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la crema y naty bread&coffee

La crema y Naty bread&coffee September-December 2017 Praxis A+D consultants Coordination: M. Arq. Jorge Humberto Flores Romero Role in the project: Concept and design development, coordination in site. Communication with client and suppliers. Morelia, Michoacán, México

Designed for a young entrepreneur, creator of her own brand of fine bakery, hand-crafted chocolate and organic coffee. The concept behind the project was creating the perfect canvas for the colorful crafted products, giving the customers the chance to enjoy healthy food, with a great variety of freshly made bread, desserts and drinks. The interior design was meant to create a neutral color space (by using grey and white elements), to make the colorful products stand out giving the biggest possible area to clients and exhibition, reducing the services and cooking area to the minimum.

clients and exhibition services

facade a-a’

ground floor

section b-b’

bartolomĂŠ de las casas shared street

Bartolomé de las Casas, shared street March- September 2017 Plataforma MLM Arquitectura Coordination: MDA Mauricio Urquiza Martínez Role in the project: team leader, photographic survey and technical drawing, design development Morelia, Michoacán, México

Project developed for civil society “Distrito centro” and Morelia city hall. Urban intervention over half of a kilometer of one of the main streets in Morelia’s city center, with the goal of creating a shared street that prioritizes pedestrians and non motorized vehicles, generating natural and safe meeting points for the neighbors, regular users and visitors.

Project objectives: -Increase the pedestrian area on a 200% -Activate local economy, creating wider sidewalks to be used as table areas for existing business -Generate safe, confortable and usable public spaces -Reduce the speed of the motorized vehicles -Add necessary urban equipment, like bicycle racks, trash bins, benches, chairs and tables -Improve the level of light during the nights (using eco friendly lamps) -Control and restrict parking spots -Increase the amount of trees and plants in the street -Improve urban image, by painting and restoring facades

3 2 1 2’ 1’


section 1-1’

section 2-2’

section 3-3’

current status


banqueta existente

ampliaciรณn de banqueta

reductor de velocidad

calle un solo carril

reductor de velocidad

ampliaciรณn de banqueta

house A

House A March-July 2016 Praxis A+D consultants Coordination: M. Arq. Jorge Humberto Flores Romero Role in the project: Concept and design development, team leader and communication with external collaborators. Manzanillo, Colima, México

House developed inside a housing complex in Manzanillo Port, a very well known turistic destination on the Mexican Pacific coast. Design customized for a family of five with some special requirements. Since the grandmother’s health wouldn’t allow her to climb up and down the stairs every day, it was requested to include a bedroom in the ground floor.


The plot is right in front of the heart of the housing complex, the recreation area which includes a pool, play yard, fireplace and resting areas. The house design aims at taking advantage to this connection by using the backyard mainly as a terrace, linked directly to the common area.

The house is conceived as three stripes: living / relax / services. The selected colors and finishes reflect the special purpose of any stripe. From the main entrance, it is possible to get a glimpse of the entire house, including a massive concrete wall, floating stairs, glass ceiling and a water mirror that continues till the garden.

main facade

section a-a’

The use of louvers and big glass walls to create open interior spaces, connected to the common areas of the house. Transparency in both facades and natural light entrance over the stairs. The terraces generate shadow over the facades, helping to keep the inner space fresh.

first floor

second floor

section b-b’


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