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Find out Runways’ BIGGEST secrets revealed!

our new good girl gone bad:

Anne Hathaway

showing her sexy new short look, her fighting cause, and details about her married life!

“It’s wonderful. I feel like I’ve found my other half...”

New ways to take off stress!

are you eating right?

Not sure? article: “you are what eat” tells the importance of balanced meals.


Do your own thing and look amaz ing! Read some amazong tips to create your unique syle!

Guys Reveal: The Sex I’ll Never Forget

Crazy, Wild, True

May 2013


May 2013 COVER READS Runways secrets revealed!


TOP 10 make up products of the month!


Anne Hathaway Interview


May’s HEALTH Issue


STYLE Do your own thing and look ama z ing!


Guys Reveal: The Sex I’ll Never Forget



Sometimes there isn’t enough time to do make up on all of them, and some models do their own!


5 secrets about runways

Most times models aren’t wearing bra, or any undeware!

3. 4.

In some runways, models are asked not to pose at the end of it, just make a U turn.

To get the look of recent tanned look, models are sprayed tons of bronzer before the show.


Models are most times wearing shoes that are not even close to their real shoe size!


tOP 10 Make up products of the month!


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oh you rebel, you!

Newly married and hearing Oscar murmurs for Les MisĂŠrables, Anne Hathaway preps for her next role, as a face of One Billion Rising, the global movement to end violence against women. Talking to its founder, Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues), Hathaway, 30, opens up about her husband, her haters, and why she wants you to just dance. Photographer: Alexei Hay


Earrings and ring: Pomellato Underware: Gucci


Earrings: Swarovski Top: Carolina Herrera



he’s fierce and vulnerable, unusually beautiful, and someone you feel you’ve always known. She’s constantly asking questions but knows her mind. And I’m thrilled that she’s representing One Billion Rising, a world action culminating on February 14. We’re inviting one billion people—representing the number of women on the planet who’ve been raped or beaten—to walk out of their jobs, schools, and homes and dance. We want to shake the globe (literally!) and announce that it’s time to end violence against women and girls. I hope you’ll join Anne and me and dance, wherever you are.

Confessions of an Actress Eve Ensler: You were evacuated during Sandy. Can you talk about what this storm means to you? Anne Hathaway: Eight million people across the nation are without power; dozens of people in the New York area have lost their lives. We can’t be in denial [about climate change] anymore. And I’m just making sure that everyone I love is OK, and trying to offer help wherever I can.

Eve Ensler: Tell me about One Billion Rising. Anne Hathaway: It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that a billion women have been raped or beaten, just the enormity of that. When I was in college, I’d heard that one in four women would be raped, and I thought, God, that means I must know someone who was raped. Sure enough, I found out a week later that a friend had been. A billion is too big because one is too big.

Eve Ensler: Let’s talk a bit about your hair. Was cutting it liberating? Anne Hathaway: I was faux Zen about it. I’d resolved to cut my hair for Les Mis and to do it on-screen to make it feel real. but eventually I felt like the coolest girl in the world.

Eve Ensler: What is it about him? Anne Hathaway: He’s a good man. He’s beyond intelligent. He loves fearlessly. His beliefs are beautiful. He’s my best friend. I love him. I just feel that I have the greatest husband in the world for me. You know, we get a lot of pressure to define ourselves as women by how wild we are: How many guys did you sleep with? How drunk did you get? And we all bow to that. We’ve all done that walk of shame at one point or another.

“You realize

certain things. At this stage in my life—and this moment will not last forever—”

Eve Ensler: Let’s talk about married life. How is it? Anne Hathaway: It’s wonderful. I feel like I’ve found my other half, and I’m so excited about getting to love him for the rest of our lives.

Eve Ensler: You used to be critical of marriage. What changed? Anne Hathaway: Him. I would never have gotten married if it weren’t for him. You have to want to be married to someone. You have to feel that reciprocated. Marriage for marriage’s sake doesn’t make any sense to me, and I found someone with whom I could put my money where my mouth is, I guess.

Eve Ensler: I wouldn’t call it shame. I had a good time. Anne Hathaway: Well, I was always kind of proud of myself! But there’s not a lot of positive information out there about marriage. It’s the old ball and chain, the seven-year itch, the divorce rate. Still, my parents have been married for 30 years; his parents have been married for 40 years. Mine had great moments and some really sh-tty

Eve Ensler: And you gave the money for your wedding pictures to support gay marriage. Why?

