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Photo Album by Marie-Claude Marcoux

Being A Mother

I may have not lived the young adults’ experiences of traveling around the world, but I have discovered life through my children.

Our Family!

My Daughter Jessica I have discovered the peacefulness of a child sleeping,

My Son Samuel the energy of little boys,

the silliness and laughter children bring to your life,

the help they can provide,

that my food is great after all,

that an epic fall requires more kisses,

and other fascinating things such as toilet training!

I have learned to be there to support and encourage my children, rain‌

or shine.

I also found out about

my son’s passion for dogs,

and my daughter’s love for cats.

We also experienced great vacations... At Camp Bout-en-Train we went sliding,

experienced climbing walls,

(and yes, I made it to the top!)

and skated too!

We also visited the Montmorency Waterfalls‌

and its beautiful trails

and scenery.

There was also Baie St-Paul

and some other adventures

such as fairs,

visits at the Zoo,

and other outdoors activities!

And all this with lots of love!!!

And if you are wondering why this is so long… …it’s because homework has turned into a family activity as well!

Marie-Claude's Photo Album  

Family Photo Album for ANG 270 project.

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