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simple past profesora: maria paz fuentes curso: 2a単o medio.

objetivo de la clase: identificar, reconocer y aplicar el uso del pasado simple en inglĂŠs y sus estructuras gramaticales

simple past Use the Simple Past to express the idea that an action started and finished at a specific time in the past. i washed my car yesterday

some words: yesterday last weekend last year two years ago. i saw jane yesterday (yo vi a jane ayer)

I lived in london last year.

( yo vivĂ­ en londres el aĂąo pasado)

I went to ski last weekend.

( yo fui a eskiar el fin de semana pasado)

was / were the past of the verb to be is was for

I,HE,SHE,IT and were for WE,YOU THEY. affirmative: i was at the school yesterday. ( yo estuve en el colegio ayer)

negative: we add not after was/ were . example: i was not/ was´nt at the school yesterday. ( yo no estuve en el colegio ayer)

Question: we must change the verb to be at the beginning of the sentence. example: were you at the school yesterday? ( estuviste tu en el colegio ayer)?

The auxiliary did. we use did to make questions and negative sentences. when we use did for question and negatives, the verb stay in simple past.

Examples: question: did you go to the school yesterday. negative: no, i did´nt / did not go to the school.

verbs: In past we divide the verbs into two groups. regular verb : we add E or ED to the verb like-liked, visit- visited. irregular verb: change completely go-went, make-made, sleep-slept

simple past presentation  

simple past presentation

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