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Outsourcing Services

Top Management Jan Smela Founder, owner and Executive President of Ericpol Telecom. Graduated from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and holds an MSc in Engineering Physics. Jan Smela has over 30 years’ experience in the IT sector. He is a member of the jury for the International Stefan Banach Prize in mathematics and a member of the Council of Patrons at the Tischner European University in Krakow. Anna Smela-Kjellin Executive Vice-President of Ericpol Telecom. Graduated from Stockholm University and holds an MBA. She has over 20 years’ experience with international IT and telecom companies. Paweł Szczerkowski CEO of Ericpol Telecom. He graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and holds an MSc in Engineering. Mr Szczerkowski has 16 years’ experience in the IT sector. Stefan Znarowski Deputy CEO of Ericpol. Graduated from the Technical University of Lodz and holds an MSc in Electronics. He has 21 years of experience in the IT sector. Marcin Knap CFO of Ericpol Telecom. A graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics, holding an MSc degree in Economics. Mr Knap has 16 years’ experience in finance.

Wojciech Malkiewicz Business Development Unit Director. He graduated from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and holds an MSc in Electronics. Mr Malkiewicz has 22 years’ experience in the IT sector Marek Gajowniczek Cross-Functional Programmes Director of Ericpol Telecom. Marek Gajowniczek holds a PhD degree awarded by the Technical University of Lodz where he was a lecturer for over 10 years. He has 26 years of experience in the IT sector.

Subsidiary Companies Harald Kjellin Ericpol Sweden Managing Director. Holds a PhD degree in Computer and System Science and also the title of Professor of System Science, awarded to him by Stockholm University. He has 27 years’ experience in the IT sector. Orest Kossak Ericpol Ukraine Managing Director. Graduated from the National University of Lviv and holds a PhD degree in Electrotechnics. He is also an Associate Professor at the Lviv National Polytechnic University. He has 32 years of experience in the IT sector. Valery Tsilind Ericpol Belarus Managing Director. Mr Tsilind Graduated from the Brest State Technical University. He holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering. He has 17 years’ experience in the IT sector.

Do business with us! Why is Ericpol the right choice for you? ‘Success in business is not just about having good products or services – it also, and especially, hinges upon ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.’ This motto captures Ericpol’s approach and way of doing business.’ Our mission is to provide excellent, affordable engineering teleinformatic expertise. That means meeting every client’s needs through on-time and no-risk delivery of just the right services and technologies, helping to reduce costs and building long-term partnerships.

Executive Summary The Ericpol Company

The Ericpol Competences

Ericpol, Poland’s largest ICT exporter, is a privately owned company headquartered in Poland that was founded back in 1991. Apart from the Polish company, the Ericpol Group also consists of wholly owned subsidiaries in Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. Ericpol rests on solid and stable financial foundations, as the Group enjoys a strong cash flow and is financed solely through equity. We have reported positive financial results every year since our inception.

For over two decades now, we have continually provided services for outsourcing, staff augmentation and turn-key solutions, including one of the world’s most competitive and rapidly developing markets: telecommunications. Since the beginning, Ericpol has been an active participant in the telco value chain and has excelled at skillfully handling such cutting-edge technologies as: 2G, 3G, IMS, NGN, Unified Databases, IN service layer and converged NGIN – technologies that are now on the evolutionary path towards LTE/SAE and All-IP.

Last year Ericpol was named one of The Rising Stars in 2011 Global Outsourcing 100 by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). The company was also announced one of 500 world’s biggest software and services suppliers (The Software 500 ranking).

evolution is a process of intelligent transformation, a constant quest for perfection in both form and content

Ericpol Group We have 21 years of experience in delivering superb staff and outsourcing services in the domain of software development and testing, for leading global companies. Ericpol is Poland’s largest ICT services exporter. Our clients are companies which need support in various software-related projects, including leading telecom vendors (e.g. Ericsson), operators and companies from the automotive industry.

People & Management Ericpol Staff Ericpol’s greatest asset are knowledgeable and experienced employees. Our staff have gained a wealth of experience in 21 years of market presence. That experience is retained in our company – the annual staff turnover rate for the Ericpol Group stands at less than 8%. There are over 1000 engineers in Ericpol Telecom, with diverse skills-sets and experience. They form a very solid and reliable foundation for any software project. 90% of them hold an MSc in engineering, the rest hold other university degrees.

