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All Hail to Marian’s Crusaders. We Stand United Over All. Let’s Fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory Will be Junior Our Battle Edition Call. Power and Loyalty Will Conquer. he etwork Strong as our pride, which we Defend. So Let’s Fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory Will be Our Battle Call. All Hail to Marian’s Crusaders. We Stand United Over All. Let’s Fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory Will be Our Battle Call. Power and Loyalty Will Conquer. Strong as our pride, which we Defend. So Let’s Fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory Will be Our Battle Call. All Hail to Marian’s Crusaders. We Stand United Over All. Let’s Fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory Will be Our Battle Call. Power and Loyalty Will Conquer. Strong as our pride, which we Defend. So Let’s Fight forFieldMarian’s Crusaders. Victory Student Will be Day Evolution of Prom Ice Cream Dance p17 Gardeners Our Battle Call. Marian High School 7400 Military Avenue Omaha, NE 68134 402-571-2618

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April 2013


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The Network [ April ]

Downtown Stations of the Cross In front of the Douglas County prison, freshman Maia Delkamiller joins a few hundred people, including many Marian

students and faculty, in reading aloud the story of a struggling mother. On Good Friday, the Archdiocese of Omaha held the 35th Annual Walk For Justice and Stations of the Cross. Beginning at St. Mary Magdalene Church, walkers gathered to pray and commemorate Jesus’ journey to Calvary with the Stations of the Cross. The walk is set up to draw connections to and create awareness of modern injustices and suffering.

photo by ellentownley

Field Night Supplies Serving of Sweetness

laurentondl iamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Actually, let’s rephrase that. “Food and Field Day are a Marian girl’s best friends.” It’s that time of year again when the two greatest things known to Marian girls come together. “Field Night at eCreamery is awesome. Tons of girls are practicing their songs and getting pumped up,” Abby Jordan said. Jordan, a ‘96 Marian alum, is co-owner of eCreamery, and the whole process is truly special to her. “It reminds me of my days at Marian!” This will be the third year that Marian and eCreamery have teamed up, courtesy of Head of School Susan Toohey’s idea that a fundraiser be held to add a little extra flavor to Field Week festivities. On Field Night from 3:30-9:30 p.m., each class’s flavor will go on sale at eCreamery located at the corner of 50th and Dodge St. It is an understatement to


say that eCreamery scoops a lot of each ice crea within these six hours. Most of the time the majority of the classes’ flavors sell out. Of course, it would not be a true Marian fundraiser without a little friendly competition. On the mirror behind the counter at eCreamery, employees keep a running tally of each class’s total sales on Field Night alone. Don’t fret; the prize has nothing to do with Color Block. “We don’t give a prize to the winning class, but I remember from my Field Day the pride we felt was enough,” Jordan said. Marian gets to take home a little prize as well: 10 percent of the sales made within the six hours goes directly to Marian. This year, class officers strategized hard core to concoct the perfect ice cream flavor. Freshmen chose red velvet cake ice cream with blue sprinkles, titled “Five Star

Flavor.” Sophomores selected cake batter ice cream with brownie bites and fuchsia and gold sprinkles, named “Sugar Rush.” Juniors picked peanut butter ice cream with oreos, dubbed “Sandtrap.” Seniors took orange vanilla bean ice cream with cookie dough and graham cracker crumbs, labeled “A Scoop On The Wild Side.” Although every Marian girl wants to support her class, some aren’t afraid to buy a pint from another class. These delicious ice cream flavors, uniquely invented and named by each class from eCreamery’s seemingly endless selection of flavors and add-ins, aren’t available only on Field

Night. Students could pick up order forms from the office to sell pints to friends and family (“Girl Scout Cookie” style, as Jordan calls it). “The first year we didn’t sell pints prior to the event, and that has been an awesome addition since we added it the second year,” Jordan said. Pints went on sale for $7 each. Order forms were due to Marian by April 17 and will be delivered to students on Walls Night, April 23. The Field Day eCreamery fundraiser has really brought a fun, new tradition to Marian that will be continued for years to come. Whether you’re checking in, sweetening up, teeing off, or searching for spirit, you can find your fix at eCreamery in all of these delicious flavors.

Marian Girl Turned Star

Tara Vaughan ’06 Turns Her Dreams Into Reality


few of her college friends. They played ever since she can remember. Music had around town and in bars free of charge. always been a part of her life, but when After college, she got to college she Vaughan moved grew tired of it. She back to Omaha thought her musical and she wasn’t passion had come to exactly sure what an end, until one night path she would her friend convinced travel. One her to see an acapella night, her friend concert. She fell in love convinced her to with the last group that do an acoustic performed and joined performance at a them as their music bar in town. She director for seven was surprised semesters. when she earned “That concert is what Tara Vaughan ‘06 $75 for her perforrekindled my love for mance, and it was then she realized that music,” Vaughan said. After her acapella she could make music her career. “This experience, she formed a band with a

Who Parks in the New Lot?

photo by noraneary

noraneary arian’s most recent Lunch With a Leader speaker, Tara Vaughan, showed students that there is power in believing in their dreams. Tara Vaughan, an ‘06 Marian graduate, is a freelance musical artist finding gigs all around the United States. She has played at bars, music venues, and opened for other artists. “You have to put yourself out there and be pushy,” Vaughan said. She has learned to be outgoing and unafraid of approaching strangers. “Being your own manager requires you to step outside your comfort zone and defy the social norms for girls such as: being quiet, submissive, or generally agreeable,” Vaughan said. Vaughan has been interested in music

18% Have parked in the new lot

photo source: source: 259 student responses in the April network survey

Have thought about it but haven’t


was the turning point in my life when I realized what I really wanted to do as my job,” Vaughan said. The Tara Vaughan Band was recently nominated for two Omaha entertainment awards. They opened for Lifehouse and their newest CD is played regularly on 89.7 “The River.” After her touring days are over, she plans to open her own teaching studio or go back to school to get her Masters in music therapy. Vaughan is an example of the cliché but honest phrase, “Marian girls are confident, independent, thinking leaders.” You can check her out on Facebook or iTunes. You can also find showtimes and new music on her website

58% Have not

graphic by reillymeyer

24% Are dropped off at school

The Network [ April ]

Speaking of Nationals: Speech Team Prepares for Three National Tournaments


laurenkoperski he speech team has had a successful season, Nominated members for the NCFL tournament competing at local tournaments and most include freshmen Allison Kmiecik and Claire Davis, recently placing fourth at state. Because of who will be performing declamation pieces, and their success during the year, select members of the juniors Sarah Brashear and Julianne Faur. Davis team have qualified to advance to nationals. Marian’s explains that qualifying for nationals is an enormous speech team, under the direction of Mr. Luke Oshonor and privilege. Only a select few are able to trander, will be represented at three forensic national qualify for nationals, and the whole team supports tournaments this summer. them. “It’s fun to watch teamThe National Individmates perform,” Davis said. ual Events Tournament of Sophomore Julia Tatten atChampions (NIETOC) will tended this national tournament be held in San Antonio, TX last year and saw the experience from May 9-13. To qualify as an opportunity to increase her for the national tournament, awareness of various speaking one must make finals at styles. Tatten brought ideas back NIETOC qualification tourto the team for this year and has naments at least twice in the been a leader as a speech team same event. This summer is “Mama.” the first time Marian will be The National Forensic League participating at NIETOC. (NFL) will be holding a tourna“It’s a really big deal to go ment in Birmingham, AL from to any national tournament,” June 16-22. To qualify, students junior Sarah Brashear said. have attended a 14-hour tourBrashear will be performing nament in which advancement a humorous interpretation depended greatly upon placepiece based on the novel ment and rank. Eliminating Cloudy with a Chance of contestants who had placed twice Successful Smiles. NebrasBoys by Megan McDonald. in the bottom half of the round, ka qualifiers for the National Junior Andrea Dai will be the competition was arranged so Forensic League tournament performing dramatic interprethat speakers would compete until tation about a girl slowly losing pose together, celebrating their only six members remained in each advancement after qualifying at her mind; Julianne Faur, also a event. From these six, only the top Lincoln Southwest on Feb. 23. junior, will be performing an two would be eligible to advance to Junior Sarah Brashear is picoriginal oratory piece about nationals. Brashear is also excited tured center front. Photo courtewomen in politics at the tourto travel to nationals with some of sy of Luke Ostrander. nament as well. her best friends from other schools. In Philadelphia, PA from Around 120,000 students May 24-27, a national tournacompete in the NFL nationals. This ment will be hosted by the National Catholic Forensummer, junior Sarah Brashear will be performing sic League (NCFL). Marian has competed in NCFL her humorous interpretation piece, as well as poetry every year since 2001. Coaches nominate students and storytelling pieces at this elite competition. to qualify for this tournament based on the season’s Speech members hope their experiences at nationperformance. From the nominated students, the top als will encourage growth. Ostrander said, “For the speakers from each region of the country are selected team, we try to come back with inspiration and ideas by a panel of coaches to compete nationally. for pieces for the next school year.”

Hearts of Marian Offers a Haven from Stress madisonkenney


ooking for a break from the stresses of the end of the school year? Or maybe a way to reconnect with God? A little known club, Hearts of Marian, can offer you these things and much more. Though you may have heard of the name in passing, few girls actually know what goes on in the weekly meetings of this club. Hearts of Marian, which was started last year, meets every week on Wednesdays in the chapel after school. It is a time to take a break from the busyness and stresses of every-

day life and to focus on prayer. “As teenagers, you give so much time to everything... sometimes it’s really exhausting. Hearts of Marian is a time to come and just receive.... it’s a time for you to be quiet and just build your relationship with God,” Mrs. Susan Heim said. Mrs. Heim leads Hearts of Marian along with three other moms, Mrs. Ahsan, Mrs. Vosik, and Mrs. Stahlnecker. Every meeting opens with prayer. The moms choose a different theme each week. Attendees typically watch a video, listen to a scripture passage, or

participate in a meditation, One of the most meaningful times for many of the girls is the journaling time. It is an opportunity to quiet down and listen to God. Then everyone is given a chance to share what was journaled in a group discussion. “My favorite part is discussion time because it is very open,” sophomore Sadie Ahsan said. The meetings close with a unique type of prayer. Each of the girls attending gets prayed over. It is a special prayer said just for you- a chance to have an individual moment with God. Sophomore

Lizzy Van Dyke explains it this way, “That’s when we lay a hand on one person and we intercede for the Holy Spirit. We receive an image or phrase and we won’t have any idea what it means for us, but it touches the girl’s heart in the perfect way.” Everyone is encouraged to give Hearts of Marian a try. You can attend every week or whenever it fits into your schedule. It is a chance to take a break from everyday life and focus on God. According to Heim, “It’s a cool place to gather and be yourself and just receive God’s love.”

News [ 3 ]

Meet Mr. Deibler Marian’s New Technology Director

• Real name is William. • From Garner, Iowa. • A graduate from the University of Northern Iowa. He received a Bachelor of Arts and Business Management. • Favorite food: Pizza • Favorite App: Apps Gone Free (An app that tells you when priced apps go free). • Favorite animal: Dog. • Hobby: Four-wheeling. • Interesting fact: He has 15 uncles and aunts. • Job Description: In charge of making sure everything runs smoothly and helps with Marian’s technology budget. • Current task: Transfer all the staff ’s data onto the new 40+ laptops they recently received. • Aspirations: He hopes to get a permanent parking spot, rather than searching for a spot in upper lot. lauraburnett

Party in the UN: Junior Addie Curley

Sparks Interest in a New Activity evynwatts ngaging yourself to the events and issues occurring today is an essential starting point in making a difference in the world. When she was a sophomore, Addie Curley showed a similar interest through her formation of a Model United Nations (UN) group at Marian. However, It wasn’t fully recognized until her junior year. “I’ve always been interested in global politics, and after I went to the National Student Leadership Conference on International Diplomacy, I decided I wanted to bring it to Marian,” Curley said. “Model United Nations is a simulation of the real United Nations. Schools send delegates to represent different countries in various committees and try to solve global issues such as hunger, the status of women, weapon manufacturing, etc. The end product is a draft resolution that gets voted on by the committee, which may or may not be passed,” Curley said. However, a draft resolution does not usually get read by an official UN member. “The main purpose is to get people more comfortable with speaking in front of a group of people, and also to get them more aware of what’s going on in the world. We have to research our countries and use that information to decide what our country would do to solve that problem in real life,” Curley said. “My favorite part


is meeting other people and working with them. I think it’s really cool that everyone at these conferences are people who want to make a difference in the world,” she said. The Model UN team had its first conference on April 10 in Kansas City. Social studies teacher, Mrs. Kim Remmick traveled with a team of juniors: Addie Curley, Jill Salerno, Monica Spence, Lauren Tondl, Simone Duryea, and Carly Steinauer. The other students that attended this conference were from the Kansas City area. Monica Spence reflected off the conference as an incredible experience.“I definitely learned a lot, and I have so much respect for the UN now. It is so difficult to find a common group for so many people with different views,” Spence said. Throughout the year, students involved in Model UN develop a better sense of various issues countries are facing. “We have about 30 girls who have expressed interest in it. We meet every couple of weeks, or as we need them, mostly to get out more information about conferences,” Curley said. “As of right now, I’m not sure what the plan is for next year, but if we have a large group of girls seriously interested, it will be open to anyone willing to put in the time and effort,” Curley said.

