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NAME:____________________________________ LEISURE ACTIVITIES These are Rika and Horishi. Write sentences about their hobbies and interests.

It’s Saturday afternoon and Hiroshi and Rika want to decide what to do. Write a conversation.

1. Rika:


2. Hiroshi:

3. Rika:


4. Hiroshi:

5. Rika:

6. Hiroshi:

7. Rika:

8. Hiroshi:


3. Read and write:

Write a similar text about your favourite sport. Use these words and phrases.

FOOD AND SHOPPING Hiroshi is cooking dinner for Rika. Write a list of ingredients. Use containers whenever it is possible. PIZZA DOUGH







What’s in Hiroshi’s fridge? Write sentences.

FOOD AND SHOPPING Hiroshi goes to the greengrocer’s to buy some vegetables he needs. Write the conversation. Assistant: ________________! _____________________________________________________?

Hiroshi:_____, ________________.






Hiroshi:___________________________, ________________________________ Assistant: What else? Hiroshi:_____________________________________________________________? Assistant: ____________________________________________________ Hiroshi: ____________________________________________________________ Asssitant: ________________




Hiroshi: ________________________________, ________________________. Assistant: Anything else? Hiroshi: _______, ____________________ How much is it? Assistant: £10.50, please. Hiroshi: Here you are.

Rika has filled in this questionaire. Write sentences about the kind of food she likes. very much bananas hamburgers chocolate yogurt tea orange juice


not very much

not at all

     

FOOD AND SHOPPING. Reading. This is the email Rika has just sent to a Russian friend.

1. What does Rika usually have for breakfast? 2. What does she usually have for lunch? 3. What does she usually drink? 4. What does she usually have for dinner? 5. What does she have on special occasions? 6. What does she have in summer? 7. What is Rika’s favourite meal?

Write a similar email to a friend telling him or her what you eat and drink. Use Rika’s mail as a model.

Food, leisure activities  

food and leisure activities esl exercises.

Food, leisure activities  

food and leisure activities esl exercises.