Our employees have gained their broad experience and expertise through working: in product and service development in telematics for healthcare for telecom operators for suppliers independently and as part of customer projects in Poland and worldwide

Ericpol Staff Competency profiles Our employees have specific technical competences and proven experience as top-quality: Software engineers Analysts Testers Trouble-shooters Technical writers Project managers Configuration managers Database specialists Quality experts Business consultants System and solution architects Managers Trainers

Business Segments In the following business segments Ericpol is active and can provide strong references. However, the level of competences as well as quality awareness gained in these markets make Ericpol a reliable partner for customers from a wider variety of business segments looking for high availability software solutions. Our unique offer includes a comprehensive range of customer-oriented services, tailored to customers’ needs.

Telecommunications Ericpol provides software development services to telecommunication vendors and operators worldwide to support their business efficiency and flexibility. From its inception in 1991, Ericpol’s major focus has been on the telecommunications business area. Our services include outsourcing of software development projects, consultancy services, staff augmentation and dedicated solutions developed according to customer requirements.

Telematics Modern vehicles are containing more and more software controlled systems. Communications with both internal and external systems are becoming crucial for driver and passenger safety. Our vast expertise in designing industrial embedded systems allows us to deliver state-of-the-art software solutions for telematics. Ericpol’s engineering services encompass the complete software product life cycle, resulting in packages that can be used directly as part of a final product. Since 2010 Ericpol has been a core member of the GENIVI Alliance – a non-profit industry alliance gathering automotive and telecommunications companies such as BMW, GM, PSA, DELPHI,

Magneti Marelli, Continental, Intel, Nokia. The GENIVI’s main goal is to drive the broad adoption of based on open source In-Vehicle Infotainment reference platform. Ericpol Telecom was leading Test, Verification and Quality Assurance activities in one of GENIVI’s work groups.

Healthcare Ericpol has harnessed its IT experience, in close cooperation with Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) and College of Family Physicians in Poland (KLRwP), to produce drEryk application. It is the most highly-rated primary healthcare system on the market and ErLab. It is also an innovative system of secure communication between any laboratories/ medical centres in Poland.

Services Overview Software Development We develop and deliver high-quality, reliable and flexible applications that are easy to maintain and enhance. Our services encompass the entire life cycle of an application. Combining the finest processes for solving complex problems with domain knowledge, management tools and global delivery capabilities we help organizations to achieve their business goals. We specialize in high availability applications (also embedded software) combining our in-depth knowledge of telecommunications standards with the latest software technologies and trends.

Software Testing and Verification We offer comprehensive software-testing solutions designed for different technologies. Our services include Test Automation, SQA (Software Quality Assurance), Outsourcing of Test Activities and Test Process Consulting. Success in the software industry

greatly depends on how well the underlying IT systems function and how they comply with regulatory requirements, quality objectives, and project constraints. The contribution we make in the verification process is a key success factor. We adopt best practices and standards. Our well-trained engineers apply proven system testing and quality assurance methodologies and techniques. With their talent for getting the job done right from the start systems go into production faster and with fewer problems. We have successfully managed to apply the very demanding telecom quality standards in the ICT world. Our services: Test management Test automation and development of test automation tools Black box and white box testing Functional and parametric testing Regression testing Feature and product testing Performance testing System testing Compatibility testing Customer acceptance testing Stability testing

Support and Maintenance of Software Products The Ericpol Support and Maintenance service gives the customer the assurance that service will be highly and predictably available. The customer receives convenient contact interfaces for ticket reporting and can easily monitor them against the agreed SLA (Service Level Assurance). Our maintenance centres are located in European time zones, which gives all the benefits of easy logistics and seamless communication. Our services: Helpdesk service Emergency fixes Corrective adjustments Support models 24h/7d or 8h/5d

Software Product Hosting The Hosting service is designed for companies wishing to focus on their business model and leave the production and maintenance infrastructure to other professionals. We offer a wide range of maintenance services: from minor enhancements to the complete development life cycle of an application. The SLA can be adapted to individual needs and provide the necessary level of redundancy and availability as well as security and confidentiality. Our services: Technical product management Product enhancements Support and maintenance High security standards Productivity improvement

Project Management Our services offer you the opportunity to obtain a complete end-product with all the project effort managed by our organization. Our project managers stay in close contact with the customers to ensure perfect matching of the agreed requirements and the final product. The areas of our expertise include but are not limited to: PROPS PMBoK PRINCE2 Agile & Scrum ITIL We specialize in multi-site international projects that can best harness specific technical skills spread across various geographical locations without the need for co-location thus allowing the same product/solution to be achieved at lower cost.

