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NO SONGS FOR MEN? Question #1: Off the top of your head, can you name a song that has a man’s name as the title? Answer: If you did, I’m impressed— because 92.2% of those surveyed did not! Question #2: Now if I ask you to name a song with a girl’s name as the title, I bet you can come up with something really quick… Answer: Veronica, Jane, Michelle, Angie, Layla, Maria—there are tons of great songs named after women, and I’m sure it was no problem for you to come up with a few! Why is this? Well, I think most women know the reason. We just never feel that inspired to write a love song about a man. Maybe at the beginning of a relationship we’ll pen a few verses, but eventually most men will break our heart, don’t put down the toilet seat, get love handles, annoy the crap out of us, and then there goes the hit song. The only songs I can think of with men’s names are really horrible like “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” or “Ben,” which by the way was about a rat. In the new web series No Songs for Men, all of the female characters have the names of popular rock songs from the 70’s and 80’s with a woman’s name as the title: Beth, Amanda, Jenny, Sara, and Beth’s sister, Christian. These talented women are all members of the indie rock band sensation Code Cherry! It’s The Runaways meets Sex and the City as we follow the music, sisterhood, and liaisons of these five incredible women as they compose the reasons why there really are no songs for men.

episode 2

i think i loVE you


“Dateless Wonder” by Amanda Peyton Verse one: Dear Diary What’s wrong with me? And, why are all the boys so stupid? I’ll do more than hold their hand But they’re afraid to ask

Verse two: Dear Diary Now I’m out of school And, guess what the boys still aren’t cool I’ve done more than hold their hand But now they don’t come back

I’m a Dateless Wonder Left waiting by the phone Yeah a pretty girl like me All alone on a Saturday night Just a dateless wonder

I’m a dateless wonder. Unlucky with the boys Too young to give it up Please help me find somebody to love Always the dateless wonder

As I reached over to hit the snooze button on my alarm clock for what seemed like the twentieth time, I noticed that there was still a glass of half-drank bourbon on my bedside table—as if I needed any reminders as to what went down last night. Christian, Jack Daniel’s, and I had participated in a three-way tryst last night. Jack had been more attentive to Christian but I didn’t mind. She needed the release and I found pleasure in watching, listening, and finally tucking my friend into the couch as the sun was coming up. “Amanda, enough

with the alarm. Get your ass out of bed. Don’t you have to teach this morning?” Jenny said with irritation as she walked into my bedroom. I had been driving her crazy with my relentless snooze alarm ritual ever since we roomed together at Kent State. The tiny yellow dress she had on last night was just barely peeking out below an oversize men’s sweatshirt she had on along with yesterday’s smudged mascara. Obviously, she had a much better time than I did last night, and I couldn’t wait to find out who she had swiped the sweatshirt from. “Hey, I don’t want any crap from you. You should be thanking me. I spent the whole night talking Christian out of kicking your ass.”


“Oh, Amanda, I’m so sorry. I kept you up every night this week listening to me agonize over LaModa, and now I’ve done it to you again.” “Yeah, you look real sorry. Who’s the lucky guy that’s not getting his sweatshirt back?” “I wish I had a better story to tell, but alas it belongs to Freddie. Sara, Beth, and I got pretty smashed last night, so we all ended up crashing at his place. Plus, I’m a coward. I knew Christian would be here, and I wasn’t ready to face her.” “I think I talked some sense into her. I tried out some of my yoga philosophy on her…stuff like, ‘Move forward with awareness and acceptance,’ and, ‘See the best in Jenny and honor her decision.’” “Ooh, that’s good. I hope it worked, ’cause I never learned how to fight, and I think Christian could really kick my ass.” “You know, I think the thing she’s most pissed about is that she brought the two of us to the band, and she really feels like you let her down.” “We do owe Christian. If it weren’t for her, we’d probably still be playing dive bars and frat parties with The Garage Girls.” “Thank God for Peter. He was the one to finally calm her down. About 2 a.m. I remembered that she hadn’t called him yet to tell him the news about Rock On! Fest, so those two got on the phone, and Christian got some textual satisfaction.”

