see two wind turbines in the middle of one field. Thanks to the wind, the helixes turn to transform the kinetic energy into mechanic energy in order to produce electricity. This source of energy is renewable and sustainable. Thanks to this system, the environment is respected. A natural element, the wind, is used for human needs, for us to have light, to ensure that we have the electricity we need.

Learn to really look at nature!


In this second picture you can see a field surrounded by greenery, that is what I see every day when I look out my window. I like to contemplate nature’s different colours. But I know that this could be destroyed by the building of new places to live, to work. To save nature, not to spoil it, we must respect it, we should not degrade or pollute it. I would love to make people learn to look differently at nature. Respect nature, if you do not want it to die!

Marianne & Laure ****************************


On the first photo, we can see « Le Cap Gris Nez ». On this PHOTO, there is a beautiful cliff situated on the beach. But it isn’t the reality because now, most of the sea is polluted, as we can see on the second photo. In the sea there are tires, plastic, bottles, etc. SO, PLEASE STOP POLLUTING TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT!!

Pauline & Louise D. *****************************************************

Environment project - Book 1 (2A)  

Ebook created by my students. Environmental issues project.

Environment project - Book 1 (2A)  

Ebook created by my students. Environmental issues project.