P. A. C. Construction Update! Catwalk. The catwalk overlooks the stage area and seats. This is where the backstage crew will assist with lighting and make sure the production goes smoothly. Orchestra Pit. The orchestra pit sits in front of the stage and it’s where Marian’s instrumentalists will perform accompaniment for the musicals and other events. photos by meghanschumacher & marenhaddad

Music Room. The new instrumental music room has been built for musicians to exhibit and practice their talents. Just like the new music room, the classrooms in the new performing arts center wil have a brightly-colored accent wall.

The Network [ April ]

[ 4 ] Opinion

Orange You Glad You Didn’t Get a Spray Tan?

Gellin’ with McClellan erinmcclellan


t’s that time of year again. Colorful dresses hang on the lockers, stories of how girls asked their dates to prom circulate the halls, and suddenly Marian girls lose their normal skin tone and look as if a pre-schooler has taken an orange marker and colored all over their bodies. I will admit I am biased toward this practice of dying one’s skin color. I have never tried self-tanning lotion, nor have I walked into a salon to obtain that infa-

mous bronze shimmer. I have honestly never understood the logic of a spray tan. Why artificially color your skin only to have it resemble one of Willy Wonka’s famous Oompa Loompas? I understand that throughout the winter we tend to lose our sun-kissed glow, but is artificially coloring our skin to such an unnatural degree really necessary? In an effort to more clearly understand why Marian girls dye their skin, I decided to brainstorm a list of pros and cons. However, I could only come up with one pro and an endless list of cons. Here was my first and only pro: legs are no longer pale and pasty. This pro then led to an endless number of cons. The first con is what if the spray tan doesn’t turn out the way you wanted? Are orange legs better than pasty legs? I sup-

pose it is a matter of personal preference. I prefer the more natural, pasty-looking skin tone. I have fair skin and would not obtain a tan if I doused my body with Banana Boat tanning oil and laid out for two hours during late July. It is April, there was snow on the ground two weeks ago, and no one is supposed to look tan because no one lays out to “catch some rays” when it is barely 50 degrees outside. Another con is uneven skin tones. Unexfoliated skin leads to darker, uneven shades of color. Sometimes the legs and arms turn out great, but take a closer look at the hands and feet, and they are nearly three shades darker! It seems as though a “good spray tan” is nonexistent, or maybe the only ones that get noticed are the bad ones. I personally do not know the best way to

obtain a socially acceptable spray tan or if a socially acceptable spray tan even exists. True, spraying your skin orange is healthier than baking yourself in one of those tanning machines. But still, you look orange. The sad truth is that even though we are confident, independent thinking leaders, we are not confident in our own skin. Literally. It’s disheartening that we are so caught up in our appearances that we feel the need to dye our legs and arms a different color. We must be confident and comfortable in our own skin. We need to learn to embrace ourselves no matter what the season and no matter what our skin color. So on prom night, and every other night for that matter, don’t be afraid to wear those pasty legs with pride.

What Do You Think Is the Most Important Part of Field Day? Ms. Kathy Tocco, Religion Teacher: “I think the most important thing about Field Day is how so many of the girls sacrifice their own time, opinions, and wills for the good of the whole. Cooperation through good communication produces success, no matter what the results are.”

Sophomore Paige Maass: “Demonstration is important because it ties all of our hard work together and truly shows class unity.”

Junior Kristin Belitz: “I think class unity and leadership skills are the most important parts of Field Week.”

Freshman Kaitlyn Pfannenstiel: “I think the most important part is getting to know everyone in my class, even though there are 200 of us. Communication and teamwork are really important, too. Also, being able to use your individual talents to make everything come together plays a great part in Field Day.”

Senior Kayla Celello: “I think Walls is important because it excites everyone and sets the tone for how the rest of Field Week will be.”

graphic by mikaylasahm & honorfredrick

Don’t Sell Yourself Short on Long Dress Choices ryanbroniecki


n the years leading up to the start of my high school career, I've always been in awe with the idea of a long, glamorous dress for my prom. As a little girl you could always find me in my mom's closet, putting on her clothes, or playing dress up with my princess dresses. My ideal prom consisted of me being one of many girls dancing and twirling around in a long, flowy dress surrounded by twinkling lights and a rockin' DJ. Finally, the spring of my junior year was upon me, and it was time to pick out my dream dress.

Many ideas swam through my head of what my first prom dress would look like. After countless hours of surfing the web I eventually came across a beautiful, sizzling red dress with a sweetheart cut and a subtle slit. It was perfect. Unfortunately, that built-up facade was shattered when it was my turn to “say yes to the dress.” After talking to upperclassmen and my close friends, I realized that short dresses were winning the hearts of Marian girls by a landslide. The first thought that occurred to me when I heard these debates was, “Why?

The Network

Prom is supposed to be long dresses. Who wouldn't want to wear a long gorgeous gown?” In the last couple of years, shorter dresses have become more popular in the prom scene. As high school girls, we have the opportunity to attend a multitude of dances including homecoming, winter formals, spring flings and prom. Out of all these dances, prom is the only dance where a long dress is truly acceptable, so why not take this opportunity? Although I understand why girls who are shorter prefer not to look like they're

The Network is a monthly publication of the journalism students at Marian High School, Nebraska’s only Class A, Catholic, North Central Accredited college preparatory school for girls. The Network is a member of the N.H.S.P.A, N.S.P.A. and the C.S.P.A. As tradition, the seniors in Journalism II allow the junior Journalism I students the opportunity to display what they have learned in a showcase issue, the April Issue. It is our goal to provide an accurate and informative news source for the student community. Opinions expressed on the opinion pages do not necessarily represent those of the entire community. Students, faculty, and friends are invited to voice their opinion in Letters to the Editors. All letters must be typed, signed, and sent to: The Network, Marian High School 7400 Military Ave. Omaha, NE 68134 Follow us! Twitter: @MHSbeat Or e-mailed to us at: Visit our website: Instagram: @thenetworkstaff An electronic version of this paper can be found at: netpaper

drowning in a longer dress, I insist that it's not impossible to pull off. When wearing a long dress, you feel sophisticated and polished. When I put on my red dress I feel more important and more special. It is a more beautiful and more mature choice compared to a short dress. Juniors and seniors have a chance to feel more elegant when wearing a long dress. As the only formal dance, I believe in and encourage long dresses for this occasion. Every girl should seize the opportunity to dance the night away in an exquisite, long dress.

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Opinion [ 5 ]

The Network [ April ]

Experience the World:

Marian Offers Students Priceless Travel Opportunities hannahhertel & courtneywarren


earn to flamenco in Malaga. Check. Paint a church in the Domincan Republic. Check. Take a walk through Montreal’s Old Port Village. Check. Lay out on the beach of the Galapagos Islands. Check. Experiencing new cultures, gaining unsermountable knowledge, and making friendships that encircle the globe. Priceless. Girls are checking all of these and more off their bucket lists in their four years at Marian. This can be attributed to the wide range of trips Marian offers. This past year, students have traveled to California, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Spain, among others. Sure, you’ve heard of all these trips over the announcements or seen them in the bulletin, but have you thought about applying? If not, we highly encourage that you do. There is so much to be gained by immersing yourself in foreign cultures. Traveling provides students with a new appreciation for what the world has to offer, increased awareness of foreign countries, the opportunity to meet new people in all

graphic by maddiegrace walks of life, adventures, and of course, lifetime memories. Having gone on trips ourselves, we experienced the benefits of traveling with Marian firsthand. In our travels, we learned many valuable life lessons. Most importantly, we learned to appreciate culture. On every trip, students find themselves in environments unfamiliar to their own. New travelers learn to adapt and thrive in foreign cultures by interacting with natives. Marian girls learn the importance of being smart in unfamiliar situations, and they learn to problem solve. In trips to foreign countries, students are able to put their foreign language skills to the test. The advantages of traveling are numerous. Aside from all the fun the girls have, the life experiences they gain when traveling run deep. If you have the opportunity to travel, whether it be with Marian or with your family, take it! Put yourself out there and experience life. Worldwide travel is a priceless learning experience few have the opportunity to enjoy.

Restrain the Zombie Students Marian Girls Work Themselves to the Limit


adies, you are sick. You are tripping down the stairs because you can’t see due to all maddiegrace these sneezing Amazing Grace attacks. You are the incarnations of Rudolph, with your bright red noses and puffy eyes. You have four feet radii around yourselves as you walk down the halls. You are even carrying your own Kleenex box. The student population is truly inspiring in the way that we beat ourselves up to continue learning. If we haven’t been that girl, we’ve all at least seen her. She’s dead on her feet with an illness, trying not to get behind on homework. The reality is, girls rarely just skip school for fun. One girl I know that has stayed home for no great reason admitted to coming back three blocks into the day out of guilt of getting behind. I admit, free days truly aren’t free. Marian’s curriculum doesn’t quite allow for girls to frequently take mental health days, but that’s exactly why we need them. Sick students: go home and feel better. Eat all the chicken noodle soup you can and watch as many Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

My Sincere Compliments to Servite Gentlemen


mmediately even know how to react. Chivalry after landing in isn’t dead! Anaheim this While on an exchange at Servite spring break, I make in Anaheim, California, my eyes my way toward were opened. Common courtesy Servite High School. still exists in teenage boys! I madisenwaters Stepping on the couldn’t believe how polite and Just Add Water genuinely kind everyone was at beautiful campus filled with almost Servite. Good manners are the 1,000 teenage guys, a norm? Gasp! Maybe it’s the Servite standard, but in door is magically held open for me. Next, Omaha, I traditionally open doors myself numerous students offer me their seats and pay for my own breakfast burritos. I and introduce themselves. When an adult enters the room, everyone stands as a sign don’t expect anything more. I’m just used used to it. My guy friends are cool and all, of respect. This is so foreign to me, I don’t

reruns as your mind can take. You deserve it! Now, I’m not saying that entirely blowing off tomorrow’s Pre-Calc test in favor of sleeping 12+ hours is in your best interest. But whatever happened to making sure we get nine hours of sleep, a balanced breakfast, and the required amount of vitamin C? Didn’t our parents repeatedly tell us to do that? Or are those just some of my lazy habits? I encourage my reader to acknowledge that wearing herself out with work, friends, and staying afloat in school is truly not good for her. We all need to try the best we can, but know that we aren’t all perfect. So go home when you have a fever and can’t focus in class. Taking a day off and getting better quickly is far more efficient than continually struggling through the week, half learning classwork and half in a dazed, clogged up fog because of a NyQuil overdose. So no, don’t choose two: a social life, good grades, and enough sleep. Even thinking you can only achieve two of these is going to stress you out beyond belief. Girls have managed in the past, and we can now. Now go and get nine hours of sleep, because I can’t afford to catch your germs.

but going to California made me realize that there are teenage boys out there that possess some serious manners. I don’t expect a red carpet, but I always welcome courtesy with open arms. Every meal I ate, my host paid for without questioning it. I had multiple secret attempts to try to buy my own souvenirs, but he rushed to the register and insisted on purchasing everything. Once I got away with buying a $6 t-shirt from the Servite bookstore, but that’s the only thing I recall being able to buy on my own. By no means am I complaining, I honestly appreciated everything, but I was

simply not accustomed to teenage boys behaving in this manner. I made so many new friends at Servite because of how outgoing and friendly everyone was. I didn’t even have time to feel awkward when I arrived. Sure, I’m a girl in an all guys’ school, but I applaud their efforts to even begin a conversation with me. There was the occasional “Do you go cow-tipping?” or “How much corn do you eat in Nebraska?”, but overall I was treated with respect and courtesy. Omaha guys - take notes - my standards have been raised dramatically after visiting Servite.

ety requirements take at least a month to meet, in addition to keeping up with school and social life. The National English Honor Society takes grades from freshman year on into consideration. Some honor societies are changing their requirements this year. The Spanish and French branches of the National Language Honor Society are changing the grade requirements to be more in line with the national standards. The Latin branch is keeping its requirements the same, but it requires Junior Classical League (Latin Club) involvement. It’s also important for scheduling purposes. The National Science Honor Society, Rho Kappa (the social studies honor society) and the Quill and Scroll (journalism honor society) require students to take

specific classes, especially senior year. Rho Kappa and the International Thespian Society are two new honor societies starting at Marian this year. If girls were told freshman year or given a handout with requirements needed for the eight honor society chapters Marian offers, many of these girls could be members. Higher membership rates look good for Marian, and girls would benefit because of the scholarships offered in conjunction with the honor society membership. Girls deserve to know what’s expected of them in order to be in honor societies. Marian needs to do a better job of informing underclassmen of the requirements toward which they should be working in their time throughout high school.

