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The Demon Inside. As the clock struck Midnight, I could see the fear in Sienna’s eyes widen, and her hands start to shake. Almost immediately, I saw the change in her. Her eyes flashed bright red, and she became violent and aggressive as she ripped through the bonds we had placed upon her with ease. Like a shot I ran forward to try and restrain her, as did Mitch and Cady, but before any of us could get a grip on her she’d thrown us as far as she could, and was screaming in some strange language that none of us could understand. We had no idea what she was saying, but we did know that none of us were safe, and to restrain her wouldn’t be pleasant, but we could already tell it would be necessary to keep the people of Aveda safe... encountering the book was to open a can of worms, but would it save us or kill us that I didn’t know.... I should probably explain myself. I’m Jemima Charleston, though I don’t recommend you ever try calling me that. Everyone calls me Jem, or if you know me well, then it’s Mia. I’m 17 years old, and I’m a witch. I know it’s a bit of a weird introduction to someone, but, well, people are used to it where I’m from. People in Aveda know exactly what the orphanage on the hill is really there for, mainly because about 95% of Avedian’s have all lived or been taught there at some point in there lives. The orphanage is actually a boarding school used to teach young witches and wizards to control their magic. Magic is hereditary, but is also very rare, with very few magical families left in the world. That’s why the majority of the magical population in Aveda, and even the ones who don’t live here generally always choose to educate their children in the school here. The only problem with having magic is that eventually magic will kill you. Once you hit 30, you must either choose to give up your magic forever, or keep it for another 2 years or so and perish. That’s how I ended up living at the boarding school; I have no idea who my father is, and my mother refused to give up her magic, claiming she’d found a way to keep it forever. We have no idea if she had, and I doubt we ever will. The night after my 1st birthday she ran away from the town, leaving me behind with my grandparents. 2 years later, my grandparents passed away, and I came to live here. I can’t complain though, I do love the boarding school, and I have some great friends there, and some deadly enemies, though that comes later in this story. Let me explain this all began because of something Mitch said to me. He’s my boyfriend, by the way, and part of the reason Cady Jones hates me so much. She’d give anything to have someone like him. It is only part of the reason, but I didn’t know then what I know now, did I? Mitch doesn’t live in the school; he lives in the town with his parents, who both have magical blood, which is an immense rarity nowadays. One night we were working late in the school library, me, Mitch, and my best friend Katie. We were supposed to practising the element spells, spells that incorporate fire, earth, air and water. However, after having practised for about 20 minutes, we’d gotten bored, and were now messing around, looking through the old school yearbooks, when we came across a photo of my mother, as head girl. I was amazed, as I hardly knew anything about my mother it made me want to cry seeing her photo as i thought of all the missed time with her and from the stories I had been told about for example giving up her baby (ME) for magic, she seemed like she would have been the more rebellious type. I wonder what changed? “Mia, how can you stand not knowing anything about where you came from?” he said to me. “Well, I’ve never really had much choice in the matter, I was too young to remember my mom when she left, and likewise when my grandparents died. I’m used to it by now, and anyway, it’s not as if I can change it.” Katie said, “I know you’re used to it, and I know you can’t bring any of them back, but you could easily find out more about them. Think about it, we weren’t even trying to, and we found your mom’s yearbook. If we try actually looking for your mother, we should be able to find her. I mean, there can’t be too many Lovisa

