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BOLIVIA’S FACTS Sweet things make you feel hungry The Chuño Copacabana’s tourism RECIPES: ARROZ CON LECHE AND BUÑUELOS


PIQUE MACHO ………………………………………3 QUINOA´S BENEFITS ……………………………….5 SINGANI CASA REAL ……………………………… 8

SWEET RECIPES …………………………………….. 9

ROSSO FAST FOOD………………………………….11 ÍNTERVIEW ………………………………………….13 (THE WISTUPIKU´S FAMILY) BOLIVIA´S FACTS ………………………………… 16 REVIEW ………………………………………….…. 19 (EL ALJIBE)

EDITORIAL In this occasion we would like to introduce the first number of our magazine‌ in which we are going to show you some Bolivian dishes that stand out, showing in each one of the pages selected information and lived images. Our purpose is to show general population the value of Bolivian dishes and ingredients because it is very


important to know de essence that makes every plate unique.


Mariana Mariscal

This magazine reflects that true love that


Mariana Mariscal

food lover experience every time they

Natalia Rivero

take a bite. It shows the passion for Bolivian kitchen. In our magazine we propose different meals and easy sweet recipes to make at home alone or with the loved ones and enjoy what we love the most: FOOD. We hope to be useful and amusing so you can enjoy it.

Photography: Mariana Mariscal Natalia Rivero



Pique Macho. One of the best dishes of our country. Bolivian people, especially the ones who were born in Cochabamba or live there LOVE TO EAT and in big quantities. You can find infinity of delicious dishes, but we think one of the favorites is the PIQUE MACHO a glorious elaboration, making your senses be all connected. Many people say the Pique Macho was created after some fly attendants and pilots arrived to

Nowadays is a really popular dish.

the city of Cochabamba after a late flight‌

The Pique Macho is an elaboration made with

They were hungry so they looked up for


something to eat, the lady who at that time sold

tomatoes, onions, Bolivian chili (locoto), boiled

some fast food in a small store only had left

eggs and cheese.

overs of beef, a salad made with tomatoes and onions, some potatoes, locoto and beer; so she mixed everything for them to eat.





Some people cooks it dry, without the juice with all the flavors (still great). While others cook this dish with beer that we think, is the key for that special and unique flavor that this Pique has. Because this plate has a generous amount of products in it, it’s meant to be eaten by more than one person. But if you are a food lover, you can always eat it alone. Because it is a famous, in Santa Cruz there are so many places were we can find a Pique Macho, and we recommend you to take a look and eat it, whenever you go:

Some delicious options we found for you are El Prado, La Guitarra and Mi Cholita. It is a dish that you can make at home or you can eat in another place and you won’t regret it. There are many different ways to cook the Pique Macho, without losing its essence. At the end you’ll know it’s a Pique.

FACT: This dish goes great with a cold glass of beer.

Quinoa’s Benefits -

The quinoa is a one of the most important seeds your body needs because of its health benefits and its nutritional properties. This seed comes from The Andes and it is really reach in vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa’s Properties:

It has a high level of proteins (23%) .

Composed by Minerals and vitamins.

It’s rich in amino acids, helping the brain develop.

It’s rich in Omega 6.

Soluble and unsoluble fiber.

It has a low glycemic rate.

Quinoa’s Benefits 1.- Get skinny while eating light and healthy. 2.- Take care of the cholesterol levels. 3.- Great for the sporty people. 4.- Antirust. 5.- Good for celiac people. 6.- Takes care of your body. 7.- Hydrates your skin. 8.- Helps to reduce migraines. 9.- Makes the hair stronger. 10.- Anti-stress product.

As told before, don’t be afraid to try this delicious cereal, is super tasty and super healthy for your body. Eat it in soups, salads and also desserts. What are you waiting for?


Singani CASA REAL The Singani is an alcoholic beverage very

Started the first industrialized operation of

popular in Tarija and well known all around

distillation near Tarija.


This experience allowed Casa Real to stablish

Founded in 1981 by Luis Granier and his

their Singani as the top of Bolivia. This line

family. Him and his family have a beautiful life

(Casa Real) includes different types of singani:

story in the production of wines and singanis. An experience of three generations that initiated in 1925 when Julio Ortiz Linares

15 years anniversary Singani Don Lucho: A limited edition produced with the best grapes selection. It has a triple distillation and repose. It has muscatel (kind of grape) fragrances.







