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Hate To Diet? How To Win At Weight Loss When Dieting Is Not Your Thing Do you hate to diet? Well you are not alone and while as a weight loss coach I am certainly not opposed to dieting I do understand this mindset. There are ways that you can naturally eat less and lose weight without feeling deprived or going on a diet and this article shares how. Hate to diet 1. Slow down. If you eat slower you will naturally eat less food and feel just as satisfied on less food. Try this trick, chew and swallow every morsel of food in your mouth before taking another bite of food, you will eat your meal or snack much slower. 2. Have protein at every meal. Protein is hard for your body to break down which means it stays in your system longer and helps keep hunger away so you eat less. 3. Keep a food journal. Sound tedious, well consider this a recent study showed that those who kept a daily food journal lost twice as much weight as those who did not. Twice the weight loss for a little record keeping. 4. Eat mindfully. When you mindlessly pop a piece of candy in your mouth or have dessert just because everyone else is you mindlessly eat hundreds of unneeded calories a day and this translates into pounds quickly. Pause just long enough to look at what you are about to eat and ask yourself if you are really physically hungry, you will be surprised at how much you easily avoid. 5. Move more. Yes you can eat less to lose weight but you can also burn more calories to lose weight by moving your body more. Any activity helps you burn calories so turn your chores into exercise by carrying one bag of groceries inside at a time or cleaning the house with added effort. How to lose weight at home

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