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Get out some paper, you’re about to learn a few lessons. 5/20/13 Volume 1, Issue 1

Maria Mango TABLE OF CONTENTS REQUIRED Inside this issue:

Meaning of Life and Time Capsule


Things I will Miss and Major Changes


Inspiration and Goals


Friends/family and Great Despair


Sandy Hook Shooting, 6 Human Stem cell Research and GoPro cameras Instagram, Skimpy cloth- 7 ing affects girls, and Studio in a School My Top Ten


Special points of interest: Will portray the meaning of life What’s happening in the world today? Find out! A top ten list of all my favorites The people and things that shaped who I am

Follow your heart, Listen before you speak, love with all you have In this life people take everything for granted. To truly enjoy life you must realize what you have. You have to follow your insticts and listen to you heart. God speaks to you through your soul. You must listen to his voice through your hearts desires. Listen before

you speak. Today all people do is talk talk takl, but don’t be afraif to take a step back and listen to all the things around you. The most interllegent and worldly people are those who know how to access and understand their surroundings. Love with no restraint. This is

a very important key to life that most forget. Love everything you do, everyone you surround yourself with, and all that are dear to you. Love makes the world go round and love can conquer all if you give it a chance. Love drives our evil and no one can resist unending eternal love.

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Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Meaning of Life We are here to fulfill God’s plan. I believe everyone has a destiny and a purpose life is about fulfilling your role in this world. No one can determine what their role may be, but it could be something as minor as being a friend to someone in need or teaching others lessons. You impact every single person you come in contact with and in turn they leave and imprint on you. I think that this is what life is all about; changing and affecting others.

The goal in life is to follow your heart without hesitation or second thought. God lives in your heart and soul and he will direct you where you need to go. I would be no where without the guidance of my soul; it has lead my into some bad situation, but also it has helped me decide what I need and want. Life is a complicated and confusing ride that most travel alone, but if you listen to your heart you are never alone; someone is there to guide you.

This is my one rule for life; follow your heart, listen before you speak, and love with all you have. If you do these three things you will find true unending happiness. Now there are millions of people depressed because we live in a selfish world; easily you can change. Remember three simple rules;

follow your heart, listen before you speak, and love with all you have. (243)

Time Capsule In my time capsule there would be quite a few personal things. First I would put in my ring. It is my birthstone surrounded by diamonds and is very valuable to me sentimentally. My aunt got it for me after the passing of my cousin and I wear it every single day to represent a bond we shared. My cousins and my birthstone are the same, therefore with that ring on I feel as if I have a part of her with me at all times. It is the most important thing I own. The second item I would place in a time capsule is my silver anchor necklace. Thus is very dear to me because of what it represents and from where it came. The necklace represents my passion and excitement for the NAVY and my future. This is something I pride myself on and want everyone to remember me by. Also, the necklace was a gift

from someone very dear to me, and it is a daily reminder of our bond. The third thing I would put in my time capsule is my teddy bear. This bear. Teddy, has been through everything with me. My brothers bought Teddy while they were waiting on my mother to deliver me into this world. Ever since I could cuddle and hold onto something Teddy accompanied me everywhere. Although, he hasn’t been traveling around much lately he will also have a special spot in my heart and on my shelf. He represents my brothers and family in a way that nothing else could. He symbolizes a period where their was excitement and nerves about what was to come of our family. The fourth item I would put in the capsule is cross. The cross is very important to me because it symbolizes the journey I’ve made

with Jesus and my faith. In my last two years of school I have become a much better person and I have found the comfort and love that God provides. I have finally became apart of God’s children and the cross would represent the amazing changes and obstacles I’ve overcome with the help and guidance of my savior. Lastly I would put in a friendship bracelet to show how much I care for and appreciate the friendships I’ve made in school. Without the friends I have I would have never made it through school or this life, and I owe everything I have and everything I am to the people that surround me. They have always given me and amazing amount of love and support and I cannot begin to explain their impact on my life.

Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

My Major Change High school is incredibly hectic; it impacts who you are and who you become, but what most people don’t think about is how much it changes you. In my high school career the thing that has changed most about me is my attitude. I used to be such a people pleaser, but now that I’ve tried so hard to fit in and meet the status quo, I can finally be myself. After many years of peer pressure and

not standing out, I finally am starting to figure out exactly who I am, but now I definitely am comfortable in my own skin. As freshman year commenced I was nervous and scared about if people would like me, but as senior year is underway I could not care less what a single soul here thinks about me. I am finally content with myself and how i am; from my weird obsession with cowboy boots to

the fact that I never look nice, this is who I am and I am immensely proud of that. This change could not have happened without the harsh world of high school, it really is another planet, teaching me that if I care about what everyone else thinks I will completely lose myself in the mix. (210)

A picture entitled “Stand Out!”

The Things I Will Miss the Most I have spent my entire life in Fishers, and there are so many things I take for granted that I know I’m going to miss. I’ll miss having a home of my own, whose warmth sheltered me from the outside world. The one place I could also escape to, solitude of my own, a room that is not shared with any other creatures; that is what I will miss about living at home. High school has been an amazing

journey for me and from school I will miss my all of the weird, outrageous friendships I’ve made. Now I know wherever I go I will make friends and meet interesting characters, but never again will I have to deal with the drama of high school that made strong irrational bonds between people. I will definitely miss the people that surround me now. They have an uncanny ability to make me feel alive

and fun! We all are living in the now and just growing older with each other, never again will it be this way, this carefree. The last thing I want to do is stay in Fishers, but I know that these things will leave a hole in my heart; these are the things I’ll look back at and wish could have lasted. (214)

My view on a nice comfy, cozy home that is all my own. My fortress of solitude.

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Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

David Mango, My Inspiration

David and I at his football banquet after his last year of football.

To me, the future is vast and unknown, but there are many things I want to accomplish in the life I have ahead of me. I will excel in the Navy and become a chief in no more than 10 years. This is very hard, but I know that if I give it my all and help others along the way I will definitely rank up. Getting advancements isn’t nearly as hard as some think, but you have to be willing to take one for the team and put your

He sat there gleaming, as the rest of us looked at him in awe and extreme pride. He reached out for his diplomatic degree and we burst into obnoxious cheers! My brother, David, had graduated college and was on his way to becoming the first college educated, successful business man in the family. All throughout our lives David was my hero. He was the oldest, the wisest, and he always looked out for me. He would never know that amount of admiration and respect I

have for him, but it radiates from my soul while we are together. I barely ever see him, but every time I do I am blown away. I’ve watched him grow up and turn into a marvelous man. He is the oldest and has set an amazing example my entire life; he realizes how much he means to Michael and I and I think that drives him to be the best he can. I don’t connect with anyone else in the family except for him anymore, and he is the only one who reaches out

and tries to help and understand me. After all the things my family has been through he has always been my rock and the one person I can depend on, and that is irreplaceable. (214)

Future Goals unit in front of yourself. I know that I can do this, and I will accomplish my goal. Another goal of mine is to be an amazing mother. I realize how cliché and typical that is, but kids bring me so much joy and fulfillment; I cannot wait to have my own. I will wait until I’m married and financially set to start having kids, but I know that I will want them sooner rather than later. I am determined to

be a great parent because mine weren’t always the best to me; children deserve so much better than that. I have learned what works and doesn’t work because of my own upbringing and the fact that I work at a daycare, therefore I know I will be an excellent parent. (221)

Thus is a picture of the Navy’s emblem, and it symbolizes my future journy.

Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Friends and Family My friends and family have kept me going throughout all my hard times. Up until lately my relationship with my parents was very rocky and we definitely did not get along well, therefore I relied on the other people in my life. My friends have been the backbone of my upbringing. When my parents would go crazy and drive me insane I would call one of my friends or run off to their house. Sarah Taylor and the whole Taylor family

pulled my through my hardest times. They tried so hard to console me when my life at home was falling apart. Mending our relationship seemed impossible, but suddenly last summer my mom starting making a conscious effort to understand me instead of judging me and jumping down my throat. She started supporting me in everything I did, instead of holding me back and expecting me to be perfect. My mom has become my best friend and

my role model. She has supported me in my decision to join the Navy and she supported me all throughout basketball which was a really rough time. I don’t think I would be here today if it weren’t for my friends, and now because of my mother. No one really understands how close I was to breaking; some of my friends saved my life, and one day I hope I can give them the inspiration they’ve given me. (230)

Sarah Taylor and I as seniors. We’ve come a long way together; from 5th grade to now we’ve stayed best friends.

