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"The only REAL Legal Herbal Source found on the internet for high grade bud"

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Legal Buds from International Oddities - the original Herbal Smoking company - Best Bud for 30 years!

Bag of Dro bud

We deliver "high grade", low priced Legal Bud. Our legal buds are incredibly strong, smoke even better than they look ... and do look absolutely insane. International Oddities is the ONLY legalbuds company online that consistently ships you High Grade herbal bud, while "others" sell shake soaked in green and red food coloring across a group of "legal bud and herbal smoke" websites. They're not even "Legal Bud" though their name implies it How do they get away with it? Well, actually they don't. See International Oddities wins legal buds lawsuit in Federal Court.

A'hia Bud from Hawaii

Solid Smokes Wholesale Legal Bud Herbal Incense

Legal Bud Videos How to Roll a Bridge

Our videos reveal the truth ...view Legal Bud A'hia vs The Competition video. You will see how competitors sell shake and call it bud.The largest smoke shop chains in America trust International Oddities, so can you. We are in tobacco, pipe, cigarette, gift and head shops Worldwide - the very best herbs that are legal and the highest quality smokes in the World.

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How to Roll a Joint with a Dollar Bill How to Roll a Joint Freehanded

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How to Make a Paperclip Roach Clip

Stunk Bud - a Legal Herbal Bud Classic

Zippo Lighter Tricks Bud Pic Movie Our company's herbal bud vs the competition-beware!

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International Oddities in new movie Leaves of Grass & Bad Teacher!

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Plus: competitors BUSTED planting fake s*c*a*m data

"You guys rock! I ordered an oz of SkyscraperÂŽ and it was great. I had ordered from another site - I think they stole the pictures from your website because when their buds came it was just a bag of shake! What a rip off, thanks again, youve got another customer for life." MORE Herbal Bud Reviews

Skyscraper Legal Buds

Amazing Legal Bud Video! Play it now - Get The Facts Shocking video exposes the legal bud industry's biggest secret ever Legal Herbs

Stunk Bud - The Stinkiest

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MTV shocked by International Oddities products at the MTV Music Awards ! Were you shocked similar to the amazement expressed by the stars in the front rows of the MTV music awards (Robert Downey Jr., Will Smith, Rhiana, Chris Brown, Anne Hathaway) during the fake weed stunt as the remarkable aroma of International Oddities legal bud blew into the audience?

Bahli Bubble Bud - Exotic Uplifting Smoke

Albino Rhino Legal Buds Box Poetic Smoke Rings

Panama Gold Bud

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Our World famous patented "premium Pop Fresh cans" preserve your legal bud for just-picked freshness. Say that 3 times fast after you smoke it! Available in smoke shops nationwide or buy direct now!

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Legal Rasta Smoke

After Burner Blunt Loads tm "The stuff you put in your blunt" International Oddities is the primary driving force behind new innovations in the legalbud smoking industry. Our new product line, After Burner Blunt Loads, answers the question, "what should you put in your blunt wrap".

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Dro Bud - It's Hydra-chronic!

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The Holland-Amsterdam Market asks International Oddities to save the day.

Bahli Bubble Bud

When the smoke shops and cafes in Amsterdam sought a legal solution to the tobacco ban they asked the creator of the legal bud industry, International Oddities, for a solution ...

Blueberry Box of Buds

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Diablo Smoke Box

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Krypto Legal Buds "Box"

HIGH TIMES MAGAZINE featured our products over 800 times ... yes over Eight Hundred pages featured in the last decade alone!!!

Panama Gold Bud - It's Legal

This visual pictography of High Times gallery art ads remind the viewer that International Oddities truly is not only the creator of the entire legal bud industry but also the most substantial benefactor to the High Times enterprise. Please enjoy the visual artistry and finesse of the underground smoking world presented within these gallery pages.

Look for these Famous International Oddities Brand Legal Buds in a Store Near YOU.

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Stunk® Panama GoldT M Wizard Smoke® KRYPTO® After Burner® Loads Albino Rhino® Black Widow ® Crystal Ball BudT M Van Gogh's BlendT M DRO® AfganishT M A'HIA® bud Blueberry BudT M Diablo SmokeT M Rasta Smoke® Bahli Bubble Bud® NE146 BudT M Shakespeares BlendT M Skyscraper® Bud O.P.N.T M O'ream SmokeT M Splice PlatinumT M Black "O"T M Rembrandts BlendT M Stashish® Txxx StixT M T-C-3T M Anti-Gravity Primo Mini BluntsT M

Hawaiian Hybrid A'hia Bud


Plus Many More!

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Now in the Shotgun 6-Pack for even fresher buds. These big, beautiful classically popular legal buds are packed in our patented shotgun tubes for your ultimate smoking pleasure. $35 for each 8 inch 1/2 oz. tube, or save $50 when you order the Shotgun 6-pack special. Do legal buds work? Click Here To Order converted by

International Oddities Anti-Gravity Primo Mini Blunts Another World first - these "primo mini blunts" are all the rage for those desiring the convenience of a pre-rolled cone-style smoke. The Anti-Gravity brand provides all the high grade quality you would expect from your buds at International Oddities. Also available in stores.

Gotalite Girls Video, Pounds of Bud Photoshoot, and Our Legal Bud vs. the Competition

A'hia The Original "Hawaiian Bud" 1/8 oz. just $12.95 !!! A popular amusing legal bud competitors have (unsuccessfully) tried to copy

N.O.R.M.L. Thanks International Oddities "for making the Boston Freedom Rally possible" and I.O. busts NORML imposters full story. Plus I.O. assists NORML roll-a-thons as official sponsor For legal bud info and legal buds reviews click - For those who inhale, we at International Oddities offer the most exotic smokes in the World at our online smoke shop. Does legal bud get you high? Refer to our 100% REAL products throughout the site for high grade deeply discounted bud. "We Grow the Future" in legal buds. Twice the Splice for Half the Price! Afull 6 grams per package- forget that herbal incense stuff...

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Do legal buds get you high? "If the big tobacco companies are the Beatles... and the Cigar industry are the Rolling Stones... then International Oddities is definitely the Punk Rock of the smoking industry- Their Legal Bud is Absolutely Amazing"


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