Singani):A spirituous


beverage, distillated of

Great to drink it mixed

the best wine made

with soda or fruit juice.




Alexandria grapes.


Blue Label: It’s great to mix it with other beverages

Through the years, the wine cellar has grown. It has the capacity for more than five million litters. Every year the Casa Real installation produces almost 2 million Singani bottles and 40 thousand bottles of wine. The products that Casa Real offers are really loved in Bolivia and they are also exported to the rest of the world.

SWEET RECIPES Buñuelos (donuts) with honey Ingredients:  2 cups of warm water  4 tablespoons of fresh yeast  2 tablespoons of sugar  1 teaspoon of salt  4 eggs  4 cups of all-purpose flour  2 cups of vegetable oil  1 cup of sugar cane honey Step by Step: 1. In a bowl, add ¼ cup of warm water, yeast, sugar and let it rest for about five minutes. 2. Add the rest of the water, the salt, eggs and mix it while you add the flour. Let it rest Until the dough gets bigger 3. Grab a little of dough with the tips of the finger (they have to be wet) and stretch the dough giving it a round form with a hole in the middle. 4. Place the Buñuelos into a pan with hot oil until they turn light brown. Take them out and place them in a plate with absorbing paper. 5. Serve them with some honey on the top. You can eat this Buñuelos hot or cold

“Arroz con leche” This sweet recipe will blow your mind and will make you fall in love with desserts all over again. Ingredients:  4 cups of milk  4 tablespoons of sugar  1 cup of rice  1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder  1 ½ cup of evaporated milk  1 ½ cup of condensed milk  1 cinnamon stick Step by Step: 1. Pour the mil in a pot and add the rice (well washed). 2. Cook it with the cinnamon stick until it boils. 3. Add the evaporated milk and the condensed milk. Let it cook until the mix looks like a cream. Add the sugar. 4. Serve the “arroz con leche” with cinnamon powder on top or with a cinnamon


Homemade Flan

Ingredients 1 liter of milk 8 eggs 150 grams of sugar Vanilla essence Caramel prepared with 100 grams of sugar

Step By Step: 1. Boil the milk with the sugar and stir until dissolved. Let cool until slightly warm. 2. With the help of a mixer beat eggs with a few drops of vanilla essence. 3. Once ready the batter, add the milk, stir and strain. 4. Cover the bottom and edges of the mold with melted caramel, pour the mixture into the flan ring and place water bath in a baking dish. 5. Cook for 50 to 55 minutes, checking its cooking a brochette stick. Cool and unmold. 6. Serve accompanied with caramel, whipped cream or caramel threads.


“Rosso” Panini’s Restaurant

Rosso is a fast food restaurant located in the city of Santa Cruz, Remanzo II Street. This restaurant was opened in May 2013 by





Caballero and Luis Ruiz who still study the culinary arts. Andy and Luis (the owners) really love cooking and sharing their food with the people that’s why they started with this restaurant. This fast food restaurant is not the typical one, because they not only offer paninis, sandwiches and burgers, they also offer dishes from this country.

Their menu is very simple but also very tasty: Steak and chicken sandwiches (the simple ones), milanesa (chicken breast breaded and fried) sandwiches, burgers, club sandwiches and the special dish PIQUE MACHO (tomatoes, onions, beef and spices sauteed in a pan with fries and cheese) that is one of the favorites.

They always work with only the freshest and best selected vegetables. Also, they use chili peppers from the city like “aji camba” for one spicy sauce with ginger. This type of peppers makes their food have a unique taste without losing the bolivian touch. People love eating at Rosso’s because of its high quality, the environment, the customer service and because the food is delicious.


Wist’upiku is a Bolivian company created in

For the 75th anniversary of Wist’upiku, Wilson

1939 by Jose Luis Solis and his family,

Ramirez (grandson of the owner) the

dedicated to the elaboration of patties and

company’s manager answer some questions

traditional pastry of Bolivia.

about this magnificent company

With the dedication of its workers and the high quality that an establishment needs to have, the company has grown this past years.