Charleston’s around, can there?” I just laughed at her. “Look,” I said, “it’s been far too long now for me to start thinking about all this, she’s been gone for nearly 17 years now, and finding out more about her is only going to reopen old wounds. It won’t help anything.” Mitch and Katie exchanged looks, but as they could tell I was serious, they let it go. Later that night, I was lying in bed reading by wand light. Although I didn’t really want to know anything about my history, as I was positive nothing good could come from it, I hadn’t been able to resist checking the book out of the library that we’d happened upon earlier, the one with the picture of my mother as head girl. I lay there, going through it page by page, just in case there was anything else about her in there. I read through it until I got to the page with her photo on it that bore the caption: “Lovisa Charleston, head girl, school years 1984-1986.” I don’t k now what it was about the picture but it sent shivers down my spine as I sat looking for at it for a few minutes, before jumping up, pulling my jeans and a t-shirt on, and teleporting to Mitch’s house(yeah, I didn’t mention that before, did I? We can teleport too, though only short distances, but still!) He was sitting watching TV in the living room when I knocked at the door, and walked in. “You’re right, I need to find out more about my history, it might hurt, but I need to know who I am! Will you help me?” Mitch breathed a sigh of relief, and said, “Thank God, it’s about time you come to terms with this. Of course I’ll help you.” The next day was Saturday. Everyone at school was busy preparing the whole place for the Halloween ball on Tuesday. Having completed our area of the hall well in advance, we decided to run off for an hour to the library, to see what we could find. As we walked in, I got an intense feeling of dread, almost as if by looking I was going to find something I didn’t want too. Shaking off the feeling, I carried on in to the library computer, and typed in my surname to see what would come out. Incredibly, there were more than 300 mentions of the name Charleston in that library. I decided to narrow it down a bit, and typed in Lovisa Charlton. This time there were only 4 mentions, the yearbook I’d checked out, and the one from the year before, a book called: “History of Magical Families in Aveda”, and one more under miscellaneous, which was simply marked: “Hers.” I clicked on it for more information, only to find that this book had never been checked out, and immediately, I just knew that it had to be something that had once belonged to my mother, and perhaps kept once she’d left the school, or perhaps checked in by a librarian who misguidedly hadn’t realised what it was or who it belonged to once . Quickly I told Mitch which book code to use, and he summoned it for me. Mitch is a year older than me, so he’s knows how to do much more advanced spells than I . As the book soared into my hands, I saw that it was an incredibly scruffy old book, as it had to be more than 20 years old. Carefully, I turned the page to find the words: “Diary of Lovisa Charleston, Keep Out!” I screamed, and dropped it. I couldn’t believe it was still here, after all these years. Mitch came running over, picked up the book, and sat down in shock. “M..M..Mia.. This is your mum’s diary?!” Rolling my eyes at him, I said: “Really? I hadn’t noticed.” He laughed, and then beckoned me to sit to down next to him, as he started to read. As he read through the first few pages of my mother’s diary, I immediately felt closer to her, almost as if she was telling me about it herself. It was such a teenager’s diary, she almost sounded like me in a way. Mitch and I sat in that library for nearly 4 hours reading through my mum’s diary, before anything of major interest came up. “Mitch, wait, what was that last part?” “It says that she succeeded in doing what needed to be done concerning Sienna Jones. What’s so intriguing about that?” “Sienna Jones is Cady’s mother, the one who’s been in that coma-like state since just after the birth of her daughter. I wonder what happened with my mother and her... and if it has anything to do with why Cady hates me so much?” Later that day, I tentatively knocked on Cady’s front door, having dropped Mitch off at home. As she opened the door and saw who it was, her eyes narrowed, and she said, rather rudely: “What do you want?” “Look, Cady...”, I said. “I don’t know what happened that made you hate me so much, but I think we need to sort it out, and then, I need talk to your mum.”

Cady’s eye’s opened wide, and she stammered... “You mean... you don’t know? I can’t believe it. I thought you knew, you just didn’t care..” “What?!” I exclaimed. “What am I supposed to know?” Cady took me inside and told me to sit down. After I had, she started the story. “I can’t believe you don’t know? I thought someone would have told you. I hate you so much, because of what your mother did to mine. She put her in a sort of trance, she can’t speak, and she can barely move... She doesn’t even know who I am.” I sat in a state of shock. “No...No... She couldn’t..She wouldn’t..” “Come and see for yourself”, said Cady. As I followed her through to the back room, I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I saw, was a normal looking woman, who almost looked asleep, not in a trance. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe that Cady had told me the truth, that my mother really had done this to someone. I ran out the room, and Cady followed me. “I’m so sorry, I had no idea” I told her. “I really thought you knew, I thought you knew why I hated you. Now I know you don’t know, I really can’t hate you,” Cady said. “Wait, isn’t there a way to break people out of trances like this? I’m sure I’ve read about it somewhere before,” I said. “Yes, like I haven’t thought of that , but you need to have enough people, it’s a minimum of 5 magical people though,” she replied. I had a sudden idea: “Think about it, we do have enough people. Me, you, Mitch, Katie, and your friend Clara? She’d do it wouldn’t she?” As Cady nodded her head, I saw the same plan forming in her head as I was in mine. We agreed that we’d spend tomorrow and Monday researching the spell, to make sure there were no risks to anyone involved, and to make sure we had everything we needed, and then on Monday night at 10.00pm, we’d perform the ritual. Monday came around quicker than I would have liked it too, but that’s life unfortunately. Soon, Mitch and I were knocking at Katie’s dorm room to pick her up to take her down to Cady’s, whilst we were all terrified. There were, as we’d discovered, a few risks. Firstly, we couldn’t be certain why my mother did this to her, so it could be something contagious, or psychological, or anything along those lines. Secondly, we had to do everything perfectly, or the spell would backfire, and place us all in the trance as well. Finally, her mother may not cope well to being released from the trance, so that could turn bad as well. But still, we had to take this chance. We had told Mitch, Katie, and Clara that they didn’t have to take part, that we would take the matter to the town’s elder’s, who could help us. However, they had all said that there was no way they were going to let us do this on our own, and that we must be crazy to think otherwise. Upon arrival at Cady’s, she opened the door, and whispered: “Mum’s more alert than I’ve ever seen her, I think she knows something’s going to happen. I need you to tie her down for me. I can’t bring myself to do it.” We’d agreed tying her down would be the best thing to do, as there was a very high risk of Sienna hurting someone if she snapped out of it. As Mitch finished tying the last rope, I checked that all the candles and talismans were in place, and said, “Right, let’s do this.” As we all stood in a circle around Sienna’s chair, we joined fingertips, and lay our wands in a circle pointing towards her, you could hear a pin drop and it seemed like our hearts were beating so loudly in our chests that they would explode. As the clock struck 10, we all chanted the charm together, 6 times, as stated, and then watched in amazement as we all started to glow, as did Sienna, and our wands and fingertips shot out a silvery liquid, that all poured over Sienna as she started to writhe and scream. Exchanging shocked looks, me and Cady went to break the chain but were stopped by Mitch screaming: “NO! If you break the chain, you’ll doom us all! Beads of sweat dropped from my brow as we stayed in the chain for another 3 minutes, until Sienna slumped in her chair and we all fell to the floor unconscious. Lifting myself up from the floor I found that I was a weak as a kitten, I glanced at Sienna, who was struggling against her bonds. As she looked at me, she uttered the words: “Lovisa Charleston? It can’t be? I thought they would have sentenced you to death.” I jumped when

