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A Brochure about Bilzon Rodriguez

By Maria E. Marroquin

This guy is a weird one...

Gardena Campus. MOD 140. Frank Ezenekwe

UEI Business Office Administration

I don’t like mayo, but I don’t mind Thousand Island dressing. Weird Huh? I also like the mayo on the street corn. Somehow, the sweetness of the corn empowers the mayo taste. It might be something psychological.

Beer Kissing You might not be aware of the new trend of “Beer Kissing”. Bilzon is the founder or “Beer Kissing.” He used to kiss himself in the mirror, because he could not resist how good he looked, until one day he kissed a beer as a “dare” and fell in love with the idea. Bilzon went around his town from bar to bar kissing beers and teaching people how to do it. Till this day, you see people all over the world kissing their beers and posting pictures of them doing it on the media.

Bathroom Selfies Bilzon likes to take Bathroom Selfies. He never misses a chance to show the world how beautiful he can look with the lighting in the bathroom. Everyone knows that the best lighting there is, is the one in the bathroom. Bilzon even captures the trash in the back and the stains on the floor to give the picture a more eclectic look

How it began Bilzon starting using the bathroom for health reasons. The same reasons we all use the bathroom for, but he soon realized that the bathroom could be used as a studio for a photo shoot. I know what you are thinking…. Why on earth would anyone use the bathroom for anything other than health and hygiene purposes?... I honestly don’t know, but Bilzon does a damn good job at it. Just look at the finesse and grace in his poses. I tell you what….No one can Selfie like he can.

His favorite beer to kiss is “Modelo”, but not just any Modelo. It has to be Modelo especial. That beer is his favorite because it kisses back. Don’t believe me? Try kissing the beer yourself. You will soon find yourself in an emotional rollercoaster or a love triangle between you, the beer (Modelo) and your spouse.

Teachings About Life Life is the most beautiful thing we all have. We can do what we want with it, good or bad. Bilzon teaches us how to live the way he lives it. He twerks twice a day and takes eats 23 bananas before 8:00am. Bilzon also teaches about how to get followers on social media and that you should always wash your hands before leaving the bathroom, but before you leave the bathroom, make sure you take a selfie.

In Conclusion Everything in this Newsletter is false. I don’t know what to write about and Bilzon is sitting right next to me so why not write about him? He is always asking me questions and wants me to help him with his classwork . This is an everyday occurrence. I don’t mind writing about him. He is a funny guy. If Mr. E gives us another Newsletter task, I might write about Denis. He is funny too. He doesn't bother me though.


Brochure about Bilzon


Brochure about Bilzon