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It was a sunny day so Nick went to the beach by car. He sunbathed some hours and he swam in the sea to relax. Then he went back home to meet his wife and his daughter to have dinner together in Madrid, where they lived.

When he was going back, something happened. The sun annoyed him for driving so he put on his sunglasses.Suddenly, he saw another car in front of him. He tried to dodge it but it was too late and he collided with the road’s fence so he died instantly.

Some hours later, her wife and her daughter received a phone call. The police told them that Nick had died in a car accident. First, they couldn’t believe what the police was telling them but after, they realized that it was true and that he had really died.

A day later, Nick was buried. All his friends and family were there. It was a sad day, everybody cried and they started to miss him. They couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t be next to them anymore.

Nowadays he is still remembered by his family and friends as the happy man that could always make them smile. His wife recovered her life and found another husband but in her mind will always be Nick.

A bad day  

Nick was a happy married man but life is always unfair