Anne Hathaway: I really didn’t want the paparazzi at my wedding, and I thought that I’d outfoxed them. The plan was to release a photo to my fans on Instagram. But when some paparazzi got aerial shots and I realized that they could make money off them, I wanted to prevent that, to make the money go somewhere else. So I released four photos, and every time they’re printed, in perpetuity, the money goes to a corresponding charity.

Eve Ensler: Did it help with the role of Fantine in Les Mis? Anne Hathaway: It helped. I also lost 25 pounds for the role. It was visceral and painful and beautiful to play a woman who sacrificed so much for her child.

Interviewd by: Eve Ensler (author of The Vagina Monologues)


There’s nothing wrong in eating these treats once in a while, just not often!


YOU are what you eat? Oh honey, yes indeed... By U.S. News Staff


f your mental image of an older person is someone frail and thin, it may be time for an update. For the generation currently moving through middle age and beyond, a new concern is, well, growing: obesity. Government figures show that Americans in their 60s today are about 10 pounds heavier than their counterparts of just a decade ago. And an even more worrisome bulge is coming: A typical woman in her 40s now weighs 168 pounds, versus 143 pounds in the 1960s. “People used to start midlife [at a lower weight] and then lose weight when they got into their 50s, but that doesn’t happen as much anymore,” says David Kessler, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration and author of The End of Overeating. If you’re entering that danger zone now, be aware that it’s not going to get any easier to lose weight, because people need fewer calories as they age. Blame slowing metabolism and the body’s tendency starting in midlife to lose muscle mass—a process known as sarcopenia—and gain fat, especially around the abdomen. (Fat burns fewer calories than does muscle.) “All that conspires to make it harder for people to maintain the same body weight when they eat their usual diets,” says Alice Lichtenstein, director of the cardiovascular nutrition laboratory at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University. “People have fewer discretionary calories to play with, so they need to make better food choices.” But paying attention to what you eat isn’t only about controlling weight; the need for certain vitamins and minerals increases with age. One is calcium, necessary to protect bones. Another is B12, since some older adults make less of the stomach acid required to absorb the vitamin. More vitamin D also is required. “The skin gets less efficient at converting sunlight into this vitamin, so more is needed from other sources,” Lichtenstein says. Fewer than 7 percent of Americans between ages 50 and 70 get enough vitamin D from the foods they eat, and fewer than 26 percent get enough calcium. Eating right and staying lean are both crucial for maintaining health throughout the years. Carrying an extra 20 or 30 pounds with you into old age doesn’t bode well for attempts to head off the myriad diseases that strike in midlife and later and are linked to weight—including dia­betes, arthritis, heart disease, and some forms of cancer.


f weight is a problem, it is especially important to limit processed foods that combine sugar and fat. Studies with rats indicate that when the two are added to chow, animals can’t easily stop eating, says Kessler. This happens in humans, too, he says, and food manufacturers have taken note and added sugar and fat to many products. So what should people eat? A healthful diet at midlife is the same as for younger adults—it’s just that the stakes may be higher. The focus should be on fruit, vegetables, whole grains, low- and nonfat dairy, legumes, lean meats, and fish. (While there is no single “longevity diet,” a Mediterranean diet—similar to a conventional healthful diet but with more emphasis on fish and olive oil—has been tied to a decreased risk of heart disease and reductions in blood pressure and “bad” LDL cholesterol. Mediterranean dieters may also outlive non-followers by two to three years, research suggests.) For someone whose current diet is far from this ideal, Lichtenstein advises starting small: load more veggies on the dinner plate; eat more skinless chicken or beans in place of hamburger. (A singly daily serving of processed or unprocessed red meat may boost the risk of premature death, according to a recent study by Harvard School of Public Health researchers.) And exercise. Walking briskly for at least 30 minutes every day makes it easier to get away with the occasional cookie. With further fine-tuning of that basic healthful eating plan, you can greatly improve your odds of staving off the major barriers to a vital old age:zdx


Š POMELLATO S.P.A. 2012 / Adobe Caslon: William Caslon,1722, Open Type / BODONI:


SPAIN - Italy - London - Dubai

Giambattista Bodoni,1798,Open Type / Perpetua Titling: Eric Gill, 2011, True Type / ITC Avant Garde Gothic STD: Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase, 1970, Open Type


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