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Herbal Smoke Herbal Smoke (Bud) for RYO blends - International Oddities

Each herbal smoke box contains 100% Real Herbal Bud that YOU roll into primo herbal joints/cigarettes.

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HERBAL SMOKE BOX CONTAIN S 100% REAL HERB The herbal cigareTTe has been revoluTionized by inTernaTional oddiTies wiTh Their creaTively designed box of buds. These herbal smokes have noT only advanced The TradiTional herbal cigareTTe pack iTself, buT have launched The herbal blends and bud markeT inTo a new, more hip and fashionable mainsTream wiTh This fresh pack rolling kiTTm.


Herbal "joint style" cigarettes with some assembly required means a customized herbal smoke rolled to the user's sense of perfection. Consumers prefer the tactile response of selecting and breaking choice bud from inside the box prior to rolling. The hemp rolling papers contained in the side pouch of the box completes the picture by giving them everything they need to roll and smoke their favorite bud in an herbal RYO blunt... except a match.

Herbal smoke  
Herbal smoke