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A LITTLE DEATH AROUND THE HEART We Met on MySpace Eileen Myles Said So Love Shack Hey Child I Am So Full of Woe Interlude (Mia) We Met on MySpace II Anna Karina Anna Karina Anna Karina Love Love Loved Your Dim Presence Birthday Call Cinco De Mayo We Met on MySpace III Jamaica Plain, 2009 My First OkCupid Date Was Not With You I Am Not Done Writing About You My Birthday Is In Two Months Interlude (Julie) Café Chaos Interlude (Audrey) Red Ray-Bans We Met on MySpace IV Dead Poets of the MySpace Society 11:11 How To Dance the Madison You Would've Loved the Alex and Piper Romance The First Time I Heard About “Mercury in Retrograde” Was Via One of Your Facebook Status Idioms Are Confusing Flower Tattoos I Can’t Ever Work as a Visual Merchandiser Again We Met on MySpace V Interlude (Rose) Hate is Part of the Grieving Process Like AA But For People Who Can’t Get Over Imaginary Lovers

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EILEEN MYLES SAID SO I saw Eileen Myles last week, she told me to write a book about you. Maybe it's just because she's from Boston, and you were from Boston too. New England poets are the best poets, you were the best poet, but you died. I had a dream last night, a dream about Eileen Myles dying in Boston, a viking funeral on the Charles last night. Where does the American flag come from? Is there a book about it? In my dream I smelled your perfume, Angel, so I woke up. Today I saw a bottle of Angel at The Bay, I knew I shouldn't put on this perfume, but I did, and I thought, "I am doing some research for my book" while tears rolled down my chin. Your own funeral at The Bay, but I didn't stay. I went home to take 1000 showers and 1000 Xanax because I need to calm down, I need to write a book about you because Eileen Myles said so.


DEAD POETS OF THE MYSPACE SOCIETY I reactivated my MySpace account only to find out that you had erased yours. I tell people about you all the time, you are my favorite ghost. Maybe I made you up inside my head, maybe I’ll close my eyes and the world will drop dead, maybe I’ll open my eyes and you’ll be back from the dead. Sylvia Plath will be back too, Virginia Woolf as well. It's a party, bring back all the dead poets. Dead poets are the best poets, but you were a better poet when you were alive. I tell people about you all the time. Virginia Woolf says I'm a liar. Sylvia Plath says that she made you up inside her head. It's a party, bring yourself back to life, the dead poets can stay dead, but please come back. I'll help you reactivate your MySpace account, I'll put myself in your top 8.


LIKE AA BUT FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T GET OVER IMAGINARY LOVERS I want to set up a kind of group therapy where people can come drink tap water and listen to Fleetwood Mac while grieving for their imaginary lovers. I would greet them by saying, “Hi, I'm so glad you decided to give free reign to your emotions. Jenny Holzer would approve. We can call this performance art, like Stevie Nicks cutting her hair on stage and eating it. I approve of crying in public. I understand that you lost the will to get rid of your attachment issues, so here, have a drink, have all the drinks. Tell me everything about your exes and yes, you can make up interactions with them to justify your current hate for the human race. It's ok, I want to kick most people too. When that happens, I take the time to hyperventilate and share my anxieties in public in order to avoid annihilating everyone around me. So here, have a drink, and tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.�


A Little Death Around the Heart, chapbook, 2014  

Here are 3 poems from my first chapbook of poetry published by Metatron in 2014. To buy a full copy:

A Little Death Around the Heart, chapbook, 2014  

Here are 3 poems from my first chapbook of poetry published by Metatron in 2014. To buy a full copy: