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IMC Campaign:

IDEA Show element of surprise in

ALASKA CREMA All-Purpose Cream

everyday meals

CLIENT: Lowe Philippines ACCOUNT: Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream Thesis Practicum for November 2011 De La Salle University-Manila (Jerome De Dios, Marian Ortiz, Roselle Silva, Nicole Uytengsu, Jay Zantua)

PRODUCT TRUTH Alaska Crema All-Purpose Cream is a cooking and baking ingredient that enhances the taste of a variety of food preparations ranging from soups, salads, and food dishes to desserts. CONSUMER INSIGHT “Gumagamit ako ng Alaska Crema kasi masarap at okay siyang gamitin sa pagluluto at mura pa! Tsaka, siyempre nanay ka, gusto mo araw-araw sinusorpresa mo sila sa mga niluluto mo kasi gusto mo yung naaappreciate ng pamilya mo eh.” BIG IDEA Sa dami ng pwedeng lutuin gamit ang Alaska Crema, araw-araw mong masusorpresa ang pamilya.

Since the foodcourt never runs out of people, the placement of this foodcourt table top will give the consumers the ‘feel’ of surprise even in ordinary days which is the promise givern by Alaska Crema All Purpose Crema.

Gondola Design Proposal for Supermarkets/Groceries

Foodcourt Tabletop

Proposed Packaging Design for ALASKA CREMA All-Purpose Cream

Booth Design Proposal for Supermarkets/Groceries

Actual Foodcourt Table with ad placement


IDEA raise money for SEADC and

DEAFTONES: Bandfest for the benefit of SEADC Support and Empower Abused Deaf Children Inc.

appreciate underground music more. Not everyone appreciates underground music or rock music, so the group organized an event that would bring together bands like Lions And Acrobats, Kapnobatai,Pitik etc. and play for the benefit of the Deaf. The event was called Deaftones was ironic because our beneficiary won’t be able to hear the music the bands play. However, audiences became more appreciative of loud music. The event gained profit and proceeds were given to the beneficiary. Guzia Cafe became more popular to bands and increased awareness through social media networks after the event.

VIP Guests and Beneficiary Representative

CLIENT: SEADC Organizers: Vincent Figueroa/ Marian Ortiz/Tiffany Ko/ Sabrina Sy/ Adrianne Ting/Jayvee Zantua

Venue:Guzia Cafe, Guijo St. Makati City


IDEA familiarize students more

Concepts including copy, ideas with execution

with the Advertising Program of the university

CLIENT: AdCreate Society ACCOUNT: CUBE Publication: Decoding Today’s Advertising Official Newsletter of AdCreate Society (School Organization for Advertising Majors)

A newsletter in a magazine format was conceptualized and published last January 2011 with the name “CUBE:Decoding Today’s Advertising”. The concept of cube or Rubik’s Cube is similar with the world of Advertising wherein we continue to ‘decode’ or discover new things or ideas whenever we form new lines.


To involve advertising students more and unleash their confidence, contests are held. For the first issue, the challenge was to take a wacky shot with an advertising professor which is a hard thing to do especially when one is shy around profs. However, the winner will have prizes and benefits in their class and major subjects.


Concepts including copy, ideas with execution CLIENT: Lowe Philippines ACCOUNT: CLOSE UP Unreleased concept for T-shirt design for victims of typhoon Pedring and reconstruction of Manila Bay. Included are the designs and concepts for booth design for the proposed event

IDEA It is similar to the existing Lovapalooza event, wherein couples gather in the area and celebrate love with kisses. This time, the event will be for Typhoon Pedring Victims. Statement shirts will be sold in the said event. The tagline “I Kissed for <insert cause here> engages an individual to participate in this event and have her own reason for why he/she got involved in the event, thus making it more ‘universal’ and not just limited with the typhoon crisis.


Art Direction and so much more. COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS ART DIRECTION: Marian Ortiz

FASHION Promotional photos for Sol: Made In Brazil College Party

BLACK AND WHITE Perspective and Distortion/Shadows Silhouettes


DON’T LOOK AT ME Depth of Field Photography

Art Direction and so much more. COLLECTION OF PHOTOGRAPHS ART DIRECTION: Marian Ortiz


FIRE OF MY LOINS Long Exposure


Art Direction and so much more.

CLIENT: Sol: Made In Brazil College Party Model: Tracy Torres

CLIENT: La Bella Vita Online Shop Models: Nikki Magbag, AC Carandang

Marian Ortiz CreativePortfolio  
Marian Ortiz CreativePortfolio  

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