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Walking and Working in Prayer 1


Doctoral Diligence

Former Green Bay Packer George Koonce addresses the attendees of Marian’s Commencement held this May. 2


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Walking and Working in Prayer

Marian students take the core values beyond the campus and out into the world


Doctoral Diligence

With a record number of doctoral graduates in 2012, Marian’s Ph.D. program continues to grow

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On the cover: Marian hosts the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible at the end of its 75th anniversary celebration. Photo by: Lisa Kidd

President’s Message As Marian enters a new academic year, her students are afforded new opportunities and advancements on campus and off.

Dear Friends, The start of the new academic year provided me with an opportunity to reflect on all that is good here at Marian and in our greater community. After a dry summer, the campus quad is green again and filled with the joy of smiling students aspiring to reach their highest potential. A new welcome center in the Stayer Center has helped us define the main entrance to our beautiful campus. The transformation in the Hornung Student Center continues with the addition of a refurbished grill, complete with booths, as well as an expanded bookstore with a new main entrance. New computers adorn the Cardinal Meyer Library and new fitness equipment is in full use in the Sadoff Gymnasium. We also continue to improve the landscape architecture and create a greater sense of our religious identity.

“After a dry summer, the campus quad is green again and filled with the joy of smiling students aspiring to reach their highest potential.”

The conclusion of our 75th anniversary year is upon us and we take pause to once again thank the members of the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes for their leadership and vision in creating Marian University. It is only fitting that they named this institution after the Blessed Mother for whom all things are sacred. It is through their generosity that we were able to host two volumes of The Saint John’s Bible this academic year. They are works of art that both inspire and remind us of our important role as shepherds of the Gospel. I encourage you to read about them today and visit campus to witness their magnificence. Earlier this summer I was invited, along with 30 other college presidents, to attend a meeting on Interfaith Dialogue at The White House. Leaders from across the nation shared stories of collaboration among students of different faiths that celebrate their personal identity, learn about other religions and make a difference in the world. As a result of this experience, two Marian University students will participate in an educational program with The New York Says Thank You Foundation that joins first responders from September 11th with people from around the country to rebuild and repair areas affected by natural disasters. It is a way for Muslims, Jews, Catholics and others to join hands by helping others. All of our new students watched an educational video about this experience to prepare them for local service projects in our own city and around our region. Together we continue to live our mission in a variety of ways. This year Marian instituted a Presidential Mission Award to assist students with financial needs who are living the mission of the university in their everyday lives. These students are nominated by faculty and staff, reviewed by a Mission Committee and interviewed by me. Four such awards have been granted thus far, each student with their own personal story of determination, love for Marian and faith in their future. This is a true mark of success for any university, particularly one founded on such principles as service, social justice and community. Great things lie ahead as we continue on this journey together. May God continue to guide us and bless us as we embark on the next 75 years. Sincerely, Steven R. DiSalvo, Ph.D. President



Inspiring spirituality:

Marian hosts Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible From September through November 2012, Marian will play host to two volumes of the Heritage Edition of The Saint John’s Bible, the only full-size, fine art edition of the handwritten illuminated Bible commissioned by Saint John’s University over a decade ago. “Sr. Mary Noel Brown, CSA, and I were attending the annual meeting for the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities and had an opportunity to see the collection firsthand,” Kate Candee, Vice President for Mission and Retention stated. As the campus closed out its 75th anniversary year, the Heritage edition seemed a perfect fit with the University’s celebration of its own history and heritage. The original Saint John’s Bible was the first of its kind to be commissioned by a Benedictine monastery in 500 years, with the goal of inspiring spiritual imagination throughout the world. Its combination of ancient methods and materials with modern themes and technology highlights the importance of the ancient writings in today’s world, and both the original and Heritage Edition make a visceral impact on viewers. “These volumes will inspire and touch the hearts and spirits of students, faculty, staff, alumni and the greater community,” Candee said. Made up of the artwork of several different artists, each volume of the Heritage Edition is approximately two feet tall by three feet wide when open and weighs between 13 and 20 pounds. The most experienced printing and binding experts in the world were involved in reprinting the Heritage Edition, resulting in a true replica of the original illuminated Bible. Marian will showcase the books of Pentateuch and Wisdom. After being displayed at Marian for the September 8 Founder’s Day event and blessing, the book will be shown at St. Agnes Hospital from December through February, the Monroe Clinic from March through May and return to Marian for CSA Days in June 2013. n 5


FALL 2012


Connecting different faiths and perspectives: Campus ministry mission trips bring core values to those in need

Each year, ambassadors of Marian University live the core values away from campus through mission trips organized by Campus Ministry. This year’s trip was a return to Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, part of the isolated and rustic Appalachian Mountain region. The Red Bird Mission and its associated clinic are located in an area where both natural and economic influences have made the lives of its residents exceedingly difficult. In addition to the rugged terrain, the lack of jobs and access to supplies and education manifest in deep-seated poverty. During last year’s trip, Marian students spent their week cleaning, painting and helping



with housing repair and construction. This year’s trip, according to Campus Ministry President Emily Young ’13, included all of that as well as an emphasis on interaction. “It’s been a lot of fun getting to know more people, especially

“I’m very into my faith. I feel like helping others is something I’ve been called to do. I think it’s really neat that we can make such a big difference in one person’s life.” with different cultures,” Young said, “You don’t realize in the United States how different it is up here than it is in the South. It’s really cool hearing their stories and how they grew up, and how it’s different from how I grew up.”

Young went on her first Campus Ministry mission trip as a freshman at Marian, and has considered pursuing medical mission work at some point after she graduates with her nursing degree in 2013. Aside from the experience of traveling, she says the Red Bird trips have helped her develop personally. “I’ve made a lot of friends through the experience and it’s really helped to have those people there who help you stay up on your faith and keep you motivated,” Young noted of her involvement. “I’m very into my faith. I feel like helping others is something I’ve been called to do. I think it’s really neat that we can make such a big difference in one person’s life.” n

“This is truly a time for celebration. Wherever you are led, please remember that Marian will always be your home.” — Dr. Steven DiSalvo

2012 Commencement With 420 undergraduate candidates, 230 graduate candidates and nine Ph.D. students, Marian’s 2012 Commencement was the final celebration in a weekend devoted to students’ achievements. In addition to the 72nd commencement exercises, new alumni had opportunities to take part in a graduation mass, a School of Nursing Pinning Ceremony and a School of Education Commissioning Ceremony as well as a new tradition, the President’s Champagne Reception for graduates. Warm weather allowed for the ceremony to be held outdoors on the campus quad, and President Dr. Steven DiSalvo 7


welcomed guests and reminded graduates to appreciate their accomplishments and that they will always be welcome at their alma mater. “This is truly a time for celebration,” Dr. DiSalvo said. “Wherever you are led, please remember that Marian will always be your home.” Dr. DiSalvo was joined by keynote speaker George Koonce, a former Green Bay Packer and Director

of Development for Marquette University’s Urban Scholar Program. Koonce himself graduated the following day with his Ph.D. from Marquette University. n

What was your favorite memory of your graduation day? Relive it with our photo album of this year’s ceremony at UniversityWI. FALL 2012


Arrested for Aid

Members of the Marian community experience an ‘arresting’ opportunity to help youth in need. Some Marian professors were regretting every pop quiz and low grade when students were given the opportunity to lock them up this March — but it was all for a good cause. Members of Marian University’s Criminal Justice Club “arrested” faculty, staff — and even a few students — in its first Jail and Bail Fundraiser, with all proceeds donated to supplies for Fond du Lac’s Galow Group Home for Boys. “As a club, we wanted to help a local organization that maybe doesn’t receive a lot of funding or assistance,” said Criminal Justice Club President Hans Wagner ‘13. “That’s when the club decided to help the Galow Group Home for Boys in Fond du Lac.” The jail and bail fundraiser concept was Wagner’s idea, and although Lisa McArthur, program coordinator for criminal justice and CJ Club advisor, was admittedly skeptical of its potential for success, she was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. “It was way above and beyond our expectations,” McArthur said. “I was worried that nobody was going to let us arrest them, and I thought ‘well, if we make $500 or $600 I’ll be happy,’ not knowing that we’d raise over $2,000.” The grand total for the event was $2,100, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and fundraising efforts of the Marian community. Prior to the March 28 event, several Marian students, staff and faculty members were contacted with offers to participate by being arrested by Criminal Justice students and placed in a mock jail in the lobby of the administration building. Everyone who was initially contacted also had the opportunity to simply purchase a “bench warrant” for $25 and avoid being 8


“The people who work [at Galow] are a phenomenal group of people and do a lot on a shoestring budget. There are a host of very worthy causes, but we wanted to do something that would stay local and help someone who maybe didn’t have a lot of money.” arraigned, processed and held. The majority, however, enjoyed the opportunity to mug for the camera and raise money to be released. In addition to the predetermined arrests, the club sold mug shots to anyone who wanted their picture taken in orange Fond du Lac County Jail garb, complete with a caption for being “most wanted” for the crime of their choice. Arrest warrants could also be purchased for $5 on the day of the event and student bailiffs were dispatched to attempt to arrest the individual listed on the warrant.

Marian students donate to the fundraiser by paying $5 for a faux mug shot.

“Students could come in and purchase an arrest warrant and we told them we’ll attempt to arrest them but if they don’t want to, obviously we’re not going to pressure them,” McArthur said. “There [were] a total of 15 that were arrested, that let us go put them in handcuffs, and then an additional five people that had the arrest warrant purchased with their name on it.” Several different Marian judges who rotated throughout the day processed arrestees, and despite the laughter and levity behind the crepe paper jail bars, the money raised provided help for a serious need. The Galow Group Home hosts young men ages 14 to 17 who have been given a last chance by a judge. The staff at Galow strives to create treatment plans that fulfill the boys’ court requirements, aid them in finding employment and encourage them to choose a more productive way of life. “Basically it’s a last chance to get their lives together before they’re sent to jail,” McArthur said. “The people who work there are a phenomenal group of people and do a lot on a shoestring budget. There are a host of very worthy causes, but we wanted to do something that would stay local and help someone who maybe didn’t have a lot of money.” After the fundraiser, McArthur called the group home for the most-wanted items on its shopping list. The house is the residence of up to six boys at a time for typically between 12 and 14 months. Many of these boys come from troubled backgrounds, and arrive at Galow with few personal items.



“If they have a boy coming to the home, a lot of times it’s in the middle of the night and under not-so-great circumstances, and the boy may arrive with what he’s wearing and that’s it,” McArthur said. To make the residents feel more at home, members of the CJ Club set out to shop with their fundraising proceeds. In addition to six complete bedding sets, towels, movies, video games and sports equipment, they purchased $150-gift cards from Kohl’s, Walmart, Target and Pick ‘n’ Save, as well as gift cards for Domino’s pizzas. McArthur says the boys at Galow were “shocked” that all of these items were purchased for them. “When we showed up at the house, it was like Christmas for them,” McArthur said. “It was so cool, the fact that somebody did that for them. A couple of the boys wrote letters saying thank you and how much it meant to them. I thought ‘OK, boys aren’t going to get excited about bedding and pillows’ but they thought that was the coolest thing that somebody cared about them.” Planning for next March’s Jail and Bail is already in the works, with the hope of getting more Fond du Lac community involvement, especially with local law enforcement. The student involvement, however, is a valuable part of the event’s success. “It’s a nice example for them to see how to get involved, how to set up an event like that, how to run it and then after the event what happens next,” McArthur said. “What was so great about it was it modeled for the students what giving back is, and how it feels.” n FALL 2012


Marian in the News

Juliet Durdin receives recognition award

Congressman Thomas E. Petri

Marian elects Congressman Petri to Board The Marian University community proudly welcomes Congressman Thomas E. Petri (R-WI), to the Marian University Board of Trustees. Petri is a Fond du Lac resident and is serving his 17th term in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District. He is a member of the Committee on Education and the Workforce and a member of its Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education and its Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training. The congressman also sits on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, chairs its Aviation Subcommittee and is a member and former chair of the Subcommittee on Highways and Transit. Petri is a published author and former practicing lawyer in Fond du Lac. He has led initiatives in student loan reform as one of the top experts in Congress on education funding and student loan issues. Petri earned a B.A. in 1962 and a J.D. in 1965, both from Harvard University. He received an honorary degree from Marian University in 1990. MARIAN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE 10 10MARIAN

Marian University honors employees at annual Faculty & Staff Recognition Dinner Marian’s yearly celebration of employee achievements included the Academic Advising Excellence Award given to Juliet Durdin, academic advisor for the School of Nursing, and the Staff of the Year Award given to Director of Financial Aid Pamela Warren. Adjunct of the Year awards recognized the efforts of Shane McAdams of the School of Arts, Humanities and Letters; Ann Salm of the School of Math and Natural Science; Scott Richter of the School of Business; Rhonda Stucky of the School of Education and Ralph Rich of the Adult & Graduate Programs. History professor Dr. Richard Whaley received this year’s Service–Learning Award for his dedication to integrating community service with academic study through a partnership with the Windhover Center for the Arts. Dr. James Gray of the sport and recreation management program was honored with the Social Justice Award for his ongoing efforts to make students aware of the needs of others. The evening ended with awards given to those who showcase exemplary teaching, with the James R. Underkofler Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award presented to Dr. Matthew Szromba, assistant professor of history. The Graduate Excellence in Teaching Award was presented to Dr. Marilyn Bugenhagen, an assistant professor of leadership studies.

As of July 1, Marian University added a valuable set of courses to its curriculum by assuming full stewardship of the Mercy Medical and Affinity Health System Program in Radiologic Technology. As a part of the School of Nursing and Health Professions, students in the radiologic technology program will have access to the resources available from Marian’s comprehensive healthcare programs as well as opportunities for hands-on experience. Marian students who participated in the program through the previous relationship between the university and the Affinity Health System scored within the top two percent of all test takers in the nation on the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT) certification exam, a good indicator of the program’s future success. “The Affinity Health System Program in Radiologic Technology has a long-standing history of quality education, reflected in the most recent graduating cohort having a 100-percent pass rate on the ARRT for certification,” Julie A. Luetschwager, Ph.D., RN, Dean of the Marian School of Nursing said.

Marian University launches first peer-reviewed journal Marian University’s Institute for Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness announced the launch of the university’s first ever peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Homeland Security Education (JHSE) in March of 2012. With a focus on research, editorials, book reviews, symposia, tested practitioner experiences and other related research, the online-only journal will publish the best work of some of the most knowledgeable homeland security educators in the country three times a year. An advisory board comprised of leaders in homeland security education across the United States has been integral in the development of this new publication. This includes faculty from Colorado Technical University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Naval Post Graduate School, National University and Utah Valley University.

Dr. Steven DiSalvo and Christopher Matheny

Marian University and Fox Valley Technical College Sign Articulation Agreement On April 10, representatives of Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) and Marian University signed an articulation agreement authorizing the transfer of credits between the institutions for both day and evening programs in business.

Marian in the News

Rad Tech Program added to Marian Nursing Program

The new agreement includes classes in disciplines such as accounting, finance, human resources, management, marketing and operations and business-related fields such as health care administration, information technology and sport and recreation management. Vice President for Instructional Services at FVTC Christopher Matheny, President of Marian University Dr. Steven DiSalvo and Executive Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs at Marian University Dr. Edward Ogle were present to sign the acknowledgement, which makes it easier for FVTC students to transfer credits to Marian. Students from all FVTC locations, which include campuses in Appleton and Oshkosh and regional centers in Chilton, Clintonville, Neenah, Waupaca and Wautoma, will be able to transfer up to 64 credits if they have completed all general education liberal arts core requirements and received an Associate in Applied Science degree from FVTC.

To learn more about the JHSE visit 11


FALL 2012


Marian in the News

Bruce Dethlefsen

Marian English Department welcomes poet laureate The Marian University English Department’s Writers Reading Series celebrated National Poetry Month with a reading of Wisconsin poets, featuring the fourth Wisconsin Poet Laureate, Bruce Dethlefsen, on May 1. Dethlefsen has published two chapbooks, A Decent Reed and Something Near the Dance Floor, which won an honorable mention from the Council of Wisconsin Writers’ Posner Poetry Award. His first full-length book of poetry, Breather, received an Outstanding Achievement Award in Poetry from the Wisconsin Library Association. His second full-length book, Unexpected Shiny Things, was published in 2011. Dethlefsen’s poetry has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize. Several of his poems have appeared on the website Your Daily Poem, and two were featured on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac. Dethlefsen was preceded by several other accomplished poets at the event. “To us, this is what poetry and Bruce’s laureateship are about: a celebration of who we are and where we live, a celebration of many voices,” said Dr. John Walser, Marian associate professor of English. For this event, Marian’s English department donated the honorarium it pays its readers directly to the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Fund.


Gym Class Heroes played for students in March

Big Band 2012 concert hosts Gym Class Heroes Marian University welcomed over 600 music fans and popular rap/rock band Gym Class Heroes to its campus on Thursday, March 29 in the Sadoff Gymnasium for its 2012 Big Band event. The opening act, Super Happy Fun Club, was followed by the Gym Class Heroes performing songs from last year’s The Papercut Chronicles II. The band was chosen based on student opinion within the parameters of the available budget. “The Big Band Committee developed a survey in which we tried to determine the genre or genres of most interest among the Marian undergraduate students,” said Steve Rumbuc ‘12, former student senate parliamentarian. “Based on these results, we felt Gym Class Heroes would reflect the wants of a larger portion of the student body because of their eclectic trans-genre-type sound.” This year’s concert saw the best crowd turnout to date, and was met by an overall favorable response by students, faculty, staff and other guests who attended.

Thanks to a fortunate meeting had by a faculty member, a Marian bacteriology class had the opportunity to test out the latest technology of CHROMagar Microbiology, a French company that produces innovative chromogenic culture media techniques. Dr. Susan Bornstein-Forst, a professor of Biology at Marian, met a representative of CHROMagar at an American Society for Microbiology meeting. After hearing about Bornstein-Forst’s research-based bacteriology class and lab, Alberto Learner from CHROMagar offered the professor a semester’s worth of agar, an algae-based polymer.

Emily Waisanen’s photo inspiration, her daughter’s love of reading.

Marian University announces Inspired Contest winners This spring, Marian University named the winners in its “What’s Your Inspiration” contest, a search to find what inspires community members in everyday life. Of the many photo submissions, six were chosen as the best. Anna Bartelt of West Bend and Theresa Goebel of Fond du Lac were awarded digital cameras for their submissions, and Emily Waisanen, also of Fond du Lac, received an iPad. Robin Schroeder and Anna Thomas, both of Fond du Lac, won trips for two for four nights at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare, including admission to the Shedd Aquarium, Hancock Observatory, Museum of Science and Industry and the Alder Planetarium and Astronomy Museum. In addition, Fond du Lac resident Joey Bertram’s inspiration earned him a $2,000-scholarship to Marian University.

Marian in the News

Marian biology students serve as beta testers for French company

“We look at environmental reservoirs that can harbor potential pathogens to track down sources for bacteria associated with bovine mastitis,” Bornstein-Forst said. “Using bacterial source tracking, we’re trying to determine the culprits for these diseases. He was very excited that we were doing this for our class.” Agar is typically very expensive, but thanks to the sample and testing opportunity, Bornstein-Forst’s students were able to develop research projects that connected to real-world skill sets using cutting-edge technology and materials. “The beauty of the CHROMagar product is that it’s called ‘chrome’ because the dyes in the agar will turn specific colors according to the type of bacteria,” Bornstein-Forst stated. “Students loved it because it was so visual. They find it much more meaningful to know that they’re involved in learning activities that address real-world problems and, especially since our students come from agricultural backgrounds, this meant something to them.”

All of the submissions were displayed at Marian’s Common Grounds coffee house and on the websites of local radio stations K107 and KFIZ. 13


FALL 2012


Marian in the News

Students present neuromuscular research In classes taught by Dr. Maggie Wentzell, assistant professor of Biology, students aren’t restricted to books and theory in their learning. Using snails (Helisoma trivolvis), Wentzell’s students are able to learn about neuromuscular physiology and central pattern generators by interacting directly with an intact brain system. This systemic research gives students the opportunity to better understand how the nervous system works in action.

Dr. Marilyn Bugenhagen

Bugenhagen selected to chair National Symposium Marian University’s Dr. Marilyn Bugenhagen once again presided as the co-chair of the National Leadership Symposium (NLS), held at the University of Richmond from July 13–16, 2012. Dr. Bugenhagen, who served in this role last year as well, is an assistant professor of leadership studies at Marian. As co-chair of the NLS, she was given the task of developing the programs and symposium experience as well as contributing to ideas concerning how leadership education is developing in universities as interest in the topic grows. The four-day event, coordinated by the National Clearinghouse for Leadership Programs (NCLP) and the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), featured prominent scholars in leadership and served as a professional development experience for faculty members, student service professionals and other educators.


“The students in my lab have the opportunity to visualize how cells interact with each other and with the muscles they innervate, with all parts of the brain present,” Wentzell said. While similar to work that Wentzell conducted as a graduate student during her time at the University of Illinois Chicago, this research is new to Marian. Wentzell was inspired to resurrect aspects of the project due to her students’ interest in the relationships between muscles and the nervous system. Many of her research students are also looking into pre-physical therapy education, making the study appropriate in that regard as well. “Students in my lab work incredibly hard and are able to master some very difficult concepts,” Wentzell said. “It is exceptionally rewarding to see their hard work pay off when they present their data to the public. Students end up with graduate-level presentations.” Wentzell took three of her students to the American Association of Anatomists meeting this February, where they presented on Helisoma trivolvis. River Fetterer ’12 won the poster competition for her project, Motor Neuron Responses to Exogenous Application of Glutamate in Helisoma Trivolvis.

On June 7, the Marian University Athletic Department hosted its inaugural Sabre Celebration Breakfast fundraiser at the Fond du Lac Holiday Inn. Aimed at showing the significant role that athletics plays in many students’ lives, guests partook in a continental breakfast and had the opportunity to connect with members of the Marian faculty, administration and staff. With both current and alumni student–athletes speaking about how being a Sabre changed their lives for the better, guests learned how outside contributions ensure that these opportunities continue to exist.

The first Sabre Celebration Breakfast was considered a success with 240 in attendance donating $18,600.

Marian in the News

Marian hosts Sabre Celebration

“The Sabre Celebration Breakfast was designed to reveal the true magic behind our Athletic Department to our stakeholders,” said Paul M. Neuberger, Vice President for Advancement. “That magic can be found in the family atmosphere, brotherhood, sisterhood and lifelong bonds that are formed between our players and coaches. All of the money raised at this event will benefit our student–athletes and provide for their needs, thereby ensuring our program is around to educate and inspire our leaders of tomorrow.”

For more information on how to make a donation to Marian Athletics, contact Rich Eckert, Advancement Officer for Athletics at (920) 923-8639 or

This moment is brought to you by the generous gifts of alumni and friends who gave the ultimate gift by including Marian in their estate plans. Those who make this choice to give believe that the dream of a Marian education should be available for all who are deserving.

Invest in the future… Name Marian in your will today.

For further information on how you can support Marian students through planned gifts, please contact Paul M. Neuberger, Vice President of Advancement at (920) 923-7676 or at 15


FALL 2012


Walking and Working in Prayer Marian students take the core values beyond the campus and out into the world




n a time when technology can make the world seem smaller and more connected than ever, it’s easy to experience different places in front of a screen and within our comfort zones. One step away from these comfortable borders, however, can remind us of all of the opportunities there are to be experienced when we’re willing to have an open heart and a sense of adventure. Marian offers a variety of study abroad options, with emphases on many disciplines. One place where Marian’s core values and travel seem to especially intersect is the medical field; medical mission opportunities see both traditional and nontraditional students growing in faith and compassion as they learn in the wide world around them. Medical Needs in Nicaragua There is a growing fascination with natural medicine in the United States, but in many areas of the world acupressure and healing touch are more common than antibiotics and hydrocortisone. Lynda Fields, a senior clinical nurse educator at Marian and a pain specialist



nurse practitioner, joined a group from Carthage College in June for just over a week in one of the poorest countries in the world, Nicaragua. For eight days, Fields, associate nursing professor Dr. Mary Polchert and four Marian nursing students split time between studying health care, disease and injury management at clinics and total immersion in the country’s culture on the island of Ometepe. In addition to climbing volcanoes and learning about the plants, animals and land, the travelers brought donations of toys, tools and other much-needed goods that they distributed at the clinics where they worked. These contributions will help, but Fields noted there are important items still missing at the medical facilities they visited. “It’s like stepping back in time,” Fields said. “Even in Managua [hospitals], they only have one nebulizer.” With short supplies at even the best hospitals, the governmentowned clinics where the Marian

and Carthage travelers worked stood in even starker contrast to medical facilities in the United States. According to Fields, pain medication is sparse and the medicines they do have are often not kept at the optimum temperature. Dogs roam the clinics next to waiting or treated patients and with most of the drawers in the pharmacy empty, the staff relies largely on medicines donated from companies in Europe. In one instance, Fields recalls being especially affected as she helped a Nicaraguan doctor treat a young child. “The doctor and I agreed that this baby had pneumonia,” Fields said. “What we were able to give him was a liquid antibiotic and Robitussin DM — for an adult. That’s what we had. So we made it down to an infant dosage and that’s what we gave this baby who was wheezing and had congestion in his lungs. I had no nebulizer, I had no bronchodilator, I had nothing to give this baby, and that broke my heart.” Aside from the differences in resources, the differences in the

FALL 2012


kinds of difficulties faced in Nicaragua were also drastic. “Their diseases are very different from ours because of the polluted water, the water supply and because there’s so much openness. They don’t have homes like we have where we close the door at night,” Fields said. “You have knife injuries, you have tarantula bites, scorpion bites, parasitic diseases and you have also some socioeconomic diseases.” This was Marian’s second year of partnering with Carthage on this trip, and Fields’ first time going along. She has been asked to go back next year, and is eager to educate the campus community as to how they can help from home. “We can’t upset anybody, but there are so many things that we can help out with to help mankind in this third-world country, and that’s one of the biggest things that I’m going to try to get our university involved in,” Fields said. “We bring the Western medicine and the Western techniques with us to the mountains. These people have nothing but the land around them. They are truly survivors in the world that they live in.” Crossing Borders in Africa and America For one Marian student, a passion for traveling to help others started abroad and has come back to being a bit closer to home.



Kelley King ‘15, who is currently pursuing her Master’s in nursing at Marian’s West Allis center, worked as an intensive care nurse for a decade before going on a medical mission trip to South Africa in 2006. After spending

“The doctor and I agreed that this baby had pneumonia. I had no nebulizer, I had no bronchodilator, I had nothing to give this baby, and that broke my heart.”

This experience, like the one in South Africa, was a turning point for King. Put in charge of infection control, King says that when she was faced with 22,000 people needing care it made her realize that she had not quite fulfilled her calling in nursing. “At that time I realized, for the first time in my life, I was really walking in prayer every single minute of every single day for two weeks,” King reflected. “And I realized at the time that I needed more education so that I could be better equipped to serve my community at large.”

time caring for AIDS-afflicted children in the orphanages and schools in South Africa, King returned to the States with a new appreciation for her profession and her country.

King started taking classes in January 2012 at Marian’s West Allis center. Right away, a comment from one of her professors validated that she was on the right path.

“When we got back and touched down on American soil, it had really done something in the hearts of each one of us in the sense that we realized that we really do live in the finest country in the world, truly. We’re all well-cared for,” King said.

“He came up to the table and said ‘I want to thank you so much for coming back to school in your 50s. You nurses have so much to bring to the table,’” King said. “Those tiny things that people say to you in a positive respect just keep you going.”

From this experience, and from seeing the devastation suffered by Hurricane Katrina victims in 2005, King joined the American Red Cross. As a Disaster Relief Nurse, she has worked and helped people nation-wide. In August of 2011 she was specially requested because of her knowledge and experience as a caseworker with disaster relief when Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast.

King will continue to work with the Red Cross, and hopes to become a clinical instructor after she has completed her coursework at Marian. She says that she would be interested in the medical mission trip to Nicaragua but is regardless sure to maintain Marian’s reputation as a university that builds good global citizens, at any age or education level. n

Spring sports recap

by Luke Pattarozzi, Sports Information Director

BASEBALL Marian hosted this year’s conference tournament at Herr–Baker Field. The Sabres got out to a 7–5 start in league play, but wound up finishing 8–14 in the Northern Athletics Conference (NAC) and 16–22 overall. Season successes included sophomore Sam Forkert throwing the seventh no-hitter in school history when he struck out 12 in a 1–0 win over Finlandia, earning him honors to the Team of the Week for his efforts. The following week, sophomore reliever Brandon Winfield was honored to the team for capturing a win and a save in relief. In addition to earning Marian Male Student– Athlete of the Year honors for the second straight year, senior catcher Anthony Porcaro was also named to the NAC All-Sportsmanship team. Outfielder Josh Gruenke represented the Sabres on the NAC All-Freshman squad, while senior pitcher Jesse Blum was named a Capital One



Division III Academic All-American, the first in school history. Blum finished his Marian career with a 3.93 GPA and a degree in finance.

SOFTball After missing out on the post-season in 2011, Head Coach Ashley Steltenpohl’s squad finished fourth in the NAC with a 21–20 overall record and 15–9 in conference play, their best mark since 2009. The Sabres defeated Lakeland, 7–1, in the first game of the conference tournament before running into juggernauts Benedictine and Dominican to close out the season. Senior pitcher Cherise Waltz and junior infielder Emilie Jansen earned first team All-NAC honors, while freshman outfielder Liz Schaller was a second team honorable mention selection. Schaller and fellow freshman infielder Molly Sippel each were named to the All-Freshman squad, while senior catcher Emily Boehnlein took home All-Sportsmanship team honors.