Marian Must Inform Students About Honor Society Opportunities sarahwangler


its student body of requirements for them. y the time junior year rolls around, Especially if that information came more most girls are pretty confident in than two weeks before the application their knowledge of the opportunideadline. Girls should know that a B in ties offered at Marian. However, there are one class could be the difference between a few opportunities that are obscure to a membership and non-membership. majority of the Marian community. Simply informing students that honor An honor society is a recognition of societies exist isn’t enough. Each society outstanding achievement in either acahas different requirements for memberdemics or community involvement. Most ship. Therefore each society takes different honor societies are unknown until girls get amounts of time and energy for qualifia note in homeroom with an application, cation. Mu Alpha Theta (the math honor due in one week. Many girls miss out on society) is largely grade based, where the opportunities to be a part of honor societInternational Thespian Society is based on ies because they don’t have enough time to amount of participation in Marian perachieve everything necessary to qualify for forming arts, which are extra curriculars. membership. It’s important for girls to be informed More students could join honor sociof requirements and have enough time to eties if Marian faculty and staff informed meet them. The National Honor SociMu Alpha Theta International Thespian Society Math Honor Society Active participation in performing art at Completed through Advanced Algebra 221 3.75 cumulative math GPA Willing to take part in contests


National Honor Society

3.8 GPA 15 hours of community service in one location One leadership position 15 hours of participation in 2 different Marian activities

Honor Society Requirements

National Science Honor Society 1 honors science class A- in all semesters of science

National Language Honor Societies A average in all semseters of a language Latin: active in JCL

National English Honor Society A in 5 semesters of English classes Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society

4.00 GPA in Social Sciences Classes 3.75 GPA overall Must take a Social Sciences Class senior year Community service (specifics to be determined)

Quill and Scroll Journalism Honor Society Must be enrolled in journalism class Ranked in upper 1/3 of grade

graphic by sarahwangler

The Network [ April ]

[ 6 ] Opinion

Newest Competitive Arena: Marian Parking Spaces

Tondl Time laurentondl


wake up promptly at 6:30 a.m. five days a week, except for Wednesdays. I leave my house at 7 a.m., which seems early to me because Dodge Street isn’t backed up to Elkhorn. As I drive on my merry way to school blasting One Direction (yes, I admit, I am a hard core directioner) in the forever bipolar Nebraska weather, I daydream about how short my walk is going to be from my basically-guaranteed spot in upper lot into school. I turn down my music considerably as I drive into school and follow the line of cars through the performing arts center parking lot. And then I see it. The blue flag of doom. You’re kidding me. Most of the time, flags are to be celebrated and represent something great. But not this flag. This wonderful blue Marian flag is cruelly mocking me saying, “Good morning! One parking spot for you in upper lot. One for you. And four for you! You go, person that got here at 6 a.m.! One for you! And none for Lauren Tondl. Goodbye.” (If you didn’t get my Mean Girls reference, I question your sanity.) I check the clock on my car dash, and I am appalled by what I see. It’s 7:17. How can upper lot possibly be filled at this early hour? School doesn’t start for a good 35 minutes. That’s plenty of time to waste doing something pointless or, just spit balling here, sleep. What happened to the good old days when the “L” wasn’t starting to fill up until 7:35? What reason

can students possibly have to get to school this early? Don’t we want to be here for as little time as possible? I do understand the meetings, Field Day functions, practices, and homework you didn’t do last night, but some students get here solely to have a spot in upper lot. I do know Marian has a rich tradition of competition, but I didn’t think parking lot spaces were on the list as well. It is for a valid reason: parking spaces have lowered considerably for students since the teachers invaded our beloved lot when theirs was destroyed. Mad love to the performing arts center, but let’s face the facts. Students are becoming insecure about the parking lot. We’re all so worried about getting that spot so we don’t have to walk up Mount Everest, a.k.a. soph lot. What I say is, suck it up! We have a little bit longer until the parking situation is back to (somewhat) normal. We’ll have about the same amount of spots back or possibly more before we know it. But for now, let’s just calm down. A trek up soph lot is good exercise for us all anyways. And let’s not forget that we have Van Man to come to our rescue as well as a generous sliver east of the cones in the new PAC parking lot. Some have meetings every morning, and kudos to you for being an involved high schooler. Some stubbornly sleep in until the last possible minute and thus get demoted to a parking spot by the tennis courts. Then there are those people who get here early just to get here and to them I say, sleep must be low on your totem pole. But what if we could all hold hands, sing songs, and make upper lot once again an uncompetitive arena? In a perfect world, the crowd who gets to school early just for a coveted spot in upper lot would be eliminated. Marian girls could go back to getting to school at their own special time, and each would be happy with her parking spot whether it be two steps away from the front doors, in the “L”, or in the last spot in soph lot. Just because our parking lot was altered doesn’t mean we need to alter our sleeping schedule. We all need to take a step back and realize that our parking spaces, however valuable they are, all lead to the same place: school.

Prom Dress Shopping Keeping it all in perspective... $599

cartoon by lorinevole

The Achievements of Overachieving

cassidyschlosser s I flip through my school agenda, I get overwhelmed as I notice I’m booked until the end of the school year. Momentarily, I freak out, but then I remember what my dad always says, “Overachieving is the key to success in life.” I live my life always pushing myself to succeed at as many things as possible. Being an overachiever is not just for a crowded college resume, but for success in the future. According to, the word overachiever is defined as, “to perform, especially academically, above the potential indicated by tests of one’s mental ability or aptitude.” Pushing yourself more than beyond social norms is the only way to improve yourself. It feels great to know that while you have probably a little too much on your plate, the hard work pays off when you notice that your grades, pirouettes, and fastest sprint time are all improving. While all of these skills are improving, so is character. Time management skills are learned and prioritizing becomes second nature. By pushing yourself, you may feel stressed at times but you learn how to handle stress in an appropriate way. Pushing yourself creates a well rounded individual who knows how to handle situations in the future. High school is the time to experiment, learn and create fond memories. My motto is, “hard work pays off.” I want to accept many opportunities now because they will not be there for long. With only four years of high school, you need to be involved as much as possible and not take any opportunity for granted. Being involved is the fastest way to figure out what activities you enjoy and knowing what you would like to do as a career, resulting in a job you love. My


dream is to be in a fast- paced, professional occupation, with the opportunity for financial and emotional success. By setting high goals now, I have a better chance at being successful and happy later in life. Being on-the-go all the time does not leave me much free time. When boredom does come my way, I resort to filling my mind with waste-of-time reality television to keep me busy. Without it, I would not be as healthy and would be extremely unproductive. Being involved keeps kids out of trouble and helps them maintain an active, productive life. Through pushing myself to have a part-time job, being on the Track and Dance Team, keeping up with school, staying on National Honor Society, maintaining a social life, volunteering, and joining as many random clubs that come my way, I feel fulfilled. I have learned time and stress management, and am truly experiencing high school. I will be able to handle any situation that comes my way. Being an overachiever has truly helped me determine what I want to do with my life. I also realize that, “you only live once,” and you have to experience as much as possible while you can. In the future as I look back on high school, I will have no regrets and lasting memories because of my over-involvement. I have no doubt that the phrase, “overachieving is the key to success in life,” is absolutely true.

If You Give A Student Homework:

Being Over-Involved Leads to Health Issues christinachapman


s I scroll through my Twitter timeline, I see a tweet from one of my favorite accounts (@TweetLikeAGirl) and I stop what I’m doing to read it. School: please get a full night of sleep School: but don’t forget to do 876543 hours of homework School: and study for tests School: be a well rounded student by joining clubs School: and participating in sports so you don’t come home until 6p.m. School: but make sure you eat a full meal in the morning School: kids need a balanced diet School: here, eat cardboard with red paint, it’s called “pizza” I laughed. Although some of that is exaggerated, the point of the tweet is true: it’s impossible to be an overachieving A+ honor-roll team captain perfect student, with perfect health, a social life, a family life, and a sleep life. School is similar to the popular children’s story, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. If teachers give students homework, they will have to stay up late for club meetings, sports practices, and jobs. If students stay up late, then that means they don’t get enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, then all you want to do the next morning is sleep.

When you sleep in, you have to rush to get ready and miss breakfast. When you miss breakfast, you get hungry. When you get hungry, you want a snack. When you sneak a snack, you have to miss out on important notes and run the risk of getting a point. When you miss the important notes for a test the next day, you have to get the notes from your friend. When you get the notes and copy them down, you take away time from studying for other classes. And when you stay up late studying for the other classes, the vicious cycle starts all over again. I know from personal experience (as most of us do) that not getting enough sleep can lead to getting sick. If I get overly tired and don’t catch up on sleep, I am bound to get sick. Since I have an immune-deficiency problem, I have to take special measures to make sure that I get enough sleep. Teachers seem oblivious to the fact that we have seven other classes. If teachers were more aware of the students’ other classes, then maybe they wouldn’t give so much homework. It often feels like I am having to pick between sleep, homework, and my health. So maybe being involved in every club and sport, being in all honors classes, and having a job isn’t the best idea out there. Now you ask yourself, what is the best idea? The best idea is to find out where your strong suit is. If it is being a leader, then maybe you should be involved with student council; if it is basketball, then try out for the school’s basketball team; if you are really good at math, then try being in the honors math class or being a tutor. It is better to be amazing at one thing than mediocre at five things.

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A Preference For iPads


t is said that we fear that which we don’t understand. Whether this is an issue as existential as “Is there an afterlife? Is there an end to this vast universe?” or as blatant as, “Why on this Earth would iPads be useful to our school?”, it’s natural to feel some uneasiness over a monumental change such as this. As with every major decision in any corporation or functioning body of persons, options were weighed and evaluated to ensure that they benefit the whole environment of all those affected. Next year every student, save the Class of 2014, will have the payment for the necessary iPads added into their tuitions on a two-year lease program.


opinion by maddiegrace

However, students will not be the only ones adjusting to this new development in Marian’s education; its faculty must as well. Through this year and for the duration of the summer, our faculty will be adapting their previous curriculum to ensure that the iPads will be useful not only to play the oh-so-addicting Temple Run, but also in the act of preparing students for the advancements in technology. These progressions will inevitably be affecting our futures in education. Teachers will be able to have new apps for students to download and use based on how they pertain to the class and our education. The technology staff and student

TARs have been working diligently to allow this transition to be as smooth and beneficial as possible. It is easy to see how this decision was made, taking into account the paper we will save, the amount of weight the average student won’t have to carry, and how Marian will be able to provide an even more advanced education. This update to our school’s technology will be a change for us all. Cooperation and positivity is key in order for this to be a great experience for everyone! This decision and shift towards more technology will benefit Marian in more ways than one.

When Finger Convos Are Appropriate


Too Much Competition?

exting isn’t always the best option. Of course, it comes in handy when you’re in an environment that isn’t suitable for a phone conversation, like a noisy, public place or an uncomfortably quiet car ride with...‘friends’. Sometimes, it’s appropriate to text your words. Other times, it’s nice to speak them. When you are picking up United States a friend at their of Maria house, instead mariamathey of sending them a text, why don’t you try the old fashioned way-walk up to their door? It’s a nice way to show you care and maybe even score some etiquette points with their parents. When you have a lot to say, how about you make a phone call? I know that when I receive a super long text message, I usually get mad at whoever sent it. I don’t want to take 10 minutes to reply to that in text, so I’ll probably send back a “K.” Then, that answer will normally make whoever sent it angry because they were probably looking for a longer response. Just call me or don’t talk to me. Spare me the text and give me a ring. If you are bored and you send me a “What’s up?”, and all you are looking for is a conversation over text, get lost. I will not participate. This is not seventh grade anymore, and I’m probably not just lying around my house waiting for your text. Next time you think about sending a text ask yourself, “Would it be more polite if I said this in person?” or “Should I have this conversation over text and end up stretching it out 20 minutes when it could be spoken in 2?” Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Texting isn’t always the best option.

