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Jean Chung 1519 6th St #407 Santa Monica, CA 90401

y M e B u o Y l l i W smaid? e Brid


jean chung




mari’s maid of honor


Dear Jean, Wow we’ve come a long way since college haven’t we? Even though we’re so far apart I know that you as a person will never change. You care about people so much and I never forget that. Even though you say you’re not going to you always do..I love you with all my heart, and I’m sorry I’ve been so bad with KIT, you know me, I hate talking on the phone! Distance can’t keep us apart! So, I would be so honored to have you as my maid of honor. The big day has been officially set and I would be SO happy to have you by my side. It makes me so proud to have such good friends. And P.S. I want to see your mascara running like that time in NY when you give your speech. Okay? I will probably need to laugh because I know I will cry. I love you Jean!

Love always, Mari


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