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Table of Contents BOOKS Run Like a Mother {p. 16} We Are Girls Who Love to Run {p. 21} PAPERGOODS Archie Grand {p. 4} Banana Blossom Press {p. 5} Talk Sporty to Me {p. 19} ACTIVE WEAR & ACCESSORIES Ame & Lulu {p. 3} Be Truly You {p. 6} Embrace Activism {p. 8} Fit Girl Designs {p. 10} NaLa Seattle {p. 13} Saky Sacks {p. 17} Two Roads Fitness {p. 20}

JEWELRY The Silver Maple {p. 18} MISC The Healthy Goddess {p. 11} Garden Bon Bons {p. 10} Hello Rewind {p. 12} Run Momma Run {p. 14} Two Roads Fitness {p. 20} TEES Banana Blossom Press {p. 5} Be Truly You {p. 6} Run Like a Mother {p. 16} Run Momma Run {p. 14} Running Evolution {p. 15} WELLNESS Blue Steel Sports {p. 7}


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Tee time phone: 617-730-9604 twitter: @ameandlulu facebook: /ameandlulu website:

Add a little fun to your game Ame and Lulu is a sophisticated lifestyle brand of accessories which embraces classic American style. Amye Kurson, the company's founder, launched her quest when she was dismayed by the lack of trendy golf and tennis products that were being marketed in many boutiques and pro shops. Her goal was to form a company that had classic, fun and appealing accessories that were both stylish and practical. Amye designed her first prototype for golf headcovers in 2003 and shortly thereafter launched Ame & Lulu. The stylish fabric and bold colors have become a signature of the brand.

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Met and liked website:

A great gift for those who love the experience Let me introduce Archie Grand the infamous Scandinavian notebook maker. Archie Grand produce high quality notebooks for shopaholics, artists, fashionistas and 55 other breeds of charlatans, scoundrels and luminaries. Our notebooks are made with great care given to their quality. They have a rigid cover, are thread sewn and have a matte leather-like lamination. The size is 160x115 mm and neatly fits the pocket of a suit or a small evening bag.

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Cards & tees inspired by everyday athletes phone: 206-719-3887 email: twitter: @bananablossom facebook: /bananablossompress website:

Simple and uncomplicated Banana Blossom Press create products that inspire, connect, encourage and celebrate everyday athletes and the people who support them. With sentiments that are uniquely appropriate and presented in a clean and minimalist fashion, our cards and tees highlight the inner thoughts of anyone who has a love/hate relationship with fitness and exercise.

Maria Millsap



Eco-friendly & soul-friendly phone: 206-819-7658 email: twitter: @betrulyyou facebook: /betrulyyou website:

Products that uplift and contribute positively Be Truly You is based on the belief that by being truly you, life becomes extraordinary and the world benefits. Our mission is to uplift individuals and contribute positively to the planet by offering hip and fun “eco-friendly, soul-friendly" products.

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Ann Caiola & Heather McDowell BE TRULY YOU


Be active. Be comfortable. phone: 206-919-2752 email: twitter: @bluesteelsports facebook: /bluesteelsports website: Also available on

“Throughout my training and the marathon itself, I found this cream to be the most amazing product I have used.� -- Thelma Reduces the chafing, blisters and saddle sores that occur with endurance sports. Protects your skin by forming a thin, silky low-friction layer between skin and clothes as well as an effective moisture barrier to protect against sweat and water. Long lasting so reduces the need for inconvenient re-application. Most effective when used prior to activity, but also soothing to skin when used after endurance activites. Has natural Australian Tea Tree oil which has anti-septic and anti-fungal action to reduce the possibility of infection.

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Lil van den Heuvel



Purpose-driven yoga email: twitter: @embraceactivism facebook: /embraceactivism website:

Commit to you Providing premium yoga accessories that make a difference through charitable giving. Rolling out an Embrace Activism mat shows a commitment to making a difference; transforming a yoga practice into a purpose-driven yoga.

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Karen Whittier



Sporty & stylish fitness headbands phone: email: website:


They are perfect for just gettin’ your pretty on! We create gorgeous fitness accessories! Our popular athletic headbands are sporty and stylish. We use stretch material so our headbands don’t pinch your head and fit almost every head size comfortably. They keep your hair out of your eyes and they absorb sweat. They are perfect for working-out, everyday wear and just gettin’ your pretty on! Coming soon - beautiful Yoga/Pilates mat slings in a wide selection of fun designs.

Photos courtesy of M. Menser

Maria Menser



Calorie-free, fat-free treat (for your garden, that is) email: twitter: @gardenbonbons facebook: /gardenbonbons website:

Because gardening is quite a workout! These garden truffles are for planting - not for eating! This is our signature line of garden truffles - handcrafted bon bon balls of clay, organic compost and seed wrapped in a lovely presentation package. They are a perfect gift for novice and expert gardener alike. Seed balls are a centuries-old planting technique. The compost provides nutrients to the seeds and the clay holds it together and protects against insects. to toss into the garden or indoor container. Find a sunny spot, add water and watch them grow!

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Anne Dowell



Fitness for all stages of life website:

Also The Healthy Bride twitter: @thehealthybride facebook: /thehealthybride website:

Don’t just park it when at the park Ever since you had your little monkey, things haven’t been the same. And by things we mean your butt, boobs, and thighs. Get back into the swing of it with The Healthy Goddesses Swing Set Circuit workout cards. The illustrated cards guide busy moms in the quest for physical fitness, when gym runs are few and far between. Each card maps out a simple exercise that can be done while tending to your wee one. Lunge while pushing a swing or wall-sit while he digs in the sandbox. Though not revolutionary, they are simple reminders to make the most of your time at the park. Instead of just parking that ass.

