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Ahmed and Autism

By: Mariam Mohamed 200701992 Dr. Steve Lydiatt

Ahmed is a lovely boy; he was born in 2003 as a first baby boy for two wonderful couples from Dubai.

When Ahmed grew up, by the time, his mom discovered that Ahmed is not acting and playing normally with other babies of family

She thought he has a quite personality. But even when he entered his first year in kinder garden, the problem was similar, his personality didn’t change, and his mom and dad cannot understand their son’s real problem.

Ahmed’s mom and dad took him to a doctor, where he discovered that Ahmed has a mental error called: Autism. Mom and Dad tried to know more about the case

First, they started to find out the meaning of having autism, and why their son had it? The doctor explained for them Autism by saying:

It is a condition resulted from a neurological disorder, this means an effect on brain function, causing an effect over the development of communication and social development skills of person.

Ahmed’s daddy and mammy were worried if they were late in discovering their son’s mental error. But the doctor said: It is mainly discovered at the first three years of person’s life.

I know my friends, you have similar questions that Ahmed’s Daddy and Mommy have, why Ahmed having autism? How does it happen? ,, let’s see together Ahmed’s brain function to discover the reason:

There is no single direct reason for the causation of Autism. However, all of the disorders occurring due to linkage with genetic abnormalities, which leads to alterations in brain function.

This alteration makes the individual having difficulty in some of functions such as regulating social interaction or speaking directly.

Ahmed’s mama went to the school and excused the teacher to take his son out of his school, she tried to find other schools which is proper to Ahmed’ case

Now, my friends, let’s see together some of symptoms, where you can recognize your Autistic friends, such as Ahmed:

He is making very little eye contacts

He is offensive in his comments

Ahmed lacks the skills of playing and talking

Ahmed finds it hard to understand feelings

Ahmed doesn’t like to be touched or expressing physical contacts

Ahmed doesn’t like the sudden lights, new smells and loud voices

Ahmed often cries and struggle as he feel not prepared for new sudden actions

As he grows, Ahmed still having problems in talking, he prefers every day to stay quite

Ahmed plays every day with only single toy, moving around and around in same place daily, and getting bored from repetition

How will Ahmed’s new school will be different? It will provide for Ahmed treatment techniques, not only teaching him,

such as:

Physical therapy to gain control over body

Implement music exercises for focus helping

Ahmed feels the pain, love, sadness such others, but he cannot express that

Autism will not disappeared

with the correct dealing with him, he will be performing better

The End

Ahmed and Autism (kids story)  
Ahmed and Autism (kids story)  

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