Big Sister Program Potentially Adds to Class Rivalries


necessarily caused class cared, confused, rivalries, but it has worried. These are added to the tension the feelings of many among the classes. freshmen as they walk “Our big sisters,” through the double doors “Little sisters.” These on the first day of school familiar cheers are hardly knowing anyone. meant to cheer on our However, there is one Stuva’s Scoop “partners,” but why don’t person a freshman will we cheer for everyone? know for sure: her big meganstuva Big sisters look out for sister. their little sisters and There are some leave the other classes in the dust. changes that have been made to the Big The all important event in the Marian Sister Program in the last year. Incoming freshmen will no longer have a “big sister.” community is Field Week. It allows students to come together through many There are groups of sophomores that will have a group of incoming freshmen as activities such as: walls, demo, judges’ their partners. I don’t think this will hurt booklet, cheerleading, tug of war, and or help school unity. The two classes will costumes. Everyone has the opportunity still be joined together through activities to try something new and get to know the such as the ice cream social. girls in their class a little better. Students The Big Sister Program helps the have to learn to communicate with freshmen feel more comfortable stepping each other and work together to reach a common goal. into the next big phase of their lives. The Passing of the parks is an essential part program itself is intended to join girls of Field Week. Big sisters pass “their park” from different classes together. It hasn’t


the lovely day of intense competition. The compassionate side of me says that these Field Day Haters should be able to sit out because they don’t like the competition. Some girls even get anxiety about walking down those bleacher stairs at Creighton to perform the class Demo. Although I could not personally relate to the Freshman On Broadway lyrics, “Have you ever had awful stagefright?” there are people who are afraid of performing on Field Day. Something that causes so much angst should not be required, but it is and for good reason. Field Day is a tradition that should bring joy and unity. If helping build the mascot during Field Week gives you that sense of joy and unity, go for it! If helping to create an intricate Judges’ Booklet masterpiece is your calling, more power to you. The crazed Field Day zombie side of me says the Field Day Haters should sit out for more reasons than just because

Catheirne Mormino ‘16


Ms. Motykowski

e os

Field Day: Go Hard or Go Home

ield Day is that traditional first Friday in May, excuse me, now the last Friday in April that, for a girl like me, is the day thought about at least nine times a day. Until recently, I assumed that all Marian girls were like me- Field Day Lovers. Little did I know, there are haters out there, girls who don’t like the chaotic competition. It’s a weird thing to think about, but some girls simply don’t think Field Day is fun. If this is your first time hearing Field Day isn’t the best day of everyone’s lives, I know how you’re feeling. Take a deep breath. For me, it’s just hard to think that the day I love and look forward to more than Christmas, is dreaded by actual people. People I know. Even members of my beloved Class of 2014. It’s tragic. These Field Day Haters don’t have an option. They can’t remove themselves from


Avery Shepherd ‘16


No napping while your committee works







graphic by annakrettek


No TP’ing


Field Day Etiquette

down to their little sisters Field Night of senior year. Everyone wants the best park because that is what makes Field Night so great, right? In reality, Field Night is fun because of the girls you’re with, not because of where you are. The competitions during Field Week are part of what makes Marian and Field Day so great, but the classes can compete without putting each other down and sabotaging each other. The Big Sister Program is great because juniors love having the opportunity to get a little sister and the freshmen get the chance to form friendships with the upperclassmen. The program only becomes a problem when the classes take the contests to the extreme such as tweeting negatively about their peers. As long as the four classes can compete without bringing each other down, a little competition can never hurt anyone. The Big Sister Program is adding to the class rivalries in some ways, but it is up to the classes to keep a good connection with a bit of a competitive edge.

Tie dye with your class’s colors!

Learn your class’s demo song and dance!

in a row). So much is done during Field it causes them distress. It is hard enough Week that strengthens the bonds within to memorize songs and learn a demo. If the classes. there are members of the class who are not willing to pour their If you don’t like Field hearts and souls into Day, please, do yourself the performance on and your class a favor and The Real try your best. Don’t Field Day, they ruin the let Sloan them down. Find the silver chances for the entire class. Every member of Sheedy lining, girls. Field Day is an the class, even if they entire day off of school. It sloan is probably the only day of don’t want to or realize it, is contributing to the nelson the year that you can dress success of Field Day. up in the most absurd of If the girls who don’t costumes and sing covers to Disney songs without being ridiculed. like Field Day could sit out of Demo, the remaining girls would be able to perform Field Day participation is mandatory. a killer demonstration without anyone So go with the flow. Field Day has been a Marian tradition that gives us a chance dragging them down. to get involved, make friends and to have If someone has a bad attitude about fun. Field Day, it will bring down the people who do care and practiced their hearts out. When you’re not putting your whole heart into Demo, you are ruining the Field Day is an event that brings each chances of the whole class. class together (even if you lose two years

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All Hail Marian

School Fight Song at Risk of Extinction

honorfredrick he girls of Marian are constantly surrounded by and engaged in long held traditions. Unfortunately, one tradition is slowly but certainly dying out. The “All Hail Marian” fight song is becoming less known and less important to Marian students as the years go by. The “All Hail Marian” fight song first came into play in 1974, two years after Title IX of the Education Amendment was signed into law by President Nixon. Title IX read in part, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.” While Marian had well-established sports programs in the 1970s, Title IX opened the door for Marian alumnae to continue their athletic careers by requiring that colleges across the country offer athletic scholarships to both men and women. The “All Hail Marian” fight song was written and sang to motivate Marian athletes and to excite their fans. With the passing of Title IX, the Crusaders rallied behind the “All Hail Marian” fight song and were ready to fight for Christ on the courts and in the fields and the pool. Dr. Susan Toohey, Head of School, said that when she attended Marian in the 1980s almost every single one of her classmates knew the “All Hail Marian” cheer, and they respected and bonded over it. At that time, Marian cheer-


leaders led the cheer at games and ensured that it was sung loud and clear. The “All Hail Marian” cheer became a tradition that brought the entire school community together to rally behind and support their

All Hail Marian

students do not know more than the first line of the “All Hail Marian” cheer. Even worse, it seems that students consider the cheer to be a joke. When the cheer is sung at all-school events, most students sing the cheer too quickly with claps that don’t match. They just scream and mumble through the words they don’t know leaving the cheerleaders feeling overpowered and disrespected. “It’s pleasing to see everyone try to participate; however, I think the cheer would be much more powerful and motivating if it was sung as a whole,” Captain Emma Henderson said. Sophomore Evelyn Benda said, “I wish I knew the Crusader fight song, but I feel like we have no opportunity to learn it as a whole.” Benda suggested that every year the school should come together to learn and review the cheer. Another suggestion the administration is still considering is to put the words of the “All Hail Marian” cheer on one of the walls in the East Gym. This would benefit the majority of students who do not know the cheer and would allow the school to sing as a whole. The “All Hail Marian” fight song has been important to Marian girls since 1974. If Marian wants to keep this cheer and the tradition behind it alive, the students must take the first step and learn the song. Once the song is learned, the athletes will be more motivated, the cheerleaders will feel respected, and the students will feel the true excitement while bonding as a whole.

All hail to Marian’s Crusaders, we stand united overall. Let’s fight for Marian Crusaders. Victory will be our battle call! Power and loyalty will conquer. Strong as our pride which we defend. So let’s fight for Marian’s Crusaders. Victory will be ours in the end. Hey!

sports teams. Mrs. Kaitlin Ahart, Class of ’05, agreed with Mrs. Toohey, stating that the fight song was an important tradition when she attended Marian. “At every class gathering, my classmates and I always sing the ‘All Hail Marian’ cheer together as a class,” Mrs. Ahart said. For the last 40 years, Marian girls have learned this cheer, bonded over it and proudly sang it to support Marian’s sports teams. This leads to the question, why has the “All Hail Marian” fight song lost its importance? Recently, a school survey showed that 70 percent of the

The BLUEtique Delights Shoppers jenniferjurek


he BLUEtique is a noticeable addition to Marian’s sophomore hall. What once was the bleak Marian bookstore is now a classy clothing store for all to enjoy. Run by Marian Moms, it enables students to spread school spirit and show school pride. “We are making a profit, and the store is a huge success so far! It’s been a really fun process, and it’s great that people are starting to hear about it!” Nancy Casey ‘82, Director of Alumnae Relations said. The BLUEtique offers endless options for sporting the

Marian Crusader blue. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, and even robes and ChapStick are available to be purchased (customized with variations of the Marian logo of course). Brand name items, like Nike, are also available. The moms are always open to any suggestions or ideas from students for possible new items to sell. What most people don’t know about the BLUEtique is that it sells items that aren’t just geared towards Marian girls. The BLUEtique offers a variety of options for older or younger

sisters, brothers, moms and even dads. The store makes it easy to purchase items, accepting cash or even Visa or Mastercard. It is open on Marian Moms’ lunch days, as well as other official hours. The store is looking to make a lot of new changes in the near future. The moms hope to add more items that are more price friendly, and provide cheaper options that can appeal to every Marian girl. The store does offer sales, so if you’re short on cash, ask what items may be marked down. A website is also being created to

include pictures of each item along with its price. This would allow Marian girls to keep up with new merchandise! So, if you’re thinking you need some cute, new Marian apparel to wear out this spring, stop by the BLUEtique. If you already have enough Marian t-shirts to last you for awhile, maybe you’d like to buy a nice Marian polo for your dad! Whatever may be on your wish list, there are a wide variety of options, so every Marian girl can find something that suits her taste!

Marian Strange Addictions

“I am addicted to sticky notes. I use them for everything. I have four different colors that I always have at hand. They are covering my assignment notebook, notebooks for school, and my desk at home.” Alex Regan ‘15

“I’m addicted to Netflix because I can watch so many hours of TV in one day. I usually finish one 7-8 season show in one month!” Melia Markham ‘15

“I’m addicted to acting like a dinosaur. My friends tell me I look and run like one, too.” Sophie Knoblauch ‘16

“I am addicted to going to Target. I go there so much they know my name and recognize me.” Emily Rakoczy ‘14

“I’m obsessed with OPI nail polish and painting my nails! I have over a hundred bottles of OPI and love getting new ones from all the different collections.” Nicola McCutcheon ‘13

graphic by courtneywarren, madisonkenney & rachaelreiner

BLUEtique Hours Marian Moms Lunch Days Tuesdays 3 - 4:30 p.m. Wednesdays 7 - 9 a.m. Thursdays 11 - 1:30 p.m.

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graphics by courtneyboler

Sydney’s Sty. Junior Sydney Ferrara appeared to be in an everyday situation. Her closet was bursting at the seams. Under piles of clothing, accessories, and miscellaneous items, Sydney found her closet’s breaking point. After cleaning up Sydney said, “It’ll be nice for awhile, but I know that it won’t last. Before I know it, my closet will be back to its normal behavior.” photos by courtneyboler photos by arayasanto

Maggie’s Muddled Locker. Freshman Maggie White found herself drowning in everything from textbooks to wigs. She began to notice that she was spending more time fishing around in her locker than she was doing her homework. One day in early spring, Maggie decided she’d had enough. Along with trashing and recycling the things that she didn’t need, she also organized the things that she decided to keep. Maggie said, “I like having a clean locker because stuff doesn’t fall out when I open it. I can actually find my homework and other important stuff.” Maggie realized how nice it is to have a clean space but she doesn’t know if she can keep it up. “I know it won’t stay clean much longer and I will go back to my messy ways soon.”

photos by arayasanto

Hess’ Mess. Freshman Katie Hess does not consider herself to be a “neat freak” by any means. Recently though, she noticed that her room was a “bit” disheveled. Through the blood, sweat, and tears, Katie found four full bags of trash along with her floor. Katie was also able to donate three boxes of clothes and other items to Goodwill. After a five hour cleaning session, Katie was finally able to make her way across the room without any injuries. Looking at her newly transformed room, she said, “It’s nice to remember what color the floor is!”

Editing Your Closet from Lauren Conrad’s Style A Few Easy Steps to a Cleaner Closet

Before anything, take everything out of your closet and clear a work space. Then complete these steps:

a. If you try on anything that’s ripped or stained beyond repair, it goes in a trash bag. b. If you try on something and you’re over it at first glance, place it in a second, seperate trash bag, which will go to a charity, like Goodwill.

c. If you try on something that’s ill-fitting but cool, put it in another bag, which is destined for a visit to the tailor’s.

d. If you try on something, and it’s not great on you but would be perfect on a friend, place it on the side to give to your friend.

e. If you try on something that’s a clear winner, it’s earned a spot back in the closet.

