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Mag about art, photography, projects, websites, design and inspiration.

maria manon

issue one Founded in January 2011 by a media student from Amsterdam, The Netherlands as a gathering place for personal inspiration. Tremendous desire to share resulted in this blog. Addicted to beauty in photography, art and design , the internet, social networks and blogging.

This magazine is a publication of mariamanon.

illustration Meet illustrator Ruben Ireland. This London based artist creates dreamlike images using ink, acrylic, dirty water, foods, weathered paper as well as Photoshop and a wacom tablet. Ireland has had several exhibitions to include London, Berlin and San Francisco. He won awards at the websites D&AD and Society6.

photography The gold project is a photography project by the Russian fashion photographer Elizaveta Porodina. On her website her style is described as Glam Rock and fairy worlds often with sexual aesthetic which is shaped by her psychological knowledge and full of hidden emotion. The gold project fits this description properly. For this project Porodina was inspired by feelings of melancholy and nostalgia, which make the photos fairylike. The golden colors give the photos a magical power and the models almost seem from another planet. These pictures are quasi-documentary photography about an alternate civilization that’s trying to figure out a way to live in our strange, unfamiliar world.

design Gavin Worth is an illustrator and designer born in Zimbabwe, Africa and now based in Cairo, Egypt after living in New Mexico and San Francisco. Worth is a self-taught designer and became famous by his wire sculptures. He first became interested in wire sculpting after seeing an exhibition from Alexander Calder at the SFMoMA. Since then, he created his own set of amazing pieces and he now has a long list of exhibitions to his credit.


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