Waltz led the NAC in starts, complete games and innings pitched, and finished second with 16 wins and 118 strikeouts. She finished her career as the all-time leader at Marian in innings pitched and games started, and ranked second all-time with 14 shutouts and third with 374 strikeouts.

men’s TENNIS Marian won two of its final three matches of the regular season, but fell just shy of making the conference team tournament, finishing 3–7 overall, 3–6 in the NAC. Singles and doubles standout Jory Lawson was the team’s lone First Team All-NAC selection. The senior captain went 5–5 in No. 1 singles and 4–6 in No. 1 doubles in 2012. He finished his career as one of the winningest singles players in school history, going 31–30 in singles matches and 25–27 in doubles. He was 6–3 in NAC tournament play for his career, including a 1–1 mark this season.

In addition, freshman Mike Keller was named to the NAC All-Sportsmanship team.

men’s GOLF Under the tutelage of newly appointed Interim Head Coach Duane Woeshnick, the men’s golf team improved two spots to finish fifth overall after the final two rounds of the NAC Championship. Through the first two rounds, which took place at Whistling Straits/ Irish Course in the fall, the Sabres sat in seventh place overall. In the final two rounds at Stonebridge C.C. in the spring, however, Marian turned in the second-best team score and placed two golfers in the top 10. Junior Cory Ashbeck was one of only two golfers to break 80 in each of the final two rounds and finished tied for sixth. Freshman Max Richardson shot a 79 on the final day to tie for 10th, marking the first time since 2008 that a Marian golfer was honored to the All-NAC team. With no graduating seniors, all members are expected to play again next season. FALL 2012


Making the Mallards: Sam Forkert by Luke Pattarozzi, Sports Information Director Many student–athletes spend their off-seasons staying active in recreational sports, and some take it more seriously and to the next level. Sam Forkert ’14 is the latter, and used the summer before his junior year at Marian to work hard while he played. Even rarer than the no-hitter he threw back on March 25, 2012, left-hander Forkert has turned a 10-day contract in the prestigious Northwoods League into a full season for the Madison Mallards. Prior to this year, only three Marian Sabres have had this opportunity in the 19year history of the league. The Northwoods League is a 16-team wood bat league made up of the top college talent across the nation competing in a 70-game regular season schedule from June–August. In a league that features mostly NCAA Division I and junior college players, Forkert is one of just 14 NCAA Division III players and the lone D3 player on the Mallards’ roster. “It is great for Sam to be competing in one of, if not the best, collegiate summer leagues in the nation,” Marian University Head Baseball Coach Jason Bartelt said. “He is not only representing Marian, but the Northern Athletics Conference and all of Division III baseball, making the best of his opportunity by turning a 10-day contract into a summer-long contract.” “Coming from such a small school, it feels good to represent Marian in a league with guys coming from such big schools,” Forkert said. After making eight relief appearances for the Mallards while compiling a 1.88 ERA with 14 strikeouts over 14.1 innings, Forkert was called upon to make his first Northwoods League start. Up against Lakeshore’s Chris Cotton out of Louisiana MARIAN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE 20 20MARIAN

State University, Forkert had his work cut out for him; Cotton went 7-0 with a 1.59 ERA over 36 appearances for the Tigers in 2012, and helped LSU get to within one win of reaching the College World Series. Unaware of his opponent’s background, Forkert went out, pitched and held his own. Despite taking the loss, he threw four innings and allowed three runs on three hits, but walked away with a new perspective. “I didn’t realize who I was pitching against until Coach Bartelt told me after the game,” Forkert said. “Cotton threw as hard as I did. He hit his spots. I took that start and saw what I needed to do in order to get where he is and found as long as you throw strikes and get outs it doesn’t matter where you come from.” Since then, Forkert’s endured a few humbling performances, but it’s been part of the learning process. “The main thing I learned from being here is how hard these guys work, not only on the field, but off the field, too,” Forkert said of his experience in Madison. “I realized that I was used to playing based off the talent I had already. Now I see the kind of hard work it takes to get where I want to be. I’m going to work harder at it than I ever have before and see where it takes me.” n

Sabres welcome new sports staff The 2012–2013 academic year will be an exciting one for Sabre athletics, with a number of fresh faces both on the fields and courts and on the sidelines. In addition to the incoming freshmen that will be new to the teams, there are several new coaches and administrators. Both men’s and women’s hockey will have new head coaches at the helm coming from St. Norbert College, with A.J. Aitken steering the men’s team and Jamie Kivi for the women. Duane Woeshnick, the interim head coach for men’s golf last spring, will step into a permanent role as the leader of both the men and women golfers.

John Frausto will serve as head coach for the men’s tennis team in addition to the women’s team, and women’s soccer has a new fulltime assistant coach in Jillian Sauer, previously a trainer at Anytime Fitness in Fond du Lac. The head coach for the women’s soccer team, Jason Murphy, retains that role in addition to serving as the new Director of Athletics, a post he has held since March. New coach or old, all of Marian’s teams will benefit from the fundraising efforts of new Advancement Officer for Athletics, Rich Eckert, who previously worked for the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference. n

For more information on all of your athletic news, be sure to check out the newly launched

Soccer Alumni Weekend

This year’s Soccer Alumni Weekend brought 45 Sabres back to their home field for some friendly competition. Both men’s and women’s teams played on April 28, and then were treated to festivities at the Legends Reception at Fat Joe’s Bar & Grill in Fond du Lac, hosted by the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. If you missed out this year, be sure to check your alumni e-newsletter each month for updates on this and other great alumni events!



FALL 2012


Doctoral Diligence With a record number of doctoral graduates in 2012, Marian’s Ph.D. program continues to grow




he 2012 commencement ceremony at Marian was a measure of the institution’s continued growth remarkable for a number of reasons. The day of the and development to meet and exceed educational event was warm and sunny, allowing for the demands. proceedings to be held outside on the newly renovated campus quad, and inspiring speakers Since its first doctoral students enrolled in 2004, such as former Packer and soon-to-be Marquette Marian has been one of only about 400 academic alumnus George institutions in the Koonce entertained United States with a and enlightened doctoral-level program. “We’re very proud of our role in developing future attendees. The university presented its first leaders of society who must deal with complex The crowd, in Doctor of Philosophy issues and ideas,” Riley said. “Challenged to addition to degrees in May 2008, being filled and the program has think theoretically and critically, our doctoral with 420 continued to grow in students continue to make significant undergraduates, 230 the last four years. graduates, family and contributions to the field of leadership.” friends, was another Offered through the part of what made School of Education, the day unique. the program hosts Koonce spoke to Marian’s graduates just one day beprofessionals with backgrounds varying from fore he himself received his Ph.D. in Sports Adminisbusiness and government to education, healthcare tration from Marquette University, but he was not the and more. Its focus on interdisciplinary programs that only Doctor of Philosophy candidate in attendance. facilitate research, scholarship, leadership and service Marian graduated nine Ph.D. students that day — make the program a well-rounded one that is in line the highest number ever for the young program — with the university’s core values.



fall 2012


The nine doctoral graduates of 2012 represented all three of the Ph.D. concentrations at Marian Leadership Studies: Gerald Edgren, Jr. Fond du Lac, Wis.

Investigating relationships between sense of belonging and organizational citizenship behaviors among adjunct faculty. Dissertation Chairperson: Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Daniel Vande Zande Waupun, Wis.

Judicial leadership: A survey of Wisconsin circuit court judges using the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. Dissertation Chairperson: Bradd Stucky, Ed.D.

Christine Jensema Sheboygan, Wis.

The relationship between moral sensitivity and leadership behaviors: An investigation of Catholic healthcare. Dissertation Chairperson: Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Educational Administration: Robert Hall Brookfield, Wis.

Superintendents and student learning: A collective case study. Dissertation Chairperson: Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Becky Walker Appleton, Wis.

Teachers’ mathematical content knowledge needed for teaching: Implications for student achievement in mathematics. Dissertation Chairperson: James Dunphy, Ph.D.

Curriculum and Instruction Leadership: Collette Wilichowski Seymour, Wis.

High school teachers’ perceptions of how students learn in their respective content areas. Dissertation Chairperson: Marilyn J. Bugenhagen, Ph.D.

Michael Taylor Sturgeon Bay, Wis. An autoethnographic journey to the self. Dissertation Chairperson: J. Randall Koetting, Ph.D.

Carrie Dassow Plymouth, Wis. Teaching in American public schools: A profession of silence. Dissertation Chairperson: J. Randall Koetting, Ph.D.

Patience Fonkem Appleton, Wis.

Phenomenological study of students with chronic behavior problems. Dissertation Chairperson: J. Randall Koetting, Ph.D.



Led by Leadership Studies Department Chair and Doctoral Program Director Dr. Nancy Riley, the Higher Learning Commission-accredited program offers emphases in Educational Administration, Curriculum and Instruction Leadership and Leadership Studies. In addition to stellar faculty, it boasts a uniquely flexible program that combines the best of the traditional cohort model with an enrollment structure that allows students to enter or exit based on their own needs. To complete the Ph.D. program, students are required to complete a minimum of 45 credits beyond a master’s professional degree and 15 credits of dissertation research. The nine doctoral graduates of 2012 represented all three of the Ph.D. concentrations at Marian, with individual research done on a variety of topics. The 2012–13 academic year brought a fresh crop of doctoral students in all three disciplines. As they move through classes such as Foundations of Research, Organizational Culture and Leadership for Social Change, last year’s large graduating cohort will no doubt inspire and encourage them on their academic journey. While not an easy endeavor, earning a doctoral degree holds a high level of prestige, and Marian’s graduates are held in high esteem. “We’re very proud of our role in developing future leaders of society who must deal with complex issues and ideas,” Riley said. “Challenged to think theoretically and critically, our doctoral students continue to made significant contributions to the field of leadership.” As the program continues to grow in reputation and prevalence, it will still offer the values-based education that makes a Marian degree of any level so valuable. A Ph.D. is an admirable achievement, but by earning it at Marian these individuals ensure that they are both mastering the skills to lead as well as maintaining their careers and time with family. With the values of community, learning, service, social justice and spiritual traditions found in every facet of the program, Marian’s doctoral program advances forward while advancing the lives and education of its participants. To learn more about Marian’s Doctoral Studies Program, visit

How education gave me self-worth

By Gina Anderson ‘12, as seen on Reprinted with permission. This fall, Gina Anderson is attending the University of Central Florida’s Industrial/ Organizational Psychology M.S. program. In this excerpt from the Huffington Post, she tells how her time at Marian led to this accomplishment. When I wasn’t accepted to the Working Families Grant (WFG) Program at Marian University in Wisconsin, I enrolled in classes anyway despite knowing there was no way I could afford to go back to school full-time and pay my bills. After a decade of working at car dealerships, I was burnt out, and I wanted more — for my daughter, for myself. It was about two weeks into the semester when I received a call from the university notifying me of a program opening; I went in for an interview. My story finally resonated with the program leaders, with whom I had spoken so candidly about the struggles I encountered in my 31 years. The program is a unique collaboration of an anonymous donor and the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes that provides funds to single parents like me who possess the desire and determination to achieve a four-year degree, but are unable to do so without the funds, which help offset educational costs and monthly living expenses including rent, food and childcare services. I may not have known it then, but my self-worth depended on my acceptance to this program. My confidence was at an all-time low, I had been laid off from my most recent position as a finance manager at a car dealership…[and] I had just ended a six year abusive marriage. Divorce did not erase the effects of being in an abusive relationship, and my self-esteem suffered tremendously. Working in the car business did help me discover something: That I was great at helping people work through their issues. Colleagues referred to me as their on-site psychologist.



That, coupled with my experience in an abusive relationship, is what drove me to pursue a degree in psychology. Originally, I wanted to study abuse and addiction, but I realized that with my business background, I would get further ahead by focusing on Industrial/ Organizational Psychology (IO). I found that’s where my true passion lies. My 14-year-old daughter Ally is aware of the importance of education because she sees how hard I work. I’ve shown her that it’s possible to obtain a higher education regardless of the hand you were dealt. I became pregnant with Ally when I was just 19, and was a single parent before I even gave birth. In May, I will graduate from Marian with a B.S. in Psychology, completing the four-year program in just three years. Earning my bachelor’s would never have been possible without the WFG Program. If I hadn’t been accepted, chances are halfway through the program I would’ve dropped out and worked a job that wouldn’t allow me to reach my full potential, both academically and financially. In addition to the stellar education I’ve received, I live in a nice apartment and there’s food on the table because of this program, which also allows those enrolled to receive budget counseling, ensuring that the student is balanced and no aspect of their life is suffering. What about that plummeting self-confidence? Well, this program has really helped me gain it all back. I realize I’m a lot smarter than I ever gave myself credit for, and I think that my daughter sees that, which has helped her realize she can be a strong woman. Gina Anderson was selected from amongst her peers to serve as the student speaker at the May 2012 Commencement ceremony. n

FALL 2012


Marian launches Athletic Hall of Fame during Homecoming 2012 With a new look for a time-honored tradition and a new way to give credit to star student–athletes of the past, it’s already been an exciting autumn for Marian University Athletics. Sometimes, the best way to keep a treasured tradition alive is to remake it as something even better! That’s why this year’s Homecoming festivities featured a change from previous years. Alumni gathered on October 5 and 6 for sporting events, a tailgate party and a festivity-filled weekend that included the first Hall of Fame Sabre Golf Classic and the inaugural Athletic Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

The 2012 Hall of Fame inductees were: Brian Gillogly (Coach, Baseball), was the first baseball coach at Marian, with a winning average of over 90 percent. Gillogly led his Sabres to 11 conference championships in his 12 years of coaching, and was Lake Michigan Conference (LMC) Coach of the Year eight times. He earned various other coach of the year accolades for his team’s award-winning players, including the 1993 Baseball team. Kerri (Holz) Huebel ’01 (Volleyball, Women’s Basketball), lettered in both of her sports and still holds the school record for matches, sets and assists in volleyball. Huebel never lost a conference match, qualified for the national tournament twice and was also named LMC Player of the Year in 2000. She is still ranked in the school’s highest records for three-pointers, starts, assists, steals and scoring for basketball. Casey Jackson ‘90 (Men’s Basketball), spent only two seasons with the Sabres but led the team to its best record in school history in the 1987–88 season and was a two-time All-LMC First Team selection. He achieved All-WCIC and NAIA All-District honors and still holds the highest scoring average per game at 16.6 points. Tanya (Leonhard) Wiesner ‘97 (Women’s Basketball), lettered all four years that she played and received All-LMC honors each season, including Rookie of the Year. Leonhard also received NAIA All-Region and Third Team All-American honors, as well as an AllAmerican selection. She continues to hold school records with 1,958 career points, 19.2 points per game and the highest number of field goals, free throws, rebounds, rebound average and steals. 26


Bruce Prall (Administrator), entering his 40th year at Marian, Prall’s résumé includes being the school’s first athletic director and establishing women’s basketball as the school’s first sponsored sport in 1970. He has coached both men’s and women’s basketball and hired some of Marian’s most successful coaches, including fellow inductee Brian Gillogly. Prall is currently Marian’s faculty athletic representative and a chemistry professor. Paul Sanchez ‘94 (Men’s Soccer), lettered all four years that he played, which included four NAIA District Playoffs and an LMC Championship. The defender earned All-LMC, NAIA All-District and All-Area honors as a sophomore, and was awarded an NAIA All-American honorable mention for his 15-point junior season. Sanchez closed out his career as a Sabre with his third straight season as an All-LMC and All-District selection. Mike Schaible ‘94 (Baseball), lettered all four years, was a four-time First Team All-LMC and All-District 14 selection and a two-time All-Midwest Region and NAIA All-American honorable mention pick. He received both LMC and All-District Player of the Year honors his senior year, and still holds the Marian record in lead in games played, hits, doubles, home runs, runs scored, RBI, walks and total bases. 1993 Baseball Team holds the school record of 38 wins in a season, including an 18-game winning streak that is still the longest in school history and led to a 16–0 record in the LMC. The team’s path through the LMC tournament, District 14 tournament and Midwest Regional led to an NAIA College World Series appearance and put six players on the All-LMC team, including a Player of the Year honor for Jeff Hencke. Several other members earned honorable mentions, All-District and All-Region honors, as well as All-American honorable mentions. To see the complete list of these athletes’ achievements, visit halloffame/announcement.

