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GOOD CHARLOTTE New Album! Blink 182...

“im lost without you” Back together “Always!”

Angels and Airways Interview with Matt Wachter!!

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Exclusive Report. Tom DeLonge

Atom Willard

Tom DeLonge,Matt Wachter, David Kennedy & Atom Willard were all spotted at a gig before they decided to get together.

“We Don’t Need To Whisper” Page 7


on something new and it should be coming out around November. ngels and Airways were founded by the lead singer Tom DeLonge and the How did you feel when you joined the band was named after his own daughter band? Matt Wachter: After joining the band Ava. The band’s first single was “The Adventure” and this was released due to coming from 30 Seconds to Mars I was a fan who hacked Tom DeLonge’s email pleased because it was time for a change and it was a new chapter in my life. I got and this single was then released onto on really well with the guys and didn’t the radio stations. The band then released their first album “We Don’t Need hesitate to take the job and since then everything’s been great and we’ve done to Whisper” in May 2006. The band well for ourselves. toured the world for most of 2006 and then disappeared to the studio at the start Where did you meet each other? Matt Wachter: errm we met at a night of 2007 to work on a follow up. On May 15th Ryan Sinn announced that club in Miami during the summer really though we had been introduced at a few he was no longer a member of Angels and Airwaves and later on Matt Wachter gigs. Has any of you ever messed up during a replaced him and Is now a permanent live gig or anything? member of the band. Matt Wachter: well once Tom had a Now that Blink 182 is back together mad groupie try to take him out whilst how this effect Angels and Airwaves? performing on stage; I think it was a Matt Wachter: We will still be together and we will make it work by having dif- weird sign of affection. ferent tour dates and working on singles and albums at different times. I think it might just take a little longer to produce new material.

Question and Answer Time!! When should your new album be coming out? Matt Wachter: well I’m not going to give too much away but we are working

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Interview with matt wachter Tom DeLonge’s New Best FRIEND!! find out whats to become of Angels and Airways.



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Good Charlotte- New The new stuff thats in Most popular lead singer?? Album! How the fellas store this year!! You decide! get there inspiration and what they have to say about there new tunes. WIN 3 Days Grace Up-coming Concerts! Tikets!!



Blink 182The band is back together!! find out how they broke up and whats in store for them now.


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3 Doors Down- info on their Mumford & Sons Vrs New Single. Green Day: Which is better when it comes to the lyrics.

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