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T.S.U María Daniela Campo Martínez

REAR REVIEW The architectural debate experienced in the last half century has been remarkable swings. In the aftermath of those disclosed International Congresses of Modern Architecture-those held in Oterloo (1959) and Urbino (1966) - the intellectual concerns of their players

focused on the rejection of the so-called internationalism and thus the reporting of errors which had led abstract proposals Athens Charter. Rest of the text here: Rear criticism 21/09/2009

SCULPTURES HABITABLES In an interview published earlier this year in a national newspaper, the renowned American

sculptor Richard Serra rejected a possible connection between architecture and sculpture. Moreover, the interviewer extended the reach of his words by interpreting architecture therefore would not be an artistic expression in any case. Rest of the text here: Sculptures livable 14/08/2009

Ideological ALTERNATIVES Should we give up and report development. It is the dialectical resource that silences any discussion, the great argument that supports any position because it seems irrefutable that leads to a better future. That is the test that linked political demagoguery comes to power to impose unacceptable. Rest of the text here: Alternatives ideological 14/07/2009


Some issues architects intrigue us When we face the talent in architecture? How it is

possible to discern the values of a good building? In our day these judgments-essential to understand the cultural contribution of architecture to the society it serves-are clearly distorted by the show, manipulating professional and artistic criticism associated, directly and by the corruption of specific knowledge. Rest of the text here: The talent in architecture 28/03/2009

THE FAILED ARCHITECTURE CONTEST The existing experimental panorama flowery Spanish architecture, one who in previous years would have reached a level of variety and showmanship really surprising, is the result of interesting initiatives, public and private, fueled by numerous architectural competitions held in Spain with regularly. Rest of the text here: The architectural competitions failed 22/03/2009


A personal brand is the last frontier of the positioning of individuals as consumer products in this age of digital culture. In an increasingly competitive world is becoming more important to who you know and how you know. Therefore, many architects prestige seekers media assiduously built your personal brand. Thoroughly analyze your values irreproductibles to expose them effectively and, also, as may be perceived by potential customers across the length and breadth of the planet. Rest of the text here: The architects and consumer brands 12/12/2008 ARCHITECTURE, A SPECIALTY OF MARKETING

Said Philip Kotler, one of the most prestigious theoretical marketing or marketing, that discipline for business management is an essential tool in a world characterized by an excess supply of goods and services. The architecture has proved an extremely powerful marketing tool to establish the necessary differential image, given the need to generate recognizable advantages to compete effectively in markets increasingly scarce. Rest of the text here: The architecture, marketing specialty 30/11/2008


At the beginning of the month of November 2008 was inaugurated an extraordinary building that eventually will become a landmark monument to visit in the city of Santa Cruz in the Canary island of Tenerife. Tenerife Arts Space is the second project completed on this island by the Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron (with the collaboration of Virgilio Gutierrez), following the reform of the Plaza of the Plaza of Spain in its urban center meaning. Rest of the text here: Tenerife Arts Space 07/11/2008 ARCHITECTURE AND ZARAGOZA EXPO

As part of the Water Expo held in the summer of 2008, a set of architectural and engineering parts were added to the city of Zaragoza. A cursory balance would indicate the dominance of mediocrity with some outstanding interventions that provide new standards to the landscape of the capital of Aragon. Rest of the text here: The architecture and the Zaragoza Expo 11/10/2008


Planning and building architecture that expresses community cravings has become a Herculean task today. If in addition the architect's ambition is to get innovative and memorable spaces effort becomes almost impossible. All a coalition of agents, obstacles and misunderstandings conspire against architecture conceived as a way of poetic expression of the collective spirit. Rest of the text here: Make public architecture for 14/09/2008

THE MORAL IMPERATIVE OF ARCHITECTURE In 2005, granted to our team of Architects annual award more accessible building Canarian Autonomous Community. On this occasion I prepared a text of thanks in which he wanted to put the emphasis on the recovery of the ethical dimension of architecture and I think it keeps your interest in a cultural moment in which we live architects obsessed by the image of our works. Rest of the text here: The moral imperative of architecture 07/03/2008 A WORK OF ARCHITECTURE STAFF

In 2001 we conducted a building for the care of older people with serious health problems, Health Center Hospital Partner Dolores, where he presented an opportunity to make a real

architecture adapted to the social and cultural needs of our environment. This is a reflection on the circumstances of the job. Rest of the text here: A Personal architectural work 29/02/2008

INVASION OF ARCHITECTURE SINISTER In the past 15 years, the city of Santa Cruz, in the island of Tenerife has gained a new face, a landscape renovation. The current skyline is dominated by monumental new buildings can be seen from afar, among them Cape skyscrapers Llanos and the silhouette of the new Auditorium. In a route closer to the visitor is shown the buildings that are part of a new wave of cultural institutions and actions in the public space for its menacing awe. Rest of the text here: The invasion of sinister architecture 21/12/2007

TASK ARCHITECT A young person asked me one day on the rationale behind the architecture. What is your motive? This could be a possible answer.

Rest of the text here: The task of the architect 09/12/2007 SKYSCRAPER AS AN EXPRESSION OF POWER FAILED The ruins of the Hotel Ryugyong have a height of nearly 300 meters in its origin is a building project to house 3,000 rooms along with seven restaurants at its peak. Had it been completed, would have almost 4 million square meters and the intention of its promoters and creators was to become the world's tallest hotel. An expression of the magnificence and modernity of the communist dictatorship in North Korea which was intended to commemorate an event of the arrangements for 1989 and never took

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