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My day at the amusement park • I got up at 6am in the morning to get ready, ate breakfast and brushed my teeth. • I grabbed a taxi and went to my boyfriend's house, from there we went to the park. • In the car we were eating fruits to have energy during the day.

• And finally we arrived to the park, it was a short ride.

• The first thing we did was take a photo at the entrance of the first attraction that was the Bocaraca. • After that we went to the Torbellino, and then to the Tornado roller coster.

• When we arrive to the Torbellino there was a lot of people there so we have to wait but it was worth it.

• The Torbellino was one our favorite attractions, We enjoyed a lot

• At noon we decided to take a rest because it was a sunny day. • When we were resting, the lady who sell cottoons lost some of them because of the wind, so I got up and help her to pick them up, so the lady decided to give away one of them for me and I was so happy

• Another of my favorite attractions were the bumper cars and the crazy shells. • In the bumper cars I hit my boyfriend several times in the back, so I won, it was a lot of fun • And in the crazy shells we go up about 5 times because there was not people waiting for the attraction


In the afternoon we decided to eat something so we went to buy some food, my boyfriend went to pizza hut and I went to As de Oros because I love chiken wings • After that, we went on a ride in the Little train for the kids because we need to rest so we can go again to enjoy the roller costers

• After resting we went to the aquatic attractions that the park has, such as the Pacuare, the Reventazon and the Caribbean splash. • In the Reventazon our clothes got very wet, but in the Caribbean splash it was like taking a shower outdoor

• Finally we went to change our wet clothes and go back to all the attractions again. • It was a lot of fun per a day, and I loved to spended it whit the people that I appreciate.

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My last vacation  

Is a magazine that tells my last trip on vacation

My last vacation  

Is a magazine that tells my last trip on vacation