“That had to be a real treat to listen to.” “Actually, Peter was really cute, and he’s excited for Code Cherry. We might be playing close to where his band is playing on some of our stops, so those two were trying to map it all out and plan some road-trip rendezvous.” “Good. Christian needs to get laid. Hopefully, the prospect of time with Peter will make her forget that she wants to hurt me. What do you think I should do to get her to speak to me again?” “Well, when she does get up, I’m sure she is going to need some pain management. Make her some strong coffee and something greasy to absorb the bourbon, and I think she’ll be in a better frame of mind to kiss and make up.” “How ’bout I make you some breakfast too? Do you have time before your yoga class?” “I can’t believe I’m going to teach yoga with a hangover. The Karmic yogis are going to frown on me today.” “Hey, just because you do yoga doesn’t mean you have to drink green tea, listen to Yanni, and rub crystals all the time. You’re a rock ’n’ roll yogi; they’re supposed to drink.” “Damn straight. Thanks for reminding me,” I said as I finally pulled myself out of bed to give my best friend a hug. I couldn’t believe we would be splitting up to go our separate ways in a few months. I didn’t know what formula colleges use to match up two complete strangers, but they hit the mark with Jenny and me, and despite the fact I came to college as a total band nerd,


**** Code Guide: Code Blue Jenny had taken me under her wing, transformed me, and we have been roommates, bandmates, and best friends ever since. If you had asked me my freshman year, I’d never have thought I would stay in Ohio after college, but Jenny and Code Cherry were good reasons to put down roots. “So, are you excited about your dinner date with David tonight?” Jenny asked when she returned with a cup of tea for me. “Hey, I like the way that just rolls off the tongue…dinner date with David. Sounds good, huh?” David was a guy I met at our show last weekend in Columbus. He’s what I like to call road candy—something you can’t find at the local candy counter, but look forward to picking up when you’re out of town. As a practice, I never give my phone number out to road candy or ask for theirs. David was a rare exception, and I definitely wanted to hook up with him again when we played in Columbus. “You know I don’t like to fraternize with the road candy, but this guy was persistent, and I finally just caved. If I don’t fall asleep on the date, it will be fun just looking at him. He’s pretty damn cute.” “Shut up, you caved because he’s hot. Code Cherry**** material all the way. I still can’t believe he went for you and not for me.” “Well, you did spot him first, but what can I say? The guy prefers redheads.” “Just do me a favor and try to break some records tonight.” Jenny was referring to my abysmal dating record of late. I hadn’t been on a decent date for over a year and the list of crazy date stories was filling far too many pages of my diary. The men I dated always looked good on paper, but once I got them alone, their evil/horny/obnoxious (equally interchangeable) twin always came out. It shouldn’t be that hard for them, I only have three requirements for a good date: proper personal hygiene, eating

Code Cherry code•cher•ry Pronunciation: \'kod \'cher-e, 'che-re\ Function: noun, adjective Inflected Form(s): plural code cherries Date: 1992 Etymology: Originating from the teenage antics of Beth and Sara, part of a complex system of signals or symbols used to represent assigned and often secret meanings. a member of the opposite sex who is sexually attractive b: hotness c: an attractive and usually well-built man



a kick-ass all-girl alternative rock band from Cleveland, Ohio


something or someone who is awesome


pleasing to the eyes or ears


an intensive used to express the pleasure, excellence, or awe of life

Code Green Code Pink


Code Purple Code Red Code Yellow

with their mouth closed, and unless invited, they need to keep their dick in their pants. I was afraid to admit it, but I had high hopes for my date with David and couldn’t stop thinking about the night we met. “Code Cherry, two o’clock,” Jenny said to me as we sat at the bar, having a drink during a break. Jenny was in flirtation mode and had been fishing for men. I turned to look and marveled at what a good eye Jenny had for spotting a really hot guy. “Well, you better watch out. Looks like he picked up your signal; he’s walking over here right now.” Jenny had a magnet in her head that attracted men, and once she got them in her magnetic field, she knew exactly what to do. I learned a lot in college, but the most useful things I picked up were not in the classroom. In the bars of downtown Kent, Jenny had schooled me in the fine art of flirting, and when we worked in tandem, the combination was deadly.**** “I’m sorry to bother you, but I just had to say, you have the most beautiful red hair,” David said to me with a grin on his face and dimples to kill. Major swoon! When you grow up having other kids call you carrot head and freckle face, it feels pretty damn awesome to turn the tables, and I’m a sucker for any man who tells me he likes my red hair.