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O N F O I D T A U L N O CE EV ri




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ts wi ke od

ch 5 ‘1



lja B


‘14 ck We n ize



re r


Harlem Shakers. Marley Hook ‘15, Amy Hasenjager ‘15, Teresa Schmidt ‘15, Natalie Lucas ‘15, Greta Portis ‘15 & Katie Drobny ‘15. photos by lauraburnett, graphics by abbydavis, lauraburnett

Step Two: Lean to the Left


Step Three: Flail Those Arms!






adaptation of the Harlem Shake. The Huskers kicked off their first spring practice by filming the video. A penguin, cheetah, banana and Cat in the Hat were just a few of the costumes that the players wore during the making of the video. Fans were pleasantly surprised to see Bo Pelini take part in the video with the team. “I think my favorite one is with Bo Pelini and the Huskers. It’s something I liked because he’s someone I would never expected to participate in the Harlem Shake,” secretary Mrs. Karen Brown said. To view the video, it is titled “Harlem Shake - Husker Football First Day of Spring Practice.” The viral video has not only taken over the internet, but also here at Marian. Many classes have participated in the video, including Mr. Baker’s Honors Government class and Mr. Koester’s Latin III. “It was very awkward to do because there wasn’t any actual music playing when we filmed the video,” junior Megan Frederes said. This electric, upbeat craze will forever be remembered and repeated.

s 00 20

ff ‘

Senior Alayna Stokes showed off her dance called the “Flop” at Prom on April 13. “My friend, who goes to a different high school, invented it. I thought it was super funny, so now I do it at all the Marian dances,” she said. Stokes is known by many in her senior class for this unique dance move.



oo yW


Step One: Loosen Up

used as the sound track to these videos. “I first saw it when my grade school did it for March Madness,” freshman Olivia Underwood said. Many sports teams, including the Nebraska Football Team, have made their own


s rr Ma

Alayna Stokes’ New Dance Move is All the Rage

seconds.” Filthy Frank followed- up the video which showed several people in costumes dancing to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer. It is stated that the “Harlem Shake” is a song recorded by American DJ and producer Baauer which didn't get big until being





very once in awhile the United States and even the world catches wind of something new going viral. Marian students, sports teams, and even soldiers from around the world are joining in on their version of the impulsive “dance” called the Harlem Shake. The first video of this spastic dance went viral in early February 2013. “I heard about it on Tumblr and then searched it on YouTube,” sophomore Emma Fletcher said. This internet phenomenon came about on Feb. 2 by five teenagers from Queensland, Australia, which can be found under TheSunnyCoastSkate on Youtube. On Feb. 10, the Harlem Shake reached 4,000 views per day, and by Feb. 15, 40,000 parody videos were being uploaded. In its first month, the dance had been viewed by 700 million people around the world. On March 24, 40 days after its initial upload, the Harlem Shake hit the 1 billion mark. When typing “Harlem Shake” into the search bar on Google, more than 428 million videos will appear. Urban Dictionary's definition for the Harlem Shake is “an eccentric upper body dance move that involves the shaking of the upper torso and shoulders in a period of 30 to 50

Do the “Flop”

6 eyser ‘1



Megan K


Internet Phenomenon





s Brown, Sec Mrs. Kren

The Harlem Shake 2013

g n Ta

Hallie Mcnamara ‘15

Ele Sli ctr de ic


Caitlin Ricker ‘16







field May


ong ‘1

Cassidy Gilbride ‘13


Nan L


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ayes ‘13 Whitney H





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co s i D Sh


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Marian girls reveal their inner gardener

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tomatoes, or flowers as the result of their the heat, with only the sounds of nature own labor. “I felt a great sense of accomaround you. Gardening gives you time to plishment every time I harvested a zucchi- think. Every time I finish gardening I feel ni or potato because I knew my hard work peaceful and clear-minded,” junior Claire had paid off,” junior Sydney Wolf said. Adams said. While growing plants is an accomFor the sake of her neighbors enjoyplishment in itself, their harvest leads to ment, Adams works to maintain the eldera new world of opportunity. The products ly couple’s garden by watering, weeding, of a garden are a creative medium in the and trimming. “I love being able to see kitchen. the huge difference in an area after I’ve finWhen Gillespie’s family had a pear tree, ished working on it. I especially love how they used to cook all kinds of decadent full and beautiful the flower beds look by desserts. the end of summer,” Adams said. Freshman Allison and junior AnasThe process is what makes gardening tasia Zuerlein’s family plants hundreds special. It is an activity that allows the of vegetables to make salsa. “The actual whole family, or even neighborhood to making of the salsa is an all day event. All three of us kids usually help sometime throughout the day whether it is peeling tomatoes, chopping up peppers, or taste testing while trying to 1. Do a spring cleaning: 3. Mulch around decide whether it should be hot, trim old plants from plants to control medium, mild or somewhere in last year. weeds and retain between,” Allison said. 2. Talk to your local moisture in the soil. However, growing produce is garden center or 4. The best time not always the goal of a garnursery: Experts can to plant vegetable dener. For some, gardening is tell you which plant is seeds is in April afa chance to escape to another best for a specific world. “There’s something special ter the last frost. area. about digging through the dirt in

Tips to begin your garden.


ne of the latest fashion trends that has been seen on the famous heads of Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and Ryan Seacrest is the pixie style haircut. The pixie haircut is a bold, over-the-ear short hairstyle that can completely change the way one looks. Freshman Kateri Determan had her hair cut this way before it became such a popular occurrence. “I’ve almost always had short hair. It’s only been long once, and I didn’t really like it,” she said. Determan’s opinion is almost the complete opposite of what is usually heard among most teenage girls. We’ve all heard our friends say “I wish my hair was longer,” or have personally felt the pain of looking in the mirror after a “trim” and thinking “She cut more than I asked for!” But for Determan, her short hairstyle is here to stay. “I’m definitely keeping it short! It’s just a lot easier to take care of, and I don’t have the patience to try and grow it out,” she said. Freshman Emmy Witzenburg also sports the pixie style haircut, but not because she has always worn it that way. “I decided to cut my hair so I could look like Alice from Twilight,” she said. Although an extremely courageous act and quite the compliment to the Twilight ac-

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Keepin’ it Short and Sweet: An Inside Look at the Pixie Haircut kristenjansen

get involved. Wolf ’s family belonged to a community garden last year. “We had two 25ft x 50ft plots that we shared with two other families. Since it was our first year, we all worked together to grow a variety of vegetables. We divided up our produce once it was ready,” Wolf said. A garden also adds personality and life to a home. “If my family did not garden, my house would be just another lawn in the neighborhood,” Gillaspie said. So thank you to Marian’s gardeners! Thank you for enduring showers of challenges so we can enjoy the beauty of your gardens each spring.

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pring has sprung and student gardeners are coming out of hibernation. The change of temperature is revealing a hobby in some of Marian’s most “down to earth” students. Each spring girls take the challenge, dig out a shovel, decide on their seeds, and roll up their sleeves. Unafraid of getting a little dirt under their fingernails, they turn over the soil hardened by winter’s freeze. It is the beginning of a process of growth for the gardener and the garden. Girls take a leap of faith when they plant seeds in April with hopes of a grown plant in June. Success is never a given, it is a blessing. No one knows this better than freshman Collette Gillaspie, whose strawberry experiment a few years ago did not go as planned. “I had two different pots with different soil but the same amount of strawberry seeds, sunlight, and amount of water. I even had a journal all ready with my results from day to day. The only problem was, the seeds didn’t grow,” Gillaspie said. However, without the risk and occasional failure, success would not be so sweet. Gardeners are involved in every step of the growing process so that, weather permitting, they can enjoy vegetables,

Freshman Emmy Witzenburg

tress, Witzenburg immediately regretted her decision. “I regretted cutting it right after. Some people told me I looked like a boy…which I did. I have been growing it out,” she said. Although Witzenburg is not totally satisfied with the final look of her hair, she enjoys that it does not require much maintenance. Her favorite thing about having short hair? “I don’t have to use conditioner,” she said. Junior Emma Finken pondered the idea of cutting her hair for quite some time before she finally went through with it last October. “I had been thinking about getting a pixie cut for a couple of years before I actually did it. I eventually got it cut because I wanted to give my hair to Locks of Love and I was getting tired of my long hair. I’ve never really had short hair before, so this was a big, scary change for me because I didn’t know how it would turn out,” she said. Sitting in the salon chair as her hair became shorter and shorter, Finken’s nerves began to set in. “While it was getting cut, I started to get really nervous and I panicked and started regretting it, but after it was done I was really happy with it,” she said. Like Determan, Finken plans on keeping her hair short for the time-be-

Junior Emma Finken

ing. “I love being able to just wake up, brush my hair, and be done with styling it. It’s so much easier to take care of. I might eventually grow it out, but for now I really like it and will continue to cut it short,” she said. Front office manager Karen Brown experimented with numerous hairstyles in high school and college before finally settling on the popular pixie look. “I was a confident, independent, thinking leader when I was in high school, so I was always looking to be a trendsetter! I started changing my hairstyle when I was in my last semester of high school. As a college student, I tried about 8-9 different hairdos including a stacked perm. My mom would not be seen with me during that phase,” she said. Out of all of the hairstyles Brown has worn, the pixie cut has been the frontrunner. “I liked most of the styles that I tried, but really like the short hair because it’s fast and easy to take care of. Plus my face (which is kind of round and fat) looks better with hair that is short because it draws you to look at my eyes and not my fat cheeks!” she said. Like Finken, sophomore Kenna Silvey has also contemplated cutting her hair. “I saw pictures of Emma Watson’s and Miley Cyrus’s hair and I thought it

Freshman Kateri Determan looked so edgy and classy. I also have always really liked Twiggy’s hair from the 60s,” she said. For now, Silvey has decided to keep her hair at a longer length than the pixie look. “My hair doesn’t grow very fast, so it would take a long time to grow back out if I didn’t like it. I think I’ll eventually work up the nerve to cut it. Maybe this summer,” she said. If you are pondering taking a leap of faith and cutting your hair, gives some tips and advice on what look the pixie cut best suits. According to the site, “The pixie works best on women with thick, naturally wavy hair, but also looks good on women with fine, straight hair. Avoid the pixie if you have a long face -- the pixie could make your face appear longer. The pixie works best on women with heart-shaped, square and oval faces. It’s a good cut for women with round faces, too, just be sure to add some volume to the top of your head.” If you meet this criteria or are just looking to change up your look, the pixie cut could be exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re a fan of this hairstyle or not, you have to give credit to the girls who fearlessly chop their locks for the daring pixie look.

Summer Jobs: The Network [ April ]

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he last final is finished. The last bell has rung. People in the hall are singing songs from High School Musical. It is summer. School books can finally be packed away. There’s no more wearing plaid. Polos can be traded in for tank tops. Skirts are swapped for shorts. Swimsuits come out; suntans appear. Days are no longer filled with schoolwork, tests, and stressful papers to write. Instead, sunrise to sunset is spent in the sun. Summer. Some people say that summer is the time to lay around and relax, but for others, it is a time to be productive and earn money. For juniors Bailee Moylan and Maddie Schimonitz, work comes before play. Both Marian girls work at Le Peep

where Moylan is a server and Schimonitz is a cashier. Moylan started her job last summer as a hostess and recently earned her position as a waitress. She says that she enjoys working there because she likes being able to dress cute and work with people. Her pay is made of tips and depends on how busy or slow the restaurant is on a the day she works. Maddie is a cashier and earns minimum wage. Junior Allison Buser works at Panera and is highly supportive of summer jobs. “You make more money during the summer, because you can work more hours,” Buser said. “It’s also easier to balance your schedule.” Junior Natalie Bialas can attest to this. But summer jobs are more Dress professionally than just the Make Eye Contact inSpeak Clearly come. “You Be Honest learn Be Yourself how the real Be Confident world Be Prepared works,” Bialas said.