Great Depression and Despair Hands down the most depressing and life altering moment of mine was when my cousin, Brooke, passed away. She was 18 and I was 16; we were inseparable and she was my mentor and my best friend. Now that she is gone there is a hole in my heart, but I have learned to become strong and to build myself up. I learned that life is short and at any moment it can be

ripped away from you. My relationship with God flourished after her death, because of all the questions I wanted from Him, but it quickly diminished when I realized no matter what I said to God or anyone she wasn’t coming back. Once I came to terms with her departure I became close to God again, and I think this is the most important thing I got out of Brooke’s

death. I will always love and miss her an unbelievable amount, but everything happens for a reason. I believe God took her from us so we could grow closer to each other and to Him. Brooke’s death turned my world around, but it also helped me to find myself and to This above picture is the learn to live my life and picture that was featured in fill it with happiness. Brooke’s obituary. (204)

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Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

Sandy Hook Shooting Shakes America After an event like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary how can people go on with their lives? How does one simply move on? Ever since this horrible tragedy happened the world has been shocked. Suddenly, people are lobbying for bans on guns and more strict gun control, but they are also asking for psychiatrists to be in all schools. The fact of the matter is that there are and will always be crazy, uncontrol-

lable people on earth. With the entire world now weary to send their children to school, the population poses the question, “what now?” What are we supposed to do now that elementary school isn’t safe? These thoughts and concerns have crept into all of our lives, and it feels as if nowhere is safe anymore. As children go about their days, innocent and naïve, they have no comprehension of the changes that are about to ensue. The government is

turning themselves upside down trying to find a solution that will keep everyone happy, but with growing tensions and desperation people are becoming increasingly harder to please. Patiently, the world waits for an answer to the increasing problem of mass murders and public attacks. (197)

Scientist Reflect First Success in Cloning Human Stem Cells With today’s technology stem cell research is constantly advancing. There have been many different scientist who have found numerous ways to control and manipulate different cells and genes, but with all this technology what does it mean for our world? Recently there has been a discovery by Shoukhrat Mitalipov has made it possible to reverse adult cells into embryotic stem cells. They

say the research was not done for human cloning, but it was for producing large amounts of stem cells to help cure diseases. The fact that they’re using human cells and degenerating them all the way back to embryotic cells eliminates that unethical part of stem cell research which will lead to further and more in-depth studies. This is very concerning because with this technology it is

believed that we can already make human clones and in the near future I think it will be a serious problem. Although cloning is unethical in the U.S., and most other regions, some people think it is necessary to further our understanding of the human body and life. The day when clones become legal and common is a day I fear for. (191)

Go Pro Cameras

The newest Go Pro model a GoPro Hero3 is a small but mighty camera the has once again revolutionized photography

Go Pro cameras continue to shock the world of photography with its amazing picture and video quality. These completely resistant cameras have changed sports photography completely. They give a close up and in depth view of what the athlete is going through, form his own perspective. It is like doing the action yourself. It can help portray a completely new perspective of sports.

The picture quality Is so high it is completely unmatched by any other camera in its’ field. Go Pro’s also come in a shock, drop, water, and submerge proof casing that makes it incredibly versatile and flexible. This camera can catch every single movement and sight that an athlete sees before, during, and after their activities. The camera has changes sports broadcasting and photography

completely and continues to make leaps in this field. The Go Pro is the go to camera for all athletes trying to gain exposure and showcase their talents. It gives a raw outlook on what it happening from their perspective and helps people understand the challenges that come along with their respective sports. (180)

Maria Mango

Volume 1, Issue 1

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Instagram friend or foe? With social media on the rise and the new craze of instagram what does this mean for the new generation of cell phone and smart phone users? It means less privacy, secrecy, and much more danger. People can lose their jobs if their social media sites get shown to their bosses, teachers are treading a think line between weird relations with students online, and stalkers have easy access to all of their prays personal info. With kids constantly posting

pictures of who they’re with and what they are doing the fighting and bickering between teens has skyrocketed. It seems as if no good can come from personal information and whereabouts are exposed online. Another danger of sharing photos and comments online is that anyone can access it at any time, whether you’ve deleted it or not. The overall safety and security of the site is not as up to par as it should be, therefore people are

getting reprimanded for their information that they believed to be private. With all the new technology there really is no such thing as privacy. Whether you are posting or someone who you associate with it is becoming impossible not to get wrapped up in the fad. So, it’s up to you; instagram, friend or foe? (212)

Instagrams logo featured below.