“You know, normally, I detest pickup lines, but you’re a man after my heart with a line like that.” “It’s not a line; I’ve always dreamed of meeting a freckled female drummer.” “Well, I’ll see what I can do about making your dreams come true,” I said with a laugh. I’m pretty sure I made Jenny gag with that line, because she made an excuse and left the two of us alone to continue our mutual flirtation fest that went well past the last set Code Cherry played that night.

After the sleep-deprived week I had, it was tempting to call David to cancel the date, but I knew he had already started his two-hour drive from Columbus. I was going to need more than a disco nap to get me ready for the night, but that was all the time I had. I let David make all of the plans, and I was going to meet him at the Watermark. Seemed like kind of a stuffy, grown-up place for a first date, but I gave him points for picking a place on the water. The Watermark is perched on a cliff overlooking Lake Erie, with stunning views, and I’d been told they serve amazing seafood. I got there a little late, and David was waiting for me at a table right by the window. I walked over just as the waiter was bringing him a second drink. “You look amazing,” he said as he got up to give me a hug. David towered over me but didn’t have any trouble leaning


**** Flirting Tips: over to gently pull my tiny frame into his. He was wearing one of those colognes that immediately fill you with a sense of desire, and I melted into the hug, enjoying the rush of pheromones racing through my body. I’m pretty sure a hug like that has the power to heal. “I think I’m a little underdressed for this place,” I said as I deliberately took my time peeling away from the hug. I was feeling a little out of place as I noticed everyone was wearing grown-up clothes, including David, who was looking handsome in a pair of dress jeans with a baby blue button-down shirt and linen suit jacket. Damn, he was cuter than I remembered. This guy knew how to put together the package, perfectly pairing those baby blues eyes with the crisp blue shirt. This guy looked like The David, only with clothes on.. “No, you look great, just like a rock star having a little nosh before her big show. Here, this is for you. I’m sure you get them all the time from admiring fans, but I wanted to be the first one tonight,” he said as he handed me a single red rose. “David, here’s a little tip: You can never give a woman too many flowers. Thank you.” He proceeded to pull the chair out for me and sat down. How refreshing, I thought, a guy whose mother had the good sense to send him to Miss Manners to learn the rules of etiquette. I decided I would need to be on my best behavior for a change, as I struggled to remember which fork to use first. “What are you having?” David asked as he looked up from the menu. “I’m going to have the portobello appetizer.” “Oh, are you eating light because of the show tonight? I figured you would need a hearty meal to get the energy to play the drums the way you do.” “No, I’m a vegan.” “A vegan? I’m such a dork. I can’t believe I brought you to a seafood restaurant. Why didn’t you say something?” “It’s no big deal. I’m used to it. I’ve never been to a restaurant that doesn’t serve veggies, and I like this place. I grew up at the beach, so I love being near the water.” “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me that when we met.”


In case you need some pointers real quick before a night out, this video will teach you just about everything you need to know about how to flirt. Remember, keep it above the belt, and watch out for those feet! What You Must Know About Flirting and Seduction.

Flirting 101: How to Charm Your Way to Love, Friendship, and Success. Don’t like to flirt? Join or start a local chapter of the Anti-flirt club.

“Well, we were at a bar, and last time I checked, there’s no meat byproducts in vodka.” “You grew up at the beach? I thought you told me you were from Boston.” “I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but Boston is on a harbor, near a major body of water. I grew up in Swampscott, a little seaside town just north of Boston.” “Swampscott? That’s hilarious; doesn’t sound like a beach I’d want to lay on.” “Hey, don’t make fun of Swampscott. It’s an Indian name for Red Rocks, because the shore is lined with beautiful red granite rock. I love it there.” “So, why did a beautiful redhead rocker leave her red-rock beach and venture to Ohio?” “Well, I picked the college the farthest away from home that my parents would still pay for. My mom was originally from Ohio and went to Kent, so she got all nostalgic about me going to her alma mater. I needed to get away from my family and strike out on my own, so everything just kind of fell into place. I’ve got a little bit of a rebellious

streak in me you should know.” “I bet you broke a lot of guys’ hearts when you left the swamp.” “I’m not one to kiss and tell.” And I left it at that. I didn’t want David to know that I was a dateless wonder in high school and that I left to escape my parents’ messy divorce. “Amanda, I want to know all there is to know about you. Tell me everything.” Well, that’s a little creepy, I thought. Guys always want to talk more about themselves on a first date, and now I’m out with the one who wants to know my whole life history. I didn’t let it shake me and just chalked it up to good breeding as I promptly changed the subject. As we ate our dinner, I told David about Code Cherry going out on the Rock On! Fest tour. “We have to scramble to find a replacement for Jenny real quick, but I’m so excited for her.” “You’re a good friend to take care of Christian like that last night. Did the two of them patch things up?” “Well, when I got home from my yoga class today, there were no visible signs of damage in the apartment, so I don’t think there were any catfights. I’m sure they worked things out.” “I’d like things to 6