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Christi Masi



Old shirt, new sleeve email: twitter: @hellorewind facebook: /hellorewind website:

Think race shirts! Here's your chance to transform your old, favorite t-shirt into wearable duds for your laptop. We cut out the design and material from your t-shirt, sew it up with batting, felt and velcro, and voila a brand new laptop sleeve! Hello Rewind is passionate about fighting sex trafficking. We work with foreign sex trafficking survivors in the United States by providing them with employment, language skills, and vocational training. By purchasing a Hello Rewind laptop sleeve, you're giving trafficking survivors financial opportunity.

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Style & comfort for the active, busy woman email: facebook: /nalaseattle website:

Love and empower yourself by finding what brings you joy‌.find your NaLa! NaLa Seattle has been created for active, busy women and their journey to nurture their bodies, minds and spirits. Our goal is creating a focused line that provides a stylish, spirited twist to the basics, one that is performance driven and beautifully ready to wear! NaLa offers great functional basics surrounded by feminine layering pieces that take you from the gym to all your next stops of the day looking your best!

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Laurie Barokas & Nancy Cirillo NALA SEATTLE


Celebrate and support women who run! phone: 541-968-1362 email: twitter: @runmommarunnews facebook: /runmommarun website:

Put these on your holiday list! I think using the word "busy" in front of the word "mom" is sort of redundant, don't you? We're usually pretty maxed out. That's why I think it's so important to stop and celebrate our accomplishments. It keeps us fueled and confident. Squeezing in workouts is tough for running moms, but you so deserve the pat on the back for providing an example of health and fitness to your family. You're amazing, ladies! Show it with our great running gifts for women! ~ Laura

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Laura Isolde McClain


Be your own superhero email: twitter: @runningevolved facebook: /runningevolution website:

Running is a community. It makes you feel good. It’s green. It’s cheap. Running is an adventure. Love running and it will love you back. Running Evolution is a program that focuses on starting to run, from square one. The program specializes in people who are anywhere from “couch potatoes” to “it’s been a while since I’ve sweat” and want to take control of their fitness. AND, they have these awesome tees!

Photos courtesy of B. Baker

Beth Baker



Entertaining and encouraging all running mothers email: twitter: @dimityontherun & @sbsontherun facebook: /runlikeamotherbook website:

“Are my kids still chasing me?” The essays in Run Like A Mother–a book unlike clinical, workout-heavy running books out there–replicate the lively conversations good friends have when they’re out on a run: a mix of personal stories, hard-won, helpful advice, and crack-you-up anecdotes that cement a connection that goes well beyond the miles logged that day.

Photos via

Sarah Bowen Shea & Dimity McDowell RUN LIKE A MOTHER


Fitness on the go! email: twitter: @sakysacks facebook: /sakysacks website:

Perfect for the gym, yoga & boot camp! Polished, sophisticated and affordable, use them for trips to your favorite shops and markets, the pool, beach, kid stuff or anything life throws at you. Squishable, scrunchable, squashable, ultra-compact and portable! Our patent pending design made from Dupont™ Tyvek Ž in the City Saky and the larger Saky Weekend ensure there is a size for everyone.

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Rupa Wickrama SAKY SACKS


Fitness-inspired email: facebook: /thesilvermaple website:

Love these! The Silver Maple works hard to create uniquely special pieces that channel happy thoughts. Whether it’s your child’s name, a memorable date, a special place, or an inspiring phrase, the idea is to find happiness and serenity each and every time you look at your personalized creation. They use sterling silver and copper in their creations. Many of their pieces are hand-cut and filed from a sheet of metal, allowing them to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs. By hand, they stamp, distress, brush, and polish each piece to provide a vintage-inspired look. The meaning is special and the look is subtle but beautiful.

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Inspiring conversation and confidence through sports email: twitter: @talksportytome facebook: /talksportytome website:

The gift of gab These greeting cards were hand-crafted by Talk Sporty To Me's founder, Jen Mueller. As a professional sports broadcaster and expert talker, Jen mueller teaches communication skills for networking and relationship building.

Photos courtesy of J. Mueller

Jen Mueller



Clothing for active women phone: 800-240-8176 email: twitter: @tworoadsfitness facebook: /tworoadsfitness website:

“This is one of the best places to buy athletic clothes and sports bras…” --Deborah Our mission is to support, encourage, and inspire women of all ages to participate in athletics by providing high quality gear, excellent customer service, and great value.

Photos courtesy of P. Petersen

“I have ordered from Two Roads Fitness before and I will again.” -- Tenoch

Patty Petersen



Go, girls, go! twitter: website:


Also available on

“If you are a runner, you will read We are Girls Who Love to Run more than once.” -- Carol Woodrow We Are Girls Who Love to Run uses running to inspire girls to build healthy habits and achieve goals. Vibrant watercolor illustrations celebrate real girls with different body styles who find satisfaction in daily life experiences. The characters display their inner strengths as they make simple healthy choices and interact with family and friends. A sports book specifically designed for girls, We Are Girls Who Love to Run speaks to girls of all fitness levels, from the curious observer-turned-participant to the driven competitor. It celebrates the multiple elements of girlhood that connect to form the whole girl: family life, friendships, emotions, fitness, goal-setting, relaxation, and curiosity. It acknowledges girls’ spirits and applauds their fortitude in believing in themselves. We Are Girls Who Love to Run won a 2008 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Bronze Medal in the Body/Mind/ Spirit category. Brianna and her mom/business partner, Sheila Schencke, created their company, Balanced Steps, LLC to publish the book. Photo by Jennifer Tai Photo Artistry

Brianna K. Grant




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Holiday Fitness Gift Guide 2010  

Oh, the stuff we love that make us sweat-happy and fit!

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