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eco-bling By baby bling

Baby bling is a company operated and created by moms since 2005. It was founded by mother and daughter Debbie Zenger and Summer Zenger Harris, who started out by sewing and designing their own products and selling them to local boutiques. They quickly became popular and by the end of 2006 they employed two sales representatives and close friends to help them with the sewing process. In 2011 Debbie decided to retire and her daughter Summer reached out to her longtime friend Cyndi Goodall Lowry to join her in the venture. They also acquired a new product designer in 2015. To this day Baby Bling continues the tradition of making everything handmade and contracted the services of 40 local women to make each and every headband. The headbands’ high quality are all manufactured in the USA and they will keep doing everything as they did on day 1.

mission statement We pride ourselves in keeping our manufacturing local and in helping the women in our community. All of our headbands are handmade by creative, talented people who share our vision of combining comfort, style and quality into beautiful accessories for beautiful babies.

- Manufacturing in the U.S - Humane labor practices - Appropriate price range - Selling through a strong third party retailer

- Niche & limited market - No brick & mortar stores (third party retailer and online only)

- Create more brand extensions - Expand into other global markets - Possibility to open a boutique stores

- Similar brands with identical product offers - Not enough product range

-Tucker & Tate Comfort and touch are of great importance to this brand. They provide modern, fun and casual kids’ clothing for everyday living. All of their products are easy to mix and match and layer. -PLH Bows The company’s focus is directed towards superior quality through using the best materials possible. All of their products are lead free as PLH caters to mothers and grandmothers who are conscious of the risks of chemicals and other materials to their babies. -Petit Pehr Founded in 2010 by Jennifer Kelly and Rebecca Perren, long life friends. They describe the brand as “the right mix of classic and modern, the subtle balance of fresh yet sophisticated design”.

- Middle to upper class women - 25 - 80 years old - New mothers, people buying for other mothers, grandmothers, dads - Appreciation for USA made products - Women who want high quality and safe materials for their kids - Enjoys blogs of lifestyle and motherhood. PSYCHOGRAPHICS - Globally conscious - Sensitive but fierce personality - Loves to read - Prepares homey and delicious meals everyday - Dynamic - Extrovert - Rule setter - Affectionate

Margaret Wilson (Grandma) Age: 76 years old Baby´s age: 1 year old (Alexa) Marital status: married Work: Retired Household annual income: $96,000 Personality: Very attentive to her granddaughter Alexa, her life revolves in making her laugh and spoil her in every way possible. She is strong woman with a lot of personality she loves reading drama and romance novels every time she has the time, he favorite one is Pride and Prejudice. Alexa is a shy and playful baby who likes teddy bears and loves when grandma Margaret styles and combs her hair. On her free time she walks around the park and writes on her blog.

Stella Cooper (Mom) Age: 35 Marital status: Single Baby´s age: 5 years old (Eloise) Work: Owns a bakery Household annual income: $155,000 Personality: Stella is an independent creative woman and also an environmentalist. She only buys products made in the USA, baking and cooking are her passion after little Eloise, does yoga and plays hide and seek with Eloise on her free time and enjoys watching Law and Order: SVU with a glass of wine after putting her girl to bed. Eloise is a very hyperactive baby specially when her mommy prepares her favorite chocolate cookies, so usually Stella needs the help of a babysitter.

eco-bling by: baby bling

We decided to make a product line to attract new segment customers, create awareness for the sustainability movement and showcase new materials for production. For this reason we came up with Eco-Bling, a new product line made from recycled materials promoting zero waste.

In order to make our handmade headbands we used materials such as recycled coffee bean bags and already disposed fabrics.

Currently, Baby Bling is not a sustainable brand, however they do have ethical principles when it comes to manufacturing as they make their products in the USA. Also, all their workers are women from around the area whom are paid fairly and treated respectfully. We want to help the world in every way possible, so this is a great approach for us and future generations


We want to be more relatable for the customer so we decided to create a heartwarming promotional video showing the baby interacting with her family in her home environment. It will be featured on their website, social media and video sharing sites such as YouTube. The line will be promoted mainly through instagram, facebook, and mall/outdoor ads. We will reach out to bloggers that post mainly about motherhood and lifestyle to help us spread the word about the new line. Nordstrom, the third-party retailer we sell merchandise through, will also post on social media promoting the new eco-bling headbands.


We will continue selling only through our website and Nordstrom based on the level of success we have achieved.


Because the materials to make the headbands are not purchased but donated to us and do not go through any additional processes, we will stick to baby bling’s price ranges

People While we are interested in maintaining our regular customers and persuade them into purchasing our new line, we are also looking to attract a new type of customer that is interested in sustainability at an affordable price. This would include more than just mothers. Grandparents, fathers, family members looking for the perfect present, or even just friends are among the people we would like to reach out to.

Packaging In terms of packaging, we have opted for small boxes made out of recycled carton to maintain the sustainability of the product branch. The bows are wrapped in tissue paper and the box is branded with the baby

Product Assortment


“Willow” -Girly & traditional $12.00


“Dawn” -Fun & curious $12.00


“Dahlia” -Jolly & adorable $15.00


“Ivy” -Fancy & charming



“Jade” -Intrepid & quirky $15.00

Thank You.

Eco Bling by Baby Bling  
Eco Bling by Baby Bling