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Its all about perfection right? So lets perfect out makeup skill to give us that flawless look all day long. Tip 1: Wash your face very good and use an moisturizing cream. If you have oily skin. Try an oil free cleanser, and if you have dry sensitive skin, look for a gentle cleanser, and then make sure if your moisturizing cream protects your face of the sun (Only if you live in a very sunny place). Tip 2: Use base. The trick is use base after wash your face and cleaned. An excellent choice is the base of “MAC” or “L’OREAL” these two brands definitely help to keep your make up intact. Tip 3: Use and eye primer, Urban Decay has very good and popular one. It makes your eyeshadow last longer and prevents creasing in the lid, you should cover your brow areas with base on a little sponge or brush. Tip 4: Oily nose. You’ll always have toi powder your nose or wipe off the oil most times which can be annoying. So I found a little secret to

controlling this. Apply double amount of white brown powder, this going to help you to controlling this. Tip 5: Help your skin. When you’re done with your liquid foundation, if you use it, wait for two or five minutes. Just like the moisturizer if you want help your skin. Pick one accordingly, they have translucent, matte, sheer, whatever style you can think of there is a loose powder to match. It gives the rest of your makeup holding power.

Tip 6: Do not waste money on mascara. Mascara primer weighs down your eyelashes, this making look so short. Do buy a waterproof mascara, its will last longer. Just don’t sleep with this mascara, this make your lashes fall off.

Tip 7: Use a translucent setting powder. Its simply a clear or a very lightly tinted face powder that sets and mattifies your face.

Tip 8: Lip color. Fr lip color use a long-wear but make sure to moisturize your lips properly before applying as long-wear is very drying.

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How to dress for summer 2014 You have to choose wisely the colors for your cloth, for example, it is not a good idea to use color black, because black do not reflect the sun light and heat rays. Reflection is the process where the rays follow some principles and come back when they fall on some object. Dark colors absorb the sun rays and heat. Colors like white reflect the sun rays and heat rays. So it can’t absorb the sun rays and so they tell to wear light colors in the summer. Wear dresses or blouses stamped with big flowers, that´s a trending for this summer. If you choose to wear lines or stripes, choose wisely, you have to know that vertical lines help you to look thinner and taller, opposite with the horizontal lines that makes you look fatter and shorter. What about pants?, try to wear jeans so you can walk through sand or wear light fabrics like cotton, don´t forget about colors, another tip is to use light colors, such as pink, light blue, peach, turquoise, etc. If you decide to wear shorts, try to wear comfortable ones, so you can enjoy your staying there, not to worry about how to sit or stand. The shoes can be closed or open, we think that sandals can be the best option, you

can wear the ones that have strings through your knees, like the roman did, but it is your choice. We always says that the best option is the option that makes you feel comfortable, life is too short to be worry and crying because of pain in your feet. You can wear high heels if you like, but as we indicated above, only if you feel fine with it.

Sun glasses is a must on this time, you can wear the big ones which are the trending on this summer, they make you look interest and you can watch whatever you want because nobody can see what you see, you know what I mean! Hope you have the best summer ever, enjoy and dress like a queen, your smile and self confidence is your best accessory.

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Magazine mariandreao  

My magazine is about fashion, how to kkep your makeup all day, and ow to dress for summer 2014 ENJOY IT!