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Wagyu Beef: Healthier and Tastier

Wagyu meat is one of the finest quality beers. It is delicious and flavorful and is famous for beef steaks, especially in U.S, Australia and European countries. Its major breed is from California and Australia, which is supplied, all over the world. Wagyu beef is in great demand due to its mouthwatering taste. Coming through the composition of Wagyu beef it contains higher rate of mono saturated fats, stearic acid forty percent, and omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids. Unlike other beefs it is lighter in cholesterol, hence healthier for old aged people and for patients as well. Wagyu beef is famous for anti-carcinogenic properties it helps in cure of cancer and other chronic diseases, it contains anti-inflammatory agent named as CLA which keeps body immune from many diseases like heart problems, diabetes, asthma etc. it empowers immunity system and reduces body fats. It is rich in intramuscular fat cell which is a major energy source due to its rare and unique qualities at one stage Japanese government had banned the export of Wagyu cow declaring it as a national treasure. One type of Wagyu meat is famous Kobe beef which is a famous breed of Japanese Wagyu ruminant. It is in great demand for Kobe steak and Kobe burger and highly expensive as well. Authentic Kobe meat is very rare all over the world and it has 4 breeds named as Japanese black, Japanese brown, Japanese black, Japanese shorthorn. Kobe beef is a high quality beef, which is famous for its luster, brightness, fine texture, color and firmness. These types of ruminants are fed on special dried Pasteur and grasses as well as a blended mixture of soya bean, corn, and barley and wheat buns. Kobe beef is raised under strict supervision and its criteria are very firm as these cattle must fall between 28-60 months age. Moreover, they are scored as A or B

category. If they are raised outside Japan then they are returned back to there for the proper certification process and after that they are being slaughtered. Comparing with other kind of meats i.e. lamb, goat, pork, chicken or fish, etc. Wagyu beef is high in quality, tastier and safer due to its strict precautionary measure. Wagyu beef is lower in fats yet it gives strength and immunity power to a body which is essential for human survival. Besides all other quality texture and reduce chances of colic contamination, It is marbled with soft fibers and has tender flavor. It is part of major tasty recopies that’s why its demand is rising day by day. It is an essential part of healthy diet plan which provides body with required energy and necessary fats.

Wagyu Beef Healthier and Tastier  
Wagyu Beef Healthier and Tastier  

One type of Wagyu meat is famous Kobe beef which is a famous breed of Japanese Wagyu ruminant.