Marian names new director of alumni & parent relations From alumna to alumni liaison, Mary Schwiner ’06 became the new Director of Alumni & Parent Relations at Marian this May. Stepping into this role from her position as the Coordinator of Special Events, Mary has continued to use her enthusiasm and positivity to advance the mission and core values of Marian.

Wisconsin Association for Independent Colleges & Universities (WAICU) College Readiness program as well as for the Marian Admission office during her undergrad days. She says she has felt at home at Marian from her first campus visit as a high school senior, and still feels that way coming to work every day.

“I am really excited about this new opportunity to reconnect with the alumni I went to school with and meeting new alumni,” Mary said. “I am also looking forward to getting to know the current Marian students and meeting their parents at events that will be planned for them.”

“Marian University is a place where someone can step on campus and instantly feel welcomed,” Mary says. “When there was the opportunity to work for Marian, I didn’t want to pass it up. Marian did so much for me when I was a student and now I am so happy to be a part of the Marian community as an employee.”

Mary graduated from Marian with a Bachelor of Science in Education with minors in communication and athletic coaching in 2006. During her time at Marian, she played basketball for the Lady Sabres for four years. She previously worked for the

If you are an alumnus or a parent, Mary is your go-to for all things Marian. To contact Mary with any of your alumni or parent questions, give her a call at (920) 923-8937 or email her at

Parents Advisory Council offers input, participation opportunities Want to be more involved in your son or daughter’s Marian experience? Then the Parents Advisory Council (PAC) is looking for you. By joining the Marian PAC, you’ll meet parents who, like you, want their students to have the best college experience possible. You’ll meet quarterly to plan events, network and support new parents as they join the Marian family. 27


Share you ideas and experiences, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to be involved in your son or daughter’s higher education! If you’d like to join the current members of the PAC, contact Mary Schwiner, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, at (920) 923-8937 or at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Marian University’s Alumni and Friends Travel Program There are a wealth of benefits to being a member of the Marian community, and one of them is coming in spring of 2013. By partnering with Someday Travel of Fond du Lac, Marian University is offering a comprehensive travel package to one of the most exciting cities in the world—London! As the first trip in the Marian Alumni and Friends Travel Program, “The Best of London and Southern England” includes all the must-see sights and none of the stress of planning how to see them. From May 23 to 30, 2013, the knowledgeable and experienced guides from Someday Travel will show you the best of England, all at an affordable price. “The Marian University community will be in the hands of experienced professionals who have been leading tour groups for the past seven years to well over 14 countries,” said Valerie Graczyk of Someday Travel. Call Someday Travel at (920) 539-0085 to RSVP for the November 8 information session, held in the Sodexo Dining Room from 6–7:30 p.m.

If you’d like to add more stamps to your passport check out, and if it inspires you to plan a Marian journey of your own, contact Paul M. Neuberger, Vice President for Advancement, at or (920) 923-7676!

fall 2012


Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Hay ‘08 by Andrea Hay ‘08

We often hear about alumni who fell in love with Marian on the first campus tour, but some Sabres take longer to feel at home on campus. Andrea Hay ’08 talks about how Marian wasn’t her first choice, but it was the choice that led to her success. A news anchor, a professor, and manager at a television station — I’m living the career dreams of my college self. Back then, my life was hectic and busy; a good set-up for what I’m doing now. Marian built me into the hard worker I am now. But it definitely didn’t start that way.

on that first meeting with fits of laughter. By the time I graduated in 2008, I don’t think I could’ve been more involved in campus life. Sabre Show, the dance team, women’s chorale, jobs at Common Grounds, Naber Desk

know how much he has influenced my life and career. And he continues to. I remember making so many mistakes becoming a newspaper editor — and Jim would patiently sit down and listen to my rants. He would patiently offer up solutions and suggestions. I still ask him questions and seek his advice, because I trust him, and I know he isn’t bothered by helping me. And I know I’m not alone in having such close friendships with my professors at Marian!

My Marian education has taken me far. Marian taught me to manage my time, work hard, and have confidence. At 18, I competed for the I strongly believe if it Miss Wisconsin 2005 “Marian taught me to manage weren’t for those people, title and took away a my time, work hard, and have that campus,and that scholarship to Marian. community, I wouldn’t be With sights set on confidence,” Hay said. where I am. I had no bigger, out-of-state schools, problem getting into I decided on Marian, but New York University’s I’d be lying if I called it my graduate school of journalism, first choice. I wanted bright lights, and Sabre Central. Then, my getting great internships at big city; I wanted to be someone passions: Marian College Fox 6 Milwaukee, Inside and make big-time connections. Communication Association Edition and CNN. A year into The very first thing I remember (founding president — two years) and my first real job as a TV news at Marian is sitting down with my Sabre Newspaper (co-editor with reporter and anchor, my current advisor and making it clear that my best friend: Nina Harrelson ‘08). employer, NTV News (an ABC I didn’t think I was going to be affiliate in Nebraska), was hiring I’m not going to take credit for there long. I said, “Look, this is for a web position, and I being so involved. My four pillars obviously a great campus, but to suggested my college bestie grounded me: Dr. Jim van Dyke, be honest, I was looking for a bigNina. She was a shoe-in. Dr. Mary Klein, Peter Toeg, ger campus. I just want to graduMarian set us up for the jobs and Barb Ramstack — those ate fast, and move away.” we wanted in our field. professors made me passionate Years later, my then-advisor Dr. We had the experience we for journalism and communicaJim van Dyke and I think back needed to succeed! n tion. Jim van Dyke will never MARIAN UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE 28 28MARIAN

Class Notes

Want your update featured? Email with your latest news! Births/Adoptions/ Expecting Ashley (Platts) Hess ’07 and her husband Austin welcomed baby Braydin William Hess on September 8, 2011. Pamela (Kohal) Knight ’04 welcomed son Aiden John Knight on May 4, 2012.

Marriages/Engagements Crystal (Clark) Zellner ‘06 married Jason Zellner on July 14, 2012. They also have a daughter (Jaedalynn Jade Zellner) who was born August 2010. Tracy (Gravelle) ‘09 and Mike ‘09 Abler were married on May 11, 2012.

Additional Achievements Maranda (Barth) Abitz ‘08 started a new job as the Fundraising and Marketing Coordinator for the Fond du Lac Humane Society in March of this year. Tiffany Brault ‘11 was named director of the Iron Ridge Library. Natalie Collins ‘03 earned a Ph.D. in Leadership for the Advancement of Service and Learning. She currently serves as an Associate Principal at Brookfield Central High School in the Elmbrook School District. Fetesha N. Downs ’09 accepted a position as Database Specialist at the YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago. Mark Duerwaechter ‘96 has been chosen as the next administrator of the Kaukauna Area School District. Kristy Gourlie ‘04 has opened Kristy Marie’s School of Cosmetology in Mayville, Wis.

Lawler/Pigman Wedding

Sarah (Lawler) and TJ Pigman were married on June 23, 2012.

Filomena Haselby ‘92 was selected as one of 54 Fellows for the 2012 Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowship. She will continue her studies at the University of Indianapolis. Harry Kohal ‘07 graduated from the UW–Milwaukee with a Master’s in Liberal Studies. He also welcomed his first grandson Aiden John Knight in May of this year.

Ashley and Nick Hartwig


Ashley (Lavin) ’11 and Nick Hartwig ’05 were married on June 23, in Sheboygan, Wis.

Amanda (Gouin) Kemmel ‘99 was named the new Executive Officer for the Home Builders Association of Fond du Lac and Dodge counties.

Mary Schwiner ‘06 and Greg Endries are planning an October 19, 2013 wedding. Mary was also named the Director of Alumni and Parent Relations this year.

Jeffrey Stiedaman ‘07 was recognized May 6 as a recipient of Lawrence University’s 2012 Outstanding Teaching in Wisconsin Award.


Ann Umbreit and her daughter Laura Newberry graduated together in May 2012. Dennis Videtic ‘01 was named administrator for Morningside Health Center in Sheboygan this spring.

In Memorium Helen Anderson SASN ‘34, d. 8/24/11 Marion Betz ‘62, d. 6/18/12 Mary Bruen ‘65, d. 2/21/12 Craig Chitwood ’02, d. 5/31/12 Mary Funyak ‘59, d. 8/20/11 Raymond Harvey ‘90, d. 1/21/12 James Heyn ‘08, d. 1/16/12 Verona Heyrman SASN ‘45, d. 4/30/12 Yvonne Holmes SASN ‘45, d. 7/12/12 Mary Jacobs ‘68, d. 2/20/12 Mary Johnson ‘74, d. 7/29/12 Jeanne Karl ‘77, d. 2/9/12 Mildred Kmiecik SASN ‘36, d. 7/2/12 Catherine Lovett SASN ‘48, d. 7/10/11 Michael Marks ’90, d. 7/22/11 Eleanore Mitchell ‘66, d. 3/5/12 Kathleen Nelessen ‘68, d. 4/6/12 Mary Ollinger ‘56, d. 5/8/12 Agatha Ottmer SASN ‘44, d. 8/10/12 Evelyn Rauch SASN ‘42, d. 7/2/12 Francesca Reich ‘74, d. 4/27/12 Marjorie Scoville ‘70, d. 6/24/12 Jessie Sheraski ‘89, d. 4/3/12 Jean Shippy SASN ‘50, d. 8/4/11 Marjorie Simon SASN ‘40, d. 12/16/11 Judith Stephany ‘86, d. 8/12/11 Roberta Swift ‘75, d. 12/3/11 Rita Veerkamp SASN ‘48, d. 4/13/12 Irene Wedell ‘94, d. 7/5/11 Georgine Wheeler ‘78, d. 6/29/12 Mary Wilkum ‘94, d. 2/21/12

FALL 2012


Fall/Winter 2012–13 Events Wondering what’s going on at Marian University? From community events and activities to new faces and facilities, you’ll want to check out the latest on campus! For more information about what’s going on at Marian, visit our online calendar at October 10

November 3

November 29

Light Up the Night, Stayer Center Auditorium, 5 p.m.

Men’s Hockey vs. Lake Forest College, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

5th Thursday Happy Hour, The Old Fashioned, Madison, 5 p.m.

October 11

November 6

November 30

WAMLE Convention, Stayer Center, 8 a.m.

Model UN, Stayer 217, 11:10 a.m.

October 16

November 7

Men’s Hockey vs. Northland College, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

Men’s Soccer vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Smith Fields, 7 p.m.

Ask Me Anything: Crime Scene Investigator, Stayer Center 205, 6 p.m.

Women’s Volleyball vs. Lakeland College, Sadoff Gym, 7 p.m.

November 8

October 18 Sr. Josephe Flynn, author of Rescuing Regina, Stayer 217, 11:10 a.m. Rock the Vote (the Official Tour), Stayer Center Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

October 20 Men’s Hockey vs. UW–Stout, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

October 23 Business & Industry Dinner, Stayer Center Women’s Soccer vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Smith Fields, 7 p.m.

Men’s Hockey vs. Northland College, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 5 p.m.

“The New Face of Britain in the 21st Century” with Dr. Jerry Burns (followed by Someday Travel information session), Sodexo Dining Room, Stayer Center, 6 p.m.

December 4

November 9

Men’s Hockey vs. MSOE, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 4 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs. Lakeland College, Sadoff Gym, 4:15 p.m.

Men’s Hockey vs. Finlandia University, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

November 10 Men’s Hockey vs. Finlandia University, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

November 15 Men’s Hockey vs. Lawrence University, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

November 17

Women’s Volleyball vs. Maranatha Baptist Bible College, Sadoff Gym, 7 p.m.

Women’s Hockey vs. St. Norbert College, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 4 p.m.

October 24

November 19

Women’s Soccer vs. UW–La Crosse, Smith Fields, 7 p.m.

Thanksgiving Vespers Service, Dorcas Chapel, 4:30 p.m.

October 25

November 27

Dynamic Duo: Slam Poets, Horning Student Center, 8 p.m.

Men’s Basketball vs. Concordia University, Sadoff Gym, 7 p.m.

November 1

November 28

All Saints Day Remembrance Prayer Service, Dorcas Chapel, 12:15 p.m.

December 1

Women’s Basketball vs. Edgewood College, Sadoff Gym, 7 p.m.

Women’s Basketball vs. Milwaukee School of Engineering, Sadoff Gym, 7 p.m.

December 8

December 9 Women’s Hockey vs. UW–Eau Claire, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 2 p.m.

December 14 Women’s Hockey vs. Hamline University, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 7 p.m.

December 15 Alumni Event: the Nutcracker Ballet, Marcus Center for the Performing Arts, Milwaukee Women’s Basketball vs. UW–Stout, Sadoff Gym, 2 p.m. Women’s Hockey vs. Hamline University, Blue Line Family Ice Center, 2 p.m.

January 31 5th Thursday Happy Hour, The Bar, Appleton, 5 p.m.