We have a wealth of experience in providing on-site, in-house, turn-key information logistics services. We deliver the correct information product for the intended recipient at the right time and location, in the required format and with premium quality. Depending on the individual needs, they may include any of the following services: Requirement definition Information collection Technical documentation production Customer Product Information (CPI) production Documentation verification and validation Illustration preparation Release handling 1st/2nd line customer support Test support On-site/off-site/remote way of working Customer documentation writing workshops

Information Logistics

Configuration Management

The Information Logistics service addresses the needs of any modern high-tech company offering tangible products. We offer end-to-end information logistics solutions custom-tailored for individual customer needs. Our customers include global leaders in the telecom, software and IT industries.

Ericpol Telecom has specialists in the field of Configuration Management who assure that customers have the best management structure and product configuration. We have experience in the fields of configuration identification,configuration control, configuration status accounting and configuration audits. We are able to prepare and implement change management systems (change management). We have knowledge of Software Configuration Management (SCM) including software development tools, version

control, team work and build (SVN, ClearCase, others). We have experience in managing products from concept to implementation in accordance with accepted principles Product Life Cycle Management (PLCM). Our services: CM processing SCM support Release handling Build support

Technologies Programming languages: Java (J2SE, J2ME), C++, C#, C, Embedded C, .NET, Perl, Python, Smile, proprietary: PLEX C, ASA and others Telecom technologies: radio access and core networks being on the 3GPP evolutionary path towards LTE/SAE and EPS: fixed PSTN networks, IMS, mobile: EDGE, 2G, 3G service layer: legacy CS IN, IMS, NGN (CS and PS convergence) programming models: JCA/JEE, SIP servlet, JAIN SLEE (RA and SBB), Web Services, Parlay/Parlay-X, proprietary: PLEX C, ASA, SIBs and others platform & middleware: HTTP, JEE/and SIP AS, JSLEE AS, proprietary: AXE, CPP, TSP, Blade and others

interfaces and protocols: SS7, ISDN, TUP/ DUP, CAMEL, ISUP, TCAP, MAP, INAP, CAP, BICC, SIGTRAN, SIP-T, TCP/IP, SIP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, Radius/Diameter, vXML, CCXML and others IT and web technologies: JEE(EJB,JSF, JMS,JPA, JSP, Servlets, JDBC), Web Services, OSGi, Sprong, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, web 2.0 enriched: Ajax, RSS, openLDAP ,jQuery, jPlot, node.js, OpenDS, openFire, ServiceMix, ActiveMQ Databases & Backend: LDAP, RDBMS (MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Oracle), MongoDB Software Development Environment: Eclipse, Netbeans, C++ Builder, JBuilder, Jdeveloper, Ant, Oracle Designer, Enterprise Architect/UML, proprietary SCE: SMAS, APSTools, AIDE, RoseRT software versioning and build: SVN, CVS, Maven, proprietary: ClearCase, IBM Rational ticket registering: Mantis, Bugzilla, proprietary MHWeb, SMS/Primus, ClearQuest Software Test technologies: TTCN, MGTS, TitanSim, Simulated Test Environment, Protocol Analysers, 2G, 3G ‘live’ network simulators

Quality Management System

Ericpol Security

Certificates Ericpol Telecom holds the Quality Management System Certificate meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the Environmental Management System Certificate meeting the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. Both certificates were issued by DNV Certification under the accreditation of the Dutch Council for Accreditation (RvA).

