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250 grames of butter 1 glass of coffee 100 grames of sugar 2 packcases of biscuits

METHOD: 1. 2. 3. 4.

Mix the butter and the sugar Whip the coffee and the sugar Spread coffee on the buiscuits Put 4 layers biscuits the mixture of coffee And milk

Ángela Lores 5ºP

SPONGE CAKE INGREDIENTS:  1 glass of oil  2 glasses of sugar  3 glasses of flour    

1 packets of powdered junket. 3 eggs Lemon juice Lemon peel

METHOD: Whip the eggs. Add the sugar and flour. Mix the mixture. Pour the mixture in a bwl. Put in the oven for 30 minutes.

Carolina Moreno


-125 g. oats flakes -1/2 Kg of spinach -4 eggs -1 garlic -1/4 of litre of water -salt METHOD: Fry the spinach in a pan. Add olive oil and salt.Drain the water.Add garlic.Mix oats, eggs and water.Add the spinach, wait for ten minutes and make the omeletle.

LucĂ­a Olmos

JUNKET PUDDING -INGREDIENTS:  1 litres of milk.  1/2 cream.  2 packets of powdered junket.  8 muffins.  Blueberries jam.

-METHOD: Mix 2 glasses of milk and 2 packets ok powdered junket with the blender. Heat the milk. Add the sugar to the milk and the cream. Boil the mixture then add the junket and milk. Mix junket and boil, when it’s ready take off.


- Flour

- Milk

-Peach jam

- Sugar

METHOD I wash the apples, then I peel the apples I cut the apples. I add some milk a little of sugar and a lot of flour. I mix all the aliments. I bake in the oven for 30 minutes, then I put peach jam and finally I eat.

テ]gela Sorrosal

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