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Fiscal Year Review Condensed Statement of Activities — Unrestricted Revenues Expenses

Increase in Net Assets

010–11 2 $ 34,034,000 $ 31,457,000

2011–12 $ 32,914,000 $ 31,759,000

$ 2,577,000

$ 1,155,000

Condensed Statement of Financial Position

2010–11 2011–12 Assets Cash, Cash Equivalents, & Investments $ 14,086,000 $ 12,959,000 Accounts and Notes Receivable (Net) $ 4,980,000 $ 4,587,000 Other Assets $ 285,000 $ 288,000 Net Property, Plant, & Equipment $ 26,080,000 $ 26,916,000

Total Assets

$45,431,000 $44,750,000

Liabilities & Net Assets Current Liabilities $ 4,375,000 $ 4,400,000 Long Term Liabilities $ 8,923,000 $ 8,229,000 Net Assets $ 32,133,000 $ 32,121,000

Total Liabilities & Net Assets $45,431,000

$ 44,750,000



fall 2012


Marian at a Glance 9%

Revenue $32,914,000


Auxiliary Enterprises


Investment Income

Other Revenue


Gifts, Grants, Bequests and Contributions Released from Restrictions

81% Tuition


Auxiliary Enterprises


Plant Operations




Academic Support



Institutional Support


Student Services

Expenses $31,759,000

Marian Enrollment



fall 2012


Donor Listing Trustees’ Associates $2,500 and more Agnesian HealthCare Anthony and Linda Ahern Ahern-Gross, Inc. Anonymous donors Baker Family Foundation Richard and Karen Baker Ralph Breit C.D. Smith Construction Vi Candee Joel and Terry Cohen College Bookstores of America Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes CSA Sponsorship Ministry Michael G Cowan Lance A. and Susan Ehrke Ron and Terri Emanuel ’86 Estate of Josephine A. Kegel Fond du Lac Rotary Charities, Inc. The Grande Foundation Harry Ziegert Estate Trust David Herro David J. Hornung Koch Foundation, Inc. Korb Family Foundation, Inc. Lenz Sales & Service, Inc. Brian and Kristen Lenz Marian University Faculty and Staff Wayne and Mary Matzke Mercury Marine Dale R. & Ruth L. Michels Family Foundation John and Margaret Nelson Estate of James Nintzel Francis & Ruth Oberrerich Foundation Ewa and Gerald Pane Partners by Design Dr. R.G. Raymond & Sarah Raymond Foundation Angelo and Jane Santinelli Mr. and Mrs. Mark Schwabero James B. and Kathleen Simon ’64 Gary and Janet Smith Sodexo Peter and Barbara Stone Stone Foundation, Inc. Darold and Dorothy Treffert Dr. James van Dyke Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities S. Clay Willmington

President’s Club $1,000–$2,499 John and Susan Ahern Tripp and Colleen Ahern Stacey Akey ’92/’96 Mary Ann Austin Sean and Delphine Brown Kate Candee Chris and Sally Candee



1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Chang Dr. Steven and Eileen DiSalvo Allan and Liz Edgarton Festival Foods Don and Carey Gardin Thomas and Doris Gilles Larry and Debra Heller ’01 Carol Henrichs ’73 Holiday Automotive Horicon Bank Robert and Lori Hornung Claudia Huettl John and Cathy Korb Michael and Stephanie Korb Thomas and Mary Kraus Liberty Mutual Group McClone Agency, Inc. Ronald and Karen McCreedy Mary McNamara McNamara & Thiel Mike Shannon Automotive Foundation, Inc. Paul ’08 and Tanya Neuberger New Glarus Brewing Company Edward and Annalisa Ogle Helen B. Perry Dr. Mary Polchert Shirley Putman ’64 Corrine Reichert Mary Elizabeth Paul Roche ’68 Matthew and Joretta Shinners Sandi Simon Erin M. Skorupa ’91 Carol O. Smart ’60 Katherine and Michael Spaude John and Sally St. Peter Tim and Mary Twohig Kevin Voelker ’84 Joseph and Ann Sheridan Wenzler ’65 Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Founder’s Club $500–$999 Tim and Rose Ahern Ariens Foundation, Ltd. Backyard Grill & Bar Baker Cheese Factory, Inc. Terry and Stella Boyle Bray Associates Architects, Inc. Debra Caruso CitizensFirst Credit Union Jon and Ellen Flood Pam George ’73 Mrs. Audrey Gorwitz ’59 Amy Hennings Leslie Jaber-Wilson ’91 JFD Construction Josephine Kegel ’48 Erik Kocher Kondex Corp. Marian University Business Administration Division Mary Kosmer ’11 Nina and Robert Lesch

Dr. Julie Luetschwager Steven J. Matushak William C. Mauthe, III Mayville Engineering Co., Inc. Elaine McCarthy ’67/’88 SASN ’60 McCollister Todd Mulvehill National Exchange Bank & Trust Sarah Ponath Saint Mary’s Springs High School Patricia A. Scholz Daniel and Laura Schreiner Rosemary H. Sesing Tim Steger Dr. Sue Stoddart Harlan Swift ’75 John Weir Nicolette Weisensel ’96 Wells Fargo Advisors Whealon Towing & Service, Inc. Whispering Springs Golf Course

Naber Society $250–$499 J. F. Ahern Co. Associated Family Dentistry Bank of America Matching Gift Program Steven and Cynthia Barger Steven Billings Mark and Catherine Boyle Tamala Christian ’03/’06 Culligan Water Quality Improvement, Inc. Devin Dehne ’09/’12 Mary Delfosse ’81 Michael Doyle Excel Engineering, Inc. Catherine Flood ’07/’11 Fond du Lac Police Department Robert and Dorothy Fuelling ’67 John and Kathleen Gellings ’04 Wayne and Valerie Graczyk Margaret Grebe ’57 Jack Hammond Joan Hanson SASN ’47 Hierl Insurance Holiday Dodge James and Sharon Hubbard Huberty & Associates Jack Twohig Carpet One Brian and Linda Kaminski James J. Kebble Barbara Anne Langman ’06/’08 Dr. Michelle Majewski Christine Martin ’09/’12 John Miner Dr. John Morris Jason J. Murphy Natural Stone Veneers International Nielsen Company, LLC Warren M. Post Richard and Leslie Ridenour Horacio Sanchez ’95/ ’98

Joan Schilke ’65 David and Janet Schmidt ’68 Virginia Sitter ’55 John and Rachael Smith Strategies, Ltd. Mike and Virginia Vecchia Lorette Wambach ’47 Laura Edythe Whyms ’10 Dennis Winfield John Wiskerchen ’94 Edward and Margaret Woytych SASN ’46

Sabre Society $100–$249 Seymour and Shirley Abrahamson Sally Aerts Allcast, LLC Edward and Bonnie Anderson Kathleen Anderson SASN ’62 Matthew Lance ’10 Mary Balthazor ’73/’03 Maranda Abitz Barth ’08 Ann Battistine ’80 Kathleen Baus ’63 Bob ’99 and Jean Beinemann ’78 Peggy Bellin ’86 Janice Beyer ’68 The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. Jacqueline Bortner ’83 Ralph and Toni Bracchi Heidi Bremer ’05 Norman Bruvold Melissa Buechel ’00 Gisele Burnett Leslie D. Burzynski Anne and Mike Buss ‘92 Rose Butzen ’72 SASN ’62 Gerald and Linda Caputo Patricia Casetta ’66 Barbara Casey SASN ’52 Patricia C. Caspary ’90/’94 Melanie Chars ’03 Kristeen Renee Christian ’90 Catherine Chybowski ’84 Kathleen Clay-Groothousen ’82 Mary Ann Cody ’68 Beverly Compton ’70 Gregory Copeland ’09 Jeffrey P. Couch Jeanne Courneene ’08 Nellie Dake SASN ’61 Cassandra Michelle Deseve ’03 Andrea Marie DiGiacinto ’97 Therese R. Drake Yvonne and John Driscoll Tom and Nadine Duffy ’63 Julie Duley ’79 Robert Duley ’90 Gerald Dunphy Richard and Linda Dykstra Diane J. Dynkowski Margaret E. Ebner Rob and Sheryl Edgarton

Donor Listing Keith Falk Elizabeth Feldmann SASN ’65 Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Lynda Fields ’91/’98/’08 Ray Anthony Fikes ’05 Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce Dorothy Ford ’71 Anthony Franzen ’95 Colleen M. Frederick ’02 Nanci Fredrich ’80 Arlene Funk ’60 Terry and Jane Gaffney ’72 Dorothy Garcia ’90 Barbara Gedemer SASN ’56 Mary Gilmore SASN ’61 Tom and Julie Ann Gnewuch Amy Marie Goebel ’12 Patrick and Mary Goebel The Goregen Foundation, Inc. David Grebe ’93/’96 Robert and Rosemary Gudates Shirley Guelig ’75/’94 Thomas John Guy ’97 Patricia Hammer ’72 Cynthia M. Hansen Mark D. Hansen ’97 Chad Harnisch ’06 Cheryl Hartwig ’04/’06 Jody Hartzell Priscilla Hauri Burleton ’70 Patricia Hawig ’65 Stephanie Lynn Hayden ’98 Colleen Hayes ’80 Marc Heimerl Jim and Ruth Heiser Tom and Sally Herre Sharon Hilbert ’72 David Hoffman ’92 Renee Busse ’99 Mr. John Huff Kathleen Hughes Claire Hutter Bob and Carol Hyland Dr. Donna Innes, CSA Mary Jacobs ’65 Bertha Johnson SASN ’39 Jane M. Johnson ’92 Richard and Barbara Jordan JP Morgan Chase Foundation Debbie Kane ’81 Karen Karbowski ’64 Larry Karlin Mary Jo Karnath ’74 Alec P. Karter Charlotte Kawleski Bonnie Keebler ’82 Mary Kelm ’80 Dr. Michael Ketterhagen Marguerite Keys ’52 Lisa Kidd Marian Klapperich ’64 Dr. Mary Klein Mary Klink ’73 Rosalie Koenen ’69




1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Harold H. Kohal ’07 Laddie and Judy Korecek Ms. Geraldine Kortsch SASN ’60 Nikki Kramer Susan Kratz ’80 L&H Gyr, Inc. Ron LaBorde Tom and Barbara Lassandro Edwin Lee ’05/’07 Brandon M. Lehman Pat Leker Sara Ann Lesicko ’08 Pamela R. Lewis-Nabbefeldt ’77 Marsha Lisowe ’72 Bonnie Luhmann ’72 Marine Credit Union James Marshall ’92 Malcolm Marti Christine Martin ’09/’12 Andrew Masters Stephen Matz ’01 Lisa McArthur ’08/’09 Dorothy McClellan Jackson ’65 Jane A. McGovern ’69/’91 Sean and Paulina McPhillips Theodore Menge ’95 Tosha Nicole Meredith ’94 Gary Meyer James P. Meyer Mid-States Aluminum Foundation, Inc. Michele Mieczkowski ’95 Julie Miehe ’98 Fred and Carolyn Miller Donna Mleczek ’68 Garry Moise ’05/’08 Ron and Carol Molick Monroe Clinic Joan L. Mueller James Mugan Mark and Rhonda Nelson Vicki Nelson Mike and Vicki Neuberger Dr. Jonathan Nicoud Rosemarie Niedermann Nancy Noble Faye Nora Elizabeth Nunez ’67 Jeffrey Ogle ’80 Lisa and Douglas Olig ’94/’05 Margaret O’Reilly ’64 Paul Osterholm ’02/’05 Barbara Owings ’67 Margaret Pamenter ’69 Desirae Ann Parkhurst ’03 Donald Parnell ’07 Alan M. Patterson John Pautz Stephen Peterson Judith Ann Pomeroy ’87 Alice Promen Quality Control Services, Inc. Fritz Ragatz Patricia Ramdeen-Anderson ’67 Patricia Redman ’64 Drs. Jeffrey and Sylvia Reed

Thomas Richardson Lori Rieth ’77 Terence Rios ’92 Amy Roemer Bourne ’03 Jean Rogers Dr. Abbey Rosen Nancy Rosenthal-Forest ’66 Diane Ruhland ’70 James and Shirley Rupple Joanne Rusecki ’83 Mehdi and Karolyn Samman Horacio Sanchez ’95/’98 Ryan James Sarazin ’09 Karen Schaefer ’68 Mary Schelonka SASN ’64 Andrew Schieldt Randy Schipper ’01 Kerri Schmidt ’81 Mrs. Wendy S. Schmidt ’98 Germaine Schommer ’57 Mary Shafer ’03 Sandra Shafer ’99 Michael Shannon, Jr. Marjorie Shea ’89 Lore Silberman Thomas Silbernagel ’98 Mary Skinkis ’84 Rev. Richard J. Sklba Keith and Mary Skubic Raymond Skubic Henry W. Smith Charlotte Snow ’93 Robert Sobolewski ’80 Carol Lynn Solverud ’75 Sparkle Wash Janet Spidell SASN ’57 Juanita Starr SASN ’40 Daniel and Jill Steffes Mary Ann Stiglitz ’68 Gregory Strehlow ’00 Kerry Strupp ’04 Nancy L. Stuever Dr. Matt Szromba Heather Taylor ’04 Cheryl Teichmiller ’93/’04 Lindee Thill-Kimball ’83 Patricia Thompson ’63 Michael Tyson Lance E. Urven Rozanne Van Deurzen ’59 Rose Vickery ’82 Jacqueline Vollmer SASN ’59 Edwin and Kathy Waigand Dr. Deborah Watry ’02/’08 James Wegmann ’00 Phil and Mary Wegmann Mary Ann Welp ’61/SASN ’54 Janet Wermes Jean Werner Tim and Ann White Tom and Annie White Nancy Willard ’70 Daniel and Carolyn Winkel ’66 Norma Witkowski SASN ’51 Mathew Wolfert

Lucille Wuest SASN ’57 Paul Wysocki Ms. Susan L. Zacherl ’72/’98 Mary Zande ’66 Marjorie Zeigler

