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8 Secret Beaut y Spots you Can‟t ignore.

90‟s Fashion

937 New Looks

MaryKate Oslen “I can’t stand looking like anybody else.”

CALVIN KLEIN: “I don‟t like to follow trends as much as I like to set them.”

My Name is Marie-Claire Nellis. I am 17 years old and a 1st year fashion student in Belfast Metropolitan College. My birthday is the 21st of October, the same birthday as Kim Kardashian. My birthstone is Opal. And my star-sign is Libra. My favourite food is candy floss. Fish is my least favourite food as well as meat and poultry as I choose to eat none of these and have not for just over two years.

I have chosen to focus this publication on the 1990s. This is my favourite decade in terms of fashion for a number of reasons;

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Events of 1990



Hubble Telescope Launched Into Space.

Collapse of the Soviet Union.

Official End W

Lech Walesa Becomes First President of Poland .

Copper Age Man Found Frozen in Glacier .

Riots in Los A the R

Operation Desert Storm .

King V

Nelson Mandela Freed .

South Africa Repeals Apartheid Laws


British Au Pair o

Hale-Bopp C



Sarin Gas Attack in Tokyo Subway.

Mad Cow Disease Hits Britain . Two Royal Divorces.

Oklahoma City Bombing . Yitzhak Rabin Assassinated.

Unabomber Arrested.

Hong Kong Re

Pathfinder Send M

Princess Diana D

Scientists C

Tallest Buildings i Kuala

Tiger Woods

the 90’s


d of the Cold War.


1993 Cult Compound in Waco, Texas Raided. Lorena Bobbitt Takes Brutal Revenge.

Angeles After odney .


Use of the Internet Grows Exponentially. World Trade Center Bombed

on Trial for Murder.

eturned to China.

ds Back Images of Mars.

Dies in Car Crash.

1998 India and Pakistan Test Nuclear Weapons . Titanic Most Successful Movie Ever.

Clone Sheep.

U.S. President Clinton Impeached .

in the World Built in a Lumpur .

Viagra on the Market .

s Wins Masters.

Nelson Mandela Elected President of South Africa . O.J. Simpson Arrested for Double Murder. Rwandan Genocide



Comet Visible.

Channel Tunnel Opens, Connecting Britain and France.

The Euro the New European Currency. JFK Jr. Dies in Plane Accident. Killing Spree at Columbine High School . NATO Attacks Serbia . Panama Canal Returns to Panama

THE 90’S embraced the themes such as abuse, disability discrimination, religious violence, death and body modification, all topics which previous era had ignored. These themes were spoken out against severely in the late 20th century and it soon became the norm to be in support of such actions as speaking out against these actions by wearing logos and slogans on clothing which were inspired by retro fashion from the 60s and 70s.

In the 1990s it was no longer „the done thing‟ to follow fashion religio

Rap music was a prominent influence to street fashions in the 90s. Followers if hip-hop began to wear huge baggy jeans similar to those worn in American gang culture.


ously. This was a sharp contrast to the highly „a la mode‟ 70‟s and 80‟s.

In 1990s, the designer label Prada became a creative force in the world of fashion. The Milanese company was first established in 1923, it was a firm that sold high-quality shoes and leather. It was not until the early 90s when Miuccia Prada, the niece of the company’s founder began to produce subtle, ready-to-wear garments that the brand became most popular.

Michael Kors set up his own business in 1980 however it was not until the 90s that the designer reached the peak of his popularity. His knowledge and consciousness of trends in the 90s enabled him to create and

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produce a range of simple, wellcut and sophisticated garments which attracted many wealthy American customers.

Marc Jacobs was one of the most influential d

American fashion designers in the past, he mad

asked to design a line of ready-to-wear garmen had by Louis Vuitton in the late 90s’.

A brilliant artistic director, Calvin Klein reached his peak in the 1990s by using carefully constructed advertisements containing images tinted with eroticism. This was in order to allow him to produce his ‘sophisticatedly functional mass’ of designs in the 90s. These won massive popularity from the urban

gn movements e 1990’s





with Dolce & Gabbana broke away from serious and sober-minded fashions whilst the English designer Vivienne Westwood produced many influential and popular collections in the early 90s.

designers of the era due to the fact that, unlike many

de his way to the top in European fashion when he was

nts to compliment the de-luxe products of luggage they

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Oil and gas were discovered in many countries in the former Soviet bloc, leading to economic growth and wider adoption of trade between nations.

It’s all about the...



Fashion Technology

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THE 1990's  

This is my magazine for computers in art and design in my course at the belfast met.