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1,398 in 2003, according to a park environmental-impact study. The ∙ Thursday, February 19, 2009 ∙ Vol. 106 issue 77 2007 total was 193 deer per square mile, which administrators say ex- The university commits to participating A business student who started a ceeds scientific recommendations in the Yellow Ribbon Program, which successful yard sign business receives for forest regeneration. will allow veterans to be eligible for presidential recognition. Already lost, Heister said, is complete funding for their tuition. Tomorrow in News what biologists call the forest un- Tomorrow in News derstory, the saplings and small ground plants. If the situation continued unaltered over generations, what is now forest would become meadow. Heister said the large number of deer raised the risk of chronic wasting disease On Feb. 4, the terms were changed to in- terms of use would change in the future. he said. by maricruz salinasin Valley Forge. The Staff park Reporterstudy repeatedly cites clude a clause that would allow the site to Court Allen, a lawyer specializing in intel“(Facebook) would want to have the ongothe threat of the disease, a con- continue using a user’s photos and informa- lectual property law at San Antonio-based law ing rights to allow for that,” he said. Facebook’s chief executive officer an- tion after his or her account had been ter- firm Cox Smith Matthews Inc., said Facebook The company probably felt that it had to tagious neurological illness that Laurence Kesterson via Mct revoke the new terms in order to appease agnounced Wednesday morning that Facebook minated. was probably trying/ Philadelphia to protectInquirer itself from kills deer and elk. graze in Valley national Park that on Feb. Valleywas Forge officials plan gravated customers and to prevent harm to is But reverting to itshas original terms of useabecause Zuckerberg wroteForge in another blogHistorical post claims user10. content being misused. there never been case Deer a massive sharpshooting operation to kill up to 1,300 deerwere during the nextand fourFaceyears, its business, he said. user feedbackInfected about a revision Wednesday that the company is returning If an account terminated ofofitnegative in Pennsylvania. herdsto eliminating more than of the herd and maintaining muchceased, smaller pack “People may quit signing up if that perthe terms earlier thisin month. to its previous terms of 80 use,percent so Facebook book’s license to a user’s acontent there were identified West Virginia through contraceptives. Zuckerberg , Facebook’s CEO, wrote cannot control content after an account is could be concerns about content that is still ceived onerous term were maintained,” andMark New York four years ago. outsidetoofbetween someone’s profile, Allen35 he said. inPark a Facebook blog post Monday thatthat users bumps, deactivated. plummet 31 and officials also note and find other ways to re- available licenseare, Facebook to use their when strain Zuckerberg wrote that often the current on the particular circumAccording to the Web site, Facebook there on average, 86content collisions drivers, who use terms park said. perDepending square mile. they create an account. According to the origiof use are a temporary fix until new terms are stances and applicable terms and conditions, can change its contract without notifying between cars and deer in the park roads as shortcuts. In other places and with othnal terms of use , this license expiredoccur when a drafted clearer language. may have maintaining to delete the user’s smaller original each year. More accidents Thewith park hopes to reduce the the ersite species, user deactivated his or her account. Thepopulation post did not specify how Facebook’s well as anycontraceptives copies of the material, SEE Facebook · page 2 on the park outskirts, and all are deer to between 186 and content herdsasthrough has potentially deadly to drivers. 164 by killing 400 the first year, 400 proved problematic. Even after Hall, of the Friends of Animals, the second, and between 200 and four years, Valley Forge officials said the solution was to reduce 250 each in years three and four. expect to shoot 20 to 50 deer a aThleTics speed limits, install asphalt speed The density of deer would year indefinitely.

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Facebook retracts updated user terms

TCU Daily Skiff


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its users. Chip Stewart, professor of media law, said these terms occur regularly on social networking Web sites. Stewart said users voluntarily sign Facebook’s terms and agreement upon registration. If Facebook decides to use an image from a terminated account and a user decided to make a case against

it, the user’s case would probably not be upheld in court, he said. “Unless you’re being deprived of a major Constitutional right, it won’t work as an argument,” he said. The new terms, which took effect Feb. 4, remained largely unnoticed until the consumer advocacy blog the Consumerist posted an article illuminating the shift. Stewart said one of the reasons the change generated negative feedback is because people did not ex-

Official: Budget cuts won’t limit successes

pect the license extension. “It meant less control over a person’s content, and it would certainly make you think twice about what’s posted,” he said. Facebook created the group Facebook Bill of Rights and Responsibilities for users to post their input for the future terms of use. Zuckerberg wrote that the Fa- Department mulls changing cebook community will have the opportunity to help develop the travel plans, team schedules new terms. by elise smith Staff Reporter


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chance to feel like they belong to a community of scholars who study French. It is a chance for them to be recognized for their efforts and is a different way to promote the French language in the United

States, she said. “The goal of the society is to provide an outlook for students that are studying French to be able to come together and recognize French as a legitimate area of study and to support the underrecognized majors on campus,” Ruocco said. The initiation for TCU chap-

The athletics department, feeling the prester of Pi Delta Phi is in March, sure of campus-wide budget cuts, is making Schein said. adjustments with frugality in mind. But a uniRuocco said she hopes Pi Delta versity official said the budget cuts won’t affect Phi will be affiliated to a charity by the performance of the department. next fall. Jack Hesselbrock, associate athletics direcThe group plans to meet after tor for internal relations, said the athletics initiation to decide on who will department will experience the budget cuts serve in office for the following se- starting in June as part of a campus-wide effort to slash 8 percent from the budget. The mester, Ruocco said. department is working on minimizing the effects on its teams, Hesselbrock said.

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2.19.09 - Facebook retracts updated user terms  

bumps, and find other ways to re- strain drivers, who often use park roads as shortcuts. The park hopes to reduce the deer population to bet...

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