Interview Etiquette

Features [ 13 ]


Places to Apply

Buser added that it is Hy-Vee a good opporBaker’s tunity Target to learn how to Grisanti’s interact Summer Kitchen Café with people Cold Stone Creamery other Scheels than Marian The Cookie Company girls. Lifeguard The girls say Nannying not to worry, having a job over vacation doesn’t take her time volunteering. A soccer player away from summer fun. herself, McHugh is a soccer coach at Tiny “You can work in the morning and Toro where she coaches 2-7 year olds. then hang out with friends after you get McHugh says that having a job in high off,” Buser said. Their main suggestion school may be important to some, but it was to make sure you know how many just depends on personal preference. She hours the business wants you to work would rather volunteer. before you apply. Having a summer job has its benefits. “Also, be confident in interviews,” There’s no stress of balancing homework, Buser said. “There’s nothing managers shifts or late night hours, and you don’t love more.” have to give up your weekends for labor. A downfall of summer jobs is the age No one wants a summer full of rags and limit. Legally, you must be 16 years old in dishes, but there’s plenty of time to earn order for a company to hire you, but a job a few extra dollars or dedicate your time isn’t the only way to go. to others and still have a memorable Freshman Taylor McHugh spends summer.

Are We Really Reading?




ome people think of summer as a time for tanning and hanging out at the mall, but others see it as reading time. Out of 246 Marian girls who answered the Network’s April Google survey, 65 percent of the students regularly read for fun, and 64 percent say they plan on reading this year’s All-School Read: The Disappearing Spoon. Not all of the All-School Read participants are avid readers though, and not all avid readers appreciate the program. Sophomore Maria Valadez loves to read “to escape reality [and] get to a new place.” As far as the All-School Read is concerned, however, Valadez is not a fan.

Don’t worry, she’s going to read it. “Even though some people [say they won’t] like it, I want to see if I’m going to enjoy it,” she said. “I like all types of books.” Her favorite part of the program is the opportunity to try out a new author. But Valadez doesn’t think the program encourages non-readers very well. “It just makes them dread reading it,” she said. “The people who do [read the book] read anyway, and the people who don’t, aren’t going to.” Sophomore Emily Welchans has always appreciated a great novel. “My mom read to me all the time when I was little,” she said. “Reading has always

been one of the things I’ve loved.” Welchans said she plans to read The Disappearing Spoon. “I don’t think I’d ever seek it out on my own,” she admitted, but getting a new book is part of the fun for her. Welchans is cautious to condemn the All-School Read program entirely. “I think [its effectiveness] depends on the book, because if it’s something they [students] think is interesting, they’ll be more likely to read it.” For some students, the All-School Read will be the only book they read over the summer. Sophomore Kelly McGonigal appreciates the incentive. “I wouldn’t read a book



This book is for the sci-fi lover in all of us. Flinx, a foster boy of unique Talents, is adopted by a loving old woman named Mother Mastiff. When Mother Mastiff mysteriously disappears, Flinx must go on a journey to find her armed with nothing but his venomous flying pet snake named Pip. It is a prequel to the Pip and Flinx series.

Emily Welchans

What would YOU make the whole school read? Maria Valadez

over the summer otherwise,” she said. With a 13 percent approval rating, the All-School Read program is far from perfect in the eyes of the Marian student body. At least 58 percent of those planning on reading it say they will only be reading the chapters they will be tested over, and 36 percent say they won’t be reading it at all, even though the quiz given over the book next year will affect their science grades. Regardless of how many members of the Marian community pick up The Disappearing Spoon this summer, the book is bound to generate conversation, and at the end of the day, that is what books are meant to do.


Jeannette Walls grew up with parents whose ideals and stubborn nonconformity were both their curse and their salvation. Her father was a brilliant man who encouraged his children to love reading and learning--when he wasn’t too busy drinking their money away. Her mother was a “free spirit” who was too busy painting and writing to provide for her family. This memoir makes readers question what it means to be a family as well as what constitutes a healthy upbringing.

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Trapshooting Nationals: The Road to Sparta sarahbrashear


ait, what’s trapshooting? es between the playing fields are Although it took eight years Wait, you mean they monumental. for the trap team to regain Mr. don’t shoot animals? “Mr. Esser thinks we really have Esser’s “national status,” the team is Wait, trap has nationals? These a shot at winning some awards this extremely excited to compete this queries may sound absurd to some, summer. year and so does the rest of the but are every day thoughts for team,” Bialas said. The tournament is taking place others. This year will spark new exfrom July 15 through July 20. The The Marian Trapshooting citement within the trapshooting Marian girls will be only be shootteam is, in fact, heading to Sparta, team and the Marian community. ing on the 19 and 20, however. Illinois this summer to compete in Furthermore, by competing at a The national trapshooting the National Trapshooting Tournational level, the trap team should course is much larger than any nament. begin to receive more recognition other course the Marian girls have The last time Marian shooters from members of the community. seen. attended nationals was in 2005. As we all know, the trapshooting The course in Sparta has 105 “In 2005, trap coach Bruce Esser girls are known for breaking clays traps (green boxes that release thought that the team was good by day and hearts by night. No discs which the trapshooters are enough to go,” junior Natalie Bialas supposed to hit) as opposed to the matter what happens, we are very said. proud of our girls for making it so state course which has merely 24. The team has decided to venture As you can see, the differencfar. SPARTA. off to nationals again this year. The shooters hope that they are not “jumping the gun” by heading to nationals without a ton of previous experience. There are no qualifications for a trapshooter to go to nationals. “Basically anyone who thinks they’re good enough can go,” Bialas said. The reason the Marian girls do not pack up their ammo and jump into a bus each year is mainly due to a lack of funding. It is very costly to go to nationals. The majority of the trapshooting team’s budget comes from private donors. These donors are very much responsible for the opportunities the trap team receives. Marian provides a bit of funding here and there, but I Want It That Clay. Junior Lori Nevole gets ready to fire at a trapthe trapshooters do not fully shooting meet in Lincoln earlier this year. Lori will be on the national rely on school funding. team this summer. photo courtesy of Alda Nevole

The Network [ April ]

An Athlete’s Hardest Decision: Senior Nyoke Dumba Shares Her Story connorsilvey


enior Nyoke Dumba is no stranger to the game of soccer. Dumba started kicking the ball around age 2 and began to play with a team just a few years later. Dumba’s passion for soccer only grew stronger and stronger. She grew up in a family full of soccer fanatics. Each year it occurs, the Dumba family watches the World photo by connorsilvey Cup. “All we watch on TV Nyoke Dumba ‘13 is soccer - not really, but it seems like that sometimes!” said Dumba. Her father played soccer, as well as her brothers. She helped her father coach and also refereed last year. When playing, Dumba knows she’ll Dumba entered high school, be lacing up her own cleats in she discovered a new interest just a few short months. carlynovacek in track, which just so hap“Track has helped me pened to be the same season become a better player and again,” Ellie said. and Ellie plays center back, so that laying soccer together for as soccer. Dumba played soc- teammate by learning how to Two other sets of sisters, senior helps to keep a healthy competition cer for Marian her freshman more than half of their push other people to do their Elsie and freshman Lily Boyle and between the two sisters to assist lifetime has created a bond year, and made the switch to best and supporting them junior Madeline and freshman each other in advancing their game. track her sophomore year. “I between sisters, freshman Ellie through their ups and downs,” Mallory Edwards also play in comAlthough neither Ellie or Margaand sophomore Margaret Begley, decided to run track in high Dumba said. pany with Ellie and Margaret. The ret often score, they do assist each that couldn’t have been formed school to improve my speed Dumba plays club soccer other in keeping the opponent from out on the soccer field,” said any other way. Ellie and Margaret six sisters have not yet all played for OFC 94/95 Elite 1 coached scoring a goal. played together for five years on the on the field at the same time as Dumba. by Becky Sanow. “I talked to Madeline and Lily are both injured. “I love having my sister on the Millard Star team before Margaret She said she continued Becky about track because she “We are rarely confused if someone team; I like seeing her compete moved up a level to play on her with track at Marian because knew I ran track in the past, yells ‘Begley’ on the soccer field against others and improve her own. They now play together again of the great coaches, Mr. Greg and she thought it was a great as my sister is nicknamed Cheech game,” Margaret said. on Marian’s varsity team. Golka and Mr. Roger Wright. idea,” Dumba said. When both Ellie and Marga“I loved watching her [Margaret] and Coach Dudley calls me Ellie,” “I’ve had great coaches Sanow recognizes Dumba’s Margaret said. ret were asked if they had a least play for Marian, and now I am so that push me to be better and strong work ethic and knows Margaret plays outside back favorite part of playing together excited to get to play alongside her better and it really makes a she will work hard and sucthey both chuckled, difference when you have ceed at whatever she chooses hinting that they great coaches like them. It to do. love every aspect of makes running track that Next fall, Dumba will playing together and much more fun,” Dumba said. attend UNO to play soccer on there is no downside. In previous track seasons, a full-ride scholarship. UNO’s “Even if I had not Dumba has run the 800, women’s soccer coach, Don made varsity I still 4x800 relay, and 4x400 relay. Klosterman, got in contact would have supported She qualified to run the 4x800 with Sanow and expressed his Margaret and gone to relay her sophomore year interest in Dumba and the as many games as I at State and qualified as an possibility of her playing for could have,” Ellie said. alternate for the same race her the Mavericks. Dumba visMargaret and Ellie junior year. This season, she ited the school and instantly enjoy going out onto is running hurdles. fell in love with it. the field each day and In each varsity meet She also had the option watching each other Dumba has participated in, of becoming a dual athlete at enhance their skills. she has won a medal. “It is West Point Military Academy, They have taken the completely different having to playing soccer in the fall and meaning of sisterhood run over an obstacle around running track in the spring, to a whole new level a track, but I like it!” Dumba but decided that wasn’t for and will continue to said. her. “When it comes down to photo by laurentondl play together with a Although she said it hurts picking a sport, soccer wins passion for the sport to watch the Marian soccer over everything, except here they love. Sister Sister. Ellie Begley, Margaret Begley, Elsie Boyle, Lily Boyle, teams practice, or drive by at Marian of course!” Dumba Madeline Edwards, and Mallory Edwards strike a pose before practice. a soccer field and see girls said.

Sisters Take the Field by Storm


I decided to run track in high school to improve my speed out on the soccer field, Nyoke Dumba ‘13

The Network [ April ]

Sports [ 15 ]

The Science Behind the Songs jillsalerno

JV: game at TBD on April 20 at Skutt Varsity: game at 11 a.m. on April 20 at Westside

Tennis: JV: invite at TBD on April 20 at Millard North

Varsity: invite at TBD on April 20 in Fremont

Work it, make it, do it, makes us harder, better, faster, stronger

I’ve become so numb Let’s make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young

In one moment, would you capture it? or just let it slip, yo It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the thrill of the fight

Push it, push it to the limit, limit

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy 'till we see the sun

You know you lookin’ at a winner

I’m not afraid to take a stand, everybody, come take my hand graphics by jillsalerno

Look, if you had, one shot, one opportunity to sieze everything you’ve ever wanted

That - that don’t kill me, can only make me stronger

meghanschumacher sports columnist ith Field Week right around the corner, Marian girls are filled with class spirit, each grade sporting bows in their beloved field day colors. However, as a student body, we are lacking in our spirit for Marian athletics. Go to any sporting event and you will see what I’m talking about. The stands are scattered with dedicated parents, but the only Marian girls present to cheer on athletes are their trusty teammates. Sadly, it is more likely to see Marian girls at a Prep game than at a Marian one. So why are Marian girls never seemingly present at sporting events? We are so busy with other activities such as homework, clubs, sports of our own, and jobs, that it is hard to find spare time to support our fellow classmates. Ironically, we always seem to have time to travel to state championships if it means we are excused from school. Also, we are often unaware of when and where they games and matches take place so it is hard to plan in advance and make time to go to these games. The schedule is online, but not part of the daily bulletin or announced in homeroom. When a Marian girl does decide to show her support for a team, she is one of the few students present. Not even the school mascots or members of the Spirit Club often attend. Empty stands do not create a very spirit-filled atmosphere. If more Marian girls attended sporting events on a regular basis, it would help to show other schools our spirit. We are not representing Marian well when our student section is basically nonexistent. This also shows the team that is competing that no one cares enough to come watch. I know from personal experience, having people to cheer me on when I compete makes a difference in my performance and attitude. It is a great feeling to know that my fellow classmates took the time to support me and shows that they believe in me. There are no downsides to attending a sporting event, so why not go? Help cheer on your fellow classmates.


