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MARIBO SeedPlus - extra security for vigour, establishment and growth

MARIBO SeedPlus - extra security for vigour, establishment and growth MARIBO SeedPlus is our improved quality concept

The resulting product is seed of a very high quali-

for sugar beet seed, where the seed receives spe-

ty, giving the beet grower extra confidence in fast

cialised selection and treatment during the entire

and uniform field emergence and establishment

production process.

– and therefore the best conditions for growth in the field.


Fast, safe and uniform field emergence provides the best start for the beet plants - and paves the way for a high and stable sugar yield.

MARIBO SeedPlus - an improved quality concept SeedPlus is a quality concept embracing new pro-

The concept is a combination of four new meth-

duction methods that optimise seed quality du-

ods that are applied to every seed lot:

ring multiplication, selection and treatment.

路 Maturity optimisation 路 Single seed selection 路 Individual activation 路 The multi-layer pellet principle

The less deviation in maturity, the more uniform the germination

Maturity Optimisation Seed that has reached full maturity will normally germinate faster and be more vigorous than seed that is not quite mature at the time of harvest. A sophisticated new technique helps us to determine the

Speed of field emergence

optimum time for harvest. Furthermore, after harvest, we


can even analyse the specific maturity level of each seed lot.

best condition for good emergence and establishment.

Relative FE

MARIBO SeedPlus is seed with optimum maturity and in the

105 100 95 90 85 80





Seed lots fractionated into different maturity groups and comImmature mature pared to the original seed lot

New techniques allow single seed selection of properly filled seed

Single seed selection A seed lot may contain some underdeveloped or damaged

Embryo weight

seed. Such seed will have considerably poorer vigour.

4,2 4

We have developed a new method that allows us to dislevel. MARIBO SeedPlus is a special selection of the healthiest and best filled seed that is in the best condition for optimum vigour.


card underdeveloped and damaged seed at the single seed

3,8 3,6 3,4 3,2 3




Accepted seed contains bigger embryos than the original seed and the rejected seed



In the field, the rejected seed performs very bad compared to the accepted seed. Not only is the number of emerged seeds very small, the plants are also less well developed.

Original seed

Accepted seed, on the other hand, are very uniform in size and well developed.

Rejected seed

Accepted seed X-ray analysis: Measure the proportion of properly filled seed

In the field, the rejected seed performs very poorly compared to the accepted seed. Not only is the number of emerged seeds very small, the plants are also less well developed. Accepted seed, on the other hand, is very uniform in size and well developed.

Maximize speed of field emergence

Individual activation Activation is a form of pre-germination, taking the seed to the physiological state in which it will germinate as soon as the seed is moistened. We test each seed lot to determine its potential response to activation. Many seed lots are naturally physiologically

Speed of field emergence

advanced, so activation would not be beneficial. 100 90

activation process, which is then tailored and applied ac-


cording to each seed lot’s specific requirements.



Activated seed



20 10

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4


Day 3



Day 2

treated so that it is physiologically ready for rapid germi-


Day 1

MARIBO SeedPlus is seed specifically selected and uniquely

% Germination

But some seed lots will show a positive response to the

The new MARIBO multi-layer pellet is better at withstanding various stress factors during germination and establishment in the field.

The new Maribo multi-layer pellet The final component of the SeedPlus concept is our new

the embryo in the centre of the pellet at the right speed so

multi-layer pellet principle.

that the embryo does not become waterlogged.

The multi-layer pellet ensures that the seed can take up

MARIBO SeedPlus quality seed will therefore offer faster

water very fast, and that the water will remain in the pellet

and more uniform germination, under wet as well as dry

and not dry out. It also ensures that the water is released to

field conditions.

4 days: seedling >15 mm - lab test


Number of plants - relative

140 120 100

Inner layer: Controls the release of the optimum amount of wa80 ter to the embryo. Ensures access to oxygen for a prolonged time 60 Outer layer: Ensures that the pellet takes up water very quickly and that the moisture stays in the pellet 40

Inner coating: Contains insecticide(s) and fungicide(s) to pro20 tect the seedling during germination and establishment 0

Outer coating:Old Protective green colour coating easy for the pellet type Multi-layer pellet grower to track in the soil

Speed of field emergence




140 Number of plants - relative

Number of plants - relative

4 days: seedling >15 mm - lab test

120 100 80 60 40

120 100 80 60 40 20




Old pellet type

Multi-layer pellet

Speed of field emergence

Old pellet type

Multi-layer pellet