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Tailgating Supplies - The Right Equipment Makes The Difference Football season is here again, and the time for tailgating is now! Tailgating supplies differ greatly from vehicle to vehicle, and they can include anything from team logo flags and banners to portable toss games and decorative area rugs. A majority of items that are considered vital for tailgating could probably stay at home, but three of the most critical pieces of gear that should always be part of your tailgating parties include the portable shade canopy, folding chairs or other basic seating options, and the portable grill. Portable shade canopies not only protect you and your tailgating supplies from the sun's harsh UV rays, they also help to create your own outdoor space. With so many people meeting up for the tailgating fun, your own personal space can be easily encroached upon by tailgating neighbors. A shade canopy provides a welcoming spot for partying with fellow tailgaters, but it also establishes boundaries within which you can comfortably set up your tailgating supplies and enjoy the day. Portable shade canopies are easy to put up, fast to take down, and can be stored conveniently with your other tailgating supplies at home or in the back of your vehicle. If you drive a truck or SUV, the most ideal instant shade canopy for tailgating is one that attaches to the roof of your vehicle. Velcro tabs or clips connect the shade canopy to one side of your vehicle's roof rack, while the other side of the canopy is propped up with sturdy support legs. But, on the whole, any kind of portable shade canopy will do the job. Seating options for tailgating come in all shapes and sizes, but what's important is that it's portable. A folding sports couch or folding butterfly chairs with cup holders and head rests offer comfort and convenience, but any kind of folding chairs will suffice. The key is choosing seating options that are not only comfortable for you, but that will also fit easily into the back of your vehicle with the rest of your tailgating supplies. If you have room, you may consider packing an extra folding chair or two in your car or truck in case you'd like to invite fellow tailgaters to join you. Food and drinks are another important part of your tailgating supplies, but unless you plan to serve only cold, picnic-style foods, you'll want to bring along a portable grill to prepare your meal and snacks. A variety of portable grills are available for tailgating, and selecting the most suitable one depends only on your situation. Do you have a surface, like a table, on which a portable grill can be placed when it's time to grill those hot dogs or hamburgers? If so, then any tabletop portable grill would work. If little or no room is available on existing table-high surfaces, then a portable grill with full-sized folding legs is an appropriate option. The most ideal type of portable grill for tailgating, though, attaches to the back of your vehicle and stays there during transport and grilling. Known as the Margaritaville Tailgating Grill, this portable grill comes with a steel swing arm that connects to any standard receiving hitch. The swing arm locks when the vehicle is in motion, but when it's time to light the grill, the swing arm can be extended out, keeping the heat and mess away from your vehicle. Lock the swing arm in place before driving home, and the portable grill never has to touch the inside of your car or truck. The purpose of tailgating, whether or not you ever go into the stadium to see the game, is to

celebrate your team and its potential victory. Being prepared for the game with the proper tailgating supplies means that you can focus completely on the fun and festivities rather than on what you left behind at home. Any number of items can be included in your list of tailgating supplies, but without a shade canopy, comfortable seating, and a portable grill, your tailgating experience is sure to be a drag. Basketball rug

Tailgating Supplies - The Right Equipment Makes The Difference  

folding sports couch or folding butterfly chairs with cup holders and head rests offer comfort and