Ericpol addresses security issues in the following policies: Information Security Access Control Information Systems Maintenance and Incident Management Business Continuity Management

Ericpol History 1991

Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o. opened in Lodz

and Ericpol TZOV Lviv, Ukraine

First project for Ericsson in the test field

Employees: 388

Employees: 5 1993

First service network (IN) project conducted at Ericsson


Services extended to IMS and NGN technologies

Employees: 14 1995


First in the world IN Parlay commercial implementation

First project in the field of mobile technology NMT Employees: 25

Employees: 587 2006

IN-SSF product transfer

(fixed network) for a foreign customer carried out in

Winning major contract for Orange UK


Ericpol Telecom granted ISO 9001:2000 certificate

2G GSM technology projects

Employees: 697

First mobile GSM network rollout in Poland


Subsidiary opened in Brest, Belarus

Employees: 60 First framework cooperation agreement with Ericsson Employees: 90



Employees: 780 2008

New office opened in Lodz Ericpol Telecom granted ISO 14001:2004 certificate

Employees: 110

Employees: 790

Consulting in Millennium Bug Handling


5 international teams working with Agile/SCRUM

Employees: 110

methodology on development & maintenance of VAS application. Work is carried out in Belarus and Poland.

Ericpol Telecom chosen to be Ericsson’s strategic R&D

Employees: 870 2010

Ericpol Training Centre established

Employees: 1050 2011

Employees: 135 First subsystem responsibility in the field of GSM Office in Warszawa opened Employees: 200

Ericpol joins GENIVI Alliance New office opened in Krakow

Takeover of long-term outsourcing projects in new business area (BSC)


Together with the branch in Brest Ericpol launches

New own office in Lodz

Employees: 130


“Teraz Polska” emblem awarded to Ericpol

Certification and first connection to customer network



First outsourcing project in telematics First outsourcing transfer of 3G Radio Access Network

Office in Krakow opened


The first Automotive project started at Ericpol

First outsourcing project in software development

First project for telecom operator


Ericpol Telecom executed projects in over 50 countries

20 years of Ericpol’s presence on the global ICT market

Ericpol named one of The Rising Stars in 2011

Ericpol announced one of 500 world’s

Global Outsourcing 100 (IAOP) biggest software and services suppliers

Ericpol becomes Design Center for GSM Radio

(The Software 500 ranking).


Employees: 1350

Subsidiaries opened: Ericpol AB in Linkoping, Sweden

References TM

‘AePONA have engaged with Ericpol for 5 years on a variety of Software Development Projects. (…) AePONA have found Ericpol to be a very capable supplier. They have a good track record in providing quality software on time and too budget. They have developed an expertise in AePONA products and have become a trusted partner.’ Liam McQuillan COO, AePONA

‘Autoliv was engaged with Ericpol for 3 years on a wide range of projects. (…) Autoliv found Ericpol to be a very capable supplier highly responsive to our needs. Ericpol’s engineers occurred to be truly competent and effective. They had a good track record in providing quality software both on time and budget. They have developed an expertise in Autoliv Telematics Area and became a trusted partner. I would highly recommend Ericpol as a quality supplier of Software Development, Function and Test Service and Consulting Services.’ Leif Lundberg General Manager, Autoliv

’Dedicated for the team of designers and architects and including SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols, the training program fully met our expectations. High quality didactic materials, clear and effective communication, the right proportions of lecture and discussion with participants are evidence of perfect understanding of customer’s needs and trainer’s competences.’ Jan Mieszczanek Consulting & System Integration Manager, Ericsson Poland

HEAD OFFICE Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o. Targowa 9A 90 042 Lodz, Poland tel: +48 42 6642500 fax: +48 42 6642555 e-mail: Krakow office Bobrzynskiego 12 30 348 Krakow, Poland tel: +48 12 2954600 fax: +48 12 2954666 Warsaw office Chalubinskiego 8 00 613 Warsaw, Poland tel: +48 22 6243561 fax: +48 22 6243561 Sweden Ericpol AB Datalinjen 3 583 30 Linkoping tel: +46 13 212141 Ukraine Ericpol TZOV Sholom Aleykhem 11 79007 Lviv tel: +38 032 2424420 fax: +38 032 2424423 Belarus IOOO ERICPOL BREST Dzerzhynskogo 52 224030 Brest tel: +375 162 220019 fax: +375 162 205457


This document is non-binding offer. Copyright 2012 by Ericpol Telecom Sp. z o.o.

Ericpol Telecom - Company Brochure 2012  

A brief description of company's profile and offer with a focus of ICT outsorcing services.

Ericpol Telecom - Company Brochure 2012  

A brief description of company's profile and offer with a focus of ICT outsorcing services.