work out with us.” “Well, if you play your cards right, I might let you take me out on a second date,” I said jokingly. “No, seriously, I’m really into you, Amanda. I haven’t stopped thinking about you since last Saturday, and I know it’s too soon, but I have to tell you this…” He reached across the table and took my hand and laser beamed those beautiful blue eyes right into mine. He had a serious look on his face. Hell, even those cute little dimples of his looked serious now. I’ve never had a guy look at me like that, and, to be honest, it scared the crap out of me as I waited for him to finish his sentence. “…I love you.” I froze. Panic. My swoon went limp. How do you respond to that? I had to be careful with my choice of words, and they couldn’t be, “What the fuck?” I turned my head to hide what I was sure was a mortified expression and noticed that the woman at the table next to ours was sending me a painful conciliatory look. She must have overheard the conversation and was trying to be supportive while holding back the urge to laugh hysterically. I looked back to check his glass; maybe he had just a little too much liquid courage, and it was the vodka, not him talking. “David, that is really sweet, but how can you possibly be in love with me? I think you need to think about




this a little longer. You don’t even know my favorite color yet,” I said in a sarcastic tone to imply he must be joking. “I know it’s crazy but life is short. Why not tell the people you love how you really feel? Why put it off for another day?” I had to pause again to collect my thoughts. “That’s a lot for a girl to digest on a first date. Shouldn’t I just have to worry about whether or not you’re going to kiss me at the end?” “I don’t expect you to say it back. I just wanted you to know I fell in love with you at first sight.” I’ve been on a lot of dates, and, believe me, I could tell you some stories that would make you wonder why I hadn’t opted for celibacy, but this date would definitely go down in the books. My bad-date defense mechanism immediately kicked into damage control mode. What’s my exit plan? How fast can I run in these shoes? Should I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and never come back? I opted for a more mature approach. “Listen, David, I think I’m gonna need some time to digest your declaration of love. Thanks for dinner

but I’ve got to leave now to get ready for the show,” I said as I got up and walked—well, it was a fast walk, probably closer to ran—out of the restaurant. I felt bad for leaving so abruptly, but he knew where to find me, and I was certain he would surface later at the Mercury. He caught up with me as I got to my car, reached out for me with both hands, and gently maneuvered me around to face him. His arms slid slowly down to wrap around the small of my back as he swooped in for a kiss. David was smooth and quick, and I didn’t have a chance to move away or resist. The kiss was deep and lingering, and I finally had the good sense to pull away from what might have been the best first kiss I had ever had. “Now you don’t need to worry about whether or not you’ll get a kiss tonight.”**** I just stared at him. In less than five minutes, the man had rendered me speechless again. Was this the same nut case who told me he loved me forty-five minutes into our first date? Maybe I could just forget that ever happened and lean in for another one of his delicious kisses. No, I definitely could not kiss this mentally unbalanced man again. “Amanda, you look vexed. Please don’t freak out on me. I promise to take it slow; just give me a chance.” 8

“It’s cool, David,” I said, lying. “It’s actually pretty rare that a man is that honest with a woman, but, really, you shouldn’t be so quick to fall in love. We react better when you string us along for months.” I watched as his hopeful face turned sad, and I got a sick feeling in my stomach knowing how messy it would be to blow him off without hurting him. “We’ll talk after the show tonight. Thanks again for dinner,” I said, trying to sound congenial without giving him too much hope. I ducked into my car, avoiding eye contact. I didn’t want to see his face, but I finally gave in, and when I checked the rearview mirror for damage control, I noticed the waiter had ran out to make sure David was not dining and dashing.

