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EDUCATION 2007 - 2011 Columbia College Chicago _Bachelor Fine Art Product Design Columbia College Chicago cultivated my creativity broadening my methods to design. My product design curriculum examined consumer culture, innovative problem solving, and design theory. Throughout my rigorous four year program I developed skills in research, sketching, rendering, computer modeling, fabricating, and presentation. These are the tools I use to visualize, develop, and communicate design concepts to ultimately produce a innovative and elegant solution. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a collection of designs comprised of furniture, exhibition, urban cycling, and social solutions. JOB EXPERIENCE Aug 2010 - Sept 2011 Alessi Chicago Showroom _Sales Associate At Alessi I consistently had the highest sales and counseled clients with design decisions. Educating customers on designers, design process, and manufacturing process was one of my highest priorities. Other responsibilities I held was to act as a link between customers in America with the headquarters in Italy, create design displays, answer email, contact clients, plan events, create strategies to increase sales, public relation, IT solutions, and create positive environment for customers. June 2010 - Aug 2010 Nimlok / P3 Group _Exhibition Design Internship _Freelance Product Designer My responsibilities were to understand how Nimlok, and the P3 Group’s corporations created exhibitions from modular units and how clients adopted these systems. During my internship I developed skills very quickly, such as work flow, to meet deadlines and communicate ideas to this very fast pace organization. In the freelance phase I worked with the companies Nimlok, Orbus 360, and SignPro Systems to create brand new product through research, sketching concepts, and creating renderings. I gave two very successful presentations during the middle and at the end of my contract to the board members.


Furniture, Apps, Graphics, Running, Cycling, System Design, Research, Sustainability


Preformed magic shows in elementary school, I’m 6’5” tall and have a fear of heights, Abstract and surreal painter, Collect rear U.S. coins, Love da’ Chicago Bear

DESIGN SKILLS Sketching Graphic Design


Model Building Solid Modeling Rendering

Hand Sketching Wacom Sketching / Rendering Adobe InDesign Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Apple Developer Workshop Solidworks Rhinoceros Bunkspeed




2010 Summer Internship


Modular Furniture for CB2


Women’s Bicycle Accessories

A Food Desert Solution



The P3 Group’s companies use modular systems to create exhibitions for a wide range of industries. They need to develop products that work with these systems they have perfected for over 30 years. The company seeks to utilize current applications in different ways. They want to bring fresh ideas into a changing industry. The companies decided they want to utilize customization, kits, and modular systems.



Exhibitions need electricity to power lighting, monitors, computers, and machines.

People who travel use any opportunity to charge electronic devices, usually lap tops and cell phones.

Extrusions used to build large structures, gain modifications for electrical hardware. Modern society has become increasingly more dependent on electronic devices

Exhibitions rented or owned usually are made out of extrusions. These metal forms most often have electoral; components inside

SKETCHING custom graphic insert

stay connected work station

bench: sit down and plug in


combination lock with programmable combination

connect charger to outlet inside vault

This security vault protects mobile devices while they recharge in public and exhibition spaces. Users are free to safely step away from their devices while they arecharging from an electrical outlet.

INSTALLATION Basic 4 inch extrusion with electrical outlet attached

Attach the ReVault directly over the outlet so that it sits flush on the extrusion frame. From the inside of the ReVault, tighten screws securing the box to the frame. The internal screws prevent theft or removal from the outlet while it is locked. USER

PHONE CHARGING Plug in the charger into the outlet, just as usual, and put any devices on the bottom of the box. Close the door and set the lock.




Cell phones are not the only device that needs recharging. The ReVault also comes in a larger size suited to fit laptops and multiple devices all at the same time. The ReVault systems can also run videos or programs from a digital device to a video monitor. Audio / video cables can connect laptops or even a smart phone to monitors by simply running cables through the extrusions. Smart devices allows the exhibitioner to have total control of what is being played on the screen and the freedom of knowing that the electronic devices don’t need to be watched over for theft in a open public environment.


RE-VAULT The Re-Vault is designed as a tool to work with the extrusion method that Nimlok, and many other exhibition systems, used to create temporary structures. It supports the integration of technology into public spaces while ensuring the safety of public and private digital devices.


light weight fabric is used to hide hardware and creates graphic space

monitor space is balanced with graphic space

hanging monitors


transparent material encases structure

extrusion skeleton



extrusion skeleton

off set bracket

LCD monitor

transparent acrylic



Monitor towers can be broken down for shipping.

plywood cabinet

LCD monitor

extrusion system

custom laminate


WATCH TOWER The Watch Tower creates a strong point for advertisements in both print and video. In public or exhibition space, the towers draw attention and communicates the brand.

