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Subject: English I Activity # 4

Module # 3

Topic: Be an e-Book author Name: Mariana Gil Sierra MelĂŠndez Group: 114 Date: November 4th, 2011

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Instructions: In this activity you will use and describe vocabulary related to the workplace to design a simple eBook. What is in e-Book? An e-Book is a publication that includes images and text, is displayed on computers or other electronic devices. Restaurant: It's a place where people can go to eat, drink or consume food and / or drinks of your choice.

Author: Mariana Gil Sierra MelĂŠndez

ď ś Restaurant: It is a public establishment where people go to consume food and drinks of your choice or whim, this is for people to socialize more easily with each other. People pay for their consumption at all. The restaurants are businesses that are often sold or traded as a family business, which is passed from generation to generation

ď ś Laundry: Business is a common good, which means that people can use and go freely, acotumbra attend them when you have no washing machine and / or dryer in the laundry laver house, so we turn to them with a bag of detergent and clothing, these businesses are very common in the U.S. and that is usually much the domestic empledad go to these facilities to wash clothes of the family he works for, or is also very common for single people vallan these establishments. The laundries are very common in both rich neighborhoods and in the colonies of low economic level.

ď ś Bakery: A business are very common in any area of the city, it can find from a donut to a cake for a social event, has a large kitchen with huge ovens, with many instruments or cooking materials, with many stans to put bread freshly baked, a striking lighting, or entering a resividor very nice and appealing to people like going in, and finally a counter facing the street.

ď ś Hospital: It's a place that provides medical service to the community trying to make healthy life in either a physical or mental state for the people, have offices that are divided into departments with receptions own operating rooms with everything you need for an operation, large and wide hallways, stretchers, doctors, nurses and a great team of workers.



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