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Curriculum VITAe Employment History

Secretary, Rubeda Consultancy; Valencia, Spain - July 2007 Actress, Vive valeke and iknotiz; Valencia, Spain - 2006/2008 Show and events Shop assistant, Disney Store; Valencia, Spain - July/August 2007 Waitress, Cafe Giardino; London, England - July/August 2008 Secretary, Mantelec; Valencia, Spain - August 2009 Actress, SETEM NGO; Valencia, Spain - 2008/2009 Write and perform the educational play “La obra”


Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Design Engineer - 2007/2011 Politecnido di Milano, Design Engineer - 2009/2010

Other Activities

3D Studio Max, Autodesk certified course - 2011 Founder and director CLmag magazine - 2009/2011


English: medium level English course in Worthing, England - Agust 2006 Job in London, England - July/August 2008 Italian: medium level Spanish: native

María Rodilla Navarro 17/11/1989 Valencia Spain

Graphic design

book Charles and Ray Eames

poster + leaflets

Curso de mecรกnica para bicicletas 7- 8 Mayo

poster + leaflets





corporate identity

corporate identity

corporate identity

installation Malls are visited everyday by thousands of people. Despite overcrowding and congestion at peak times, the customers crowd is not ruled by any order. Embolic aims to help shopping center users with a simple framework to guide them through their route. The investment needed for the installation is low as they are simply vinyl which sticks to the ground; however, they would create a more orderly and efficient shopping experience.





With Embolic no one is forced to follow a path, but just to remember these basic social agreements that will facilitate our shopping afternoon. In this case, using arrows as a guide to reinforce the natural direction of foot traffic flows, as always, moving to the right.


industrial design

woodstock TOILET ROLL

Toilet roll + towel holder + glass + toilet brush The project is a combination of all the toilet accessories: a toilet roll, a towel holder, a glass for the toothbrush and a toilet brush. This product has been designed for small bathrooms, amd with the flexibility permiting each family to adapt the holder to fit their needs. The concept is very simple: a base riddled with holes and different holders. The holders are locked into the holes and are easy to place and remove. Each function has a different hook. With just one drill we have all the toilet accessories, and can adapt them to our needs. For example, a family with children may place the hooks further down, whereas in a party with a lot of people using the bathroom, two toilet roll hooks may be used instead of just one. Furthermore, base and holders are available in different colors and are sold separately. This way, users can buy a spare or just add new hooks if their needs have changed.

MUSICAL TOY Shake is not just a toy, It is a tool to help children learn skills and values in an engaging way. Children will be able to choose which musical instruments they would like to have attached to their bodies. By being able to change the layout of the instruments, children will experiment with different sounds, patterns, rhythms, and effects.


System Design for Sustainability The project Self Producer Self was developed for the workshop Learning Network on Sustainability to promote innovation. The idea was awarded with an honor mention in the international competition LENS Awards. The initial idea was to redesign the Guwahati campus’ feed system in India. With Producer Self the university was sought to win independence by producing their own vegetables and creating a global food awareness between students, farmers and university workers.



8 HAAT Residence kitchen




6 Biogas company

Central Kitchen

Student External Caffee

5 Gas company


Biological production


1. Rice and grains are sold by farmers to the university 2. Comon food is cooked in a central kitchen to save money 3. Rice and bread are delivered 4. Food is cooked in each school kitchen according to the students characteristics

5. Students help farmers to grow the food 6.Waste is used to created biogas 7. Waste is used to created fertilizer 8. Once a week there may be a farmers market for students

Services and products

Guwahati Campus

PACKAGING In the current section of fruit and vegetable trade the client uses a plastic bag for each product, regardless of the number of pieces of fruit to buy. It also requires an adhesive sticker to inform the cashier of the price. Both the stock and the adhesive have a very short lifespan. Besides the waste of material, many customers do not feel comfortable with the idea of buying a piece of a product that is normally acquired by kilos. Mini: Several pieces of fruit or vegetables in one biodegradable bag of MaterBi and corn. It represents a considerable reduction in the production and removal of plastics. Maxi: An assembled wooden container that collects a lot of vegetables more than the mini format; ideal for potatoes or onions. The maxi case then has a second use as a planter.

less plastic

It helps the local economy

A plastic bag for various products

Using seasonal produce reduces transport

flowerpot, case, table

Verde Maxi multipurpose box

less transport less material

social improvement What do you know agriculture?

Introduce people into the world of agriculture Entertainment for the elderly

we can use it in our flowepot

Verde Mini Biodegradable plastic Soy ink does not affect the environment

soy ink and biodegradable cardboard easily can be discarded



If you look in nature you will find that it is built following mathematical patterns. The collection is inspired by the contrast of shapes found in stone, between the sharp and dull areas. A simple flower pot that expands and becomes a bench. It has different levels which make it suitable for all users. A small mountain, a growing stone. Nature is resized to your wish.

Thank you

MarĂ­a Rodilla

Maria Rodilla Portfolio  

I am a Design Engineer student specialized in industrial design and this is my portfolio. I hope you like it!

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