Friends $99 and under Greta Rens Aberg ’74 Mark A. Abitz Catherine Abler ’84/’89 Brant Abrahamson ACACIA Group, LLC Jason Adams ’04 Bonnie Aide Albert Aitken Regina Aitoro Carol Albright ’86 Irene Alderman SASN ’60 Nick and Zula Alili Sharon Amundson ’77 Deborah Anderson ‘98 Kolb Anderson ’06 Mitchel Andrus Peter and Kathryn Ansems Marianne Ariens SASN ’58 Joseph Arkenberg ’76 Emily Arndt ’10 Mariette Ashenbrenner ’96 Julie Atkisson Paula Avelleyra Eileen Backhaus ’93 Jane Backhaus ’96 Donna Baenen ’87 Michelle Bahr ’04 Amy Baier ’05 Baird Foundation, Inc. Steven and Linda Baitinger Tyrone Baker Bruce Bakken Gordon Ballweg ’01 Karl Bancker ’07 Michael and Terri Barber Judy Barnett ’12 Thomas Barnum Jason Bartelt Virginia Bartelt SASN ’43 Jane Barton ’82 Karen and Donald Bassett Scott Bast ’93 Eileen Baus ’87 Baxter International Foundation Matching Gift Beth Bayless Verna Bechard ’58 Jodi Becker ’07 Andrew Beckmann Philip Behling ’97 Diane Behm ’98 Sherry Behnke ’95 Joseph G. Beine ’93 James Bender ’75 Sally Benner

fall 2012


Donor Listing Karen Bennett ’95 Penny Benson ’09 Robert Benson ’89 John and Cynthia Benzing Michael Berens ’96 Christine ’81 and David Beres ’80/’95 Mitchell Berman ‘10 Jason Berna ’06 Linda Bernards-Idzikowski ’00 Alice Bernhard Nicole M. Bernico Mary Bernier Sandra Bernier ’05 Nancy Bertram ’98 Esther Bethke SASN ’54 Allen Betry ’00 Connie Betz ’00 Kenneth Beuthin ’93 Catherine Bey ’01 Mary Bezy Darren D. Bienvenue ’10 Jenna Marie Bille ’12 Patricia Birschbach ’02/’11 Joan Bittner ’61 Kimberly Ann Biwer Maggie Blaha ’64 Victoria Olson ’09 Stephanie Blazejewski ’97 Brigett Blise Jesse Norman Blum ’12 Rachel Boehm Patricia Boelhower ’73/’95 Todd Boelter Sara Ann Boettcher ’08 Elizabeth Jo Bogard ’09 Charlotte Bohnsack ’96 Patricia Bollman ’99 Kristina Marie Bonde ’12 Joanne Borck ’71 Arthur and Carol Borin Joyce M. Borndahl SASN ‘49/’68 Susan Bornstein-Forst Rebecca Colaianni Borys ’01 Shamina Boseman Phyllis Boulay SASN ’53 Otto and Karen Bowe Louise Bowen ’70 Julie Brabbit Mary Ann Brandl Sheri Brannen Carrie Braun Jean A. Braun Laura Braun Leonard and Karen Braunling Dana Breed ’00 Eunice Brennan SASN ’50 Georgia Bretl ’86 Mary Brinker ’95 Barbara Britz ’66 Jodi Lynn Brockman ’04 Nathan Michael Brooks ’03 Amy Brown’10 Annie Brown’88 Kathleen Brown’96 Sara Brown ’66



1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Sean Brown ’11 Janice Brownell ’64 Briann Bruno Carl and Mary Jane Bruss Joseph Bryan ’95 Laurie A. Buchberger ’99 Rhonda Jane Buchholz ’99/’06 Jill Buchinger ’00/’07 Randall Buchwald Gloria Buck SASN ’62 Antoinette Buechel SASN ’59 Barbara Buechel ’72 Rosemary Buelow ’90 Joan Buerger ’91 Debra Bukowski ’08 Catherine Burns ’70 James and Patricia Burns Alexis Burrow Penny Busch ’95 Rebecca Bushke ’95 Jessika Bustamante Steven and Kristine Butke Flamont Butler ’97 Frances Butler Patricia Butt ’67 Sharon Buttke ’70 Donna Calhoun ’81 Mary Calvey ’81 G.A. and Mary Cappellari ’63 Paula Cardinal-Winkel ’91 Margaret W. Carey ’03 Rebecca Joyce Carpenter ’07 Bette Carr ’01 S. Paul Carroll Donald Castelaz Paige and Mike Castillo ’11 C. and Lisa Cerney ’85 Julie Chaloupka ’86 Kimberly Charles ‘08 Sarah J. Chase ’08 Ruth M. Chaslavsky SASN ‘46 Marianne Chaudoir Jim Martin Chavez ’12 Brenda Christensen ’96 Jose Christians ’97 Kelly Cieslewicz ’97 Ernst N. Clarenbach, V ’10 Jeff J. Clark Jim Clark Kay Lynn Coates ’00 Jessica Lynn Coburn ’00 Jackie Cody ’92 Benjamin Joseph Colwin ’02 Aundrea Coon ’01 Janet Coon ’92 Geraldine A. Cooper ’66/SASN ’62 Nicole A. Cords ’93 Christine M. Costello Pamela Costello ’09 Caroline Coughlin ’93 Ellen Courtney ’90 Melanie Cowling ‘96 Cracked Shoe Coffeehouse LLC Judith Cretens ’92 Julie Marie Crofts ’09

Mary Cross ’76 Julie Marie Csiacsek ’95 Dr. Robert Cullen ’96 Ryan Czyzewski ’01 and Amy Hefty Czyzewski ’02 Judith Dahnke ’92 Vera Dallman SASN ’52 Sr. M. Shawn Daly ’64 Mary Danhauer ’97/SASN ’61 Mary S. DeBruin ’70 Terri DeBenedetto Bonnie Ann Debroux ’12 Vicki Decker ’90 Michael W. DeGere Diane Flor Deguzman ’04 Ellen and Richard Dehnel ’97 Jennifer Dekeyser ’93 Joanna Del Ponte SASN ’62 Margaret Desotelle ’75 Amber Di Vilio ’06 Laura Dick Lori and Daniel Diederichs Carol Dillinger ’98 Rick Dittberner ’99 Joel and Brenda Ditter ’10 Mary Ditter SASN ’51 Sandra Dobratz Michelle Lynn Dobyns ’66 Jane Doherty Kevin Doherty ’10 Bessie Doimas ’59 Tsetan Dolkar ’09 Patricia Douglas ’60/’62 Karrie Draper Fay Dreger ’83 Sheryl Dreikosen ’82 Colleen Ramona D’Souza ’04 Joann M. Du Mez ’83 Jeff Duchac Margaret Duckworth ’91 Abbe Duenkel ’07 Rebecca Dulmes Dr. Jim Dunphy Mari Dunphy Richard Dunton ’78 Juliet V. Durdin Cathy and Kevin Ebert Rich G. Eckert Gena Ehnerd ’07 Ellen Kathryn Eickhoff Carolyn Lea Eilbes-Sell ’97 Lisa Eisner ’03 Wade Ellingson Kristen and Jeffrey Ellis ’04 Pamela Elsen ’96 Robert Emier ’91 Barbara Emmer Allen and Lynn Engebregtsen Rick Ensslin Lori Erdman Tiffany Kay Erdman ’12 Karen Mary Ernisse ’87 Jennifer Hammock ’07 Joan Everts ’63/SASN ’60 Barbara J. Faber

Nancy Fachie Ryan Falke ’00/’11 Marilyn Faris ’61 Nancy Ferderle ’93 Sara and Lee Fehrman ’91 Richard Feldner ’87 Gina Felker Peter Ferge ’04 Daniel Joseph Ferguson ’98 Joan Ferguson ’73 Gregory Feucht ’00 Genevieve Feyen ’52 Sharon Fialkowski SASN ’66 Christina Fields ’05 Mark Figert Fred Filak Robert Fink ’71 Barbara L. Fischer ’76 Lindsay Fischer Paul Fischer Todd Fischer ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Chad Fisher ’01/’02 Ryan Thomas Micheal Fisher Paula Fitzpatrick SASN ’66 Joyce Flader ’72 Becky Flanagan ’99 Dorothy Flanders SASN ’41 Joanne Flanders ’65 John Flynn Margaret Foley SASN ’51 Diane Folker ’95 Donna Foote ’96 Lillian Foote ’85 SASN ’62 Lisa Forbes Sandra Ford ’80 Barbara Foster ’03 Edward L. Foy Donna Mae Frank SASN ’52 Elizabeth Frank SASN ’51 Mrs. Martha Franz Joseph Frederickson Donna Freeman ’90 Carol Freund ’69 Renee Lynn Freund ’90/’93 Friar Tucks Jennifer Braun Friedel ’68/SASN ’66 Billy Friess ’98 Mary Fritz-Wagner ’82 Mary Frohmader SASN ’52 Joan Frydryk Doug Fuller Mary Galligan William Ramon Garay ’10 Nancy Garcia ’12 Jose and Maria Garcia Martinez Rita Garvin ’64 Donna Gasior Donald John Geenen ’92 Tanya K. Geldean ’98 Bradley Gerard Justin D. Gerlach ’07 Patricia Gerlach ’82 Jeanne Giebel ’77 Sally Giebel ’57 Jeanette Giedl

Donor Listing Nicole Gifford ’04 Kristine Gilgenbach ’81 Virginia Gilmore ’98 Andy P. Gitter ’00 Kevin Gitter ’94 Sue Gius Judy Glander Barbara Glassel ’62 Mary Goeller ’88 Scott Allen Goetsch ’02 Barbara Gorman ’02 Mary Gould ’61 Jodine K. Graf Guy Graff James Graff Jacquelynn Grahn ’08 Theresa and Todd Grannis Peggy Gratton ’85 Richard J. Grebe Mark Greenhalgh Michelle Griffin Deanna Grimm ’70 Tom and Kay Groeschl ’77 James Gronemeyer Darcy Ann Gross ’03 Gerald Gruenhagen Dale Gruenke Natalie Gruenks ’12 Nichole Lea Gruett ’04 Laura Lee Christine Gruettner ’02 Robert Gudates ’08 James Guell Tom and Jeannine Guilfoile SASN ’56 Jeff Gustman Stefanie Gutermann Laurette Guy ’71 Mrs. Karen Guyette SASN ’62 Kathleen Gwidt ’09 Leiann Haase-Burton ’86 Nancy Hackbarth ’94 Michael A. Hacker Adam Hadrian Tammy M. Haefer ’02 Chris Haelfrisch Steven and Margaret Haessly Randy and Joan Haight Karen Hallada SASN ’61 Phil and Kelly Hammen Jennifer Klettke Handrich ’97 Jeff Hanni Pat and Ann Hannon Dean and Christi Hansen Parker James Hansen ’04 Jeffrey Harbridge ’07 Steve Harder ’00 Jacob G. Harmsen ’07 Greg Hartjes ’05 Julie Hartwig ’93 Rita A. Hassemer John Hassler ’06 Rick Hatlen Mary Lynn Haugen ’12 Richard A Haugen, Jr. Joan Hawbaker ’49 Janet and Randall Heberer




1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Jennifer Hecht ’99 Mark Roger Heck ’01 Nancy Hefter ’94 Ronald Helmeid ’93 Rick Hengel Sandy Hengel Barbara A Hengst Clara Henning ’62 Fred and Karen Herman Lisa Herrmann ’02/’08 Sharon Heschke Elaine J. Hessil ’62 Luann F. Hettenhaus Mindy Lyn Hildebrandt ’04 Randy and Stacia Hintz Jeanne and Ward Hinz ’98 Ryan Timothy Hitchcock ’10 Marcia Hletko ’58 Maureen Hoelzel ’69 Genevieve Hoepfner SASN ’47 Anita Kay Holdridge ’90 Bonnie Holl ’91 Dennis Holm ’96 Andrew R. Holzman ’12 Susan Hopkins ’83 Pam Hopps Steve and Cathy Hovel ’00 Vickie Huck ’93 Christopher Jeffrey Huebel ’02 Michael and Amy Huebner Marie T. Huhn SASN ’50 Paula Hummer Betty Hungerford SASN ’51 Connie Iattoni ’92 IBM International Foundation Matthew Immel ’02 Patricia Immel Jerome and Sandra Isaac Sara Isom ’98 Jerome Ivy ’92 Stephanie Jaber ’00 Clemens Jacak ’95 Deborah Jagodzinski Janine Jandrey ’82 Phyllis Janowski ’06 Sandra jarvis ’04 Mary Ann Jaster SASN ’62 John Willard Jenkins ’11 Jody Jennerman ’07 David and Lisa Jent Carol Jex John Joers Scott Joers Alan Johnson Ann Marie Johnson ’98/’11 David L Johnson Ericha Johnson ‘95 Kathryn Johnson ’72 Lashaunda Johnson ‘10 Maythia Johnson ’56 Randall and Shawna Johnson Shika Nahona Johnson Stacy Johnson ’97 Joel David Jorgenson ’99 Erin Elizabeth Joyce ’06

Gertie Juknialis ’71 Kathleen Jurecki ’06 Debra Kagerbauer ’04 Connie Kahl ’97 Susan Anne Kalmerton SASN ’62 Stacie Kaminski ’01 Daniel Kaminsky Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Kandiko Jessica Mary Kapinos ’08 Joline Kappell ’91 Sister Lois Karlin, CSA Sister Stella Karls, CSA ‘62 Brian Karolewicz ’05 Andrew Kasik ‘04 Margaret L. Kasson ’00 Jeffrey Kasuboski ’95 Barbara Katz Steve L. Kaufman Jean Kedinger ’73 Kathryn Kedinger ’75 Sister Cecile Marie Kees, CSA ’62 Diane Keller ’78 Mrs. Margaret A. Keller-Stortz ’91 Susan Kelly-Kohlman ’72 G. Joseph Kemp Gloria Kennedy ’02 Lisa Kersten Sally ’97 and Joshua Ketterhagen ’97/’02 Alan J. Kietzmann Rhonda S. Kimmel ’93 Kara K. Kinas Jennifer King Hughes ’96 Anthony H. Kirsch ’88 Susan Kist ’95 Diana Lynn Klapperich ’07 Terena Kleckner Kathleen Klegin ’67 Carmen Klein ’92 Janet Klemm ’00 Donna Klemme ’08 John Klopotek ’94 Daniel and Bonnie Klossner Colleen Kluber ’06/’10 David Klumpyan Richard and Theresa Knar Marie Koch ’80 Mary Koczan ’05 Charles and Kim Koechell Mrs. Judith Koehler Lisa Sue Koehoorn ’01 Mary E. Koenen Kathryn Koenig ’99 Sue Koenigs ’90 Jill Koenitzer ’98 Susan Koepsell Amber Lyn Koeune Cynthia Koffman Mary Ellen Kohlman ’78 Mrs. Karla Sue Kohlmann ’90 Mike Koltes Mary E Komlo Helen Komplin ’71 Steven Konen Margaret Konopka ’80