Skimpy Clothing, Objectifying Women As crop tops and short shorts come out for summer, so do male egotistical, sex driven, primitive minds. Recently a scientific study has shown that men automatically look at women in little skimpy clothing and turn them into objects of lust and desire; sex symbols. The feminist movement and recent equality struggles have been fighting to break this

automatic outlook on women, yet these very women flaunt their bodies in a way to attract attention. With men and women working and become closer and closer to complete equality the need for more respect and class is need; yet, that seems to be the one thing constantly declining. Children are being brain washed to believe the smaller the better, which pertains to body size and clothing

coverage. With this shift in our society is it so outlandish to think that soon women will regress to our current state in the 40’s? By dressing skimpy and sexy we give men the power; the power to control who and what is done, on their time, with their decision. Women lose control trying to please the incorrigible needs of men. (186)

created they have placed over 650 professionals in New York schools and have influenced almost 800,000 students. The spokesperson for the foundation says the best part of it is that almost 90% of the kids being reached are from underprivileged and low income families. When asked why she did it, “I thought that every child had the right to an arts program in their school,” Gund says, “not as a frill or an

extra, but as a consistent thing taught really well as both an academic subject and a joyful pleasure.” So far the organization has contributed $90 million to help teach the arts and pay for services. There are over 700 locations and currently they are operating in 150 schools, daycares, museums, and other community related organizations. (193)

The smaller the better… right? Less Is more? I think not.

Studio In A School This wonderful nonprofit charity organization has been raising funds to bring professional artist and art teachers into grade schools to help better art education for children. The organization began in 1976 in Manhattan after Agnes Gund learned of the drastic budget cuts for New York schools. These cuts eliminated almost all art programs from the public schools around New York. Ever since the foundation was

Studio in a School artistinstructor James Reynolds advises students at P.S. 196 in the Bronx

Top Ten List Speedway slushies: From walking to get slushies as a kid to stopping after practice for one, I’ve been drinking these delicious treats for years! They always hit the spot and are always super refreshing. Cowboy Boots: The leather against my skin, the confidence they give me, and everything in between, my boots go with me everywhere and always will. They make any dress look adorable, and they’re perfect for being in the mud rain, snow, any weather at all. They are just all around perfect.

Wearing sun dresses: I love the feeling of dressing up but still being able to function! Wearing a dress is rare and that’s why I love it so much.

Country music/concerts: The songs come alive and tell a story that everyone can connect with. The upbeat tempo and cute accents kill me as well. The concerts are the most fun I’ve had. I know going to a country concert will not be a disappointment! First snowfall of the year: The little white flakes make my heart so happy. They’re beautiful and graceful and it shows how wonderful the world can be before people trudge all through it. When your stomach drops: When you’re driving and you go over a hill or the rollercoaster drops you from 100 feet in the air, you suddenly feel your stomach in your chest. I absolutely love that feeling. My truck: It’s a piece of poop, but I bought that thing all on my own. It is now my baby, and it’s an identifier to me. I worked so hard for so long to save up for that truck and when I finally bought it and had sunshine in my possession it was the most accomplished feeling. Chocoholic Chunk Ice Cream: Handles serves up the best most chocolaty deliciousness ever to set foot on Earth. It can cure heartbreak, stress, and pretty much anything you can imagine. Being in the NAVY: I have so much pride and get so much fulfillment for being apart of something bigger than myself and representing a country with people I love. I cannot even begin to explain the honor I feel in serving our country. Some people will never understand that, but I don’t need others approval because for once I know this is exactly what I was meant to do. Taking care of kids: Kids are magical and amazing. They are our future, and if I can impact that just a little it is the best feeling in the world. When a kid hugs you and tells you they love you or kiss your cheek there is nothing in the world that can compare.

senior val  

maria's awesome portofolio

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