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Table of Contents: Author’s Note - Pg 3 Family Tree - Pg 4 Narrative - Pg 5 - 8 Interview - Pg 9 - 10 Bibliography - Pg 11 Reflection - Pg 12 - 13 Ingrid T

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Author’s Note

In the early 1980s, farmers and most of the poor people in China paid for property with their crops and food. The rich city people at that time would pay with coins. Most poor people owned small pieces of land. Rich people owned bigger land space and houses. Most of the time, the farmers save up food to sell or to eat during hard times. For example, when there is a flood and your crops don’t grow well, then you eat the food that you saved up. During celebrations, like New Year, everyone takes out the food they stored and share them. In this narrative, I wrote about a celebration.

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Family Tree

Out of all the people in my family tree, I did my mom. Ingrid T

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The Celebration The fragrant smell of roasted chicken filled the room where we were going to eat. I overhear my siblings outside yelling. “Hey, let’s play hopscotch, and who ever gets to the end the fastest wins!” exclaimed my bossy older sister. My mischievous older brother yelled, “Ready, set, go!” and took off. “Hey! You two! Get in here now!” Mama bellowed. “Okay, just give us a few minutes,” my sister replied sweetly. I thought to myself, She always takes such a long time just to get inside. Oh well, I should look forward to seeing my cousins today, and the BIG FEAST! “Mama, when are they coming? Will they be here soon?” I avidly questioned her.

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“Oh honey, they’ll be here soon, just have some patience,” Mama scolded in an annoyed tone. “Are we setting fireworks off today?” I thought out loud. “Of course we are. I remember once, when we were in school, the teacher told us that fireworks were made by our ancestors to celebrate festivals.” she explained. I proceeded into the kitchen and caught a sight of a wooden table with delicious foods such as roasted chicken, steamy rice, noodles, egg–tomato soup, home-made dumplings. I surreptitiously popped a piece of chicken into my mouth. It was as if something exploded in me. The combination of soy sauce tender chicken was absolutely stunning. “I saw that,” chuckled my favorite aunt, Li-Ying.

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Surprised and shocked from the voice, I spun around and faced the old and creaky door. Standing there I noticed a tall, young, beautiful, and longhaired woman. “You guys are here!” I said in a squeaky voice. “My dear child, please calm down!” My grandma said in her very calming and firm tone. To me, I always thought that my grandma was a very patient, kind, helpful, calm and easy-going woman. “Come on now, let’s go eat,” my grandma continued. I went into the room filled with amazing smells. There were many different types of food on the pretty plates that mama almost never used. A sudden memory came to me. Because mama liked to read books, she knew many things. “Yu-Qing, when I was small the plates that we used were made of metal and chopsticks were already invented,” she paused for a while the continued “what would----- “If I Ingrid T

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could ever invent anything, I think it would be a castle with everything I need.” I blurted out, accidentally interrupting her. “Kids, never forget the be respectful to the Buddha, when the time comes don’t forget to give a table of food to him.” Grandpa mentioned. We said our prayers and called everyone in to eat. “Can’t wait until we can eat!” my siblings yelled in unison as they walked in the door. “Patients is a virtue my kids, now you shall wait.” My grandmother lectured. “Everyone gather up, we’re having a toast.” My grandfather bellowed with confidence. Even though us kids did not understand what the toast was about, we still stood quietly with patients and listened. “I believe that today is the best day of my life,” I mumbled to myself.

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Interview Q: When did this historical event happen? A: 1980s Q: Who was there when this happened? A: Grand parents, siblings, parents Q: What was the setting like? (Specifically) A: the air was fresh, not polluted like now, there were many crops growing around, the space wasn’t really big, but it was enough for us to live in. Q: Why did you feel whatever you felt? A: I felt happy because we could have more food to eat when we grew more and better crops Q: Where did this event take place? A: China, Zhejiang Q: How did you participate in the event? A: I didn’t really participate all I did was be apart of it by knowing what happened I guess Q: What did your family feel and react about the event? A: We were all pleased and happy because we would have more food, and the shop we owned would run better

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Q: How old were you when this happened? A: About 10 Q: Do you have any photos of that time? A: no, back then we couldn’t afford a camera Q: What was the situation specifically? A: Before when the president didn’t change the law, whatever we earned we would have to share and give, but when the president changed the law we could keep whatever we earned. Q: Did you move a living place? A: Yes Q: If yes, then why did you move? A: to shanghai but that was way back in 1990s in order to find a better job. We wanted to find a better job, because we didn’t want our kids to go through what we had gone through. Q: What there a particular moment that you remember clearly and distinctly? A: No not really, but I know that I was really happy

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Reflection During this project, I faced many difficulties. Sometimes, when I was writing the narrative, I didn’t have enough information so I had to research a bit more. Other times, since my narrative wasn’t on a worldwide event, it was hard to find facts. I learnt that when my mom was small, she went through hardships and her life were more complicated than mine. Now I feel like I understand my mom more than I did before. I learnt that now our family doesn’t keep a lot of the religious things that they used to have/do. Even though there still are things we do, but they aren’t the really religious ones. For example, during New Year’s we still put a table of food for the gods. Normally, people say it’s for good luck and to live longer. Over the years, there are many different sayings. I think that I’ve grown as a writer, by using better word choice. I think sometimes I try hard to be descriptive and SHOW not TELL. Ingrid T

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I think that doing a project like this is important because: - You get to learn about your family. - You can improve on your writing. - You can find connections. - You can become better at researching for information. I enjoyed interviewing my mom the most because, I got to learn more about her and other people. I plan to show it to my parents during the SLC. For the others not coming to the SLC, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll show them at home or send them my narrative.

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