Katherine Korecek ’08 Catherine Kortesmaki ’81 Evelyn Korth SASN ’42 John and Tracey Koslowski Dr. Greta Kostac Rosanne Kowal Kathie Kraemer ’73 Dolores Kraus ’59 Anthony and Marie Krcma Cheryl Krebs ’73 David A. Kremer ’00 Caitlyn Frances Krenz ’12 Nancy Kreuser ’78 Michael Kristmann ’03 Christine M. Krizenesky ’94 Kirstin Kroll Kathleen Kropp ’51 Jean Kroupa ’76 Arthur Kruckenberg Linda Krueger Bonnie Krug Jeffery Krull ’03 Mrs. Dorothy Kubale ’45 Samantha Dianne Kucaj ’12 Thomas Kuenzi Stephen J Kuhnen Joshua Jay Kuhn-Kraemer ’04 Kelly Kulinski William Kurer ’91 Mary Kurzynski ’70 Tom and Stephanie Kushner Cheryl Ann Kutcher ’02 Alice LaBorde ’48 Sarah LaCrosse ’04 Margaret LaFayette ’68 Lucille Lakin’76 Shannon LaLuzerne ’95/’02 Alice Lampereur ’82 Mary Lampereur ’83 Amanda Landwehr ’11 Steven Aaron Lang ’04/’09 Andrea Mae Langenfeld ’03 Susan Langenfeld ’96 Ray Lapierre Laurie and James Lardinois ’00 Mark Larson ’82 Amy Latus Sanata Lau ’06 Christine P. Laurent Robert LaViolette ’95 Amy Jo Leahy ’07 Loretta Lechner ’78 Patrick LeGassic Steven Paul Leib ’90 Susan M Leininger Ms. Debra Marie Leitner Jennifer Lynn Lemense ’00 Carrie Ann Swan Levey ’02 Rhonda Lichtensteiger Marilyn Lienke ’72 Shawn Limberg ’03 Joanne Limoni ’03 Iva Linder Kathleen Michelle Lis ’96 Scott and Christine Lischka

fall 2012


Donor Listing Sarah L. Loren ’81 Robert Paul Lloyd ’87/’99 Sandra Lobner ’96 Nicole Lockhart ’06 Diane Lodge-Hamman ’95 Rita Lofy ’96 Robert and Lori Lohry Brett Lohse ’03 Nancy Louis ’80 Joan Kathryn Lucas-Moore ’05/’11 Jarrod M. Luedtke ’03 Karen Luedtke ’89 Ann Luker ’92 Julie Luker ’93 Belinda Lyons Diane Mack ’89 Lisa Mader ’05 Janet Maffuid Leavy SASN ’50 Nancy Mahnke ’81 Pat Majerus ’77 Ali Makadji ’12 Keith J. Maly Andrew R. Mammel Barry Mandel Jean Mandel ’85 Michael Manders ’01 William Manis ’84 Timothy Manzke Carol Marchant ’05 Marjorie Marchant SASN ’50 Kathryn Alice Marking ’08 David Markworth Stefanie Anne Markworth ’07 Susan Joanne Marschman ’02 Kathleen Marie Marsh ’91 Ellen Marti Lonnie Martin ’03 Timothy Martinson ’05 Pamela Jean Maschke ’06 Mark Mason ’02 Kathy Mathes Cathy Mathweg Marian Matoska ’61 Judith Matteson ’98 Robert ’77 and Margaret ’78/’94 Mattice Dawn Maxwell ’94 E. Michael McCann Dr. Janet S. McCord Kathleen McCord ’83 Ruth McCourt SASN ’59 Jason James McCoy ’06 Jennifer Lynn McCumber ’06 Paul McCurdy Mary McDonald ’74 Jeff and Patti McGovern Mary McHugh ’66 Kathleen McKelvie SASN ’61 Paul and Jacqueline McNutt Angela McVitty ’99 Lindsy M. Medina ’12 Donna Meinke ’69 Michael and Julie Memenga Kathryn Memenga ’91 Rosemary Mentink ’99



1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Ellen Mercer Melody Merkel Hope Merlin Connie Merrick ’74 Janice Merten ’72 Katie Merten ’04 Debra K. Meyer ’84 Emily Rose Meyer ’07 John and Christine Meyer ’05 Mary Meyer ’90 Virginia Meyer SASN ’54 Mrs. Lisa Meyerhofer ’86 Paul and Carla Meyers John A. Meznarich Margaret L. Michael ’94 Joanne Michaels ’69 Sara Mietzel Patricia Mijal ’95 Anthony Miller ’96/’02 Carol Miller ’90 Kathleen Miller ’65 Mary Miller ’70/’02 Susan Miller ’93 Denise J. Mims Michelle Mindham ’82 Adam Scott Miner John Dennis Mleziva ’06 Sue Mleziva Joyce Eileen Monfort ’07 Kim M. Mooney Mary L. Moore ’91 Doris Morgan’75/’87 Barbara Moritz SASN ’58 Thomas Morley Elizabeth Mortenson ’95 Jean Moser Mary Moser ’71 Linda Mucha ’84 Elaine Muehlins ’49 Pamela Mand ’03 Tracy Mueller ’85 Michael Muhs Nichole Mulvehill Brandon Mumm Virginia Murphy ’63 Joan Murray ’58 Sister Donna Myjak, CSA ‘69 Jacqueline Myrhum ’03 Luke Michael Myszka ’12 Diane Nachtwey SASN ’55 John and Gwen Nagel ’97 Mary Navin ’61 Janell Dukish ’08 Diane Nehls Wasoff ’82 Charlene Rae Neitzel ’90 Janet Ann Nekich ’90 Micki Nelis ’95 Mary Nelson ’87 Tammy Nelson Karen K. Neubauer ’01 Laura Lyn Neumann ’91 Mary and David Neumann Laura Nicole Newberry ’11 Pam Newhauser Alice Newton-Eggers ’87/’97

Thomas and Denise Nicholson Kenneth Nick Susanne Nickolai-Mays Margaret Niederhe ’76 Elisabeth Niedermann Dave Nieling ’94 Cindy Nimmer ’90 Janis Norem ’01/’08 Mary Jo Norgel Michelle Ripp ‘92 Christopher and Cynthia Nowak Judith Nugent ’83 Sue Nygaard Pat & Marilyn O’Brien Jane O’Connor ’75 Eskeland Oddgeir Mark A. Ollhoff ’97 Stacy Ollmann ’96 Kathryn Omernik ’72 Patricia Ontko ‘96 Faith A. Opsteen ’93 Paul Osterholm ’09 David Otis ’94 F. Jean Otteson Mati Palm-Leis ’98 Jill Maria Pansier ’09 Cindy Parker ’82 James Parker Barbara Parson Reginald Charles Parson Amanda Paruch ’07 David Pasewald ’95 Cheryl Ann Passel Loraine Paulissen Herbert Paulson Jessie Pearson Doris Peitz ’97 Kristeen Pelot ’10 Maria Pena Darryl Pepin ’73 Lisa M. Perdue ’88 MaryLee Pergande ’64 June Periegini Mary Pesch SASN ’52 Barbara Peters Renee and William Peters ’96 Amelia Petersen ’05 Mary Peterson-Graff Donna Pieper ’90 Don and Mary Pieper Anne Pierce Laura Pierret ’03 Zach Pitz Jane Plamann ’91 Diane Kohlman Ploederl ’71 Brett Plummer Susan J. Poepl ’68 Amanda Mae Polakowski ’08 Nancy Polsin SASN ’56 Debra Pontow ’74 Eileen E Posluszny Jeffrey and Becky Posselt Heidi Potts ’08 Marian Potts ’95 Lloyd Powless

Bruce and Mary Prall ’72 Kathleen Praxel Ann Prening ’07 Marlene Pressnell ’63 Phyllis Preston Linda Priebe ’89 Jonathan Brian Priestaf Marlene Priewe ’81 Barbara Pritzl ’78 Mary Joan Pritzl ’76 David Pufall ’99 Beverly Putz Tracy Qualmann ’00/’12 Dave Rader Dragan and Sandra Radjenovic Bobbie Radocha ’71 Mary Raupfer ’70 Elaine Mary Rebek ’72/’99 Charles John Rechner ’12 Kathy J. Redig Mitchell Redig ’05 Angela Rees ’48 Doug and Jeanne Reese Robert Reese ’00/ ’06 Lois Reible ’71 Catherine Reil ’77 Tudy Reis Kathleen Reitz ’05 Anne Renard Jacqueline Rentmeester ’92 Jeffrey and Angela Reseburg Lillian Reynolds ’65 Rebecca Ann Richards ’94 Barbara Ricklefs ’70 Diane Riddell ’93 Heidi Riebe ’73 Nicholas ’86 and Anne ’88 Riegert Cynthia Riha ’01 Jennifer R. Rintelmann ’07 Helen Rippinger SASN ’43 Robert Ristow ’87 Evelyn Rivard ’55 Karen Roberts ’82/’04 Gladys Roden ’47 Ann Roe ’90 Sandi Roehrig Cory W. Roesler ’99 Marlene Roltgen ’85 Jose and Maria Roman Joan Romasko Marilyn Romuald ’52 Matthew Rose Melissa Marie Rose ’02 Stacy Rosenbaum ’05/’11 Gayle Rosenberg SASN ’62 James and Colleen Rosenberger Tim M. Rowinsky ’95 Roger and Sharon Roznowski Robert Rublee Glenda Rueter Suzanne Ruth ’02 Sonia June Rutz ’03/’08 Tony and Mary Ruzicka Michelle M. Ryan Norman Sabah ’89

Donor Listing Beverly Sabel ’02 Colleen Sabel Aaron Sadoff ’00/ ’11 Katherine L. Saemann Takaki Sakai Mary Salter ’72 Susan Salvo ’82 Alma Sandino Frank Sandino Franciso and Gladys Sandino Nathalie Beatriz Sandino Sergio Sandino Susan Sands ’93 Albert and Mary Santiago Philip and Gina Sarge Lydia Agnes Sarge Jillian R. Sauer Carly Ann Saunders ’10 Sidney Sawicky Donna Sayers Heide Schabel-Cords ’85 Lesleigh Ann Schaefer ’02 Mary Schaefer ’78 Carla Schaefer Mannigel ’85 Ann Schanen SASN ’62 Patti Schegetz Katherine Scheier Joan Scherer ’53 Richard and Shari Schermetzler Ken Schieldt Janet and John Schiessl ’69 Shannon Schill Joan M. Schilling ’64 Linda L. Schirmer Theresa Schlatter ’08 Katie Hampton Schleis ’91 Shirley Schloss SASN ’59 Beverly Schmerse ’77 Colleen Schmidt ’81 Forrest Schmidt Tom Schmidt Bonnie Schmit ’84 Mary Jo Schmitt SASN ’62 Robin Schmitt ’98 Bernadette Schmitz ’68 Jana Kay Schmitz ’95 Mary Ann Schmitz ’61 Rosanne C. Schmitz ’02 William Schmolinske ’07 Mary Schnell Patricia Schnepf ’90 Tom and Mary Schoenborn Cynthia Schoettler ‘93 Patrick Schomisch ’08 Patricia Schonbok SASN ’61 Mary and Richard Schoofs Edward Schrader ’90 Allen and Leah Schraeder Nicole Dora Schraeder Jennifer ’82 and Gerard J. Schraufnagel ’87 Mary Schueller ’80 Diane Schuh ’79 Jennifer M. Schultz John Schultz ’96/’99




1, 2011–June 30, 2012

Judith Schultz ’64 Sadie Schultz ’02 Kathryn Schumacher SASN ’66 Thomas Schurman Kristy Jean Schutz ’12 Lucy Schwartz ’68 Mary Schweitzer ’95 Susan Schweitzer ’79 Joan Schwerin ’71 Mary Schwiner ’06 David Sciortino Dianh P. Scott ’03 Sister Marie Scott, CSA ’84 Regina Scott ’05 Tomas Sebranek ’00 Linda Seefluth ’95 Blair Iris Seibert ’12 Mrs. Carol Seim John Sell Jacqueline Sevallius ’98 Nancy Seward Melissa Sexton ’99 Donna Jane Sharkey James Shefka ’02 Suzanne Shinnick ’78 Christal Gail Shipp ’10 Duane J. Shukoski ’08 Mark Dennis Siebenaller ’06 Martha Sierra Michael and Erica Siewert ’84 Susan Simonsen ’92 Peter Sippel ’00 Noppawan Sirinoppakun Christine Sitter ’10 Sister Leanne Sitter, CSA ’65 Sandra Sitzman ’97 Scott Sizer ’92 Jordan Skaletski ’05/’07 Raymond Skubic Lois Slemp ’66 Joan Smaglik ’95 Irma Smet ’76 Aaron P. Smith Carol Smith ’71 Donna Smith Joyce Smith Giebel ’10 Gretchen Smolarek Bob and Marilyn Smolarek SASN ’54 Olivia Noelle Smolarek Michael Soffa ’88 Theresa Elizabeth Sokup ’12 Benjamin Soman ’01 Ronald and Corine Sommer Lorraine Klinke Sonnenberg ’67 Sophia Foundation Debra Sosinski ’80/’95 Tracy Sphatt ’91 Jim Splittgerber ’90 Margie Spradau SASN ’50 Patricia Ann Spurlock ’86 Katelyn Ann Sroka Megan Ashley Stahmann ’12 Loretta Stammer Gary Staub James H. Steinberg

Chris Steinert Chadwick James Steinke ’00 William Stelzer ’89 Jill A. Stenson Betty Stepanik and Mary K. McDermott Stepanik Lorna M. Stephany ’75 Art and Lynne Stevens Donovan Stindt Brenda Stobb Mary Stoeger ’74 Chris and Lisa Stoffel Timothy and Treena Stoppleworth Mrs. Charlotte Stortz SASN ’52 Mary Walter Mary Stricker ’73 Gina Alesi Strong Todd Stucke ’96 Haley Jean Stuckmann ’07 Caitlin Marie Stumpner Christine M. Livingston ’88 Kelly Ann Styles ’01 Dan and Paula Suess Sunset Bank Patti Supple ’81 Steven J. Surguy Jessica Svatek ’96 Ellen J. Swan Dean P. Swoboda ’99 Justin Szatkowski ’01 Gary Tagliapietra ‘92 Colette Marie Taylor ’12 Sybil Teehan Sister Colette Tenley ’51 Brian Tenpas Sharon Teschke Kimberly Lynn Theissen ’11 Janet Thielman SASN ’63 Carol Thome ’85 Denise Mary Thompson ’98 Diane Thompson ’60 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Dawn Thurow Thomas Tierney ’97 Jerrry and Betty Tighe Tiffany Marie Tillis Bonnie Timler ’69 Joan Timm Gretchen Tolsma Lawler ’92 Sally Tomcheck ’82 John and Maria Townsend Sue Trameri ’82 Terri Trantow David Tremmel Lori Tritz ’85 Edward and Patricia Trost Darlene Truitt Jane Tyskling ’72 Robert Uhl ’89 Michael and Julia Umbreit Noreen Ann Umbreit ’12 Julianne and Thomas Umentum ’88/’04 Jace Samuel Unrein Megan Vadnais ‘06 Mary Van Asten’76

