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Can’t Say No.

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Advice Dear You Can’t Say No,


Going to public places with my daughter can be a task. A couple of days ago we were walking around the grocery store and my daughter points to a heavy set woman and says, “Mommy that woman is big and round like a circle.” As soon as the words left my daughter’s mouth I was immediately embarrassed. She couldn’t have learned her shapes at any worse of a time. The heavy set woman gave me a look that I will never forget. What can I do to make my daughter understand we don’t say that without disipling my daughter? Sincerely, Embarrassed Mom


Continued Dear Embarrassed Mom, There are so many parents out there that have been in a situation similar to yours. Let’s face it kids say the darnest things. Psychologist Dawn M. Ingram will answer you question. “The child doesn’t know any better they probably heard it somewhere and reiterated what they heard. As a parent you should get down to the child’s level and explain to them that we don’t say those things,” Dawn M. Ingram, Psy.D. said. Sincerely,

You Can’t Say No


You Can't Say No.  

Advice Column.

You Can't Say No.  

Advice Column.