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7 B2B Marketing Trends Affecting The World Of Trade Show Exhibits It is a good idea for those who promote their business using trade show stands to stay on top of the latest marketing trends, particularly in the B2B marketing sector. Trade show exhibits make up a large part of many companies' B2B marketing efforts. Here are seven of the more recent B2B trends and how marketers of these events can take advantage of them. International Growth The world is increasingly becoming smaller as business takes place more and more on an international level. U.S. Companies that are focused on growth are concentrating on exports as a way to attain that growth. It is recommended that if U.S. Manufacturers want to increase their numbers of exports, they should attend international trade show exhibits. A Gradual Economic Recovery Signs seem to indicate that the economic recession is slowly turning around. At this news, more and more businesses are jumping back on the exhibition bandwagon and looking to make a big impact. To really entice attendees and grab attention, B2B marketers are looking at getting all new trade show stands, complete with new graphics and accessories. They are steering away from the older displays of the past and looking at newer lightweight, portable trade show exhibits, and even choosing to rent exhibits instead of buy. Increased Social Media Use A growth in social media over the past few years has been one of the biggest changes affecting marketers. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn have all become huge marketing tools that let businesses communicate with customers, build networks, and increase brand awareness. Whether companies post a tweet during a show to announce a special event at their booth or upload a YouTube video with a product demonstration, business marketers are slowly integrating their show promotions with their social media networks. Higher Numbers Of Mobile Internet More and more people have internet on their phones, so they basically have a whole computer in their pockets. Mobile marketing is an extremely fast growing marketing sector. At trade show stands, attendees are able to view company websites and social media postings as they walk around the show. Some trade events use mobile applications that replace the printed show book, complete with a scheduler and venue city info. Lead management systems can also be run on mobile devices. A Change In The Sales Cycle Until about 2000, B2B buyers needed to ask potential vendors' sales staff about product information, putting these salespeople in charge. Now, however, buyers are much more in control thanks to the internet. So much product information is out there to be found if one just 'Googles' it. Buyers are now in the driving seat and are able to contact the sales rep on their own time after they have comparison shopped. This makes trade show exhibits even more significant because attendees have likely already done their research on company's products.

Automated Marketing Marketing automation software has gained popularity as a way to keep track of top lead prospects. Staff of trade show stands will need to learn how to record leads received at the show into these platforms, and the prospective leads will be much more organized. More Sales And Marketing Integration Sales and marketing teams make up a powerful partnership with a common goal. Trade show exhibits are a great example of where this partnership works. At booths, marketers must be good at sales, and salespeople have to help generate leads outside their territory. This teamwork is essential to company success and builds stronger relationships between the two fields. By recognizing and taking advantage of these B2B marketing trends at trade show exhibits, companies will have greater success. Lead Generating Software Video Demo

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displays of the past and looking at newer lightweight, portable trade show exhibits, and even

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