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25 Healthy Choices

Apply 3 tips from the list and keep that good habit! Let go of perfection. Then you may be afraid to fail. Not feeling good enough is innate. Fear = a bad counselor. Dare to focus on 3 changes per month 1. 2. 3. 4.

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Use coconut oil (preferably organic) also for baking Combine carbohydrates with good fats and proteins for faster saturation Use green vegetables (brocolli, spinach) for sufficient calcium intake and a properly functioning hormone system Work on a positive energy balance; take less calories and burn more than you take. Use Yazio app, Fatsecret app as a meal log for 5 days Take a green smoothie (leafy vegetables, endive, spinach, citrus fruits and add fats, e.g. coconut oil) Eat 2 pieces of fruit, or veggies per day. Increase your insulin sensitivity. Insulin causes the burning of sugars. Eating more sugar-> insulin production -> more insulin activates fat storage. Replace sugars with fats and proteins and make your body sensitive to insulin and feel satiated. Fenugreek herb helps you stay insulin-sensitive Mix 3: 1 hemp seed oil and linseed oil and teaspoon organic coconut fat -> this helps to keep the cell walls oxygen permeable Avoid as much processed food as possible e.g. E621, MNG, yeast extract and make sure you eat less of these product (crisps, noodles, ham) Eat omega3 (olive oil, chia seed) omega6 fatty acids daily (egg, hazelnuts) Start the day with half-pressed biocitrone in glass of water to hydrate lymph vessels, to prevent wrinkles Eat proteins before and after training for muscle retention and muscle growth Use green stevia does not increase the blood sugar levels Nudge yourself: use smaller plates, then you eat less (+/- 10-15% less) Add eggs to your diet, cholesterol is healthy

25 Healthy Choices 16. Take care of the intestines, it is 80% of our immune system 17. Eat more good fats and iodinated foods (nori, kelp, wakame) is good for testosterone and fat burning also for women 18. Wheat is gluten rich and can form fungi in the intestines 19. Variation tip: eat once in a while quinoa instead of rice, or pasta 20. Drink enough water, per 30 kg body weight 1 liter. It increases combustion 21. Drinking unsweetened coffee is healthy and contains antioxidants 22. Limit refined sugar it is hidden in many processed products 23. Eat more slowly, producing hormone production that is associated with weight loss 24. Avoid emotional eating; it is sadness, fear & pain. It does not help because there is guilt and regret. Understand why I eat, break the pattern 25. Know what you absolutely do not want anymore and what you want

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25 healthy choices  

Apply 3 tips from the list and keep that good habit! Focus on 3 changes per month.

25 healthy choices  

Apply 3 tips from the list and keep that good habit! Focus on 3 changes per month.