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Founded in 2013, AI_am is a unique international collaboration between a choreographer, an AI developer and creative technologists exploring how artificial intelligence (AI) and contemporary dance can inform and advance each other. By applying sophisticated machine learning techniques in the context of dance and by staging a unique meeting between art and science, the project seeks to rethink what performing art is or could be. At the same time, the project also raises more general questions about AI and its place in the world.

AI am here is a performance in which we present the learning process of an algorithm. Throughout the real-time interaction with performers we witness how their bodies both influence and are influenced by AI. Both human and machine undergo a transformation. Gradually as the learning process evolves, a shared language is developed through which human and machine become creative partners. The roles of “teacher” and “student” become blurred as the performance progresses, transforming what starts out as an ‘interspecies’ exchange into a feedback loop and transporting us to the precipice of the unknown. The production will premiere in October 2017 at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest within the frame of the cultural institute’s smART!-program and Café Budapest Festival and also in 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg.


• offline and online campaigns, advertisements, articles, newsletters

• printed monthly brochure from venue (5000 pieces), flyer (500 pieces) and poster (10 pieces) and Café Budapest will print 10.000 pieces of their festival catalogue and 1000 flyers of the production

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• photo and video documentation • interactive presentation [smART! XTRA]

On-site presence

• spreading flyers on the premiere night and at the venues of further performances (subject to negotiation)

• reception after the premier, where we host our supporters and contributors Appearances provided by the production

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• printed monthly brochure (5000 pieces), flyer (500 pieces) and poster (10 pieces)

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• extending the range of supporters • product sponsorship and services required by the creating process of the production (such as textiles, screens, sound and light equipments, printing)

VALENCIA JAMES (BB) choreographer Barbadian performer, maker and researcher interested in the intersection between dance, theatre, technology and activism. ALEXANDER BERMAN (SE) AI-developer Swedish research engineer and software developer within industry and academia, who has developed and studied spoken dialogue interfaces for vehicles, toys and intelligent homes.

GÁSPÁR HAJDU, GÁBOR PAPP | XORXOR (HU) creative coders Hungarian creative team of engineers and designers specialized for art-and-technology installations, interactive projections, User Experience and User Interface Design. BOTOND BOGNÁR (HU) technology and concept advisor Hungarian serial entrepreneur and angel investor who also has 20+ years experience in the real-estate industry. He spent significant time in Silicon Valley, he was the Ambassador of Singularity University to Hungary, the co-founder of Singularity University’s Summit Europe. During the last years his attention turned first to Virtual Reality, and later to Augmented Reality in order to conclude, that Mixed Reality will be the next realm of computation and his main professional focus.

PETRA ARDAI (HU) general advisor, dramaturg Amsterdam based Hungarian performing artist, director of internationally operating SPACE performance group. The collective makes documentary theatre productions and installations. LINNEA BĂ…GANDER (SE) set and costume design Swedish PhD student of the Swedish School of Textiles, University of BorĂĽs. The focus of her work is materialized movement of the body as expression in fashion design. TANJA RUEHL (DE) lighting design German lighting designer with significant work experiences at Forsythe Company and Frankfurt Opera House. She is working in performing arts field and collaborating with choreographers, companies and artists around the globe.

SCOTT CAZAN (USA) composer Los Angeles based composer, performer, creative coder, and sound artist working in fields such as experimental electronic music, sound installation, chamber music, and software art where he explores cybernetics, aesthetic computing, and emergent forms resulting from human interactions with technology. NINA KOV (HU) choreographic consultant Hungarian choreographer, dancer and researcher based in London and Budapest. In the recent years she has been developing Dancing with Drones project, the first ever human drone aerial group dance production and she made the choreography of the Oscar winner Hungarian short film SING.

BOGLà RKA LAKATOS- VARGA (HU) performer She’s graduated from classical ballet and modern dancer pedagogy at the Hungarian Dance Academy and studied at Codarts Rotterdam Dance Academy. She is currently a dancer of Street Art Project Performances, Zero Ballet and Hungarian State Opera House. NEA LANDIN (SE) performer Swedish dancer graduated from the Professional Dancers Program at The Ballet Acadamy in Stockholm, worked the Gothenburg Opera and done musicals and music videos.

Andrea KOVĂ CS production manager Let it Be! art agency +36 20 46 77 523

AI am here // dance performance  

AI am here is a performance in which we present the learning process of an algorithm. Throughout the real-time interaction with performers w...

AI am here // dance performance  

AI am here is a performance in which we present the learning process of an algorithm. Throughout the real-time interaction with performers w...