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Chef Jobs in South Africa The interest in chef jobs has increased in South Africa in recent years. This may be because of the spike in the number of celebrity chefs coming from the area or working in the area. For those who wish to slave away in the kitchen so that guests can enjoy a wonderful meal, there are many openings in the field. However, you'll need to have the appropriate training and education before this will happen. There are various career paths, then, to consider. Apprenticeships Often, individuals will obtain proper chef training and then will work in an apprenticeship position. This is often available in local restaurants and hotels. This gives you on the job training that's invaluable. You will learn how to work in a team environment as well as how to handle the demands of the client base. Once you learn these fundamentals, don't stop learning. In fact, most chefs leaving this type of position will spend years working their way up the ranks in various positions. Chef Positions You may begin working as a commies, or assistant. These individuals are given tasks such as preparing food and they do them. You can then work your way up to a Chef de Parties, or a station cook. Here, you will be given a specific area of the kitchen to work in and you will need to meet the demands. You can then become a Sous Chef, which is also known as an Under Chef. Your job at this position is to work as an assistant to the Head Chef. You will

be the second person in charge in the kitchen. These professionals will work in the kitchen handling everything that's necessary including garnishing plates and helping in production. A Chef de Cuisine, or Head Chef, is the next ranking position in chef jobs . This position is the head of the kitchen. You will oversee the management of production, the staff, the food selection and the menu creation, in some cases. Sometimes, these individuals also work with customers directly. The Executive Chef is the highest-ranking chef job. In this job, you will be in charge of the kitchen as a whole. This includes everything from ordering to menu planning. You will be responsible for financial management, budgets, managing human resources and other business-related activities, as well as working in a position when needed. Specialisation Fields When it comes to speciality chefs, there are jobs here, too. The Garde Manger Chef is one that specialises in cold food prep including hors d’oeuvre s, relishes and dressings. A Saucier works in the creation of sauces and stocks. You may work as a Patissier, or a pastry chef. Your job here is to handle breads and confections. A Sushi Chef is one that specialises in preparing sushi. A CanapÊs Chef specialises in this area of food including light snacks. There are a range of chef job options available. The key is to get your food in the door at a leading restaurant or hotel and then to work your way up the ranks as you learn and grow.

Chef jobs in south africa  

Chef Jobs in South Africa helps people to find jobs according to their career requirements in South Africa and act as guide to f...

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