Ken Van Camp Ellen Van Nuland ’04 Kay Vande Slunt Debbie vande Zande ’79 Jill M. Vanden Heuvel ’87 Cynthia Vander Pas ’08 Judith Vander Veldt ’70 Mary P. VanderVelden ’93 Sue Ellen VanHouten ’03 Gary and Kathleen Vater ‘96 Paul Veldman ’92/’94 Lanna Marie Vercauteren ’95 Stacey Vigil ’00 Kay Vogel ’87 Theresa Vos ’05 Gary and Christine Waas Diane Wachdorf ’69 Paul and Arla Wagner Barbara Jean Wagner ’91 Debra Wagner Ray Wagner Karen M. Walber ’02 Theodore Wallace ’97 Sister Deborah Walter, CSA ’71 Janilee Walters Sister Rose Walters, CSA, ’63 Sandra Wangard ’71 David George Washkoviak ’97 Lynda Washkoviak ’71 Peter Watry ’98 Rhonda Watson Jerry J. Weber ’93 Mary Weber Mitchell N. Weber ’01 Deanne Webster ’86 Patricia Wegehaupt SASN ’64 Lu Ann Weihert ’89 John Weiser ‘90 Heidi L. Weiss ’05 Corrine Wendland ’86 Vicky Wenzel ’92 Renee Wenzlaff ’91 Mrs. Janice Wepfer SASN ’59 Nancey Werwie Naef ’69 Mary Wesner ’62 Mary Wessing ’78 Keith and Laurie Whipple Carol Whyms ’67 Jackie Wiegert Marcus Allan Wiegert ’08 Joann K. Wieland ’02 Gail J. Wietor ’03 Nancy Wietor ’80 Brandon Alexander Wilder ’10 Dawn Wilkins ’10 Carol Will Mercedes Willarson ’93 James Williams Robyn Williams ’98 Diann Willis Jeffrey Lee Wills ’09 Kristy Ann Winandy ’04 Diane Wingers ’96 Michael Winkler ’90 Linda Winter ’71

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Donor Listing Thomas and DeAnna Winters Samantha Lynn Wiskerchen April Wisnicky Mrs. Flora Wittlinger ’58 Brooke Marie Wodsedalek ’11 Brian and Cindy Woldt Anne Wondra ’88 Shirley Yaeger ’89 Ann Yockey ’68 Elen Young ’84 Kenneth Zabler ’04 Diane Zancanaro ’86 Patricia Zander ’71 Darrel E. Zeman ’97 Mathew Zeman ’07 Jody Ziemann ’96 Catherine Zimmerman Donna Zittel ’78 Barbara Zoschke ’84 Lee Zuberbier ’88 Roger and Lori Zumbrock

Corporations and Organizations ACACIA Group, LLC Agnesian HealthCare Ahern-Gross, Inc. Allcast, LLC Associated Family Dentistry Backyard Grill & Bar Baker Cheese Factory, Inc. Bank of America The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. Bray Associates Architects, Inc. C.D. Smith Construction CitizensFirst Credit Union College Bookstores of America Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes Cracked Shoe Coffeehouse, LLC CSA Sponsorship Ministry Culligan Water Quality Improvement, Inc. Excel Engineering, Inc. Faculty/Staff Scholarship Fund Festival Foods Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fond du Lac Area Association of Commerce Fond du Lac Police Department Fond du Lac Rotary Charities, Inc. Friar Tucks Hierl Insurance Holiday Automotive Holiday Dodge Huberty & Associates J. F. Ahern Co. Jack Twohig Carpet One JFD Construction JP Morgan Chase Foundation Koch Foundation, Inc. Kondex Corp L&H Gyr, Inc. Lenz Sales & Service, Inc. Liberty Mutual Group



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Marian University School of Business Marian University Faculty/Staff/Student Marine Credit Union Mayville Engineering Co., Inc. McClone Agency, Inc. McCollister McNamara & Thiel Mercury Marine Michels Corporation Monroe Clinic National Exchange Bank & Trust Natural Stone Veneers International New Glarus Brewing Company Nielsen Company, LLC Partners by Design Quality Control Services, Inc. Saint Mary’s Springs High School Sodexo Sparkle Wash Strategies, LTD Sunset Bank Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Twohig Family Dentistry, LLC Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities Wells Fargo Advisors Whealon Towing & Service, Inc. Whispering Springs Golf Course Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Foundations Agnesian HealthCare Alliant Energy Foundation Ariens Foundation, Ltd. Baird Foundation, Inc. Baker Family Foundation Baxter International Foundation Matching Gift The Michael Bolton Charities, Inc. Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fond du Lac Area Foundation GE Foundation Giddings & Lewis Legacy Fund The Goregen Foundation, Inc. The Grande Foundation Holiday Automotive Foundation, Inc. IBM International Foundation Koch Foundation, Inc. Korb Family Foundation, Inc. Dale R. & Ruth L. Michels Family Foundation Mid-States Aluminum Foundation, Inc. Mike Shannon Automotive Foundation, Inc. Francis & Ruth Oberrerich Foundation Dr. R.G. Raymond & Sarah Raymond Foundation Sophia Foundation Stone Foundation, Inc. Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation, Inc. Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Annual Scholarships American Family Insurance Community Involvement Ted and Grace Bachhuber Foundation Adult Education Dr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chang CitizensFirst Credit Union Fond du Lac Area Foundation – Fond du Lac Noon Kiwanis- Robert Waffle Memorial – Fond du Lac Rotary Charities – Ramona Schumacher Krueger Memorial – Leonard Lewis Fund Marian University Academic Achievement Marian University Alumni Marian University Faculty/Staff/Student Marian University Naber Marian University Sr. Mary Mollison Legacy Marian University Trustee Marian Verette Pierce Dr. R.G. Raymond and Sarah Raymond Foundation Sentry Insurance Foundation United Parcel Service Foundation Patricia Wargula Memorial Jeanne Zimmerman Nursing Ronald Brien Memorial Scholarship Wisconsin Association Independent Colleges and Universities • CR21 • Rath Distinguished Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships George P. and Helen B. Andrew Mary Ann and Frank Austin George J. and Mary C. Becker Ruth Nettekoven Becker Leon and Asella Biederman Sr. Cletus Blochlinger, CSA Ralph Breit Sr. Dolora Brogan, CSA Dr. and Mrs. Henry T. Chang Award Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes Consultants Laboratory Nursing and Medical Technology Harry and Paschaleen Coonradt Lou and Kathy Cristan CSA Legacy Sr. Digna Desch, CSA Rita (Hewitt) Di Frances Giles Doherty Mary M. Brandl Draheim Memorial Dr. William and Elsie Egan Fond du Lac County Medical Alliance Nursing Angeline Jakovec Fritz Nursing Ross and Viola Galbreath Memorial Elizabeth and Walter Goebel Nursing

Dorothy Guelig Jeanette and Harry Heeb Gretchen Verbeten Hornung Claire G. Hutter Jordan-Brunswick E.C. Kiekhaefer Memorial Helen Mary Dore Koehn and Joseph Koehn Sr. Irene Kohne, CSA/St. Francis Home Dr. Michael A. and Dolorosa O’Brien Korb Family Michael J. Kraus Memorial Marian University Cabinet Marian University School of Education Belen Sanchez Mayorga Dale R. Michels Family Clarinda T. Mischler and Sister Adalbert Nursing Dr. Robert and Alice Moser National Exchange Bank & Trust James E. Nintzel Mildred and William O’Connor/ Thomas Schevers Mary O’Rourke Dr. Ewald and Dorothy Pawsat Robert N. and Alice M. Promen Ira A. Ridenour Memorial Lori K. Rieth Nursing Ellen and Rachel Ritchie Memorial Gertrude H. Rodenkirch Gladys Salter Sargento Foods, Inc. Elizabeth Schevers Tangen Memorial Sr. John Baptist Shaja Memorial James B. and Kathleen M. Simon Brother Bob Smith Urban Social Work Program Dorothy Theisen Sr. Mary Agreda Touchett, CSA Dr. Edward W. and Myrtle Vetter Dr. Ruth Willmington Agnes Ziegert Marian University Alumni Endowed Scholarship

Gifts-in-Kind 96.1 TCX - Radio Plus Ala Roma Pizzaria Applebee’s Botanicals Floral Studio Blue Harbor Resort Mary Noel Brown, CSA Carey Frameworks Color Ink, Inc. Comfort Inn Fond du Lac Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes Cujak’s Wine Market & Wine Bar Dan and Amanda Wilson EAA Ellison Electric Supply, Inc. FDL Police Department Flood Oil Company

Donor Listing Twohig Flooring America Mary Ellen and John Gormican Hyland Game Farm Jet Stream Car Wash Joe’s Fox Hut Kerry Strupp KFIZ Kitz & Pfeil True Value Hardware Lawsonia Golf Course Legends of the Field Lillian’s of Fond du Lac Main Exchange Mancino’s Pizza & Grinders Merlin 200,000 Mile Shop Midwest Shooter’s Supply Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club Personal Touch Flowers & Gifts Bill Peters Philly’s on 4th Grocery & Deli Quick & Smart Photography Ramada Plaza Hotel Regis Salons of Fond du Lac Donna and Art Roggentine Rolling Meadows Golf Course Sanopelo Aromaology Salon Mary Schwiner Silica Appliance Sisters Nail Salon Sodexo, Inc. Someday Travel South Hills Golf and Country Club Strategies, Ltd. The Goldsmith The Renaissance Spa Tundra Lodge Resort US Bank Whispering Springs Golf Course Ray Wifler YMCA




1, 2011–June 30, 2012



John Bergquist Sr. Francis Assissi, CSA/ Elementary Education in 1970 Catherine Bernards Althea Chiappetti Ava Czyzewski (our daughter) Sr. Digna Desch, CSA, SASN ’18 Albert P. Frank, Jr. Mary Giese Deceased members of the Halter Family Tom Herbeck Coach Ron Herr Marguerite H. and Harry P. Keys Sr. Julianna Kohne, CSA, SASN ’36 Michael Kraus (past English professor and super guy) Leona LaMere Jane Lamers, Nursing Student 1978–1980 Sidney Matsche Sellers Mays Arlene and John Moore Ronald Muldrow ‘86 James E. Nintzel John P. Norgel Patricia Polsin Molenhauer ‘56 John Putman Louis Romuald Caitlin Scannell Peter and Mary Schommer Sr. Wilma Seidel, CSA Kay Smeaton In memory of deceased classmate(s): Betty Hobbs, SASN ‘40 Margaret A. Marti, SASN ‘45 Beverly Fuller Lambert and Peg Dunphy Brown ‘59 Sr. Kathy Nelessen, SASN ‘64 Yvonne Gatzke Holmes, SASN ‘54 Donna Bienlein Burke and Jo Ann Weyker, SASN ‘61 George and David Stepanik Sr. Mary Agreda Touchett, CSA, SASN ’42 Sr. Mary Williams, CSA

75th Anniversary of Marian Alumni and Education Staff Marian University Social Work Class of 2010 Marian Men’s Basketball Team SASN Class of 1947 SASN Class of 1949 SASN Class of 1952 SASN Class of 1953 SASN Class of 1958 SASN Class of 1960 SASN Class of 1961 SASN Class of 1962 SASN Class of 1966 Michelle Boblin Chiree Boden Megan Graf John and Cathy Korb Sarah Lohry Katlyn Suess Lynd Reginald Parson Tanner Presutti Ty Roznowski Sr. Julia Wiegerling, CSA James Winkler

2012 Senior Class Gift Initiative Michelle Lynn Bahr Judy Ellen Barnett Nicole M. Bernico Jenna Marie Bille Kristina Marie Bonde Jim Martin Chavez Bonnie Ann Debroux Tiffany Kay Erdman Barbara J. Faber Nancy Garcia Mary Lynn Haugen Andrew R. Holzman John Willard Jenkins Caitlyn Frances Krenz Samantha Dianne Kucaj Ali Makadji Lindsy M. Medina Tosha Nicole Meredith Luke Michael Myszka Laura Nicole Newberry Charles John Rechner Kristy Jean Schutz Christal Gail Shipp Theresa Elizabeth Sokup Megan Ashley Stahmann Caitlin Stumpner Colette Marie Taylor Kimberly Lynn Theissen Samantha Lynn Wiskerchen Brooke Marie Wodsedalek

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Board of Trustees 2011–12 Officers JOHN K. NELSON, Chairperson Managing Partner, Belle Harbor Advisors, Ltd. and former Chief Executive Officer, North America ABN Amro Bank N.V. Chicago, Ill.

WAYNE E. MATZKE, Vice Chairperson President & CEO, Grande Cheese Company, Lomira

ERIC P. STONE, Treasurer President, NEB Corporation, Fond du Lac

DAVID J. HORNUNG, Secretary President, Graphic Center, Inc., Fond du Lac

Trustees ANTHONY J. AHERN — Executive Vice President, J. F. Ahern Co. Pipe Fabrication Division, Fond du Lac RICHARD J. BAKER — President, Baker Cheese Factory, Inc., St. Cloud MARY NOEL BROWN, CSA — Executive Leader of Sponsorship, CSA Sponsorship Ministry, Fond du Lac JOEL I. COHEN — Retired Private Banker, New York, NY STEVEN R. DISALVO, Ph.D. — President, Marian University LANCE A. EHRKE — Chairman & CEO, Neurendo Pharma, Brookfield TERRI L. EMANUEL ’86 — Co-Owner/Operator, The Goldsmith, Fond du Lac JOHN M. KORB — Wells Fargo Advisors, Fond du Lac HERTHA LONGO, CSA ’71 — General Treasurer, Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes, Fond du Lac THOMAS E. PETRI — Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 6th District of Wisconsin, Fond du Lac ERIN P. RADEMANN — Co-Owner, Partners by Design & Fine Furnishings, Inc./Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer, Fond du Lac ANGELO J. SANTINELLI — Founder & Owner, Dakin Management, LLC, Sudbury, Mass; Lecturer, Babson University, Babson Park, Mass. MARK D. SCHWABERO — President, Mercury Marine, Fond du Lac JEAN STEFFES, CSA ’65 — Chancellor and Director of the Office of Religious, Diocese of Phoenix, Phoenix, Ariz. DAROLD A. TREFFERT, M.D. — Author and Psychiatrist, Behavioral Health Services, St. Agnes Hospital, Fond du Lac

Trustees Emeriti JOHN E. AHERN — Chairman, J.F. Ahern Co., Fond du Lac RICHARD C. KLEINFELDT — Retired Vice President–Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Giddings & Lewis, Inc., Fond du Lac RALPH C. STAYER — Chairman & CEO, Johnsonville Sausage, LLC, Sheboygan Falls PETER E. STONE — Chairman & CEO, National Exchange Bank & Trust, Fond du Lac



Marian Flashback

Marian students attend a co-ed class taught by Sr. Sharon McEnery in 1967, three years before the institution officially became coeducational.





45 S. National Ave. Fond du Lac, WI 54935-4699


Founded 1936 • Sponsored by the Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes

Anatomy of a

Marian Student Head:

Full of knowledge learned in the classroom and on campus


Found by our students; capable of changing the world


Broad enough to carry heavy loads, duties and responsibilities


Full of compassion and a dedication to service


Capable of reaching out, touching lives and building a better tomorrow

Your gift to the Marian University Annual Fund ensures the all-around development of each of our students. By providing for their academic, spiritual, physical and emotional needs, you are equipping them with the tools they will need to go forth and make a positive difference in this world.



Please consider making a tax-deductible investment in our students by calling the Office of Advancement at (920) 923-7676, or safely and securely online at

Marian Magazine - Fall 2012  
Marian Magazine - Fall 2012  

Catch up on the latest news and events happening on Marian's campus.