Wilson Ramirez (on the left) WHY DO YOU THIK WHIST’UPIKU STILL HAS AN ORGANIZED UNION SINCE IT HAS STARTED? It’s because of the family union and the goals that the company has stablished since the beginning. I think we are the first family that has accomplished everything that has been proposed. HOW IS GOING THE PLANIFICATION OF BECOMING A BIG FOOD INDUSTRY? We started as a small food business, and now we are in 3 cities of the country. This year, we are building an industrial plant that will allow us to manage our line of frozen products. These products will have the major quality and the greatest taste and flavor which are the principal characteristics of Wist’upiku.

WHY WIST’UPIKU HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE ONE OF THE BEST FRANCHISES? Wist’upiku is one of the companies with further growth. It not only has the 2 initial products (cheese patty and the spicy one); now we have more than sixteen lines of products that allowed us to enter to new markets, new investments and new projects… It’s not easy but we made it. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THIS 2015? As I said before, we are building our food plant with the highest technologies. Wist’upiku is always innovated and it’s a consolidated brad because of our loyal customers. WHAT ADVICES DO YOU HAVE FOR THE FUTURE FOOD ENTREPENEURS? I think the youngsters have the gold opportunity to jump to the business. They need to have commitment and the backup of the state. WHICH FAMILY VALUES HAVE BEEN THE FOUNDATION OF THE WIST’UPIKU PHILOSOPHY? The loyalty, the respect, the love for the family and the brand have make us be who we are. For more information go to:

Why do sweet things make you feel hungry? There are four things that go through your brain when you eat sugar and that’s why this kind of food makes you feel hungry.

1.-When you are stressed, sad or you have anxiety, your appetite grows. 2. - Addiction: High consume of sugar creates changes on the dopamine levels and also in the behaving of the person. 3. - When the brain lacks out of sugar, the eating desire increases.

THE POWERFUL CHUÑO The “chuño” is a dry potato from Los Andes. It’s the result of the dehydration of the potatoes in the sun. .

One of the most important products of the Indian’s nutrition. FACT: A classic technic people use to peal the chuño is with their feet. They set foot on this dry potato, that way the peal fells off.

Copacabana, a Perfect Destination.

Copacabana is a Bolivian town on the shore of the Lake Titicaca. It’s a destination for tourism in Bolivia because of its charms like the lake’s view and all that this town offers. Every year more than 25 thousand tourists arrive to the town. Most of them for the holy week on April. The view is beautiful. Food in Copacabana is so delicious, cheap and fresh you won’t believe it. The lake’s trout is the best of the best. Copacabana is a perfect place to visit if you want to relax and enjoy.


“The Aljibe” The Aljibe is a Resto-museum located in the

I had the privilege to try firs the famous “Majao

Potosi and Ñuflo de Chavez Street, downtown

de charque”. A creamy combination of dry meat

Santa Cruz.

with rice and the delicious spices from Santa

It’s a traditional Bolivian food restaurant with a beautiful antique touch. The flavors, the smells, the textures, the sensations of the food make you feel like you are in grandmas home. This food remembered me of my beautiful childhood.

Cruz, like the Urucú (a seed that brings that orange color to the preparation), fried bananas and a well fried egg. That experience I had, was one of the best. My beverage was a “Mocochinchi”, very sweet and a good refresher. Made with a sweet dried peach and burned sugar that makes the

So simple, yet so different from the rest.

characteristic color and flavor.

The food… Oh, the food! Very tasty and very

Then for dessert, because who doesn’t love

traditional. Their menu is long, but each dish is

something sweet after a salty food? I had the

worth it. From soups, principal dishes, desserts

“Cheese and manjar blanco”. I feel in love with

to a vegetarian variety. I was fascinated.

this weird and beautiful combination. Who would know that cheese and a this creamy, toffee like sweet were good together? Well, I was fascinated of the texture and the flavor.

I really recommend this dessert for cheese lovers like me. The environment is really quiet and cozy, the music made me feel like I was home Their service is quite good; the waiters are careful and super helpful. They helped me with my final decision, and I have no regrets at all. I really recommend this restaurant for the whole family, a group of friends, a couple of lovers or just one person who loves to eat well. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is relaxing and cozy, the feeling you get has no name. Your stomach will be grateful.


A sample of what our love for food is