The girls and I had a rating system we used to rate the level of brutality of a gig. Don’t get me wrong; we always love to play, it’s just sometimes a show is a little more painful based on all the factors at play, and no night is ever the same. The brutality level (BL) of a show depends on things like how long of a road trip is involved, how far we have to schlep the equipment, crowd turnout, male-tofemale ratio in the audience, and whether the bar owner is generous with the food and drink. For example, our gig last Saturday—when I met David—started out very high on the BL scale courtesy of a cramped car ride down to Columbus, a predominantly female college crowd (we preferred sausage fests to clambakes), and a bar owner who was trying to screw us on our take for the night. In comparison, playing at the Mercury didn’t even register on the BL scale. The show that night was going to be special, with the CD release and the Rock On! Fest announcement, but having to dodge David all night would take it right off the BL charts for me, and I was not happy. As I got to the club, I needed to vent, and I knew the girls would be there to talk me down from my bad date. “Amanda, what is up with you? You look totally flushed. Did you do too many downward dogs today?”


**** For your listening pleasure. A few songs to get you in a kissing mood!

Kiss the Drummer Couldn’t resist this classic from Prince Kiss Me

Sara asked. “You are not going to believe what just happened to me,” I announced as I walked into the clubhouse. The girls were in various states of dress, getting ready and warming up for our show. “How was your date with the Code Cherry?” Christian asked. “Well, for a first date, it started out great. He looked amazing, smelled incredible, took me to a nice restaurant, gave me a red rose, and pushed the chair in for me. A real gentleman I’m thinking.” “Ooh, a red rose. How romantic,” Beth said. “We order cocktails, talk about the weather—carefully following the standard dating script—and then out of the blue, he whips out his freak flag and tells me he loves me.” “He told you he loves you?” Sara asked, trying to hold back the giggles. “I think that’s kind of sweet,” Christian said. “Hello? What the fuck? You don’t tell someone you love them on the first date. It’s just not done. Guys aren’t supposed to tell you they love you until they want to get you into bed.” “Having a guy tell you he loves you on the first date to get you into bed is better than going to the restroom and coming back to find the guy waiting naked for you

in the bedroom,” Jenny said, referring to the time this actually happened to me when I brought a guy back to my apartment after a date. “Or the guy you went out with that had the love doll.” Christian chimed in with amusement. “Or the one that called his mom right after you had sex.” “Thanks for the walk down memory lane, girls, but I really don’t need any reminders of my illustrious dating record. What is up with the men I meet? Either they want to show me their junk or tell me they love me before we even get through a first date. Do I emit some kind of aura that makes guys think they can just instantly be inappropriate with me?” “Well, you do wear those tight yoga leggings and chant all the time,” Sara said. “Maybe your prana is sending out indecent messages.” “What is so wrong about a guy telling you he loves you? If he really means it, I think that’s kind of sweet,” Christian said. Coming from Christian, this did not surprise me. She was in that initial stage of love with Peter, and I’m a firm believer that when you are first in love, your head is so far up your ass that everything sounds sweet. “You know what is crazy is that most of the time, we can’t wait for a man to tell us those three little words,” Beth said. “Well, I’m here to tell you that when you hear them on your first date, it’s downright creepy.” “It’s kind of like a Cinderella fairytale, but on crack,” Sara said. “Oh, sweetie, what did you do 10

**** Code Guide: Code Blue after he said it?” Beth asked. She was kind of like our band mom, always looking out for us, taking care of all the gigs, making sure we got paid, and watching out for guys with bad intentions. It was a tough job, and we all loved her for it. “I kissed him.” “What?!” “I was flustered and didn’t know what to say, so I got up, told him I needed to leave, and ran to my car. Before I could make my getaway, he caught up to me, grabbed me, and kissed me.” “So, how was it?” “Hot,” I said as I started to blush, remembering the heated sensation that washed over me when he pressed his lips to mine. “Bummer. Great kisser but a quick shot when it comes to love. I hate quick shots; it’s just so inconsiderate,” Jenny said. “Look at you, you’re blushing. I think deep down inside, you really like this guy,” Christian said. “How flattering to get a declaration of love like that.” “Yeah, it figures. I meet a guy with a job, that smells amazing, and doesn’t immediately ram his tongue down my throat, and he ends up being a head case.” “Amanda, I take it you don’t believe in the possibility of falling in love with someone at first sight,” Sara said. “I believe in love at first sight. I just get a little spooked when the guy admits it to you. Couldn’t we go out a few times, hold hands, maybe participate in a little heavy petting first? I’m sorry, but this guy is not playing with a full deck. I can’t fall for someone that dense. I’m cutting bait while I can.” “What are you going to do? He’s going to be at the show tonight, right?” Jenny asked. “Yeah, I’m not that lucky. He’ll be here.” “If you want, we’ll all be on Code Yellow**** patrol and keep him away from you,” Sara said.

