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Innovative Solar Powered Windless Wind Chimes: For When There's Not Enough Wind Wind chimes are the musical part of any gardens natural symphony invoking a sense of relaxation and serenity, so what can you do if you live in a sheltered area, or whenever the wind dies down? You might decide to play the sounds of wind chimes through a stereo or iPod but then if you have already bought wind chimes to make the sound it seems a little silly to have to play them through your stereo. There is another option for people who might not have enough wind to enjoy their chimes, thanks to some innovation and a bit of DIY skills you can hang the new solar powered chimes. Using a few small solar panels and a quite electrical motor you can simulate wind all the time, allowing you to enjoy the relaxing sounds throughout the day. The windless chimes are completely self-powered and do not require any batteries or transformers. There great for indoor and outdoor locations that received little wind and have an ample supply of sunlight, like a greenhouse or home conservatories. To build your own solar powered chime you must first select a correct style of wind chime. Though it is still possible with an open ring design is become much more difficult to mount the motor, as such wind chimes with a large wooden ring are much easier to modify. After carefully selecting the correct style of wind chime snip off the string and knocker, then drill a hole where the string is attached to the ring. This is for the motors shaft. Step two, mount the motor. Most small DC motors will do a good example would be a model train or kids robot motor as they generally have a smaller gear ratio and are inexpensive. To mount the motor first align the motor shaft with the hole you drilled earlier. Then screw the motor to the ring, this may require modification of the motors plastic case. After the motor mounted and the shaft is showing on the other side of the ring you need to make a lever arm in order to make the knocker hit the tubes instead of just spinning around. After attaching the lever arm to the shaft, the knocker string can be attached to the motors shaft via the lever. When the motor turns the lever should swing the knocker into the tubes of your chime. Attaching the solar cells to the ring is quite easy. I would attach them at a 45 degree angle either using the motor or a wedge of wood to mount them. Some solar cells may come without screw holes and this gluing them to the ring is a better option. After all this it time to wire it all up, to simplify the wiring I would suggest that both the motor and solar cell voltage are the same. This allows you to directly connect the solar cells into the motor via a switch. This should leave you with a windless solar powered wind chime that is exactly what you want. There are solar powered wind chimes you can simply purchase too for those who are not so handy and wouldn't be able to make their own. They can be great summer projects for someone looking for something to do and wonderful presents for anyone. Solar Lights

Innovative Solar Powered Windless Wind Chimes_ For When There's Not Enough Wind  

style of wind chime snip off the string and knocker, then drill a hole where the string is attached to the

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