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Are you ready to be a Leader? Team Leader application AIESEC Externado 2017-1

Hey Greeners We grow fearless when we do things we fear. -Robin S.Charma When I read this sentence, I feel empathy with you at the moment of being an applicant to Team Leader in our local committee, not only because being a Team Leader correspond the next step in order to becoming an AIESEC leader, being a Team Leader is an opportunity to take a risk, the risk of developing not only yourself, it’s also the opportunity to develop an entire team in order to achieving our big hairy ambitious Green purpose. Moreover, stay in shoulders of giants imply that our generation have to potentiate every day the way that we do the things to engage every young person to become a leader, that’s why the Team Leader Role in this semester is going to co­create and execute a specific strategy to continue boosting our beloved Green Heard. Take the risk to become a Team Leader, take the risk empowering others, take the risk of being an excellent Greener with fearless, convinced of the tackle mindsets as a priority to change the world!

Alejandro Ramirez LCP 2017-2018

Important Application can not be longer than 3 slides, send it on PDF January 20Th- Deadline application January 26Th- Deadline Interviews (with LCP, VPTXP & VP for the area you are applying) January 30Th- Announcement You must assist at least to one of the assessments that will take place the 4th and 11th of February (Admissions from new members) February 4Th- M&Ms Academy (Mandatory) February 18Th- Green culture hacker summit (Mandatory)

Make a profile and include: -Area you apply -Personal experience -AIESEC experience -Weaknesses and strengths

Make a video about: Strategies you will use to empower, lead and track your members to make your team contribute more to the committee (Maximum 2 minutes)

General question: What is your motivation to be a Team leader?

Answer ONE of the following Questions according to the subcommittee you like, propose a strategy and make a GANTT Matrix about it: You can see the next slide to have more information about the subcommitees -Organizational culture: What is the next step the committee should do? -Governability: How can @Externado make its assemblies more transparent and efficient? -Steering team: how do you see the committee on 2020?

Subcommittees Organizational Culture: The Organizational Culture Team aims to execute the implementation of the new Organizational Culture purpose, based on the outputs of the Green Culture Hack Summit, in addition, the Organizational Culture Team is going to downscale, with the support of the executive board, all the new and refreshed outcome of the summit during the induction event and the lead spaces in the local committee. Legislation and Governance Team: The Legislation and Governance Team is going to run a new strategy in order to improve more and more our way to do Accountability inside the local committee, it means, transform the Local Assembly space into an agile and aware space, in addition, the Legislation and Governance Team provide inputs to the way that the executive board is reporting to the membership, provide inputs to the local compendium and guarantee the importance of the accountability inside the local committee. Steering Team:The Steering Team is an innovation path of AIESEC Externado which seeks to provide inputs and new refreshed ideas to the executive board projects, in addition, the Steering Team is in charge of downscale the basis of AIESEC 2020 the 4 statements of that middle term HOTEL GR and NDE ambition, and provide inputs and ideas to improve the local education cycles and lead spaces.


SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ANSWER THE QUESTION FROM THE AREA YOU ARE APPLYING OGV: Mention one strategy for attraction and one for consideration that we can use to potentiate our program and our impact. IGV: Which strategy would you propose to have all the host families TWO weeks before the trainees arrive for they to have contact from their home country. OGET: Mention a strategy to make the program to grow from 8 to 30 EPs. TXP: Which strategies would you use to make an excellent area? (Think about the 3 measures of succeed: %Team standards; Retention onboarding and % of accomplishment of the committee)

UR: What could be a innovative strategy to establish a relation with Escuela Superior de AdministraciĂłn pĂşbliica(ESAP) and Uniempresarial? How would you present AIESEC Externado to them ? ER: Imagine that a company is interested in donating to our LC. However, it isn't yet decided between NGO "Sonrisas" or AIESEC Externado. Make a letter telling them why the should choose us. F&M:Explain 3 membership investments that you think can empower each member, and as result, proactivity & fulfillment in their roles and operational growth in our LC.

Who let the greeners out?!

Send your application in: http://bit.lyA/TeamLeaderApplication2017-1 HOTEL GR


Team Leaders!!!!  
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