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How Much Exercise Is Needed To Lose Weight There is a lot of information available online on how much exercise should you be doing to lose weight. As a general rule, in order to lose weight, you need to be using up more energy (calories) than you are consuming or eating. This sound simple but is quite hard to work out. You may wish to start counting calories at each meal that will give you a good guide on how much exercise you should be doing each day to try burn off those calories. But remember even breathing will be burning off some calories, although this is very minimal. You don't have to plan on exercising to burn off exactly every calorie you consume each day, you still need energy to live and breathe! To put it simply, any exercise is better than none, no matter how simple or intense it is. Even going for alight walk will give you some benefit. Although there are optimal levels of exercise which will give you the best fat burning results. There has been a lot of research done into what type, intensity and duration exercise should be done for in order to lose weight. Most give very similar guideline. In order to lose weight you need to be exercising in the fat burning or aerobic zone, which is at 70% of your maximal heart rate. This may be hard to calculate when you're out for a walk or run. As a rough guide, you should be puffed out, but still able to complete full sentences when talking. If you exercise at a higher intensity you will go into the anaerobic zone and will no longer be burning fat. It is recommended that you exercise a minimum of 3-4 days a week, but for optimal results you should exercise every day. The duration should be at a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise as described above. The type of exercise should be cardiovascular based. This means moderate intensity long duration exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, rowing etc. Ideally for optimal results it would be a good idea to have your fitness levels assessed by a health professional who can also write up a specific program for your needs and levels of fitness. As with starting any new fitness or exercise program, it is always a good idea to speak with your local doctor before commencing to make sure it is safe for you to do so. How to lose weight at home

How Much Exercise Is Needed To Lose Weight