Track and Field: Freshman: meet at 11 a.m. on April 20 at Millard West

Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls. everytime that you lose it sing it for the world


Soccer: Reserve: game at 11 a.m. on April 20 at Marian

f you had one shot, one opportunity....” These lyrics by Eminem can sometimes be the only thing running through Marian athletes’ minds. When your body is telling you to stop running, kicking, or hitting, sometimes these lyrics can be the only thing telling you to keep going. “I have to listen to pump up music before I run. I always pick songs with loud and fast beats because it helps me to push my pace,” junior Simone Duryea said. Although the rhythm and rhymes can’t be with them in the game, practicing with music can help get teenagers bodies trained at a higher level. According to an article by Dan Peterson with, there are four factors that contribute to a song’s motivational qualities: rhythm response, musicality, cultural impact and association. The songs that athletes listen to can actually help push themselves to compete better. Peterson continues to say that the pace of the beat creates a rhythm in your brain that tells your body to match up with that pace. This could be the reason why many local gyms and fitness centers have upbeat songs playing in the background while people are working out. A person is able to push harder while listening to an entertaining song. Not only can music benefit mentally, it is also proven to help with respiration and heart rate. Dr. Kravitz from the University of New Mexico performed an experiment that showed when a person enters a workout room that has music playing, their respiration and heart rate moderately increase, which prepares them for the workout they are about to endure. Who hasn’t felt the need to exercise when Eminem gives one of the most epic pump up speeches in history when he raps Lose Yourself? So contrary to parents’ popular belief, the things teens listen to are not “just noise”, it’s what keeps them going.

Fans’ Excuse Holds No Weight

Horsin’ Around in Style: Freshman Haley Mick Competes in International Horse Show arayasanto


orse and rider were bursting with pride for each other and their accomplishment. It was their first big show together after a year and a half, and they won third place. Haley Mick and her horse Ratana both had struggles to overcome during the past 18 months. Ratana had colic surgery (surgery on the intestines), and Mick fractured her back in two areas. After months of recovery, practices, hacking and training, Mick and her teammate placed third at the International Horse show in the Speed Derby Day Competition. Mick received a ribbon and prize. Jumpers are horses judged on their timing and speed through a course. The courses are filled with obstacles to turn around quickly, and hurdles of varying heights they must jump over. The team of horse and rider are docked points if the horse refuses to jump and exceeds the

more than 10,000 people Cudmore. The show took place time limit, which varies. Mick watched the shows. Some of the at Omaha’s CenturyLink Center. said that Ratana has refused to spectators were also world-reDuring the day there were plenty jump before but that it does not nowned, such as the Canada activities such as exhibits and happen often. “Ratana is super Team Olympic rider Karen educational sessions, all for free. brave and awesome. I love her,” Mick she said. began her Mick riding casaid that reer when there were she was 4 about 100 and her riders mother competwon free ing from lessons all over from a rafthe world, fle. At age ranging 8, Mick from started to America ride comall the petitively. way to “But when Venezuela I was 10, I and Europe. The started to combined compete audience more out photo by liliweik count for of state,” Friday and Jump, Ratana! Freshman Haley Mick and Ratana clear the jump said Mick. Saturday Mick on April 13 at the Century Link Center in downtown Omaha. has two revealed

or three lessons per week, plus hacks. Hacking is when the rider does solo work with her horse. “I hack about twice a week, so in all, Ratana and I practice five to six days a week,” Mick said. On weekends, she and Ratana attend clinics. Among other various coaches, Mick has trained with Olympic riders Melanie Taylor Smith, Kyle King, and previously mentioned Karen Cudmore. Mick has been all over the Midwest for shows, including Oklahoma and Colorado. A week before the International Horse Show, Mick competed in the Quail Run show in Elkhorn as a “warm-up.” On Friday, Mick and Ratana received their place and prize, proud of how well they did for their first real show together after a year and a half. When asked about her feelings about the International Horse show, Mick responded with a smile, “I’m a little nervous, but super excited and confident, too.”

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The Quest for the Ideal Coffee Shop versus



Source: 253 student responses to the April Network survey

cooters is also well-known to many caffeine fanatics, and is recognized as being Startarbucks is one of the most easily identified shops of all coffee chains, so it is no bucks’ primary local rival. Scooters has a wide variety of delicious drinks, including surprise that they have remained extremely popular among both avid and the teas, coffees, and chilled beverages, as well as pastries, yogurts, and breakfast foods. occasional coffee drinkers over the years. Besides coffee and tea, Starbucks serves Scooters originated in Bellevue, opening their first drive-thru location in chilled bottled beverages, as well as a wide variety of pastries. Starbucks 1998. They now have more than 100 stores in operation in 7 states. opened their first shop in 1971 in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. They now have thousands of stores in operation across the country. The Price Range: Their prices are a bit higher than other local coffee name Starbucks was derived from the fictional character shops, but not outrageously so. However, if you plan to order a small Starbuck, who is Melville’s first mate in Moby Dick. drink of the blended variety, whipped topping included, expect to spend at least $5.00. Similar to Starbucks, customers can usually expect to pay Price Range: A customer can usually expect to pay anyanywhere between $1.00 and $7.00. Their teas are inexpensive, as well as where between $1.00 to $6.00 depending on the drink. their basic cups of coffee. The priciest drinks on the menu are the blendOne of the cheapest items Starbucks has to offer is a hot ed coffees and smoothies, which start out at about $4.50 and increase Tazo tea for $1.85. Some of their pricier items would be with size and additional add-ons (such as whipped cream). The priciest any of their blended drinks as well as their mochas. Starsmoothie is the Vertigo, because it mixed with an energy drink. bucks’ mochas start at about $3.50 and increase with size and additional add-ons. Most Ordered Drink(s): Both their blended coffees (notably the signature Caramelicious) and fruit flavored smoothies Most Ordered Drink(s): Starbucks has become very well prove to be popular among customers, as well as the occasionknown for a few specific drinks, including their Caramel al seasonal drinks that are offered. Macchiatos, White Chocolate Mochas, and their Frappuccinos. Their seasonal drinks, such as the Pumpkin Spice Latte Least Ordered Drink(s): Some of the least ordered drinks and the Peppermint Mocha, have also proven to be a huge from Scooters are the Pixie Mate Latte and the Breve, due to hit among customers. the fact that they are rather unknown. Starbucks- 45% Least Ordered Drink(s): Some of their more underrated Omaha Locations: There are 40 Scooters locations in the Scooters35% items are from the tea selection. Omaha area. The closest Scooters to Marian is the location on North 90th Street. Omaha Locations: There are 22 Starbucks locations Neither- 20% in the Omaha region. The Starbucks nearest to Marian is Atmosphere: Scooters is known for having quaint and cozy graphic by alisabeduhn located in the Target on North 72nd Street. drive-thru locations, rather than larger cafés with sitting areas, though there are some of these as well. One major benefit of the many drive-thrus is that Atmosphere: The atmosphere of Starbucks is both bustling and uplifting. On top of there is a wide variety of locations, making Scooters readily available, and easy to find. this, Starbucks also gives off a productive and efficient vibe, making it a good place to Their service is excellent, and their baristas are quick and chipper, usually making tackle a few hours of schoolwork. They offer free Wi-fi as well, the only condiconversation with customers as they prepare their drinks. Scooters boasts free tion being the purchase of a drink or snack first. Starbucks is a great place to Wi-fi at their indoor locations, making it a great place to study and meet up with catch up with friends, as it offers the perfect atmosphere for a chat over a cup friends as well. of coffee. The employees are very friendly, often times making conversation with customers while upholding a cheerful attitude. Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

What brand of coffee do Marian Girls like best?

Team Starbucks

Team Scooters

Allison Kmiecik Favorite Drink: Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino How Much She Spends A Year: $50-$100, mostly in gift cards.

Emma Tuttle Favorite Drink: Wild Berry Smoothie How Much She Spends A Year: $50-$100

photo by betsyryan

Music Of Marian

0 2 % p Po

“I listen to alternative, punk, and rock music. The reason that I like it is because I like the way it sounds. I also like that the lyrics are used to express emotion” Kylie Krager ‘14

lA ternative 17%

Othe r 8%


R & B

Jaz z2 %

Te ch no



graphic by alisabeduhn

% 6

Cla ssic al


IndieRo ck 1 5


“I like indie rock/pop and also alternative rock/pop music. It’s really good for studying and the lyrics are interesting to listen to.” Claire Davis ‘16


Country 1 7


Source: 253 student responses to the April Network survey

The Network [ April ]

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Multitasking Mania: Marian Girls Struggle to Balance Everything on the Day of Prom

sarahwangler pril 13 brought a swell of mixed emotions from Marian juniors and seniors. Some were nervous, others excited. Most, however, were both. April 13 was not only the much-anticipated Prom date, but it was also a day full of commitments for Marian students. On April 13 there was an ACT, Prom Committee set up, and a Trap meet. In fact, at least 56% of girls did something other than getting ready for Prom on the day of Prom, according to the Network survey. On average, the ACT goes from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. If writing is included it goes until about 1 p.m. This left girls nine to ten hours until Prom started at 9 p.m. Despite the time crunch and getting up early before a long night, junior Allison Buser said, “Prom didn’t affect me wanting to take the ACT.” Buser thought she would have plenty of time to get ready for Prom. Actually, she thought leaving a whole day free to get ready for Prom is silly. “I’ve got better stuff to do.” Junior Megan Frederes disagrees. Frederes said, “We deserve a day of pampering after working so hard all year,” but


because they wanted to see it all come she knows how important the ACT is for together after working so hard on it. They college. “If something as important as had ambitious plans to set up the cut outs the ACT is on the same day though, you and tables, make the luminaries, and cover should take it.” as much as possible in After the ACT in the twinkly lights. morning, the girls on Prom Committee’s Prom Committee set up set up cut much closer Prom in the afternoon. to Prom, but it only took Some girls like junior about half the day. Trap Marisa Bohlim did both. meets take the entire day. “Needless to say it was a Girls will arrive at the busy day,” Bohlim said. shooting range by 7 (or They couldn’t get into earlier) in the morning to Lauritzen Gardens to start start shooting. setting up until noon, and After the first round, set up from 1 p.m. until they are assigned new 3 p.m. “We had to move squads based on their Prom Committee because scores, then shoot a second of the ACT,” junior Alex Trujillo said. This left them graphic by maddiegrace round. After the scores are totaled, shoot-offs occur if six hours until Prom. necessary. The set up cut into hair and nail apFinally, awards are handed out and pointment time, but members felt it was everyone goes home. Girls are allowed to completely worth it. “I like the experience leave after their second round, but they of knowing. I would rather know what to could miss a shoot-off or receiving their expect at Prom,” Trujillo said. awards. Girls didn’t consider skipping set up to By the time awards are over, it could be get ready, partially because of the potential as late as 7:30 or 8:30 p.m. This left a very fine for not helping set up and partially

The Proper Way to be Proper: The Decline of Eloquence in Society


hardly contain yourself nce upon a time, as you rush to tell your not so long ago, friend. It’s true. You’re actually, our soci“supes” excited to tell ety had a wonderfully poyour BFF exactly what lite and proper sense about just happened. So what if it. Now we as Americans you use improper gramdon’t use much correct mar and literally do not grammar and tend to not make sense? Who cares now how to spell a lot of if you get your entire things and run everything Princess Araya Sunshine language structure wrong together andweseemtonoEntertainment Columnist so long as you get a point trealizethatweareallowedarayasanto across? tobreatheandtakebreaksbeI CARE. tween sentences and OMG I care because 50 years ago, Americans WHAT IS A COMMA???!!? said such beautiful things. People crafted I hope you noticed I spelled “know” wrong, and that you read that last runcasual sentences so that they not only said on sentence as one big annoying sound, something, but they meant something, because that was my intention. too. Think about it. You find something out, A short 100 years ago, women were a juicy bit of gossip for example, and can properly dressed in clothes that covered

their bums and bust. The young men had pants that utilized their belt as an actual belt and not as a piece of leather that was just there as decoration around the hips. Nowadays you walk down the street and--“HELLO that was gross my eyes are burning get me out of here GOODBYE” runs through your thoughts like a train. Your next instinct is to run in the opposite direction of the scantily-clad girl, shielding your eyes and holding your baby barf in. The back of your chair is for you to rest your back; not sprawl your body uncomfortably on. Do you have back problems? I wonder why. Hey, do you, by any chance, slouch? Sit up straight. Use your chair as a chair, not some structure to sprawl yourself all over to resemble a marionette puppet. A century ago, people spoke with purpose; every word was meaningful. People

Rockin’ Concert Experiences

“Maroon 5 because my friends and I got passes to meet Neon Trees before the concert. We had the best time! We sang all the songs and danced all night.” Katie White ‘15

graphic by rachaelreiner & erinmcclellan

“Weezer because I got to crowd surf, I didn’t die, and Weezer held my hand and sang to me!” Cienna Salerno ‘14

did not waste their words on nothing. There were no random interjections of um, like, well, uh, etc. involved in every single sentence. Frequent interruptions were during heated debates, not everyday discussions. Crazy, right? And so I leave all you dedicated readers with this food for thought. Grammar does matter. It makes you sound educated. And as Marian girls, we are educated! It makes you sound confident. Is our slogan not “Confident, independent, thinking leaders?” Correct grammar shows poise and maturity. So my message to you is think. Think before you open your mouth to spill out the latest gossip or recall last night’s elimination on The Bachelor. Think about what you are saying and how you are saying it. Improving the way we talk is simple. So why not start today?