she said that last part. “No, I’m her daughter, Mia Charleston,” I said. “You’re the daughter she gave up for me? What happened to your mother, Mia?” asked Sienna. “I have no idea, she disappeared the day after my first birthday. What do you mean by the fact that she gave me up for you?” I replied. Everyone else was still passed out on the floor. “Sit, child, and I shall explain,” she told me. I did as she asked unable to bring myself to check on my friends pulled into a tale of my mother and the prospect of what happened all those years ago. “Me and Lovisa were best friends all our lives. We did everything together. You’d never see one without the other. So when I was attacked and possessed by the demon, your mother gave up her entire life to make my life better. She put me in this trance, so as to contain the demon inside me. She knew that she could never tell anyone that she’d done it, as they would kill her, but she could never tell anyone why it was necessary, as they would kill me. So she gave up everything to help me. We thought we could deal with it at first, without imprisoning anything, but we couldn’t. The demon was too strong. So, the day after your first birthday, she said goodbye to you, then she snuck back into the school, to leave the book there for you, knowing, hoping.that you’d find it one day. She then came here, we said our goodbyes, and she did this to me. She slipped away in the middle of the night, so as to keep her secret, and let me live out my days in peace, and tranquillity,” she explained. “I can’t believe my mum did that for you I said.”It proves she was a good person not a bad one as everyone has hinted at”, I turned around, and saw the others starting to stir. As I did, the clock chimed once to symbolise 11.30pm. “Wow, I said, we started this ritual nearly 2 hours ago,” I told her. “I know, I’m so proud of you kids, and my baby girl.. Though she’s not so much of a baby anymore! Still, at least I’ll be able to get to know my daughter again now that you have freed me of the demon,” she told me. “But we didn’t kill the demon” I said. “You... didn’t kill the demon? Get out, get out of here before the clock strikes midnight. At midnight, the demon will come out again, and kill us all. Go, take your friends, and go now!” she screamed. I ran to get everyone up. I quickly explained what had happened. Me, and Cady immediately said we weren’t going anywhere, but that the other 3 should go. Katie and Clara were pretty far out of it still, so we could lock them in the back bedroom without a fuss. We knew they’d be safe there. Mitch was more of a problem, as he was refusing to leave unless I came with him. We were still arguing about it when we heard the first strike of the clock, and we all froze. As the clock struck Midnight, I could see the fear in Sienna’s eyes widen, and her hands start to shake. Almost immediately, I saw the change in her. Her eyes flashed bright red, and she became agitated , and she was shrieking in pain as she ripped through the bonds we had placed earlier upon her with ease. Like a shot I ran forward to try and restrain her, as did Mitch and Cady, but before any of us could get a grip on her she’d thrown us as far as she could, and was screaming in some strange language that none of us could understand. Mitch yelled at us: “There’s only one way to get a demon out, we’ll have to exorcise it! Spread the candles around, and try and do it conspicuously, I don’t think the demon speaks English! At least we can communicate!” Quickly and efficiently the 3 of us spread ourselves out with our wands, and start to chant in harmony. “It’s working”, Mitch yelled over to us, “Watch her face contorting, the demon’s fighting, but it’s no match for us.” As me and Cady watched in horror our body’s shaking like jelly leaving me fearing that my legs would give way just as we may need them , we watched her face separate in half, one a ghostly transparent colour, and one that was Sienna’s actual body. As we continued chanting in unison, the entire demon was pulled out of her body, took one look at us, and shrieked louder than I would have thought possible causing me to place my hands over my ears. “Don’t let go”, Mitch screamed so I returned my hands to the link. We continued to chant, getting louder and louder, as the demon screamed louder and louder until I thought my ear drums would explode.

Suddenly, it stopped screaming, and started to curse us in every language known to man. “This is the final step, you know what to do!” Mitch yelled at us. Me and Cady joined hands, and then I grabbed Mitch’s as we sang the enchantment one more time, and then shot jets of light at it. It screamed, and then exploded in a burst of dust like particles. We all slumped to the floor, exhausted. “We did it, we did it!” Mitch cried! Cady crawled over to her mum, and started talking to her, relieved to have her back the joy and exhaustion showing on their faces. As for me, I just sat there and thought about my own mother, and wondered where she was now. I think it’s high time I tried to find her, now I know what she was really all about and the sacrifice she made.......

The Demon Inside  
The Demon Inside  

The Demon Inside.