“Rentable, customizable, and shippable”



The “Desktop� uses a fabric body to reduce costs and space. The ReVault protects the computer from theft or damage. A center extrusion is used to support the LCD monitor and creates a channel to run cables from the monitor to the electronic device.

square extrusion protects wires

ReVault inner legs support desk top

The fabric stretched between the counter top and the base becomes a great opportunity for a graphic print. This allows the client to order multiple custom graphics, that can be swapped out in a snap! CONCEPT

LVNGTNGS LVNGTNGS rob mariduena rob mariduena ethanethan huberhuber



CB2 - Create&Barrel’s ‘punkier’ brand is suffering from the economic situation and the housing downturn. They need to develop a distinct look for a range of products that can be sold in the traditional manner (via the store) as well as online. The company seeks an entire line of product backed by the necessary research demonstrating needs and addressing emerging trends. One specific niche they are interested in pursuing is a product that is modular, expandable, and customizable. The company has done some research and determined that the desire of the market segment they are targeting at CB2 wants affordable, flexible products for a mobile and dynamic lifestyle. The company has decided to develop a range of products to address the issue and wants the designers to develop ideas that allow the enduser to create their own system out of an ever expanding kitof-parts. In order to make it cost effective and shippable (this is one of the primary distribution channels they are interested in leveraging) the products need to be lightweight but durable. They want a range of products that combines the best of laminated plywood and bent plywood along with metal fasteners/connectors, and sheet metal that can be rolled, bunched, or bent using standard fabrications processes. The other thing they want is a new web site and brand identity for the system that would go up on a special web site devoted for the new product launch this web site would not only demonstrate how the product works but would also show the design process for developing the new product line. They feel this would be a great way to stress the designerly qualities of the product and connect with their end-user.


Steve Film Director at Columbia College Chicago

I move the coffee table at least twice a day, depending on how I want to use my space.

Victoria Biologist of Columbia College Chicago

Josh Fiction Writer, Resident of LakeView Chicago

Hila Resident of LakeView Chicago

We have a symbiotic relationship with our furniture.

It has to be easy to instal and should made of high quality materials.

We never use the working desk to do actual work.

LVNGTNGS gives furniture DNA, as if it were a living organism. Meaning, our products share a common aesthetic.

ANALYSIS Ma d e in U. S. A . Dynamic Raw Ma t e r ia l & P ro c e s s A scientific approach was taken when trying to understand our brand identity.

Mobile Me t a m o r p h ic

Pe r s o n a l

Org a n i c



E vo lu t i o n

The analysis revealed our building blocks work together like a chemical compound.

Heritage N ew B rand

P r im a l


SKETCH MODEL We took this opportunity for experimentation in order to synthesize our “DNA�. We allowed the organic and primal design philosophy to influence our design aesthetic.


floating shelf with cell phone cubby

For my sketching ideation, I attempted to translate the DNA design into the form. This allowed me to find opportunities for the different types of functional furniture. DNA offered a opportunity for an envelope holder


LVNGTNGS lounge chair offers modular solution for evolving living space

BUILDING THE CHAIR The first step to develop this chair was to create a mold. We used a CNC to cut out the skeleton of the buck.

Then, using the mold we formed plywood by using a vacuum bag. The chair is two pieces that are the same shape.

The top and bottom components to the chair are identical. This allows the pieces to be stacked and master packed cutting down on shipping and storage space. This manufacturing process can be applied to every LVNGTNGS product.

LVNGTNGS Chair, Full scale working prototype



The LVNGTNGS Lounge Chair is a unique yet affordable product made with simple manufacturing processes. The chair is a representation of personal evolution in work and living space.




Po Campo designs personal accessories with both beauty & brains for independent, urban women, made right here in Chicago. They are looking to expand their brand with new products. The company plans to team up with local bike shops & boutiques to introduce their new line. They want to address the needs of young professionals and the challanges of commuting in the city.



• I want to bring my lunch • Full lunch bag doesn’t’ fit in my regular bag • Empty bags get stuffed into the bigger bag

• I use my phone while I’m on my bike • It’s difficult to reach for my phone when I’m riding

• Can’t ride my bike with shoes I ware to work • I carry an extra pair of shoes • Shoes get smashed in my bag


freezer/ cooler

freezer/ cooler freezer


freezer/ cooler freezer/ cooler


fits around top tube snap buttons

chain can be hidden


Bicycle frames and handlebars have become the best way to hold bags in place while riding. This keeps items away from your body to prevent getting tangled. An item attached to the bike can benefit the riding experience, offering space to install lights, reflectors, or flare.

freezer/ cooler

freezer/ cooler


elastic band hold utensils and food

adjustable bag stapes

insulated lining


zipper closes bag

The bag is designed to hold a balanced lunch. It has space for a medium tupperware box, a cylinder container to hold liquid, and a small snack pack. A bungee net secures the tupperware down.