Code Cherry Code Green Code Pink Code Purple Code Red Code Yellow code•yel•low Pronunciation: \'kod \'ye-(')lo\ Function: noun, adjective Inflected Form(s): plural code yellows Date: 1992 Etymology: Originating from the teenage antics of Beth and Sara, part of a complex system of signals or symbols used to represent assigned and often secret meanings. a member of the opposite sex who has rendered oneself unpleasing b: a person who gets too friendly too fast (typically brought on by the consumption of liquor) c: a stalker



assistance from your friends to block or remove a person who is annoying you


a guy violating the bounds of personal space with either his hands, groin, sweat, or body odor


a guy you can’t get away from fast enough


“I definitely could use some Code Yellow assistance during the breaks, but after the show I’m sending him on his way.” Code Yellow was the official term we used to alert the rest of the band for help when we needed to get away from a guy. For example, if a guy came up to me on the dance floor and started making unwanted advances, I would send out a Code Yellow alert, and one of the girls would come to my assistance to keep the guy away. It could be in the form of a cock block on the dance floor or the announcement that an emergency band meeting was happening to pull me away. When you’re part of an all-girl band, Code Yellows are an occupational hazard, and it’s comforting to know there are four other women who have your back.

Despite dodging David all night, it really was an amazing night. Freddie announced our new CD during the first set, during the second set Beth announced the Rock On! Fest tour, and during the third set, it seemed that the entire bar was up on their feet, dancing and celebrating with us. My favorite part of the night is when

Beth holds the microphone out to the audience to have them sing along to one of our songs. What a rush to hear the crowd singing along and knowing the words to our songs. Beth had a gift for reading the crowd and always knew what to play next to get the audience into the show. My eyes darted around the club looking for David. He didn’t dance, just sat at the bar and stared at me and, for the most part, kept his distance throughout the evening. What the hell was up with that kiss? I pushed the thought out of my mind and instead thought about the tour. I was excited beyond belief and still couldn’t believe we were going to be playing in such a prestigious lineup. I had already set my sights on meeting and having a steamy summer rock ’n’ roll love affair with Dan Valen, the drummer from

**** K c o r s latin lover S BEST LOVER 1. Spain 2. Brazil 3. Italy 4. France 5. Ireland a 6. South Afric lia ra 7. Aust d 8. New Zealan k 9. Denmar 10. Canada


VERS WORST LO (too smelly) y an m er 1. G o lazy) 2. England (to o quick) (to en 3. Swed o dominating) 4. Holland (to o rough) (to 5. America lovey-dovey) o (to e ec 6. Gre lfish) se 7. Wales (too loud) o (to nd 8. Scotla eaty sw o (to ey rk 9. Tu iry) ha o 10. Russia (to

Ravenswood, and if that didn’t work out, having all the road candy I could eat. I couldn’t believe Jenny was going to miss out on it, but she would have her own fun in store. Frenchies! Men with accents and supposedly larger sexual appetites. Was it true that the Frenchies really were better lovers?**** I couldn’t wait to hear about her fishing trips in France. In the meantime, I would have to say goodbye to the quick-shot lover boy tonight. It would be bittersweet to throw back such a fine catch, but that was part of the sport.

**** I wonder how many international guys women had to shag in order to satisfy the requirements to participate in the global research initiative conducted by, asking women from 20 countries to rate the love making talents of men around the world. If you’re curious about the results, here they are. The Myth About French Men



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Maria Santoferraro was born and raised in Northeast, Ohio. After graduating from Marietta College with a degree in advertising, and her entrepreneurial debut of CareerGear, she went on to pursue a glamorous career in the field of advertising, managing major soft drink, condom, fast food and diaper brands until she decided to shuck it all and create No Songs For Men. She loves living in Ohio with her husband, but is working out a plan to split her time and work and play remotely from either a tropical island, a ski slope, Paris or wherever they want. Hey, a girl can dream! This is her first web series. Visit the author’s website at: Book design by JAS Graphics Character illustrations by Renee Lethbridge Design Services Published by MariaMedia, LLC Copyright © 2010 by Maria Santoferraro Live, Laugh, Rock and Return to MariaMedia




No Songs For Men - Episode 2 - I Think I Love You  
No Songs For Men - Episode 2 - I Think I Love You  

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