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SPEAKING TEST 1. GREETINGS. Hello! My name’s Conchi. What’s your name? Nice to meet you. 2. PERSONAL INFORMATION a) How old are you?

d) Have you got any brothers or sisters?

b) Where are you from?

e) What’s your favourite colour?

c) Where do you live?

f) What’s your favourite food?

3. THE ALPHABET a) How do you spell your name?

b) How do you spell you surname?

4. NUMBERS. Have you got (books, dictionaries, a pet, a skateboard)? How many ………….(computers, mobile phones, video games, bicycles) have you got? 5. TELEPHONE NUMBERS. What’s your telephone number? 6. TELLING THE TIME. What time is it?

7. COUNTRIES AND NATIONALITIES. Where are they from?

8. FEELINGS. How does rain/Christmas make you feel? How do storms/ arguments/ exams make you feel? 9. OPINION. What do you think about ghosts/ classical music/ rollercoasters? 1O. DESCRIBING OBJECTS. What is it like?

What is it made of?

11. DAYS/MONTHS/SEASONS a) What day is it today?

c) What’s your favourite season?

b) What’s the date today?

d) What’s your favourite month?


13. FAMILIES. Bring 3 pictures of different members from your family. Who is he/she? What’s his/her name?How old is he/she? 14. COMMON OBJECTS. What’s this? What are these?

speaking test 1º eso  

first term questions for the speaking test

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