This bag is intended to hold the average healthy lunch that is carried by hand or attached to the handlebars


3 2

on a bicycle. The width fits all handle bars while the height isn’t to low so that it won’t hit the front wheel.







11” long


straps secure’s bag to bicycle

straps wrap around handlebars

U.V. reflective strips




shoes nest!

expanding form compression displaces air

blow molded

collapsible accordion

We took this opportunity to discover different methods to fasten shoes and pumps.

Using a combination of a metal frame and fabric was the best way to secure shoes together onto the bike frame.

fabric can secure shoes, then collapse

stiff frame hold and protects shoes




compression displaces air

compression displaces air

compression displaces air


Next, roll the fabric body around the shoes so that the velcro pieces touch. Once the shoes are wrapped all the way to the metal frame, then snap the top flap to the bottom.

The first step is to nest the shoes together by inserting the tips of the shoes into the heels. Then set the nested shoes evenly on the elastic bands.




RESEARCH The Story Finding a healthy option for food within the Columbia college campus, located in the heart of South Loop, is nearly impossible! We are surrounded by mostly nonresidential offices with plenty of fast food joints and 7 Elevens. Grocery stores don’t make a big enough profit to exist in our neighborhood. The worst part is that many Chicago neighborhoods made up mostly of families suffer from the same problem. They have no local supermarket to get quality and nutritious food. This is known as a “Food Desert“.

A “food desert” is a neighborhood without any local supermarkets that offer healthy foods. However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t any food in the whole neighborhood, usually many fast food restaurants and convenience stores flourish in these neighborhoods. These are store that serve food with almost no nutritional value, called “fringe” stores. View of South Loop, Chicago; from Lake Michigan


INDIVIDUAL OBSTACLES • The elderly find it physically difficult to get to the market • Poor public transportation make it difficult for residents to get the nearest market • Customers lack the funds to buy groceries • They lack the education needed to make the right choices in food and preparing healthy foods Supermarkets bail out of low income neighborhoods because they are not earning enough profit. It is easier for corporate markets to just move to a more profitable neighborhood. Markets that just bail out of neighborhoods has left half the population of Chicago with out a grocer to buy healthy foods.

This graph analyzes 6 locations in Chicago’s, notorious food deserts. It looks at the potential years of life people loose from diseases caused by unhealthy eating.

Prioritized Sites IN CHICAGO

0 Years

11500 S. Michigan 4700 W. Madison 4700 S. State

100 Years

1 S. Western 7900 S. Perry 6300 S. Halsted

Diabetest Cancer Cardiovascular

Source: Mari Gallagher research & Consulting Group


Food Balance vs. Years of Life Lost 60

Cancer YPLL Cardiovascular YPLL


Liver Disease YPLL

This chart illustrates the distance from a supermarket to the resident’s home.This has a dramatic effect on ones health in an urban environment. The further someone is from a healthy food option the greater the health risk.

Years of Possible Life Lost

Diabetes YPLL





Food Balance = Distance in miles from Grocer / Distance form Fringe Store

Source: Mari Gallagher research & Consulting Group

SOLUTION food’s origin hot healthy food 24 hours fruit option nutritional information

easy selection


easy access produce

stellate stand mobile / temporary station

temporary or pop-up healthy food options with nutritious information

web/security cameras

SKETCHING freezer/ cooler

unoccupied space



supermarket bus

The Mobile Market is a truck that can serve residents of Chicago who have difficulties acquiring healthy foods. The automobile drives healthy foods directly to these neighborhoods to create a source for groceries. People approach the vehicle and shop just as they would in a supermarket.

fridge / freezer

cash register

grocer’s counter




large sign

fruit crate

The mobile market can pull up to any lot or city sidewalk, and bring produce to the people.

inside or outside checkout

mounted cameras for streaming video

panel opens for customer interaction

solar panels power fridge/ freezer

This food truck’s goal is to make getting healthy foods as easy as possible; suiting the needs of all the different people living in Chicago.


MOBILE MARKET main space opens up to reveal a grocer’s counter

a video monitor educates consumers on diet, nutrition, and cooking tips

graphic identity helps people spot customers can the truck access built in freezer / fridge for prepackaged cold storage food

Mobile Market The mobile market vehicle brings a fresh grocery store to people in food deserts.




Industrial Design Portfolio: Robert Mariduena  
Industrial Design Portfolio: Robert Mariduena  

This industrial design portfolio is a compilation of Robert Mariduena’s work between 2009 and 2011. Included is these pages are projects co...