Spotlight on Olivia Howard: What’s on Her Playlist?

What was your favorite concert?

“Taylor Swift’s Speak Now concert because Taylor Swift’s dad gave us pit passes, and we watched the concert inches away from her stage. Then, I got to go to the back of the arena. Taylor Swift gave me a high five! I also met her mom, and she gave me little guitar picks!” Caitlin Ricker ‘16

short amount of time until Prom started. Even though it’s time consuming, girls shoot trap because they love it. “Trap means more to me than a dance,” junior Anastasia Zuerlein said. Most didn’t consider skipping a meet or not receiving an award in person to get to Prom on time. “Prom is an afterthought to trap,” junior Maddie Worth said. They had to creatively schedule, but it was worth it to them. “I’d rather go to the trap meet than have more time to get ready for Prom,” Senior Katie Lodia said. Most girls went home to shower after their second round. They did their hair and makeup and then came back for awards. After awards the girls met back at Lodia’s house to get into their dresses. They grabbed a quick dinner at Jimmy John’s before heading to the dance. Some girls had dates who also shot trap, making scheduling for them easier than others. “My date came to the trap meet for the whole day,” senior Brianna Rakes said. Marian girls are never afraid to schedule themselves to the max, even on the day of Prom. Their passions require time and effort, which they happily give up even when it interferes with special occasions.

“Hilary Duff because it was my first concert. I went with my best friend at the time and my parents. I was in 5th grade. Hilary Duff was so energetic, and I knew all the songs. She was such a role model to me when I was younger, so to be that close to her was so cool!” Danielle Morrell ‘13

Olivia Howard ‘15

graphic by rachaelreiner

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Only A Heartbeat Away:

Josh Jones’s Inspirational Basketball Career christinachapman & lizzieerftmier


ecember 6, 2012 is a day Josh Jones will always remember. The senior Creighton guard was warming up for his last Nebraska versus Creighton rivalry game at the Bob Devaney Sports Center when he collapsed at midcourt. “I was just standing on the court getting ready to warm up, and I fainted. When I fainted, I woke up and went to the locker room because I felt dizzy,” Jones said. The following weeks were filled with doctors visits and uncertain press statements from the coaches about Jones’ condition. The results ended up changing his life and career forever. In high school Jones underwent open heart surgery just before his senior year at Central. Bacteria from the air had entered his body and ended up in his bloodstream. The bacteria entered his system through simple everyday acts, such as drinking from a water bottle that had the bacteria on it. The bacteria deteriorated his heart valve, and he needed it to be replaced. “I dealt with it the best way I could,” Jones said. “I guess I handled it pretty well, but when it happened to me, I treated it like I had the flu. Eventually, I realized I was dying.” Basketball, family, friends, and his strength in God kept Jones fighting. His surgery and recovery went well. He was healed, and he continued his basketball career during his senior year in high school. That season, he led his team to the Nebraska State Tournament, winning the championship title just before starting his journey at Creighton University. Everything was going great. Jones was a scholarship player at a Division One college. He obtained the nickname “The Legend,” and became a Creighton fan favorite. Jones was known for his famous three point shot, often pulling his team out of trouble with just a few drained baskets. When he fainted, everything changed. Doctors ran tests to diagnose the cause, and Jones was informed that he had suffered from an atrial heart flutter. The doctors in high school never warned Jones that something like that might happen. Doctors suspect the flutter could have been caused by his blood not flowing properly due to the scar tissue from his surgery. After the flutter, his doctors told him that he might have to stop playing basketball. Josh then faced a career-changing decision. “I felt devastated when they told me, because at the young age of 23, I never expected my career to have to end so early or in that manner,” Jones said. Josh had to make the decision of choosing between a strong healthy life or finishing out his basketball career. “It was easy,” he said, “because my life is far more important than basketball. But as far as the fans, I felt

like I was going to let them down, because [basketball] it is what they know me for. Soon after, I realized they love me for who I am, not what I did.” Right he was. Jones continues to be a fan favorite, receiving endless support throughout his difficult times. Freshman Payton Ranck is family friends with the Jones family and said that it was devastating to hear about his heart problem. “The thing that Josh’s story has taught me the most is to live life to the fullest and always look at the bright side,” Ranck said. But Jones’ story reaches far beyond family friends. In March, Stream Light Productions released a film about Jones’ life and the struggles he has endured. Jones said the documentary shows that nothing is impossible if you just believe and how it shows success can still be obtained through struggles. Senior Annie Coder saw the documentary with a group of Creighton friends. She explained that she took away from the movie, “ . . . his positivity. When I think something is hard, I think about what he’s gone through.” Ranck and freshman Ashley Yakopec saw the documentary Freshman Ashley Yakopec and Josh together. Jones. photo courtesy of Yakopec “His story teaches us that even though something may happen, we need to try to overcome it and do our best,” Yakopec said. As for Jones, he’s remaining positive. The documentary has opened new doors for him when he graduates this summer with a degree in Public Relations and Journalism. “I plan on being a motivational speaker and doing basketball camps around Nebraska,” Jones said. But his life is not only going to be about basketball. The Creighton athlete is also considering an acting career. Even though Josh has retired from basketball, he is still finding a way to inspire others. “The Legend” lives.

” “

Eventually, I realized I was dying. Josh Jones

Long Lost Twins These Marian students might not spend family reunions together, but their faces tell us differently.

Sofia Hingorani ‘16 and Julia Nulty ‘16

Julia Lanoha ‘15 and Brooklyn Venteicher ‘15

Hayley Bacon ‘14 and Maggie Nebbia ’13

Kara Murphy ‘13 and Sarah Nelson ‘15 maggiemckeon & laurentondl


Local Concerts

6/28-29 Kanrocksas (KC, MO) Aer, FUN, Kendrick Lamar, Passion Pit, MGMT, Pretty Lights, Miguel, MGK, Imagine Dragons, etc. 6/26-30 & 7/2-7 Summerfest (Milwaukee, WI) FUN, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, John Mayer, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, etc. 8/2-4 Lollapalooza (Chicago, IL) The Killers, Vampire Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Ellie Goulding, The Lumineers, Two Door Cinema Club, Lana Del Rey, Griz, The Vaccines, etc.

* 5/7 Soja at Waiting Room 5/12 Carrie Underwood at Century Link Center * 5/13 The Thermals at Slowdown * 5/28 Bloc Party at Slowdown * 6/5 They Might Be Giants at Slowdown 7/6 Justin Bieber at Century Link Center 8/20 Lil Wayne w/ T.I. and Future at Century Link Center

*Concerts require notaries. Notaries are parental permission forms that some venues require minors to have if you want to see a concert there. They must be signed by a parent in front of a legal notary, who must also sign. These forms can be found on the website of the Waiting Room Lounge, graphic by noraneary

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Hair Color Queen:

Junior Mackenzie Duce is “dying” to express herself



t the young age of eleven, junior Mackenzie Duce had already decided that she was ready for a change. However, as a middle school student, she had limited options to express her defiant nature. As someone whose life had always been influenced by art, Duce felt her choice was clear– her natural hair color had to go. “I originally started highlighting my hair because I wanted to feel rebellious, and that was the only thing my mom would let me do,” Duce said. About four years later, Duce worked up the courage to do more than

bleach streaks in her naturally dark hair. Though her parents were apprehensive about the idea, Duce eventually won her mother over and was allowed to highlight her hair and experimented from there. But it wasn’t until an art camp over the summer that Duce’s rebellious attitude prompted her to completely dye her hair. For Duce, the catalyst of her first dye job was a friend’s shaved head and purple mohawk. When her friend’s roommate went to town for more art supplies, Duce handed off the money for red dye.

“ ” I originally started highlighting my hair because I wanted to feel rebellious... Mackenzie Duce

When the roommate returned with what was supposed to be a temporary dye, Duce didn’t hesitate. That night, the girls staying with her helped change her hair from a near-black to a fiery red. “I told my parents it was going to be a ‘slightly tinted brown-red’ which was a complete and utter lie,” Duce said. “Luckily, I didn’t see them for a month due to my being in California, so I had time to come up with an excuse.” Needless to say, Duce’s parents were not exactly thrilled when she returned from camp with a dye job that was much more permanent than she originally intended. After six years, however, her parents slowly came to terms with Duce’s love of hair coloring. Since her first time getting

highlights, Duce has dyed her hair four times, and bleached it upwards of 13 times. “It usually only takes a couple of months for me to get tired of a color,” Duce said. “And even before then, I start looking for what I want to do next.” Since she began dying her hair, Duce has had to follow her parents’ guidelines, and now Marian keeps her hair color in check. In the future, Duce hopes to model her hair after “a graceful rainbow, going through every color over her lifetime.” Although she has endured a few hair disasters along the way, her passion for her beloved hair alterations is still going strong. Duce says it’s going to take more than a bleaching mishap to curb her appetite for changing her appearance.

5 Top 5s Freshman Makenzie Fuss Top 5 Sea Creatures

Sophomore Emma Mancuso Top 5 Movies

Senior Alex Johnson Top 5 Girl Scout Cookies

Junior Julianne Faur Top 5 Presidents

Social Studies teacher Mr. Tom Baker Top 5 Candies

1. Seal

1. (500) Days of Summer

1. Bill Clinton

1. Caramel deLites

1. Neccos

2. Stingray

2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

2. Thin Mints

2. Sweethearts

3. Whale

3. Pitch Perfect

2. “Future President Hillary Clinton”

3. Shortbreads

3. Peeps

4. Clownfish

4. The Shawshank Redemption

4. Peanut Butter Patties

4. Turtle Caramel Chocolate Bear Claws

5. Tadpole

3. Barack Obama 4. Franklin D. Roosevelt

5. Bridesmaids

5. Peanut Butter Sandwiches

5. John F. Kennedy

5. Black Licorice Jelly Bird Eggs mariamathey&maggiemckeon

The Class of 2014 Goes Viral

graphic by sarahbrashear

Megan Steffes

Famous Family Tree

Haley Minnick

Sarah M orse ‘16

“My grandpa told me that we are related to the guy who invented the Morse Code.” “When I met Ed, he told me we were related, so I’m going with that.”



1 on ‘ cKe gie M



Gill aspi e ‘1

“My cousin plays for the Chicago White Sox.”

Ed S heer an

pie illas G r o Con

Addie Curley

Carly Steinauer


e l Mors Samue

graphic by maggieherold anna krettek&mollytessmer http:// third-baseman-conor-gillaspie-is-acquiredfrom-giants-and-its-sox-vs-dodgers-in-cactus-league-opener-tomorrow/ http://www.

Bundle of Joy. Junior Sara Cipolla beamed as she struggled carrying around her 4,000 plus tickets at Dave and Busters on Sun., April 14. Cipolla, along with the other post prom attendees, was able to trade in her tickets for the prize of her choice: a stuffed Hello Kitty.

Dancing Queen. Senior Mallory Lane congratulated Sarah Pravecek for being crowned Prom Queen.

The nine lucky Prom Princesses were voted Prom Royalty by their classmates and wore their tiaras proudly on Sat., April 13 at Lauritzen Gardens, under the bright lights of the city.

bright lights

Big City

Prom Primping.

Senior Emily Mullen sits in the hot seat as her friend from Duchesne, Maddie Webb, curls her lovely locks for her night on the town. Mullen decided to utilize her friend’s talents and have her hair done in the comfort of her home, rather than paying for a pricey up-do at the salon.

Thrill Ride. Juniors Allison Buser and Emma Finken decided to kick back and enjoy a ride on the roller coaster simulator at Dave and Busters following Prom. This year’s festivities held the record for the most attendence in Marian Post Prom history.

Dancin’ in the Moonlight. Senior Brianna Rakes and her date, Cort Johnson,

swayed hand in hand under the New York City themed lights at Lauritzen Gardens on Sat., April 13. Rakes said, “For my last dance at Marian, Prom was amazing. I made lots of unforgettable memories,” Rakes said. The Network [ April ]

photos by lizzieerftmier & shannonsmith, courtesy of Maria Corpuz