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Light Up Your Life With Solar Lights Solar as an energy source first hit the commercial market when it was discovered that solar could heat a house, but now, solar is back in the spotlight with solar lights. Solar lights work in much of the same way that solar heating works. The lights use the sun's energy to fuel a light source. Since solar lights are so environmentally friendly, people all over the world are turning to solar lights for their lighting needs much in the same way people turned to solar panels to heat their houses years ago. How They Work As discussed before, solar lights use the sun to produce energy and, ultimately, light a person's house or workspace. Solar panels collect the light from the sun and turn it into electrical power. The power is then stored in rechargeable batteries. This energy is used when a person turns on the light. Solar powered light fixtures are especially helpful in areas that don't have access to a traditional lighting source. This is because solar lighting uses the sun, which is everywhere. Solar powered light fixtures are also great for areas that may need accent lighting, but otherwise have a main light source. Solar lights are typically at their strongest when they're first being used. In that sense they're kind of like a glow in the dark football. Right after the football's been charged under the light, its glow is extremely strong. However, after being used in the dark for several minutes, the light starts to fade. The battery in the solar lights starts to wear out, which is why the light strength ultimately decreases. Helping the Environment Solar lights aren't ideal for every situation. For example, if you live in a cloudy place and rely on solar lights for all of your light, you're going to get yourself in trouble. The solar lights won't have enough charge to keep you bright at all times. However, they are a great supplement to traditional light sources. It doesn't matter how frequently you use your solar lights. All solar lights are great for the environment. They do not let off any pollutants and they make good use of the sun, which classifies them as an alternative energy. If you're trying to cut your lighting costs and save the environment, consider putting solar lights in your home. Solar Lights

Light Up Your Life With Solar Lights