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Rolling Papers - International Oddities Rolling papers have become a specialized art form extending further than the sheer utility of a cigarette paper. The compositional nature of rolling papers and the formulas thereof has taken on complexities reminiscent of prized and secretly guarded pulp formulas not unlike that found in currency. It seems there are as many rolling paper brands as there are stars in the sky. Modern Rolling Papers offer consumers a flavor of the day, a look of the season, or paper constitution that suits their own particular environmental beliefs. Hemp has demonstrated such far-reaching utility in textile markets ranging from rope and cloth to being proposed as the solution to alternative source fuel. One thing is for certain; hemp makes a popular and efficient component of some of the most popular rolling papers available today. This author particularly likes the Pure Hemp brand of papers, and consumers seem to wholeheartedly agree.

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The occasional roll your own cigarette smoker may display their vast collection of exotic papers similar to the way one finds matchbook collections displayed with prominence throughout so many homes in America. This trend in rolling paper collection has extended far beyond the corner store brand and extremely high prices have been attained for vintage, rare, out-of-print, and just plain old cigarette paper packs.

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The process of smoking and taking a break from one's daily activities is heightened when one becomes proficient at the rolling experience. To be more in touch with the organic side of nature's smoking delights, coupled with a truly fine organic rolling paper exceeds the pleasurable act of smoking many times over when compared to the mechanized, machine produced alternatives so common today.

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Raw All Natural Vegan 1 1/4 Hemp Rolling Papers Price: $3.79 per pack

Elements 1 1/4 Rice Rolling Papers

Club Carre Singlewide Rolling Papers

Price: $3.79 per pack

Price: $4.99 per pack

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Limited quantity worldwide! qty 1 qty 1 Raw papers are 100% additive free and These rice papers are ultra thin (you can qty 1 100% vegan. These are completely actually see through the paper in the natural and unbleached. Notice their Photo!). All natural arabic gum Made in a/k/a Modiano rolling papers transparency. 32 leaves per pack. Spain. 50 leaves per pack. The finest, natural burning, ungummed rice paper. 50 leaves per pack. Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

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Zig Zag 1 1/4 Ultra Thin Rolling Papers

Skunk 1 1/4 Width Rolling Papers

Price: $3.79 per pack

Price: $3.79 per pack

Bob Marley 1 1/4 rolling papers

Dro Bud - 100% Legal

Price: $3.79 per pack

qty 1 qty 1 These are extra thin Hemp Cigarette Papers. qty 1 These are the traditional 1 1/4 width They are slow burning, with natural gum. In Great new Hemp Paper from Bob Marley. Cigarette Papers in an Ultra Thin paper. an easier to use pack. 50 leaves per pack. 33 leaves per pack. Excellent even-burning paper. This will be a true collectors item. 50 leaves per Perhaps the most famous brand of rolling paper in the world, these ultra-thin Zig Zag pack. papers create that modern look, feel, and natural taste you have come to enjoy for

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Smoking Brand Maiz Rolling papers SOLD OUT! Out of Production - very RARE

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This is truly a rare find. Limited quantity. Smoking Brand Maize paper is a fine natural corn based paper. Nice even burn, no after-taste. These papers are great. 49 leaves per pack.

Bambu Rolling Papers

Zig Zag Orange 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Price: $3.79 per pack

Price: $3.79 per pack

qty 1 qty 1 Bambu Squares Cigarette Rolling Papers,These are the traditional 1 1/4 width Cigarette 33 leaves per pack, size 78 x 45 mm. Papers - Imported French. 32 leaves per pack. Made in Spain, you can enjoy the worlds finest paper with your own favorite blend. Zig Zag Orange from the most famous rolling These are regular size gummed papers. paper company in the world - these French Imported 1 1/4 size papers are slow burning and a customer favorite.

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Price: $3.79 per pack

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Pure Hemp Rolling Papers

Zig Zag Original Rolling Papers Price: $3.79 per pack qty 1 Superior quality. Made in France. 32 leaves per pack.

qty 1 Pure Light Hemp Cigarette Paper. Made in Spain. Tree Free cigarette paper. 50 leaves per pack.

Zig Zag Original - 70mm size French Imported papers are single width. An even-burning paper with natural Arabic gum strip.

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Such compositional considerations such as all-hemp, partially comprised of hemp, no hemp, bleached, unbleached, organic, non-organic, available size, gum composition, no gum, evenness of burn, all become common considerations for the informed connoisseur of the rolling paper market.

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The smoking experience is clearly enhanced, and the personal pride of presentation is complemented when you can offer a friend a cigarette of your own hand-selected components. The result may prove to be a superior one-of-a-kind hand-rolled smoke better than anything else previously available. Create with Mother Nature and roll your own!

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The International Oddities Extreme Rolling Machine was crafted to compliment the Box of Bud product found throughout this site featuring 70mm papers built right in the side of the box Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

For high production home-made smokes, ease of use and the best quality manufacturing in the industry, the International Oddities Extreme Rolling Machine even has a lifetime guarantee!

Extreme Rolling Machine Price: $6.49 1

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Blueberry Box of Buds

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